The surprise announcement reveals "Path of Exile 2", which looks great from Lu Fan's blog

The description of "Path of Exile" as the Diablo game did not make the game fair. The developers at Grinding Gear Games adopted the loot-driven action RPG framework pioneered by Diablo and developed an innovative and compelling alternative that is different from other games on the market. The creators of POE are never afraid to jump out of the box and think about it again. Path of Exile 2 was exposed at this weekend's ExileCon event and looked great.

The original POE is a great game based on a series of complex game mechanics. Over the years, as POEs have continued to improve and develop games, developers have come up with many ideas on how to change things in POE. The problem is that many of these ideas will destroy the great games they are already running. POE 2 is an innovative solution to tough problems.

Regarding this issue, Grinding Gear Games' solution is to treat the two games as different campaigns and then combine them into one game. "Path of Exile 2" presents a seven-story storyline that occurs 20 years after the original game. The content of the game is that the two activities are performed on parallel tracks, ultimately resulting in the same atlas. All extensions in the past six years of development and any cosmetics that players may purchase with POE Currency will be available in both versions.

Path of Exile 2 has the same seven-character categories as the original character, but with 19 new advantage categories and the skill, the system has been redesigned. If you have the relevant skills, the characters in POE2 can be transformed at any time. The boss at all levels has been improved.

In POE1, gems are placed in separate weapons and armor. Replacing gear means reconfiguring your POE Items, which can be cumbersome. But in POE2, each type of weapon or armor has its unique gemstone configuration, and the gemstones are placed in a separate gemstone interface. If you want to change the gemstone in the bow you are using, you can do it directly in the gem interface. For the same reason, if you find a better bow and arrow, just equip it and automatically apply the settings of the gems in the interface. This is a huge improvement for POE2.

Developers expect the beta version of POE 2 to be released by the end of 2020. This is a long wait time, but at the same time, I still have some expectations. In the coming year, more information about POE 2 will be revealed, Path of Exile 1 will continue to be updated as originally planned, and changes made to POE 2 will not destroy the original POE version.

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