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Recently, "World of Warcraft" officially announced that this last major version from the expansion pack "Warcraft Azeroth" update "World of Warcraft 8.3: The Illusion of Enzos" has become officially launched on January 14.

The 8.3 version provides extensive content, including new missions, new prestige and new daily for 2 old maps, a different orange cloak, and a fresh single-player PVE game size fantasy. However, the most crucial content is the massive team copy of 8.3-Neorosa. Players will face the Enzos approach to start the battle. After the battle, when the players can win, they may get Buy WOW Classic Gold. Many prizes. This version can even explain the ending from the ancient god that is laid for several years.

Neorosa will be the dark empire in the ancient god Enzos. The official introduction said: "Niorosa, after a sleeping city, has now awakened. For thousands of years, Enzos returned to his throne at night empire initially. His army swarmed in the dark hall, again bringing devastating chaos to Azeroth.

The mad invasion made the entire world tremble along with it, plans came to an end. The warriors on the Horde as well as the Alliance yet again gathered to attend the home of this ancient enemy, and also the final battle that could determine the fate on the universe will quickly be ushered in. "Norosa features a total of 12 team leaders, and will drop equipment approximately 485.

Destiny fantasy

The black dragon emperor Ragio, although he made many preparations, was still being unable to escape the madness which have corrupted his father. After the black prince's mind was distorted by Enzos, he considered that he could truly guard Azeroth only inside the name with the ancient god. Rashio isn't a prince, he ascended the throne he deserved, and had become the black dragon emperor.

At duration as Maute, the traditional subunit Zerg rise on the desert, their prophets did start to build an obsidian destroyer, and infused the essence from the ancient gods. Driven through the never-ending thirst for magic, Mahut swallowed up its creator's mana after he awoke, leaving only themselves to rot beneath the scorching sun of Uldum.

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The prophet Sketra, that is good at manipulating illusions, always feels supreme happiness when he perplexes the victim from the imagination of indistinguishable truth and shivering in fear. Those who cannot transparent his tricks will probably be lost in Neorosa forever.

Dark Inquisitor Xanesh, the whispers with the ancient gods can hardly be resisted, and people who are sufficiently lucky to get fall into the clutches of Dark Inquisitor Xanesh. Cruel and addictive, Shanesh is efficient at slowly stripping away the rationality in the prey as part of his hand and turning it into a strong follower of Enzos. She has been proud of it.

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