Path of Exile team shares ways to design Delirium unique items from smrtsmith's blog

The Path of Exile team shared some additional information on how they designed Delirium's unique items.

Specifically, this article covers the main POE Orbs, voice, split personality, giant madman, Argo Mortis, Assailum, Perfidy and Beacon of Madness. For example, Keystone Jewels was created from more than 30 suggestion lists. group discussion,

"There is nothing and its emphasis on the hollow hollow technique is a special case; originally suggested by the effects artist, it went through various design iterations. We must ensure that we can make it coexist with Facebreaker, so the original design disables the item slot, and Each attribute has specific restrictions. This is too wordy, so in order to clean up the description and prevent potential problems that limit the location of the project, an “unburdened” status is created. Unfettered means you are currently not equipped with weapons, gloves, quiver Shield, we can use it again in the future. "

This is an example of the insight provided by the blog because the team wanted to provide a "behind the scenes" view in the game design. The team expanded another project, the gloves Algor Mortis. Their team mentioned: "The purpose of designing these gloves is to create a new style of play, including weaving cold area skills between lightning damage skills and adding powerful damage as a reward. Their special feature is that they are the first A POE Item (a lightning-based disease that reduces the damage of enemies) that allows you to cause abnormal sap without preventing electric shock. "Of course it does n’t matter if you do n’t get these bonus items, you can use Purchase to Buy POE Currency, which will also enhance your skill points.

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