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In the history of games, Path Of Exile has many leagues. The following is a comparison of the best and worst leagues. Thanks to the unremitting efforts of the game team and the real-time optimization of game items including POE Currency, there are currently a large number of aRPG fans of this type. They regard Path Of Exile as the most praiseworthy game among them. The main content of the update is pushed in the form of an alliance. In the update, the game mechanism, new features and regular bug fixes for the next three months will be introduced. With the development of the game so far, it is time to review the game and view the existing problems. Next is an introduction to the best and worst leagues of Path Of Exile since its release.

The best league is undoubtedly Metamorph. As one of the newest members of Path Of Exile, it broke away from the old alliance in the old mode of pursuit of speed and shifted its focus to the battle against BOSS. When defeated, organs and POE Orbs can be harvested from certain enemies in the area. A frightening Metamorph leader uses these organs to make up. New attacks and modifiers can be added from the organ to the boss, but some items such as essence or scarab are dropped by the transforming elf. Even though the league may lack the uniqueness of layered meta-progress or game-changing rules, thanks to its core mechanics, players still have great enthusiasm for this. Most people think that it is the best with Path Of Exile. The best league is just as interesting.

The worst league is Bestiary. You may be confused about Bestiary enemy interaction or handicraft making, which is why it is voted the worst. In simple terms, the league's incredible production methods are all around, and these are covered by the game system and are not known to players. Some tough and rare monsters have powerful modifiers, which can be found by players. Players can cast the net to capture when the enemy is on the verge of death. The new location of The Menagerie will be its home. Players can host bloody rituals there and need them to make modifiers or new items. The depth of the network it manages over twelve layers is astonishing, and most fans feel sick about the frequency of killing Bestiary monsters. This mechanic will only become more interesting after Bestiary returns with the overhauled Master NPC.

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