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Path of Exile is a game that keeps reaching new heights every time it is released. As we all know, POE Currency plays a vital role in the entire game.POE Currency rotates around various spheres and reels to play specific functions in the production and enhancement of character equipment.

Many players are looking forward to the sequel of the game, the game also recently launched the Delirium expansion version, and Path of Exile created a new high for concurrent players. But it's worth noting that even in the face of DDoS attacks, it also happened. Grinding Gear Games responded by saying, "We released" Path of Exile: Path of Exaggeration ", and we are happy that our number of concurrent players has reached a new peak." "Despite some server problems due to prolonged DDOS attacks It has intensified, but things are going relatively smoothly. "

GGG co-founder Chris Wilson said that Path of Exile hit 237,160 players at once during the weekend. The team believes that this number may be higher, but a DDoS attack occurred when Delirium was launched. And said: "Before the release of" Legion ", most of the players we recorded online previously recorded about 224,000 at a time." "This weekend is the release of Delirium. We attracted 237,160 players online once. We think the final number will be It ’s higher, but we ’re trying to withstand serious DDoS attacks, which has caused about 40 servers to disappear from the Internet, reducing our capabilities. ”

The good times of Path of Exile will continue. With the unabated popularity of this game, Path of Exile 2 is also coming. It is recommended that players Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs on before the game is released, in exchange for props, and smoothly pass the new version.

Golden Ticket Troy Polamalu is known as the most defensive player in the game. Players are now waiting to use this player card. The Color Smash promotion organized by the MUT team is very popular among players. In addition, other activities that attract our attention are constantly being launched. The first batch of Golden Ticket players have been released in the game. Each player selects the player he wants according to his hobbies and needs. But this is not purely purchased with MUT Coins. If you want to get Golden Ticket players, you must spend the money in the store to meet the standard. And they are not absolutely available just by spending money. The three players in the Golden Ticket player card package have been released in advance in the game.

Golden Ticket players can be any players already in the game, and a fan can use Troy Polamalu's MLB multi-function card to create amazing characters. With a total rating of 99, Troy Polamalu will move forward as a centre-back on the field. With a speed of up to 95 and an acceleration of 97, he became the fastest center defender in the game. And his strength and tackle attributes are also much higher than the previously released players. Polamalu will be a good match against the Barry Sanders card with a total rating of 98 and those frustrating crossing routes and even cards around the corner. After introducing Golden Ticket Troy Polamalu, the two remaining players were Michael Vick and Kelvin Benjamin with the same overall rating of 99. Vic's strength will shock players! Benjamin can take advantage of height to dominate the red zone and the receiving area.

Players can't wait to join the game. Because the NFL draft conference is over and the mini training camp is unlikely to be held. So this means that the next NFL content worth looking forward to may also be Madden 21. But some players with lower strength still need to focus on Buy MUT Coins. Players can only use MUT 20 Coins to strengthen the confrontation in the current Madden 20 to improve their strength. Only in this way can these players occupy the dominant position in Madden 21 released a few months later. Now players with stronger strengths can also pay attention to Madden 21 and Madden 21 Coins. This can also add winning chips to the confrontation in Madden 21.





If players want to quickly access Delirium Orbs, then there is a high probability that the game will be more difficult to play, when you are in a high-level Delirium encounters challenge, you will get more rewards, the quality of the rewards will become better. Delirium POE Orbs can be added to the map to make the game more difficult. This can be very challenging for players who are strong players. At the same time, you can see that Delirium Splinters, a combination of different Delirium Splinters, can access Simulacrum. Simulacrum is a special kind of symbol that can bring you the most difficult and meaningful expansion in the game. It also contains a lot of booty.



With the update, there are different types of Delirium challenge league for players to choose from. But what they have in common is that they have the same core mechanisms and projects. Players can even create and highly customize their own proprietary versions. He can have more difficult game sessions.



The new challenge alliance has 40 new challenges, and when players complete 12 challenges, you'll get a Delirium horn. After completing 24 challenges, you will acquire the Delirium cloak. After completing 36 challenges, players will get a better reward -Delirium Wings. But the premise is that only players who belong to the alliance can access it. Game version at the time of subsequent updates added a whole new skill gems - Arcane Cloak. Its effect is to consume a portion of the spell to gain some POE Exalted Orb that causes a percentage of damage to your target before it is used up. When you choose to activate this ability, players receive an additional lightning damage, which shares a cooldown with other guardian abilities based on the mana cost of the effect.



A new ability gem, Stormbind, places the player's runes on the ground and grows as you guide. At this point, enemies will be hurt when they cross the rune. Runes can be upgraded by using the rune shockwave. When the rune shock wave is released, the rune explodes.

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The POE: Delirium version just updated yesterday has pushed players to some whole new climax. The design that introduces many elements brings waves of excitement to players. At the same time, the newest skills and integrated orbs along with the rewards stemmed from the horror fantasy are a lot more than those seen on the outside. The expansion function is usually ready, awaiting the player's courage to go forward.



Here is often a complete description of Patch 3.10 on The Way to Exile.



The DCL-game design team features an unprecedented league, he could be the Delirium Challenge League, which often can give players a fresh experience. As players progress with the dungeon, you may be challenged by various monsters, plus the game process will end up more difficult. But defeat the enemy and you should get Cluster Jewels and POE Orbs. By inserting Cluster Jewels inside an external slot, players can gain innovative skills. Maybe you will get POE Orbs using a foggy map and make use of Delirium Splinters.



New POE Chaos Orb-Seven new gems are already added to the newest version, which may give you new power. There is often a kinetic arrow, which often can launch a wand attack, along with the blade explodes, detonating the blade your location. Try to find these gems to boost your spell arsenal and produce it strong.



New POE Exalted Orb-If you join to the overall game and be involved in the competition, so as to a dozen new unique items are already added for the game. Augor Mortis Carnal Mitts is among them, where there are more useful items with larger damage values , Players may use shards to restore these items, and before this game there is no such gameplay. As long as you use a brand new gem, you will end up able to create fresh ways to play and handle different links and rewards because you think.

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In Path of Exile, the annual Delirium league is coming, and it will come with a new version in the middle of this month. This update still brings a lot of excitement to players. Now let ’s take a look at the players ’ Reasons for this update obsession.


Every three months, the Grinding Gear Games developer announces a new alliance on the road to exile. This tradition can be traced back to the Diablo 2 game. As an excellent MMORPG, Diablo 2 has been praised by many players since its release.


Players in the league are also indispensable. Each league should roughly include the following: the area / map to be explored, some new items to try, and some new images. Although every league is jealous of POE Items, the arrival of "Delirium" takes the game to a whole new level of difficulty.


Better Encounters

In each area of ​​"Delirium", there will be a mirror. The significance of the mirror is that it will create a layer of dense fog in the current area. The dense fog is full of dangers. Powerful monsters are hidden here, but some smaller monsters may be killed by players.

These monsters also have the ability to change, making them more dangerous than ordinary monsters after the change. This difficulty will be magnified infinitely when upgrading. For those who have mastered the 10 Act campaign, this It will be a huge change. But for endgame players, this will bring additional risks to the map such as POE Exalted Orb, POE Chaos Orb, and reward factors, which is reassuring.


Rising economy

Every player in the game, novice or veteran, can restart in every league. Players must re-create Alliance characters and cannot inherit rewards and bonuses from previous leagues! As the economy began to rise, players began to snap up previously worthless equipment. For example: a few days before the start of the league, players want to be able to purchase items that increase vitality and potions that can quickly restore physical strength. The reason why the road of rotation is considered the best MMORPG is that players can get gold coins and create their own buildings after entering the alliance for several days!


New skills

The happiest thing for players is the freedom to use new skills and corresponding support gems. Although the game developers have not revealed too much details about the game, we can know that in the current situation, each skill can Situation to assist.


Improvements to some details

The "Conquerers of the Atlas" is undoubtedly very successful for the road to exile. The new boss and more exciting process system make players praise it. Of course, the end system has also changed. For players lacking currency and gems in the game, the upgrade may not be so smooth. The poe items sold at can help you quickly improve your strength. Mirror of Kalandra and Offering to the Goddess are very attractive for players. Suggestions Players can save you a lot of time and energy.


Passive Jewels

In this alliance, game developer G3 has introduced a new cluster of gems. Unlike in the past, cluster gems will not bring you additional bonuses like ordinary gems, nor will it help you to have more Promotion. Their role is to adjust the passive skill point talent tree in the game. Each player gets randomly generated when acquiring integrated gems, which means that the gems that players get are different. It determines the secondary and potential nodes provided when inserting a passive tree.

Because the road of exile has a huge passive skill tree, the player's expansion system will also become incredible, including 280 significant passive skills that are part of the system.

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Why do players choose to put their situation in a dangerous environment? From the perspective of the development of the game, this will be more conducive to promoting the development of the game and increasing the enthusiasm of the players for the game. Just as the Road to Exile challenges the Alliance's standards temporarily, completing the Delirium incident will eventually lead to a new story-centric ending.



However, the external reward is the same as everything in Path of Exile: Loot: loot (including Buy POE Orbs, POE Exalted Orb, etc.). Players need to prepare some special items when they start the challenge. Using the blessing of these items can effectively improve the strength of the players, which includes a complete set of equipment. In the face, only the players in the alliance can use it, and it has no effect on the players of the tribe.



Collect items in the name of plunder

There will be an unprecedented gem in the new version, which we call cluster POE Exalted Orb. These gems are on the edge of the passive skill grid on the road of exile. Players can collect gems to complete fine adjustments to all nodes on the passive grid. But Cluster POE Orbs adds an entire cluster of nodes, effectively expanding the passive tree in a whole new way.


But there will always be some special nodes, some even with additional extension points, these special extension points can allow players to link multiple clusters of POE Exalted Orb together, which can create almost completely new custom characters. By placing these jewels on the edge of the skill tree, you will create a new branch on the inaccessible course progression path, breaking the normal character development path and letting players make different adjustments to different attributes. You can even redefine some roles.


Hollow Palm Technique is a very interesting technique. Players cannot use any weapons or gloves when using this technique, but they can perform powerful freehand martial arts attacks, which is not only flexible and convenient. I guess the path to exile now has a monk character.



These new Cluster POE Orbs have changed the original gameplay of Road to Exile and made players obsessed with this unique gameplay. I'm glad to see what new characters this system brings. If widely accepted, I can see that it has become a standard part of the complex interlocking system on the road to exile.

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In the June expansion army from the road to exile, players will discover eternal boulders worldwide, revealing the battle between nominal legions and ancient leaders. You can release their eternal fight by defeating them and achieving a lot of cute loot. It will bring a whole new chapter of war for the first time, causing many old players being exciting.

These boulders are dotted around Wraeclast. Once they are POE Exalted Orb activated, there is a short time and energy to destroy monsters and boxes. Once the timer has finished, you are able to fight and plunder. The more powerful the enemy, the greater the rewards. Some of them may have symbols showing whatever they will give up, so you'll be able to determine the topfreedom and battle.

The enemy in the Legion will likely drop goods that can become badges from the Legion. By knocking down 2 or more of these embers within the map device, it will be possible to enter the realm of eternal conflict, along with the five legions that will fight within an infinite war.

Unique Legion Jewelry, 12 new items, 14 divination cards, and early game monster rebalancing, and new build prototypes. Using the Blood and Sand Gladiator prototype, you may use the modern appointment effect to interchange between two different poses that get a new existing skill, for instance turning the Bladestorm in a bleed pedigree. Angry Berserker is able to use new attack skills to build anger, which is a stacking buff that gives attack bonuses with virtually no disadvantages. There are new defense and mobile skills so that it might be the perfect time to play new builds.

The Legion also may include major melee combat overhauls. Attack animations can be canceled once they cause damage. The movement skills are instant, most classes gain new low-level movement skills, and all of the melee attacks can hit multiple enemies. Grinding Gear is devoted to providing a "new battle experience."

The path to exile is one on Path of Exile Currency  the best ARPGs, even so, the battle just isn't as smooth as some contemporary people. Once you begin to pass the incredibly complex passive skill tree and discover some powerful gems, you may become a deadly, doomsday whirlwind, but in the beginning, it may feel a tad slow. Being able to hit more enemies with greater regularity is a welcome change, and after that, there is an animation system overhaul that shows more excellent animation effects, so enjoy it.

Road to Exile: The Legion will expire on June 7.
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