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Hair loss is a condition that affects a huge number of people. With the advancement in science and technology, we are able to regrow the hair with hair transplant surgery. Regrowing the hair back is a highly specialized process. When done by an experienced and skilled surgeon, the results are amazing and people feel confident after the procedure. Any professional procedure has its own cost and so does the hair transplant procedure. The cost of hair transplant largely depends on the graft requirement to conceal the baldness. The cost varies from clinic to clinic. There are many other factors that contribute to cost like type of method, surgeon experience and many more. Hair transplant cost in Chandigarh is optimum and genuine.

While many people are tempted to find inexpensive treatments but opting for a cheap hair transplant is also not advisable. It may result in less than satisfactory result. Also, higher price transplant doesn't guarantee you to provide the best results. It is always recommended to search for skilled professionals who fit in your budget and provides quality results. So choose carefully before choosing a hair transplant clinic for the surgery.

If individual is suffering from severe hair loss, hair transplant is an effective treatment. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure offering permanent solution to the hair loss problem. It is the most popular and safe procedure with a very low risk. You may have various queries about the hair restoration method. Trichologists at Hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh will help you in solving your doubts by summarising the essential steps that you need to do before hair transplant surgery.

  1. Avoid smoking at least 3 days before the treatment as it can negatively impact on the healing process and recovery time.
  2. Like smoking, alcohol and other intoxicants also impact healing. So it is recommended to avoid drinking alcohol a week before the procedure day.
  3. Don’t take any hair cut before going to procedure. Surgeon will shave the head or donor area only. They require good hair growth at donor area.
  4. Some medications like blood thinner and beta blockers also need to stop a day before surgery. Consult with your doctors beforehand for more information on the topic of medications.
  5. Like medications, multivitamin supplement should be avoided at least a fortnight before the transplant.
  6. Massaging and rubbing your head daily for 10 minute is recommended. Massage will help the scalp to soften and increase blood flow to the scalp.

It might seem like there are lot of things to think, but hair transplant is a very simple procedure. Getting ready properly and abstaining from potential harmful habits can help you to obtain quality results.

Hair loss is a major problem. Treat your hair loss problem with the most advanced technology for hair transplant treatment. Hair transplant is a surgical way to restore natural looking hair.

Usually people wonder, “How is transplantation of hair possible if they have hair thinning problem.”. Mostly people thinks that surgeon stitches hair similar looking hair into already residing locks. There are a lot of misconceptions about donor hair due to lack of awareness and knowledge.

The fact is that for FUE hair transplant, a surgeon extracts the donor hair from healthy hair area,  generally from the back of the head. So the transplanted hair not just give a natural look but also possess authentic individual hair. The location of the donor area is selected where the most viable hairs are available. Experts from Hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh say that the donor area hairs are baldness resistant. Hence, they can grow naturally after transplant. The hair with long term stability is chosen by expert. The hair follicles are extracted with a small circular incision and then placed on the target area. Highly skilled surgeon should be chosen as poor placing of graft can lead to low survival of the graft. The result of hair transplant also depends on the quality of the donor hair. Better the donor hair, better they will grow after transplantation.

Hair loss is a big problem nowadays. 90% of men and women are suffering from hair loss. Get rid of all your hair loss problems with efficient services of hair transplant, PRP hair treatment and robotic hair transplant at hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh at economical price. 

Before getting a hair transplant treatment, people often research different aspect of procedure like, “What they need to do?” or “What to expect during the surgery?”. Hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh provides pre and post-operative instructions to every patient that they have to follow religiously. Today, we are explaining what to expect after the procedure in detail. The success of hair transplant depends on the skills and experience of a surgeon. However, it largely depends on how much someone takes care after the hair transplantation surgery. Often people ask that “Do hair transplant require maintenance? Or “Do they need supplement and medications to grow my hair?”

Do hair transplant require maintenance?

The answer to this question is "No". Hair transplant is a permanent solution and only requires few follow up visits to the clinic. However, after the surgery, you need to follow some instructions to maintain your hair transplant.

How necessary is supplement to take:

Although no lotion or supplement in market can speed up the hair growth or prevent hair loss. However, you can take multivitamin supplement if your doctor advises you. You should maintain a balanced diet to maintain the success of transplant.

What about Medication?

During the procedure, local anesthesia is given. After the procedure, you are given antiseptic and painkillers to reduce inflammation and pain. Some medications that affect hair transplant procedure like blood thinning medication which are stopped by surgeon before the surgery, you can continue to take them as told by doctor.

Hair transplant is considered safe when performed by a credible surgeon as it eliminates the risk of physical reaction, healing ability, and the failed results.

In short, as compared to other surgical procedure hair transplant involves very low risk. Since the procedure is carried out with local anesthesia and the postoperative period is very predictable.

How Hair Transplant Works

Hair transplant involves harvesting donor hair extracted from the back of the head. The harvested hair are called grafts that are transplanted at the recipient area. It takes 3 to 4 months to start growing and after 9 to 10 month you will see full results.


Potential Complications

Some complications associated with hair transplant are pain, bleeding, infection, scarring, and unsatisfactory results.  The additional risk that tends to be associated with such procedures include Post-operative swelling, Sterile folliculitis, Itching, Failure of grafts to grow and Excessive scarring. However, these complications can be handled by an experienced and credible surgeon. The best way to minimize the risk is to choose highly experienced and skilled surgeon in reputed centres like hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh. They have credible surgeons who combines experience and empathy for hair loss sufferer. They understand the reason behind hair loss and provide effective treatments.

Has hair fall become a permanent part of your life? Hair fall has become a common problem. It may be because of heredity or by lifestyle. It is a serious problem and should be addressed carefully. Hair fall treatment clinic in Chandigarh provide personalized hair analysis to understand the reason behind hair loss and provide effective treatments. Here are some remedies that slow down the progression of hair loss and maintain healthy locks.

Remedies for thinning hair

1. Watch on your diet:Protein is the building block of the hair. Make sure to consume protein-rich foods like egg, milk, and fishes. Omega 3 fatty acid is also important for hair. Flaxseed and almond are great sources of omega 3.

2. Don't forget vitamins:

Vitamin A is crucial for hair health. Include leafy greens, carrots, and eggs in your diet to get vitamin A. Vitamin E and Vitamin B12 are also important that improve blood circulation toward the scalp. Minerals like zinc, calcium, magnesium, and iron improve hair health. You can find minerals in vegetable. There are vitamin and mineral supplements available in market, one can opt them for maintaining their intake.

3. Opt a  healthy lifestyle:

For the sake of your hair, stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Smoking and alcohol reduce blood circulation to the scalp and hamper your immune system that can cause further hair fallout.

4. Drink enough water:

The hair shaft is largely made up of water. Stay hydrated to maintain hair tissue growth and health. Set a goal to drink water daily. Avoid drinking carbonated soda that hampers your immune system.

5. Relax or Meditate

Taking excess stress and tension can cause hair loss. Keep yourself calm. Try yoga and meditation to keep your mind stress free.

Henna is a herb with all natural goodness that helps you to get beautiful hair. Henna which is commonly known as Mehndi is used for coloring hair along with having many other benefits including hair conditioning, hair growth and preventing hair loss. It reduces hair loss and helps in getting soft, glowing and healthy tresses. It has been in use since time for hair growth and it continues to be the best remedy for hair loss even today. Henna is Hair expert from Hair transplant Chandigarh describe how henna is beneficial in hair loss and hair growth.

Benefits of Henna

1. Maintain scalp health: Henna's cooling and antimicrobial properties help in maintaining scalp health and fight with dandruff.

2. Balance ph and oil production:Treating dandruff at bay, it is also an excellent ingredient for balancing the PH level of the scalp. It removes excess oil from your hair, helping unclog follicles and restore normal functioning of the sebaceous gland.

3. Boost hair growth and stops hair falls: Healthy scalp, unclogged pore, and balanced scalp ph helps in stopping hair fall and promote hair growth. Henna also improve hair texture.

4. Repair and strengthen the hair:Henna nourish and repair the damage. It helps to seal the hair cuticle and hence lead to lustrous locks. Henna improves hair elasticity.

5. Condition hair: Henna build a protective layer around the hair shaft and locks the moisture and keep the hair conditioned. Henna is beneficial when used with other hydrating ingredients. It minimizes hair breakage and split ends.

You may have a perfect outfit but if you facing hair loss problem you will feel incomplete. It is famously believed that "Hair Is Crown You Never Take Off". Losing your crowning glory is particularly difficult for women. Hair loss badly affects the confidence of women as it is also associated with social stigma.

Here we are providing you with 6 amazing tips to combat your hair loss provided by experts from Hair transplant in Chandigarh.

1. Avoid hairstyle that pulls your hairline.

Tight ponytails. braids and anything that pulls your hairline backward can cause hair breakage and leads to hair loss.

2. Ditch heat tools.

Heat is always hard on the hair and brittle and that break easily. Try to use a heat protection product if you are using the heat tool.

3. Be Wary of Chemical treatments

As heat is harmful to hair, chemical treatment also harm hair shaft and weaken it to make prone to hair loss.

4. Peruse a healthy diet.

Follow a healthy diet. Food rich in vitamin and iron, zinc and vitamin B12 will help in revitalizing the strand.

5. Use hair products that target hair regrowth.

Many shampoos, oil, and serum are available in the market to improve hair growth. These product boost hair growth, cleanse the scalp and maintain the health of hair.

6. Don't skip the scalp massage.

Massage helps in improve the blood circulation to your scalp and stimulate hair growth. Use essential oil, they have regenerative, soothing, and balancing properties that can improve the condition of the scalp and promote hair growth.

If you don't see any results within a few months using these tips, see a trichologist to understand the reason behind hair loss, or any underlying health issue.

Hair transplant candidate always has doubt about their results, but today with advancement in technologies like FUE hair transplant, hair transplant procedures are minimally invasive and scarless. However, the natural appearance of your hair depends on the surgeon. With skilled and experienced surgeons, your scalp will not look like a doll head. Hair transplant Chandigarhexperts say that only a credible surgeon can provide you with undetectable results as they have extensive surgical skills and experience.

To get a natural result, the surgeon must perform the surgery with subtle nuances and artistry. Best hair transplant surgeon mimics nature. It is important to take into consideration the nature and appearance of the patient’s hair. Treating every patient, in the same way, is not the right approach. Everyone has different hair type, texture, and density. Even the angle and direction of the line parting are different. All of these features must be taken care of to get the most aesthetic results.

Yes, sleep deprivation can lead to hair loss. Sleep plays an important role in the overall health of a person. Uninterrupted seven to eight hour of power nap leads to a healthy lifestyle. Sleep is the body's time to regenerate, repair and balance hormones. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a variety of negative impact on one's health. Lack of sleep can impact hair growth cycle and may link to hair thinning and hair loss. There are many treatments and hair care products to treat hair loss, it's critical to identify the reason behind hair loss. You can find treatments and products for your hair loss at hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh. Lack of sleep increase level of stress which shows a connection with hair loss. Insomnia disrupts your physical and emotional health. Hairs are very sensitive to such changes in the body hence hair growth cycle is affected.

solution to treat hair loss because of not getting enough sleep

Prolonged lack of sleep makes your body weak and unable to absorb nutrition.

  1. Improve your sleep pattern. You can take power naps and beauty sleep to make your body and brain relaxed.

  2. Relax and maintain stress.

  3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, consider consuming food that promotes hair growth.

If nothing works contact the best trichologist to get hair checkup and effective hair loss treatments.

Unhealthy lifestyle, excessive workload, stress, and irregular sleep pattern are some factors that lead to hair loss and baldness. Hair loss makes you feel worried and less confident with low self-esteem. While natural hair remedy does not provide the desired result, hair transplant is an effective way to get rid of the baldness problem.

However, a hair transplant is an expensive procedure, a salaried person may not be able to afford it at one go. Baldness is not considered under health insurance as it is not an illness. Hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh let you pay your hair transplant cost in flexible EMI’s. There are many benefits of paying the cost through financing option like flexible tenor and facilitating affordability by removing high upfront payment apart from being very pocket-friendly.

Losing hair is distressing but even more when it is severe. For many people, it causes low confidence, self-esteem and they try everything to save their beautiful locks. Every one of us experiencing hair fall at some point in life. It's normal if we lose a sustainable amount of hair. If we lose a worrying amount of hair, there is a reason behind it.

Causes of hair loss:

There are many reasons for losing hair. One of the main reason is genetics, other causes are side effects of medication, severe stress, overuse of harsh chemical products. Hormonal changes and imbalance can also lead to hair loss.

Is there any cure or permanent treatment?

We can cure hair loss by dietary modification and managing stress. Live a healthy lifestyle. However genetic hair loss is difficult to reverse. People who suffer baldness and medication is not working for them can opt for hair transplant surgery. In this procedure, hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head and are implanted on the bald area. The procedure takes 7 to 8 hour to provide an effective result. Cost of hair transplant is high but with advancement in technology hair transplant in Chandigarh is affordable and results are effective.

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are transplanted from a donor area to a bald area. Having a hair transplant has many benefits.

1.Improved looks: Hair loss and baldness make people disappointed regarding their looks. They feel less confident. With such a hair restoration method you can get rid of your baldness and have an improved look and confidence.

2. Permanent Solution: It is the permanent solution to hair loss. You need the surgery once and it is for the lifetime

3. Get rid of baldness: The procedure say bye to all kind of hair loss issue. After the procedure, you will never have a worry about receding hairline or bald spot because hair transplant does away with all issues.

4. Low Maintainance: One of the main benefits of having a hair transplant is its low maintenance. You need not to have specific shampoo or hair product. The transplanted hair is normal hair as you have.

5. Cost saving: Hair transplant procedure is a one-time cost surgery. You don't need to invest anything later after the procedure. Surgeries are tend to be costly but hair transplant in Chandigarh are affordable as compare to other cities.

Yes, stress and hair loss are related. Stress can lead to hair loss. Stress leads to hair loss due to many factors:

1. Stress increases the production of adrenaline which ultimately increases the body level of testosterone, the male hormone that has implications for hair thinning and hair loss.

2. During stress, we generally do not look after ourself as we should. We don't take care of our diet and take processed food which doesn't have much nutrition. Stress also affects the digestion and absorption of a healthy diet.

3. Stress affects our immune system, so we easily catch flu and fever. Fever and flu trigger hair loss. 

Treating hair loss related to stress:

Good news is that hair loss related to stress is not permanent. When you manage your stress the hair starts to grow again. If you are noticing sudden hair loss or patchy hair loss or unusual hair loss talk to hair loss treatment clinic to know the underlining reason. You can treat your hair loss, as there are many treatments available like medicinal, PRP and hair transplant. Each hair loss is different, so the treatment, consult Kabera Global best hair loss treatment clinic providing great results of hair transplant in Chandigarh.

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