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The computer is Madden 20 coins thinking,"if I am giving my very first, I need something to make that concession". It does not matter that it is a choice that is marginally higher. Propose a trade that is similar yourself offer the choice for the 29th. I bet it is taken by the AI instantly. The purpose is, we're working in hypotheticals. My opinion is that this was a concern when EA tweaked the trade logic and that they wouldn't really think about this broken.

It has only been the case each and every time far, although it might not be the case. You are examples of when this would be accepted are just examples of times where another team would really gain benefit. Teams paying additional picks to move up is a difference since the other team will gain extra benefits. then why not go on and prove your theory, although moving up 4 spots at the initial round is a major difference between moving up one place. Post a picture of a screenshot of that commerce proceeding through the AI. So really it seems like we are agreeing on things here. I don't see what the issue is with me not caring about something that makes Madden more realistic, even whether or not it was meant to.

There is buy Mut 20 coins a 0 percent chance this transaction would be made in real life just"because". If a group doesn't think they can get the player they 24, the ONLY time this transaction would be accepted would be. Why on earth would anybody pay more? What would you choose? Option A or option B? Alternative A costs tens of thousands of dollars, although they give the exact same exact product to you. If you answer anything aside from B then you have.

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