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Grinding Gear Games' Path of Exile: Mobile Announcement Trailer satirized for two minutes, at the expense of Blizzard's Diablo: Immortal.

Grinding Gear Games revealed the "Path of Exile" mobile game in development. The announcement trailer was ironic for two minutes, and Blizzard Entertainment paid the price for its forthcoming game Diablo Immortal. Developers have a lot of decision-making process when creating a mobile version of the game, and almost everything is a criticism of Blizzard's catastrophic BlizzCon announcement of 2018.

Rogers describes what Path of Exile was like when it launched in 2013, and it's true for many people who play PC games for free. Although this game is free, the equipment required in the game needs to be purchased with POE Currency, and POE Currency needs real money to purchase. The past six years are a good example of how to do the right thing based on the player community, as the Path of Exile has achieved critical business success and now considers core users when developing a sequel.

Then Trevor Gamon talked about mobile games, most notably he was called a "mobile fan". Gamon describes their process and states: "Our goal is to bring Path of Exile to the phone with absolutely zero compromises." This is subtle, but those who watched the unveiling of BlizzCon 2018 will certainly understand. Understandably, when the Diablo Immortal was announced, most players were unacceptable, or some negative comments.

Next is Managing Director Chris Wilson, who said, "We want to make a true Path of Exile game. We don't just sell it to outside studios. When Blizzard announces Diablo: Immortal This time, it became the focus of controversy again, because not only did fans expect Diablo 4 to have a true sequel to the PC, but the entire mobile game is also being developed to make players quickly notice its appearance.

The most fascinating aspect of this revelation is the subtlety of the message. If they are unfamiliar with the disastrous defeat of Diablo: Immortal, they may see this, and they will only see the enthusiastic description of their plans by developers, and there are also very obvious core issues in the game industry today. Deep meaning. Time will tell, and it's a great thing to compare these two games side-by-side when they are finally released. At present, many players will buy POE Trade Currency after playing, which shows that Path of Exile 2 is still very popular with players. I bought POE Exalted Orb at MMOAH yesterday, and their website has exactly a 5% discount. This surprised me!

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