Path of Exile: What will the blight mechanism in patch 3.9 become? from Bale's blog

On December 13, Path of Exile moved from the Withered Alliance to the Transformed Alliance. Many players want to know what happens to Blight's unique mechanics. The developer now answers.

On December 13, "Path of Exile" launched a new challenge alliance, Metamorph, with special rewards and mechanics. This, of course, means the end of the Plague Alliance. This brings the tower defense mechanics into action RPG and offers new manufacturing possibilities using special motor oils.

The developers of Grinding Gear Games acknowledge that people have mixed impressions of Blight, but the league hasn't been as controversial as Synthesis or Bestiary for a long time. That's why the Blight Mechanic created the main game in the 3.9 patch-but, not in the campaign. However, once you and your adventurer enter the Endgame World Atlas, you have a 10% chance of encountering wither on the atlas map.

You will get guaranteed oil or "infection card". The latter will be much more likely in the main game than before. Although you can get bonus oil or disaster cards, compared to the Blight Alliance, the oil will be more scarce, and it will be more difficult to obtain because Blight has encountered fewer times. On the other hand, these guaranteed oils or disaster cards cannot be purchased with Path of Exile Currency.

Developers also cited player feedback in their posts: It is said that the blight rebound in high-level areas is too easy. The upcoming 3.9 updates, Atlas's Conqueror, will also affect Blight's encounter with final game revisions, so the battle should be more demanding and worthwhile.

In the PoE forum and the subdirectories of Path of Exile, there is direct resistance in this regard: the fight against the disease is not simple, but dull. And those who haven't built with the very powerful Patch 3.8 Summoner should not be so easy. One of the points discussed in the forum is about the demand for POE Trade Currency. At present, players are more concerned about where to buy cheap and safe POE Exalted Orb and POE Chaos Orb. I think the MMOAH website can help you. Their website has always been for players. Provide safe and quality products and services.

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