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In the history of games, Path Of Exile has many leagues. The following is a comparison of the best and worst leagues. Thanks to the unremitting efforts of the game team and the real-time optimization of game items including POE Currency, there are currently a large number of aRPG fans of this type. They regard Path Of Exile as the most praiseworthy game among them. The main content of the update is pushed in the form of an alliance. In the update, the game mechanism, new features and regular bug fixes for the next three months will be introduced. With the development of the game so far, it is time to review the game and view the existing problems. Next is an introduction to the best and worst leagues of Path Of Exile since its release.

The best league is undoubtedly Metamorph. As one of the newest members of Path Of Exile, it broke away from the old alliance in the old mode of pursuit of speed and shifted its focus to the battle against BOSS. When defeated, organs and POE Orbs can be harvested from certain enemies in the area. A frightening Metamorph leader uses these organs to make up. New attacks and modifiers can be added from the organ to the boss, but some items such as essence or scarab are dropped by the transforming elf. Even though the league may lack the uniqueness of layered meta-progress or game-changing rules, thanks to its core mechanics, players still have great enthusiasm for this. Most people think that it is the best with Path Of Exile. The best league is just as interesting.

The worst league is Bestiary. You may be confused about Bestiary enemy interaction or handicraft making, which is why it is voted the worst. In simple terms, the league's incredible production methods are all around, and these are covered by the game system and are not known to players. Some tough and rare monsters have powerful modifiers, which can be found by players. Players can cast the net to capture when the enemy is on the verge of death. The new location of The Menagerie will be its home. Players can host bloody rituals there and need them to make modifiers or new items. The depth of the network it manages over twelve layers is astonishing, and most fans feel sick about the frequency of killing Bestiary monsters. This mechanic will only become more interesting after Bestiary returns with the overhauled Master NPC.

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You can get a lot of loot including POE Currency in Path of Exile. Whether you find it scattered around the world or buy it from suppliers, the inventory will never be vacant. However, unlike other online role-playing games, there is no specific way to trade the loot you find or earn. For example, there is no such market in The Elder Scrolls Online, which may be very disappointing for new players.

There is no entrance for players to trade with each other in the game, but you can use the official website of Path of Exile to support the transaction. So don't worry if you will be blocked or your account will be lost. With the help of the website can even be accessed through the official website. You can sell your useless items, or you can purchase items you need badly. Next is the operation step.

First of all, you can click on the link provided by us, or search on the official website of Path of Exile. After completing the operation, all loots in the game can be searched. You can also search for more detailed content by customizing very detailed filtering conditions. After players have registered all the information, click "Search" at the bottom of the page. However, sometimes the item you are looking for has already been traded. But don't worry, players can see the purchaser's information. If players really want the item, click the "whisper" button to discuss with the item owner and negotiate the item's ownership. But it is possible that players will have to visit their hideout to obtain stolen goods. In the seller's hiding place, you need to pay the amount of POE Currency agreed with the owner of the item to conduct normal transactions. If the transaction goes smoothly, the transaction will be successfully completed.

Although selling goods requires you to have a Premium Stash Tab, you can still list the goods to be sold as needed on the trading interface of Of course, if you need to buy items, POE Orbs, POE Items, Path of Exile Currency and other items are also readily available, these can be purchased on the website.More importantly, the prices of these items are lower than those in the official game store.So Buy POE Currency will not cost too much. And the website will also meet all the needs of players. Players will feel the feeling of "customer is God" here, which is more flexible than the official website transaction.
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Path of Exile is regarded by many ARPG fans as the best game in its genre at present, thanks to the constant updates and additions of the game. Most of these increases appear in the form of alliances, introducing three months of new mechanisms, uniqueness, and regular content.

As today's top 5 best loot-based ARPG video games. Throughout the game's life cycle, many leagues have released Path of Exile. With the recent Delirium League showing the best and worst of Path of Exile, here are the 5 best leagues ever released for Path of Exile.

1. Metamorph

One of the newest members of Path of Exile is the Metamorph alliance, which is away from the old speed-oriented alliance and focuses on boss fights.

When killed, organs can be harvested from certain enemies in the area, and these organs can be combined into a dreaded Metamorph leader. Each organ adds new attacks and modifiers to the boss, but also forces the transforming elf to drop certain items, such as essence or scarab. Although the league may lack the uniqueness of layered meta-progress or game-changing rules, the core mechanics are as interesting as most of the best leagues of Path of Exile.

2. Legacy

In the 3.0 patch, the last league released for Path of Exile is the traditional league. Celebrate the development of the game by summarizing each league into a mechanism in advance.

The league is the backbone of the league, forcing some league mechanics to spawn in your next zone. You can use up to three at a time, thus achieving some really crazy mechanical combinations. Using Leaguestones is a bit clumsy, and the league takes longer than most people, but fans cannot get the pure slaughter provided by the league. Players can find the POE Currency left before the neurasthenia in the Reliquary treasure chest, which is the icing on the cake for this amazing cake.


The Pioneers captured Wraeclast during the Pioneer League. These new invincible enemies spawn spooky enemies, allowing you to kill them and drop Path of Exile Currency fragments upon death.

Because everything is fragmented, it leads to unnecessary chaos for players ’hiding points, and the league lacks a downward trend in currency. The incredible thing about this alliance is that it introduces an excellent Breachhead map and new currency items. The new currency type allows players to re-roll the map to the same layer, to the previous layer or to re-roll "uniqueness" to another item on the same basis.

4. Breach

Since the breakthrough, every league introduced has tried to replicate its success. For many people, breakthroughs are the essence of the Path of Exile alliance, and all future alliances should be tried repeatedly.

Breakthrough Alliance is one of the simplest alliances established by Grinding Gear Games, but this simplicity does not reduce the pure fun of the mechanism. Essentially, players can open breakthroughs to the demon realm, and must kill as many breakthrough monsters as possible to keep the portal expanding. These monsters invest a lot of POE Currency and unique fragments, which can be combined to make breakthrough stones. These unique maps enable players to fight a certain boss to obtain new unique POE Items. It has excellent mechanics, influential uniqueness, and shows how beneficial the meta-game system is to the league's retention rate.

5: Delve

Since the breakthrough, many leagues have passed, and they tried to replicate their core game loop, of which the abyss and the legion are the best examples. However, GGG's "Path of Exile" best alliance has nothing to do with opening portals and spawning monsters.

Delve League introduces a procedural infinite dungeon that players can explore. The farther you go, the more dangerous you are. The more danger, the more loot, and Delve will definitely provide players with valuable items. It also includes new handicrafts, adding a certain degree of intentionality, and no alliance can match it thereafter. After making some balance changes after the release, Delve is easily the best Path of Exile ever.

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Path of Exile starts leaguePath of Exile's Incursion team poe currency which Steven talked to the developers about in span a month, is now live.Incursion has you hunt down Atzoatl, an ancient Vaal treasure temple. To disclose its location, you'll need to travel back in time to its own construction. That requires you to locate Alva Valai, a new NPC, who will send you back in time to a random room in the temple. There, you will have a limited period of time (as little as 30 seconds) to kill as many creatures as possible, with every kill granting more time. In the close of the struggle, you can claim your loot.

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The complete introduction to Path of Exile patch 3.10 introduces the extension-Delirium, which allows players to dig into the darkest corners of their hearts. This patch also adds corrupt jewels and new skills. At the same time, a new set of tasks is set in the very evil mirror. After completing the tasks, you can get POE Currency. The expansion function is officially launched today, and those players who pursue more powerful challenges can go for a small trial. Enter our mirror to find a more streamlined version provided by Delirium. Path of Exile 3.10 patch instructions are shown below.

In the Delirium Challenge League, rush into Delirium's Mirror and accept a new challenge. As you step deeper into the dungeon, it will become more difficult for you to fight the old and new monsters you encounter. Cluster Jewels, this kind of item that only Delirium will fall from the enemy, will give you a new passive ability when you use it. You may also find Delirium Orbs foggy on the map and Delirium Splinters where Simulacrum can be used.

Seven new gems that will give you new power have been added. The new power consists of a kinetic energy arrow that can launch a wand attack and a blade attack that explodes at your location. In addition, 16 unique items including Perfidy Glorious Plate and Augor Mortis Carnal Mitts have been added. Unique construction opportunities will be provided by these armor, these opportunities are not available before expansion. Brand new game modes will also be created by these new gems. This is unprecedented among dungeon crawlers. The UI of the interface has also been changed, for example, it now looks better on the ground with the effect of burning elements, and the smooth running of the game on the PC is also affected by more monsters and back-end changes.

Grinding Gear Games needs to provide Path of Exile players with the new content they have always wanted. The Delirium challenges will make players who seek other things smash an interesting time, which will also increase their character talent. Novices don’t have to worry too much about this patch, but old players who have already browsed all the content need to worry. Path of Exile continues to grow due to content updates like Delirium. Did the Delirium of Path of Exile excite you? If you are really excited, you can visit POECurrency. There are many good and cheap Path of Exile Currency, POE Chaos Orb, POE Items and POE Exalted Orb, I believe these can help you in the game and further enhance your dominance of the game.
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The Path of Exile team shared some additional information on how they designed Delirium's unique items.

Specifically, this article covers the main POE Orbs, voice, split personality, giant madman, Argo Mortis, Assailum, Perfidy and Beacon of Madness. For example, Keystone Jewels was created from more than 30 suggestion lists. group discussion,

"There is nothing and its emphasis on the hollow hollow technique is a special case; originally suggested by the effects artist, it went through various design iterations. We must ensure that we can make it coexist with Facebreaker, so the original design disables the item slot, and Each attribute has specific restrictions. This is too wordy, so in order to clean up the description and prevent potential problems that limit the location of the project, an “unburdened” status is created. Unfettered means you are currently not equipped with weapons, gloves, quiver Shield, we can use it again in the future. "

This is an example of the insight provided by the blog because the team wanted to provide a "behind the scenes" view in the game design. The team expanded another project, the gloves Algor Mortis. Their team mentioned: "The purpose of designing these gloves is to create a new style of play, including weaving cold area skills between lightning damage skills and adding powerful damage as a reward. Their special feature is that they are the first A POE Item (a lightning-based disease that reduces the damage of enemies) that allows you to cause abnormal sap without preventing electric shock. "Of course it does n’t matter if you do n’t get these bonus items, you can use Purchase to Buy POE Currency, which will also enhance your skill points.
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Within an hour now, the number of players has reached 237,160. GGG has reached a shocking release due to Path of Exile, but there are still some server issues that we want to discuss.

The launch of Path of Exile has shown the trend of igniting the flames, and now has ordered more servers than GGG daily use. POE Currency has also received many improvements due to the development of the game, which will definitely bring players a better gaming experience. However, this has not yet reached the expected goal, especially when some machines on the Internet disappeared due to continuous DDOS attacks. If we make good use of it, capacity can be restored by adding more servers. In order to reduce the impact of the login user's gaming experience, POE created a login queue for this.

Path of Exile's development team has also been synchronously handling error programs, and when players encounter problems, they can now use client / instance crash dumps to solve them. In order to restartless deployment soon, the game team has correctly bundled these first batches with the 3.10.0b patch. However, from a gameplay bug point of view, this is by far one of the most stable releases, which is also good news. Thank you for your patience when adding more servers to Path of Exile.

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Since players have entered the three-month league Delirium for a month, Path of Exile has developed strongly this week. Delirium introduces a new mechanism, each area has a mirror of ragged people, passing through this mirror will bring fog to the world, as you explore, the enemy will become stronger and more powerful The higher.

There is still plenty of time in the league for players to sneak in and collect unique POE Items, such as crazy armor sets, various crafted spheres, and many POE Orbs that can provide useful effects and performance improvements.

In addition to this week's Delicatessen League, developers also announced new Polaris microtransactions. In most cases, these are black and white themed cosmetics that can decorate your hiding place, change the appearance of the character, and even accompany black or white mice on the go.

There are some new Thaumaturgy mysterious boxes which contain many random rewards whose value is equal to the cost of the box. These Thaumaturgic items introduce cosmetics and effects suitable for steampunk themes.

The developer also posted a video with a presentation made by senior programmer Alexander Sannikov in 2019. In a video on YouTube, he discussed the technology behind game rendering and the improvements made for Path of Exile 2.

Delirium has not changed much, but at present it is an interesting alliance, with excellent POE Currency micro-transaction function, and a lot of publicity for POE 2.

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Since players have entered the three-month league Delirium for a month, Path of Exile has developed strongly this week. Delirium introduced a new mechanism, each area has a Delirium mirror, passing through this mirror will bring fog to the world. In your exploration journey, the strength of the enemy will be directly proportional to the amount of POE Currency obtained. There are also many unique items in the league that players can sneak into and collect, such as crazy armor sets, variously crafted Exalted Orb, and many Jewels that can provide useful effects and performance improvements.

In addition to this week's Delirium league, developers also announced new Polaris Microtransactions. In most cases, these are black and white themed cosmetics that can decorate your hiding place, change the appearance of the character, and even accompany black or white mice on the go. There are some new Thaumaturgy mysterious boxes which contain many random rewards whose value is equal to the cost of the box. These Thaumaturgic items introduce cosmetics and effects suitable for steampunk themes.

The developer also posted a video with a presentation made by senior programmer Alexander Sannikov in 2019. In a video on YouTube, he discusses the technology behind game rendering and the improvements made for Path of Exile 2.

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Many people ignored one thing about Path of Exile. After the game was nominated and won the "evolution game" category, the team posted a comment on its official website. Other nominees in this category include "Apex Legend", "Fate 2", "Final Fantasy XIV: Shadow Messenger", "Fortress Night" and "Unmanned Deep Space". There are a series of things happening in the new expansion release. The deli is only a few weeks away, which is the trough of all the exciting new things in the upcoming expansion.

As we all know, Delirium is the first expansion of "Path of Exile" this year. Players will have the opportunity to take over the endgame content and increase the already huge skill tree by using the special Cluster Jewel. This is not exactly the same as the ordinary POE Exalted Orb in the game. This is a new device. It has special skills in addition to enhancing the character's own strength.

The main focus of the expansion is on players discovering Delirium. As with previous expansions, activating this new object will spawn new opponents and make existing ones stronger, so think wisely about the best dive time. A large number of monster modifiers will be added to make the situation more deadly than they are. Now, there are new bosses and rare and unique monsters. However, players do not have to worry when encountering these new things. I think POE Currency can help you. You can use this to enhance your skills. If you have difficulty in the game, then I suggest you buy directly from IGGM This will save a lot of time and be faster.

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The new Delirium League is currently running in Path of Exile. There, many players have now entered the Doomsday game and are using a particularly powerful version. Developers must react while breaking important principles.

This is atypical for games because developers want to avoid neural errors within a season. Players need to spend a lot of time and game coins to make the correct version and gameplay. Changing the version means that the player has built the version for free.

However, as developer Grinding Gear Games announced in another forum post, the nerd is badly needed. After all, this skill uses a robot that is even needed. What does this skill do? Through the gems in the cluster, the new League Delirium brings 281 new passive skills into the Path of Exile game, which is very difficult. One of these new passive skills is a purposeful pioneer. But if you have enough POE Currency, these are not particularly difficult.

The purposeful pioneer ensures that every messenger you use increases the aura by 10%. According to the developers, it is clear from the beginning that this skill will become too strong. But they did not expect that this skill would produce many unwanted interactions. In fact, skills can only enhance the aura of skills. However, everything seen as a harbinger internally has been strengthened. Therefore, the development of purposeful "pioneer pioneer" games has become the most powerful option in the game, and even "unintentionally, the most powerful mechanism owned by Path of Exile".

What has changed? Adjustments were made so that only the aura of skills was added, not each aura. In fact, developers don't want to make any changes at all. They wanted to prevent the building from changing during the season of Path of Exile. They easily dismissed the original complaint because the skill was deliberately strong. The next season will announce a nerf. It was not until later that they noticed that there was unnecessary interaction.

When they finally wanted to do something, the developer had to switch to the home office due to the corona virus. Therefore, the release of updates is delayed. Developers apologize: At the end of this article, developers apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please note that many POE participants waste a lot of time and money. You should react earlier.

In the PoE forum, there has been a preliminary reaction to the patch: most participants responded very much to explanations and apologies. Obviously, the developers were correct in the first assessment of their overall skills. The user wrote unloder100500: "And the skill is still surgery."

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The League Paranoia in Path of Exile reached its peak less than a month after its release-many players have now entered their endgame equipment, and they have invested a lot of money for this. Therefore, the game balance at this time is very sensitive, because if the developer sniffs something at this time, people may lose a lot of work time and a lot of game funds. But this is what is happening now.

In Delirium, developers introduced 281 new passive elements in the talent tree through so-called cluster jewelry. One of them is called "the purposeful pioneer". This passive talent increases the aura of each messenger you use by 10%. Developers have realized earlier that it is a simple operation numerically, and the effect is different than expected. That is to say, by enhancing everything inside as an aura, not just a skill aura. But developers realized the latter.

In addition to the gem problem in the cluster, developers also know that intervening in the middle of the alliance can seriously damage the player's fun. Of course, this is not the same as ordinary POE Currency, POE Exalted Orb, POE Chaos Orb. Therefore, it should always be the last choice. For this reason, it has been announced that the jewelry will only be produced in the next league, which of course provides the community with a green light to invest heavily in such buildings. However, at this point, it is not clear to the person in charge of the "gear grinder game" that the problems described above are not only numerical problems, but also mechanical problems.

Just when the developer should take care of the vanguard of the purpose, there was a blockade in New Zealand: due to the corona, the developer had to go to the home office to clarify organizational matters and adapt to new working conditions. At the same time, the problems in the game will only get bigger. According to GGG staff, passive skills are "one of the most undesirable and least intuitive powerful mechanisms that Path of Exile has ever had." The planned Nerf (only skill aura can count) will retain the passive operating room until the end of the alliance.

At the end of the blog post describing the entire controversy in detail, the developers also asked the players to forgive: Many errors will cause players to waste a lot of time and money in the game. This is the full apology:

"We made a lot of mistakes, causing many players to waste precious game time when people most need to be distracted. Purposeful pioneers should not post in their original form. If we become popular, we should take the time to go Examine it more closely, or at least when asked about the sustainable potential of the build, we should stop and consider it as a team instead of our standard answer "There is no nerve in the alliance." Prevent us from mistakenly confirming that there will not nerf, and will not make people invest in the building.

That will no longer happen. We regret that people have lost time, money and trust. It is said that online games are a place to play, which can disperse your worries about the real world. In this case, we cannot ensure that some people can do this, and also allow players to spend some unnecessary POE Items. Since the announcement, we have had a lot of discussions on internal issues and how to do better in the future. We are very sorry for the people who support us. "

The community in the official Subreddit of Path of Exile is grateful for the many comments that are honest, transparent and explained in detail.

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When Path of Exile: Delirium was launched, the number of players hit a record-so far in the first hour, the number of simultaneous players has peaked at 237,160. Although GGG's release volume is amazing, we still have to discuss some server issues.

Path of Exile is expected to roll out on a large scale and order more servers than usual for GGG. Once we use them, more servers are added to restore capacity. However, Poe has set up a login queue so that the gaming experience of logged-in users will be less affected.

At the same time, the Path of Exile regular game programming team has been working on bug reports and solving client issues with client / instance crash dumps. They are currently bundling the first patches into a 3.10.0b patch for quick restartless deployment. The good news is that this is by far one of the quietest releases from a gaming error perspective.

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(MENAFN-GetNews) "In the Delirium Alliance, these new gems that have fallen from monsters are one of the most significant enhancements introduced to customization since the introduction of Ascendancy Classes.

In this Delirium's release profile, Cluster Jewel is introduced as a new type of jewellery, and there are 280 new celebrities on the passive skill tree, which can be used to expand the path and build power roles. These can be used in POE Currency to buy. When I read the introduction for the first time, it was clear that the entire Delirium League would be promoted by the strong influence of Cluster Jewels.

Cluster Jewel is a newly released item. To maximize its effect, you need to pay special attention to several issues, such as craftsmanship and size issues. Clustered gems come in three sizes, large, medium, and small, corresponding to different points. The outermost passive skill tree slots can accommodate their existence. Slots made of Large Cluster Jewel can store gems of any size. In other words, Medium Cluster Jewel can be placed in the corresponding slot or it is placed in a slot made of Large Cluster Jewel. Small Cluster Jewel can be stored in each slot, but Large Cluster Jewel can only be stored in the outermost slot.

Each size of jewel is also different in terms of manufacturing costs. For example: Large Cluster Jewel requires 2-3 famous notables and 2 sockets to be made, Medium Cluster Jewel requires 2 famous notables and 1-2 sockets, Small Cluster Jewel is relatively easy to make, each Each size of jewel has up to two prefixes and suffixes, and you can choose your favorite prefix or suffix for jewelry according to the following rules.

It does not matter if the prefixes A and B are equal in weight, but generally the two prefixes of prefix A have lower weights and the two prefixes of prefix B have higher weights. The large jewel in the suffix is eye-catching, while the medium is a passive reward.
For medium and large cluster jewelry, there are 2 or 3 notables and at least 1 socket. Starting from a level of notable, as long as the level is gradually increasing, the items we get from the cluster will become more and more valuable. For different sizes of jewelry, there are also different and suitable levels of notable.

Large Cluster Jewel: The best item level is 75. It can guarantee that you will get 3 notables and 1-2 jewels sockets. The passive effect is only a way to make good jewelry. On the contrary, even if the item level is still increasing, Just add more patterns without reducing nodes to cluster jewels notables.

Medium Cluster Jewel: The highest level is 67, which can be used to get all notables and jewel sockets. This can also block the small passive effects of the second layer and the highest layer, while saving a lot of time.

Small Cluster Jewel: You can get 1 notable when you reach level 84, which reduces the level of these modifications and the potential of jewelry.

Regarding the Chaos Orb level, what you really need to pay attention to is notable, so there is no need to spend more time to improve the item level, just select the lowest ilvl to meet the requirements.
The Path of Exile team has shared changes to "Significant Passive Pioneer" that will be released later this week.

If you don't know it, Passive will increase the halo gain by 10% for each Pioneer that affects you. This value may take a lot of POE Currency to get. The team cited the reason to make the change, because many things are considered aura, and many players don't consider it a halo.

Many players think this way, "This skill was originally not intended to interact with these skills, but it should be said something like," Every effect that affects your pioneers will increase the halo effect by x%. "This is what we can control. It will not arbitrarily break internal systems whose values ​​are not intended to be modified.

Passive skills now only apply to Skill Aura. Once that happens, if you're the kind of player who makes use of the aura of skill, passive players will still stay strong. However, it will become weaker for those who are currently abusing it.

There are specific explanations for this passive skill, "In essence, this is the huge alliance medium-sized nerve of the most powerful" enchantment "in the game, which is something we usually try to avoid. We fully understand the player It takes time and a lot of resources to build your character, and our policy is to avoid learning skills in the middle league in almost all cases. Situations like this break the rules of the game and are an exception to this policy. "

The group promised to investigate other areas of the delicatessen where similar issues could occur. You can view these specific contents on the news page of IGGM's official website. Of course, if you want to buy cheap and secure POE Exalted Orb, you can also choose their website. This is a website that I have always trusted.
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