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My upgrade is OSRS gold more of a dedication. The Sixth Age is a different RuneScape player experience. It's been supported by abilities that piggyback the effects of the deaths of Guthix. We saw that the expansion of the God Wars and introduction to four boss fights. I do not know where Lore is applicable here anymore.

In terms of just runescape updates, I do know for certain. I hadn't played rs2/3 since I had been f2p around middle 2010 (I tried for a few days, years ago, but had been put off by SoF and did not know eoc), and that I only returned once I did all of the quests around late 2007 at oldschool, in february of this year. I do know that I have loved nearly every pursuit between 2016 and 2007, and the ones out of 2016 sound really exciting.

I love the brand new tabbed interface, I enjoy current with revo to bridge the gap between legacy and guide, I've enjoyed invention, runescape player-owned farms, elite dungeons, proper dungeoneering, achievements to keep tabs on post-quest lore things and reworked m&s. 

I enjoy the way music has been reworked also, for the most part (where would be still night, parade, and some other tracks?). Recently, I enjoyed bgh and the bank update. I guess I've most of all loved coming back to a lot of things to do best place to buy old school runescape gold. I think in the end, eoc did affect the most.

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