Just feels awful have it Rsgoldfast from Bale's blog

That means you buy, or can get the 40 percent yourself from excavating or substance caches them. It isn't as buyable since most abilities, but it rates it up.Not to say you can buy chronotes for constant boosts to excavating and also to OSRS gold use your research group 24/7. And notes as they become available, if needed, to get the eligibility updates. If you are attempting to be the first, you're likely not turning in any artifacts, cause the time to rush to the collector would be XP waste, since they don't offer any XP.

Jagex, please do not change the Archaeology XP Prices

I am aware that a lot of Jmods are active on this subreddit so that is why I fear they're gonna listen to the minority that wants to make it just like any other skill in RuneScape. Archaeology is quite unique and you guys absolutely nailed it IMO. Don't destroy it the XP rates because of a few people that don't know that you need to invest a good deal of time and how MMORPGs work. By making a poll in-game rather than on any networking platform if you considering changing something ask.

The one thing I believe I'd tweak (This is coming from an Ironmeme) is to set a"minimum" amount of resources in a cache. Just feels awful have it Rsgoldfast deplete in 1 and to go to a hit just to run to the other to have it perform exactly the same. 

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