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On a weekend in February, Grinding Gear Games, a game developer on the Road to Exile, announced that it would officially launch an updated version of the Road to Exile-Delirium on March 13. This is the first game expansion released by POE in 2020. At the same time, he is also a challenge facing inner fear. Delirium continues to increase the difficulty of the legendary challenges of the game while increasing the pressure on players, but if players can successfully pass the challenge, they can also get very rich rewards. As a bonus, players can add new skills after the game's already ridiculous skill tree. An expansion of the expansion will be available in mid-March.



Players will meet the Mirror of Delirium at any time in different areas of the Road to Exile. By interacting with the Mirror of Delirium, players are able to immerse nearby areas in the mist. At the same time the fog can generate new monsters and make existing monsters more powerful. In this case, the record of players encountering danger is greatly improved, and there will be various unexpected situations. Maybe you will meet the Brine King Boss, Ambush Strongboxes, Incursion, Breach, and Betrayal extensions. These sudden changes can often make players avoid boring gameplay. If you can win these levels, you will win various rewards such as POE Orbs, POE Items!



In Delirium, the harder the levels you encounter, the better the rewards players will get. Of course, the premise of all is that the players win. Different regions offer different rewards, and players can finally enter the final game map and use Delirium Orbs to apply Delirium to that region. As players enter the deeper fog and move away from the Mirror of Delirium, battles become more difficult and rewards better.



In the Delirium version, the coolest transaction is a new POE Items type called Cluster Jewels. The appearance of clustered gems allows players to customize their new skill tree nodes at will. About

Clustered gems can be obtained at will during the Delirium League. After players get these jewels,

Adding their passive skills to the slot will work.



The emergence of the Buy POE Orbs cluster enables players to highly define their skill trees. It is even possible to link different clusters together, and a randomly worthy passive cluster can be randomly selected from 280 newly added clusters. Players can also reslide the cluster to suit their needs. Since 2016, Grinding Gear Games has claimed that this may be the biggest change in the way players build, as it added `` advantage '' courses in 2016.

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