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There are many different types of villagers and NPCs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Having individuality is their characteristic. Villagers' self-awareness and emotions reflect real life. Each NPC also has its own preferences and attitudes. Therefore, in Animal Crossing, deciding whether the villagers will stay has become one of the unique fun of the game.

In the Fan Forum of Animal Crossing, some players group each villager and NPC. In the case that the game developer does not disclose any information about the age of the NPC and the villager, the age of each villager can be more accurately understood to help players choose.

According to the fan guide, the villagers of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Village can be divided into 8 different categories according to their attitudes. The categories of attitudes include strong villagers, lively villagers, lazy villagers, normal villagers, smug villagers, sister-like villagers, arrogant villagers, and violent villagers.

Teenagers in Animal Crossing are said to be athlete villagers, aged 15-19 years old. According to a guide made by fans, if they are interested in sports and have a young attitude, they should have reached the age to drive and do more mature things. The next group is the strong Animal Crossing villagers, they are said to be more like real 21 years old because they are very keen to party.

As Animal Crossing villagers grow older, their temperament seems to change accordingly. The 22-year-old Animal Crossing's NPC is lazy, the 23-year-old NPC is normal, and the 24-year-old NPC is very smug. It is said that Animal Crossing villagers will not become sisters until they are "within the age of 26." Four years later, they began to develop more serious jobs, entered the fashion industry, and became more independent, which turned them into arrogant Animals Crossing villagers. If you have enough bells, you will become an arrogant player too!

All grumpy Animal Crossing villagers are the oldest group, ranging in age from 32 to 80 years old. Most Animal Crossing players also think this ranking is reasonable. Just like you can buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells at a reasonable price on Because the age difference of the grumpy villagers is like Dobie and Tom Nook.

According to the method of the fans, we can find the developer's setting, along with the age line, villagers of different ages will have different consciousness and behavior. This is a very good way of self-identification. Although it may be changed in the future, how to distinguish the age of the villagers has also become an interesting thing.
Toy Day is a gift-giving winter holiday in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons version. It is a cute reindeer named Jingle.

It will appear in front of your accommodation service building today for help. When you talk to it, it will give you the recipe for holiday wrapping paper and ask you to make three for it. Making a holiday wrapping paper requires decorations of every color, and you can shake the pine tree to find them.

Once you give it three-holiday wrapping papers, it will give you a magic bag as a gift. It will also give you toy stockings, which you can hang on the wall at home.

With a magic bag in your hand, equipped like a tool, you can talk to the villagers and give them gifts. You don't need to choose gifts based on their personality or the like, you just need to talk to them and hand them a gift. Once you give gifts to half of your residents, you will get a bunch of DIY recipes for gifts. Sending gifts to each villager will reward you with a toy day sleigh furniture item. Don't worry that your bells and items are not enough, can help you.

Make sure to hang the toy day socks in your house. If you do, you will be able to interact with Socks and get a photo of Jingle on December 25. The gifts from the black-nosed reindeer are full of surprises!

Once you have finished giving gifts to Jingle, you can also pack gifts and give them to your villagers. In exchange, they will give you gifts. These gifts will be randomly selected from the toys sold by Nook's Cranny in December, so if you miss buying any gifts, your villagers may kindly give you a toy day gift.

Christmas Jingle's Photo, Toy Day Stockings, Toy Day Sleigh, Holiday Wrapping Paper for DIY Recipes, and Gift Stacks are all event-exclusive items, you can get them from Toy Day. If you get winter or holiday-themed things you see elsewhere, you might get recipes from snowmen or balloons in winter. If you don’t have what you want after the end, you can go directly to Buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells.
Would you like to visit other people's islands in your dreams? What did you do with open dream ability in summer? Let me share my experience back then.

First of all, I became a member of the Nintendo Online. When I started Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch, I missed the software update notification, and then I could only navigate to Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game Launcher through the Nintendo Switch homepage, Select update, update to Ver.14.0 version.

After taking a nap on the small bed at home, I met Luna who was enthusiastic. She provided me with an address. I saw those who shared the island in a dream, and then I could choose to visit or receive. Before boarding the ship, none of the items in the inventory were left. I think I can only check it out. After choosing I want to dream, there will be a ready to ask, and then you need to enter a friend’s invitation code, and after confirming the island name, you can click Yes. Luna will explain some related working principles, and then visit a friend’s island without waiting for a friend to arrange Dodo when they are online, which is very interesting.

When you jump back to bed and choose to wake up, all items including bells and tickets will be returned, and Luna will ask you if you want to share your dreams. If you choose to do this, all players, including players you don't know, can visit your island, even if you are offline. Of course, you need to tell them your 12-digit dream address code, and then they can see your character name and passport information, your island, your home, and the bulletin board posts you designed. Finally, upload your island status and dream address to Luna's dream library, and you can share your island.

I also found that you can find Luna to turn off the sharing of your passport and the map on the island, you can also customize whether your dream address is public, and finally, you can turn off or delete your dream. In fact, I most want to dream of buy cheap ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, but everything in my dreams is fake.
Winter is here, maybe there is no snow outside your door, but in the game, you can build a Snowboy! Even your house can be turned into a beautiful palace. Of course, you need to find two snowballs first, then place them somewhere on your island and roll them on the ground until each snowball is big enough To finally form a Snowboy. If your Snowboy is perfect, then you will get a frozen DIY recipe that will help you turn the house into a beautiful winter palace. Later we will show you how to control the size and let you create a perfect Snowboy.

The perfect snow talent will reward you with DIY recipes from frozen suits and big snowflakes. Every four days that Snowboy exists, keep talking with him every day, you will receive a big snowflake. If it is an imperfect Snowboy, he will remind you that your building skills are not perfect, but he will also receive large snowflakes and frozen DIY recipes.

To make a perfect Snowboy, you first need to find two snowballs that are usually close to each other and then take them to an open area on the island. Make sure that the location is not too confusing because you need to make room to talk to Snowboy. While doing this, you can even catch dung beetles because they like to snowball for you on the island.

The easiest snowball to create is the lower part of Snowboy. You just need to roll the snowball back and forth until you can barely move the snowball, and then make sure the snowball is in the position you expected.

For the perfect Snowboy head, you can easily check by setting the camera to the lowest setting and carefully standing next to the snowball. The height of the snowball of the head is approximately equal to half the height of the avatar's ears.

When you are ready, just roll the second snowball to the first snowball, and it will magically turn into a perfect Snowboy.

If you have made a perfect Snowboy, I hope you can come to to share your snowman or your making method. Then you can get a discount when you buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets.
This year, Nintendo's latest work in the Animal Crossing series has created a safe space for many Switch owners, enabling them to start a new life on the desolate Tom Nook Island. Today, video games are developing rapidly. As old players, we will still miss the wild world village of the past.

Animals crossing the wild world DSi

In the past few weeks, we have been busy playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We have been staying at home on Tom Nook's holiday island, meeting new villagers, and smiling face to face when we see familiar faces. We are fortunate to be reunited with a few villagers we met before, and communication with old friends has always been an important part of this experience.

Between 2007 and 2008, the works of Nintendo DS and the author's first life simulation series addicted to Nintendo: Animal Crossing: Memories of the Wilderness. 18 months of intense gaming time, although the details are a bit vague, it leaves a lasting emotion.

Old friend

We originally used an upgraded version of the white DS Lite, and heard this calm and charming theme again before the bedroom appeared:

Due to the burden of the village, we are prepared for the worst. Remember, in the Ocarina Room, Link walked out of the Temple of Time and found the ruins of the market town of Hyruer among the ruins, and Reid chanted in the square. When the village was finally full of people, we walked out the front door and found a pleasant ruin. In the early morning, shortly after whistling at 7 AM, we ushered in a cloudless blue sky and a soft sound at 6 AM, which made everything look so lonely.

As expected, weeds spread across Dible from the cliff to the coast. Nature has taken over this town and it reminds us of the last trip to a local park two months after the COVID-19 closure. Except for a few dry violets, most of the flowers have disappeared. When passing through them, they will crumble into dust, but our elastic golden roses remain. The rotting acorns covered the ground, and the fallen leaves that still aroused the fall would remain, but the trees were full of fruits, and the brilliant blue sky reminded us of returning full-time. Ten years later, a small project away from the desert island of our Switch stirred the shape of Dible.

Our mailbox jingled, and we received two letters: one from Happy House College with 74,249 points, good! , And another from the post office, informing us that the 99,999 animals we earned in our absence cross the bell. This is reminiscent of the happy time spent with friends, as well as the exquisite ACNH bells, ACNH items, Nook Miles tickets, and other icons.

Life goes on

New animals crossing the wild world town map, animals crossing the wild world radish, with a vague theme of Egyptian temples, Angus usually becomes grumpy and has special marks when leaving, etc. All this tells us that we must return to reality.

Finally, return to our wild world town to strengthen the subtle simulated truth of Animal Crossing's infiltration. It is still there waiting for us, and although the faces may change or return mysteriously, the seasons are still changing and new things are always happening.

Of course, Animal Crossing: The wild world is not perfect. In a direct match with New Horizons, there is no doubt which game is better. "Wild World" is indeed very old, but full of personality.

If you have animals traveling through town on an old game console, I suggest you go to the old place. Maybe you will remember the scene of buying game ringtones before. However, there is a better experience of buying Animal Crossing Bells on

The main purpose of players using Animal Crossing Gold is to travel through mysterious islands and enjoy time travel. In the process of earning Nook Miles Tickets, the Nook Miles Ticket will circulate like currency, so NMT can also act as Bells at some point. So how can we earn more Nook Miles Tickets?

Fortunately, the HHA score and catalog functions provided by the Happy Home Association encourage players to explore more islands to see new changes in their favorite furniture. In addition to increasing HHA scores, cataloging items also allows players to access that specific color when ordering items for a long time. In addition, if they know that other players also want to include it in the directory, they can charge NMT fees to visitors to the island.


Use excess furniture in exchange for NMT

The exchange of goods is also a feature. Furniture and even DIY recipes that you think are "useless" are actually rare for others. It seems that there are always players willing to exchange NMT for the specific furniture they want. So when you want to throw away an item, you might as well wait a while. Maybe in the eyes of others, it is a rare item, then they are likely to spend a certain amount of NMT in exchange for it.

The above methods are available in daily activities. Of course, you can also join the carrot exchange in the game. Players can sell carrots on their islands in exchange for Nook Miles Tickets instead of bells. This is already a global phenomenon. If you find it more troublesome, then you can Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets directly from ACBellsBuy.

On the occasion of Thanksgiving Day, ACBellsBuy has made a major discount event to repay the support of new and old male users to this site. From now until the end of November, users who use the discount code "TBD" can enjoy 8% OFF of the audience Offers.

Customize the island and expand the property in Animal Crossing: "New Horizons" is not the most affordable thing, at least in the game. Certain town projects and decorations may require a lot of ACNH Items, making the sale of turnips one of the more popular strategies to quickly win bells.

Normally, the exchanging of turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons features a bit of risk, as players do not have a way of guaranteeing the retail price that the Nooks offer to purchase them. However, for any limited time, that can change, being a new promotional collaboration with Ally Bank allows players to net a guaranteed 1,000 bells per turnip.

In order to attract animal traversers: The Alliance Bank of New Horizons has opened its own animal crossing island, known as Alliance Island. Players can now talk to Luna while lying on the bed and use the Dream Island code DA-9350-9609-6289 to visit the island. However, players will need to actually fly and net a purchase price of 1,000 bells through the code published on Turnip Exchange within a certain period of time. Players can visit Ally Island from October 23rd to November 6th.

As a lot of people have gone returning to work recently, they are often spending less amount of time in Animal Crossing and potentially have no turnips at this time. These Office workers need not be worried. Many ACNH Items for sale on the web. You can Buy ACNH Items if you need it. be  Besides, the accessible turnip price dates overlap in order that players can visit with Daisy Mae this Sunday and then sell on them a period of time later, so everyone is able to take a shot with a serious surge in their in-game banking accounts. is a platform that provides ticket transactions. Our website provides players with the most stable resources. If you are visiting our website for the first time and do not have enough confidence in our website, then it is recommended that you try a small amount of purchase, which will be your most enjoyable shopping experience.

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Much of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is centered around earning profits. Money called bells plays an important role here. You sell bugs and fish you catch, diversify your island with pricier fruit. This is all in order to beautify your island, increase your town, and expand your own home.

Earning ACNH Items is easy because the game will give you guidance from the beginning. With Nook Miles, you could make special orders using the kiosk, which isn't limited by furniture and items: you additionally unlock various game mechanics using this method. Bells still play a vital role, particularly for repaying your house loan (the primary payment might be completed in Nook Miles, though the rest will be in bells), buying clothing, building infrastructure, and even more.

Nook's Cranny is the primary shop to seem on your island. There it is possible to sell various what to store owners Timmy and Tommy. Every day, a rotating "hot item" will probably be listed away from the shop. Whatever is listed here may be sold for double its normal price tag, very first an easy way to create a quick buck.

Animal Crossing can be a series that progresses in real-time, and therefore when it's dark outside in real life, nighttime will even appear as part of your game. If you're somebody that can only play at nighttime, this can be a handy feature, but each time you utilize it, there's a handling fee: Buy ACNH Items at eighty percent of their normal trade-in value, and you also only receive payment in the morning. This means you would get a reduced amount of money than selling during open store hours. You can randomly find rare bugs and fish whilst you play, but I found catching bugs within the evening to become an efficient money maker. is a platform that provides ticket transactions. Our website provides players with the most stable resources. If you are visiting our website for the first time and do not have enough confidence in our website, then it is recommended that you try a small amount of purchase, which will be your most enjoyable shopping experience.

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You already know Sabel, and from now on, it's time to meet Label. The third Able sister doesn't put in place a permanent shop with your island much like the other two, but she'll check out from time to time anyways, establishing herself just as one occasional plaza visitor like Kicks or K.K. The purple hedgehog works just a little differently than her sisters, so here's what you must know whenever she comes knocking.

To get Label to go to, you need to unlock the permanent version on the Able Sisters shop. It's a relatively straightforward process: you have to buy at the least 5,000 bells in ACNH Items and tickets from Mabel when she establishes shop within the plaza. After that, you'll get yourself a message that they want to move permanently, and you'll be capable of select a site within the same way you need to do with any structure inside the game.

After that, Label will need Mabel's place from the Plaza. She wants you to definitely model different looks on her as she conditions her fashion line. So she'll supply you with one bit of clothing as well as an adjective to spell out it. Then, she'll tell one to build a glance around that concept. If you manage for this successfully, she'll offer you a ticket which can be exchanged to have an item worth a lot less than 3,000 bells at her sister's shop, together with a piece from her exclusive line.

It's an enjoyable little minigame because these things are usually. You can Buy ACNH Items and tickets to improve the feeling. You can choose not to get connected to it much if you can't want to, but I am actually deep in style in this game. It's a good way not only to acquire some extra items but to realize new looks. is a platform that provides ticket transactions. Our website provides players with the most stable resources. If you are visiting our website for the first time and do not have enough confidence in our website, then it is recommended that you try a small amount of purchase, which will be your most enjoyable shopping experience.

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If you are a deep-sea adventurer in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will be pleasantly surprised by the arrival of September. The new marine life gives you a reason to wear a wetsuit when the temperature starts to drop.

In September in the northern hemisphere, anyone can catch five new marine creatures, one of which is worth 6000 bells. Acquiring Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells is sometimes very simple, the rest are ordinary catches and not worth the effort unless you are trying to complete your Critterpedia.

Oysters and turban shells are common things that are easy to find, and their shadows are very small, and they are priced at 1,100 bells and 1,000 bells respectively. Chambered Nautilus only appears between 4 pm and 9 am. It is a very unusual animal. Its shadow is slightly larger. You must move quickly to catch it, and then sell it for 1800 bells.

The Octopus Umbrella is the most valuable of the new marine species in September. It sells for 6000. You have to put in some effort to find it. Although you can see it all day, not only does it move very fast, but the shadow is also very small, so it is a bit difficult to catch it.

Sweet shrimp is a common type of shrimp in the ocean. It appears between 4 pm and 9 am. It has a very small shade and sells for 1,400 bells. If you have trouble catching some faster and more valuable creatures, please go to our official website ACBellsBuy station and ACNH Bells For Sale on to catch fast marine creatures.

Animal Crossing Game: Wild World introduces the concept of framed villager portraits. After players successfully ally with friends, they can obtain framed portraits of all residents and villagers.

Players can get a framed portrait of any villager in AC: New Horizons. These portraits all have the same photos as the posters provided by Nook Shopping, but they are framed and provide interesting/quote when interacting with them.

By inviting villagers to Harv's Island, the posters of the islanders can be easily unlocked in the Nook Shopping catalog, while framed photos require more effort. Animal Crossing Items are essential here, and you should store as much as possible.

To obtain framed photos of islanders, players must first maximize friendship with a particular inhabitant. Given AC: New Horizons does not provide a direct guide to measure the level of friendship with the villagers, so it involves a certain degree of guesswork and luck, but it is still a fairly simple process.

Players need to spend time establishing friendships with the islanders until the specific islander allows the player to change the greeting. This shows that your relationship is closer and the player has the opportunity to get his photo as a gift.

Once players have reached the appropriate level of friendship with their favorite islanders, they should only focus on giving them gifts as generous as possible. The photos of the villagers will be given to the players as gifts by the islanders themselves. Although there is no way to force islanders to give gifts to their photos, there are ways to eliminate unwanted gifts from the reward pool.

The fruit is considered a valuable gift, enough to trigger rewards from the islanders, but since the player's inventory is still full after the gift is sent, the islanders are forced to mail the gift. In other words, this eliminates the chance of completely receiving bells as gifts, thereby indirectly increasing the chance of players receiving framed photos.

If you do not have enough patience to wait for the arrival of the villagers you want, then I suggest you buy from a reliable supplier, which is cheap and easy. is a professional AC: New Horizons trading website. You can buy Animal Crossing Bells, Buy Animal Crossing Items and even Nook Miles Tickets as you need. As long as there are needs on the island, you can almost buy them here. , And get it at a very low price.

The second ACNH Bug Off Championship is here! Just this Saturday, there is still an event leading very happy players. Many players will use a lot of Animal Crossing Bells in the game. If you don't have time to get them, you can buy them directly from


ACNH Buy Bells

If you have checked the message board next to "Resident Services" in the game in the past few days, you will see a message about the Bug Off event held on July 25. The role of the event is similar to the C.J fishing tournament earlier this year. However, the Bug Off event will return every fourth Saturday for the next few months, instead of returning every quarter like a fish.

The film is the responsibility of the event, and you will be responsible for collecting many errors in its collection. The first attempt is free, but each subsequent attempt will cost you 500 bales, so maybe you can consider selling some of the carrots you bought.

About ACNH Bug Off activities run from 9 am to 6 pm. I believe that many partners have already participated. However, if you want to capture and sell more items, it may take more time until 8 pm. Of course, many small partners do not need to be so tired, because they choose to buy Animal Crossing Bells directly on which is very convenient and safe.

The updated content invites players to jump into the ocean, walk around to collect anemones, starfish, eels, and other marine creatures, and then donate them to their museum collection. The mysterious second half of the update will be released in early August.

Anyone who has ever played in Animal Crossing regards Pascal as a calm guy who exudes the same pearl of wisdom while stepping on the water carelessly. provides players with a large number of high-quality Animal Crossing Bells, which players can purchase according to their needs.

For games that revolve around familiar loops-collecting fruits, weeding, shaking trees to find beautiful living room furniture-the the increase in swimming and diving is a big change. This may be a good reason for those who struggled to pursue New Horizons in the early days of the pandemic but did nothing. Interestingly, Nintendo will also provide other functions for New Horizons, because this is the first Animal Crossing game of the game era, and it is expected that many downloadable contents have been planned on the road map after the release.

If like me, your wife accidentally broke one of the Switch controllers, and you haven't played in three weeks, it's also a great time to stroll around among the villagers as if there was no time at all. Players Buy Animal Crossing Bells on ACBellsbuy, it is very cheap and convenient, and the delivery speed is particularly fast.

Nintendo's Animal Crossing, the best-selling game of the coronavirus pandemic, has become an unlikely way for fashion fans to lock in the market.

There are many ways to get new clothes in this slow-paced online gaming society, where players can pick fruit and befriend anthropomorphic animals.Able Sisters is a tailor shop run by two hedgehogs in the game.Here, players can use ACBellsBuy everything from windbreaks to neon tights.The sleek and peaceful game has attracted a large number of female players.

Many experienced creators are pushing for high fashion.Richmond Young, a web developer who has been fashioning Animal Crossing, whose accounts feature people wearing the cutting-edge looks of Bottega Veneta, Dries Van Noten, Louis Vuitton and Gucci."People insert the serial number into their game, the clothes arrive in the closet, and they can wear it immediately," he explains.

It's not the first time fashion has entered video games -Moschino's Jeremy Scott designed the outfit for EA simulation game the SIMS, while Nike teamed up with Fortnite to create a digital version of the brand's iconic Air Jordan coach."Through a lot of games, you can choose clothes. At Animal Crossing, you can choose all the elements of clothes, from socks, hats and shoes to dresses, curls, shorts, parker coats...That's what makes the costume at Animal Crossing different."She said. The look ranges "from cute to traditional, from crazy to low-key to low-key, so you can walk around in a frog hat and orange leggings, or a smart casual suit with a blazer and chinos."Industrial designer Shel Orock thinks the appeal is similar to Instagram's #OOTD: "A lot of people can't go out and play with clothes and show off, and that's how we get involved.

While no real money changes hands, brands do have non-digital rewards, and many people seem to enjoy the exposure.Moreover, as Dominic Lopezone, co-founder of the streetwear brand Happy99, told Business of Fashion after launching a range of ACNH Items, the price went up by 30% :

"I thought in the game and then decided to buy hoodies and lots of game items to match your profile photo.""In this context, Animal Crossing is helping to create future conversations around fashion patterns.As consumers, we need to see it as adapting to new ways of shopping, new ways of dressing -- fashion companies can see it as a new way for people to get into fashion."said yang.

Bug Off operates the same way as Fish Tourney since then. You can go to Flick in the city center to discuss and start your journey-your first entry is free, after which you need to pay 500 bells. If you need a lot of ACNH Nook Miles Tickets can be obtained from

After talking to him, you have 3 minutes to rush around and catch as many errors as possible. You will get 1 point for every error you catch, and if you catch more than 3, you will get 1 point bonus. The bugs you caught are stored in Flick's cage, and you can sell them at his increased price.

After the end of each round, you will have the opportunity to use the accumulated points for prizes, each with 10 points. You will also mail you trophies for every 100 points-100 bronze medals, 200 silver medals, and 300 gold medals.

Look for the handmade insect cage, remember to check all common spots, and pay attention to the surrounding of the flower, so as not to scare the little reptile. Compared with fishing competitions, I have a hard time getting high scores, but it is. The lack of bait makes cheese harder.

If you want to win a trophy, unless you meet some friends, you will have a difficult time. Recruiting some additional people to accompany you can improve your score, so if you want to get a quick return, I suggest you buy Animal Crossing Bells from, which will allow you to achieve more with less.

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