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Complete the raid to secure a Horror Phantom Artifact, a Corruption item, and World of Warcraft Classic Gold in varying amounts. Participating inside the raid also gains reputation with two new factions: Uldum and Legani. Both factions offer new rewards which might be purchased.

Into the Madness: Small N’Zoth Illusions

While the raid is active, players may enter the small N’Zoth illusion. Players can feel it alone or enter this group, glance at the twisted future, and hone their will and strength inside. Be sure to watch your sanity and always work with your team.

Horror illusion: Don't look directly into the darkness

Once there is a legendary cloak, you are able to join forces with Rahio to start the door for the illusion of thriller.

Horror Illusion is really a transcript for 1 to players to challenge, and also you will enter in the future of Orgrimmar and Stormwind, distorted by N’Zoth. In the horror illusion, your sanity continue to be impacted, the particular issue of the copy continue to increase, therefore you must leave here as soon as the sanity is exhausted.

Each time you challenge the Horror Illusion, you will see more about the corruption of N’Zoth and find some fragments. Bring those to Ragio and Virgin Mary from the Heart on the Heart to bolster your defenses and gain new products which will allow you to explore N’Zoth ’s appalling illusions and earn more rewards.

To get into the Horror Illusion, simply bring the Horror Illusion to your Heart's Secret Chamber and type in the Horror Illusion of Stormwind City or Orgrimmar.

Titan Research Archives

Deliver N’Zoth's Corrupted Shards to achieve the ability to deeply explore the illusions of thrillers, thereby overcoming greater dangers and withstanding N’Zoth's devouring intellect. You can choose between a variety of passive abilities, including revealing treasure locations and slowing the pace at which intelligence is lost inside the instance.

Bring these fragments to Lagio and Virgin Mary within the secret chamber of Silithus' heart.

Faceless Mask

Players seeking more challenges may also explore additional areas from the ghost illusion to get the faceless mask. Putting on these masks will further increase the problem of Horror Illusions, and find even greater rewards.

By delivering corrupted souvenirs, it is possible to gain skills that assist the team look around the illusions comprehensive, thereby overcoming greater dangers and withstanding N’Zoth's devouring intellect. You can pick from a variety of passive abilities, including revealing the venue of treasures and Classic WOW Gold and lowering the speed on the loss of reason from the instance.

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