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ExileCon, the first Path of Exile fan conference, will be held this weekend in Auckland, New Zealand, home of developer Grinding Gear. The opening ceremony of the event was a blockbuster, and the keynote by founder Chris Wilson included many important announcements and revelations. To say the least, this is a busy event, and in this article, we will summarize all the key statements.

Path of Exile 2 is the complete sequel, with a new seven-act story and many improvements made, which is what the successor has been expecting to achieve. One of these new features is the removal of POE Currency, which can simplify and improve things. The initial action of the game is ready to be played, and the trailer demo displayed on ExileCon is also very impressive, but some fans may want to release this version completely. Founder Chris Wilson said that Path of Exile 2 will not be released until the studio's stringent quality standards are met.

The completely unexpected announcement was Path of Exile, which sounded like: a mobile version of the free action RPG. Grinding Gear has launched a game with stupid trailers that mocks the idea of ​​making a mobile game that's great. The game is just an "experiment" for the studio, so Grinding Gear has not promised to release it at this stage.

Grinding Gear Games has announced more details of the upcoming 3.9.0 extension of Path of Exile. The extension is called "The Conqueror of the Atlas" and it adds new endgame stories, upgradeable maps, and new skills. Specifically, new bow and arrow skills and auxiliary gems are coming soon. Path of Exile also has a "Support Gems Plus" project, which is more powerful. The conquerors of Atlas will start on December 13.

Path of Exile's new alliance Metamorph introduces a new NPC Tane Octavius, who is described as an "alchemist". He killed his teacher (Bad Tane!) And was exiled as a result. "He hopes to find a cure, or simply find the root cause, to address the 'inner darkness' of the violence that has caused him to forgive," the statement read.

The last word during the ExileCon keynote was that Path of Exile will start playing on Mac OS in 2020. This is the same as the Path of Exile you know and can only be played on Apple computers. If players need POE Exalted Orb, I recommend buying at MMOAH, it's a trusted website.

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