Path of Exile’s forum just received a thread with news from LIXIAOPING's blog

Path of Exile’s forum just received a thread with news from Bex_GGG. Titled “Master of the Breach”, telling a story from Wraeclast, about ancient times.

He talks about enemies from Beyond going to Wraeclast and spreading chaos among the land and exiles. This decided this couldn’t go on, so they had to do something about poe items They ventured to the Infringement League, where exclusion join the monsters from Beyond in their domain and fight Wraeclast threats. Even though they are on enemy territory, exiles can draw the same power that Break dwellers use.

Voice of the Storm, Lapis Amulet - Requires level 40. The user gets +30 Intelligence; +15 to All Attributes; +14% Increased Maximum Mana; increases Critical Strike Chance by uncapped Lightning Resistance, and Critical Strikes will deal a Lightning Strike. The item can be upgraded with a Blessing of Esh.

This item is good for a class like The Witch, since it uses Cleverness as its main stat. But , this item increases All Characteristics as well, and Crucial Strike chance is much better on a Strength class. So this item can be very useful for hybrid classes (use more that 1 stat as main source of damage). For example , The Templar and The Shadow, both use Intelligence as one of the main stats, and also get the most out from the Critical Strikes, due to their second attribute. However , the recently released class, the Scion, will benefit the most with this item. Her core attributes are all Strength, Intelligence as well as Dexterity. So her Intelligence stat will get the most growth, but Strength and Dexterity will be increased along with it with the bonus of Critical Strike buffs.

Death Spiral, Breach Ring -- Requires level 54.Buy Path Of Exile items  The properties in the item are doubled while using it in a Breach. This ring increases by +43 the user’s Optimum Mana; +40 to Maximum Energy Shield; +39% Fire Opposition, and +40% Lightning Resistance. This product is Corrupted, meaning that it cannot be altered with crafting orbs or restored to an Eternal Orb imprint. Although, sockets and also links can be modified using Artisan’s Bench, but only when Vorici has reached reputation level 8.

This item is especially good at protecting its user from Fire along with Lightning type attacks, while increasing its mana and energy shield. This way, the player can stay alive longer while casting spells. So , any class can use this particular item, and get the most out of it. And if the exile is in the Breach, all these stats get increased through double.

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