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A foreword from the official announcement:

People always think. As you become more and more unsettled in real life, you begin to constantly break your own worldview, and when you become more and more persistent in exploring the meaning of people, until you break that mirror, you finally find that "everyone here knows everything about you Everyone here is pretending ... "



The new spring version of "Road to Exile"-the S11 "Scared Misty" season has officially started a few days ago. Step into the world of indescribable phantoms, witness the birth of fear and defeat it! New Mist Replica, Nightmare Orb, Cluster Jewelry, Talent Tree Expansion, Another World Update, New Skills and New Assistance, Powerful New POE Orbs waiting for you Discover, let's gather courage and face the fear together!



"Frightened Mist" Season Play

You will encounter the "Mist of Amazement" in the S11 season. The erosion of the mist will not only bring many new boss battles, the existing enemies will also gain fierce power, and the scary and scary lurking in the rare and legendary monster groups. Demon. Deep into the fog of horror, you can find the shards of the illusion, and combining them will produce the nightmare simulata. It will open a portal and survive the final astonishment and fog encounter.



You can control the intensity of the startling fog by using the Frost Orb on the map of the outer world. As long as there is a Misty Orb, you can make the entire map instantly become a State of Misery and Misty for the duration. A single orb can generate a challenging encounter, and five orbs (up to five) can give a map the ultimate difficulty and ultimate reward.



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Path of exile is a free online action RPG game, similar to Diablo, both of which tend to be darker, which sounds very interesting. At the same time, G3 Games has officially released the first version of POE in 2020 later last week.



The biggest game feature of this updated version is that it claims to have created a new game item in the game. This item is called The Mirror of Delirium. When players touch the mirror in the game area, it will be your game character. Enter a state of insanity. At this time, you cannot be like the normal state, and at the same time, creepy mist will appear on the upper layer of the map. Not only that, but there are other ghostly, supernatural influences based on the deep fear in your character. In other words, this element of fear not only appears around the player, but also in the player's heart. At the same time, a new and more challenging mode has been created, which not only increases the difficulty of players' challenges, but also brings more powerful enemies. Even so, the payout always corresponds to the gain. The stronger the enemy you defeat, the more Buy POE Orbs you will get.



At the same time, I was disturbed by the outside world. Not only will the players' minds be confused, but they will also generate more powerful enemies. These sudden bosses have very powerful abilities, and random monsters that appear randomly will also make these players face more difficult blows! So the impact of Delirium is going on. Every player faces greater challenges. Including those monsters that suddenly appeared, but also those bosses hidden in the depths.



In addition, Delirium's biggest attraction is that it can make Path of exile more flavorful, and the effects brought by The delirium can also enhance the game playability and map to all league content.


So you can revisit the game from a new, more challenging angle. Through hard work, players will receive special random rewards, including POE Orbs, maps, armor, and more.


With last week's update, another major change in the road to exile is the new "cluster jewelry" that can be found in the Delirium Alliance. These jewels can be placed on slots in the skill tree to create additional passive skillsets, each of which can contain more slots. The game development team said: "This is the first biggest change since 2016 regarding the control and level of customization of the character."

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In 2019, poe game developers were the most difficult year in history, and they encountered an unprecedented user crisis. For player users, at the end of 2019, Grinding Gear Games released the mobile version of Exile Road and Exile Road 2. After the release of these branch games, the number of players has effectively recovered. And it has attracted many players' interest in derivatives of this game.



At the same time, the road to exile is still one of the fastest growing games on Western servers. Among many mmorpg, except for World of Warcraft and the road to exile, no game can match. At the same time, the game design company of the Road of Exile said that it will release an update on 3.13. The main purpose of this update is to maintain the compatibility of the Road of Exile on multiple platforms, and adjust some details in the game and Buy POE Items reward .


While the game developer introduced the Delirium extension, he also shared a lot of detailed information. From the current public data, the road of exile's user growth from 2018 to 2019 is in line with the growth rate of other similar games from 2016 to 2017. Although the user growth rate is relatively large, the total number of players is still small. This is another strong increase following the Betrayal update introduced at the end of 2018.


"I'm excited to see the increase in the number of players and our increased playing time between 2018 and 2019, which is basically the same as the number of players in 2015," Wilson said in a video call on Monday. "This is a considerable growth, and we hope that we can maintain it."


Game developers are very happy with the rapid growth of users on the road to exile, which is very rare for a game company. At the same time, the game company no longer reports the specific number of players, but chooses to track player time or concurrent players (as it did when it noticed that betrayal had once had nearly 200,000 concurrent players).


Many players just need

"Road to Exile" releases several expansions and technical updates every year. At the same time, it will also introduce new equipment. "Grinding Game" The main profit method is to sell equipment, while adding more servers to meet the needs of players, Expand character slots and other POE Orbs that will not affect instant gameplay. Many updates have been added for user trials. For Delirium, for example, Grinding Gear Games is improving skills and wands. But it also comes from years of learning how to update free online action rpgs-after all, it doesn't have a roadmap. Road to Exile is one of the first such games to be released.

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The founder of the G3 game developer sees Delirium as another innovation in the updated part of poe. Because this part of the update will involve a lot of things, such as re-establishing the role or copying your original role. Although the core battle of Delirium will be the same as the previous expansion, but the difference is that players can directly control the situation encountered in Delirium. Use this to control the increase in difficulty.


Different from the past, Delirium will encourage players to create more powerful characters so as to continuously challenge themselves and make themselves stronger. This will not only promote the plot development of the entire game, but also allow players to smoothly solve the current situation.


After the players solve the difficulties, they will get a lot of rewards. POE Orbs, POE Items, and POE Maps are all things that players can reap. There will even be some rare armors, weapons, etc. Those who want to challenge the enhanced boss can do this by finding the Orb of Delirium. However, it is recommended that you first measure your strength before implementing this approach. Orb will further increase the difficulty of the game, and at the same time, if you win, you will get a lot more rewards. Players will use the Delirium Orb to find another drop called Simulacrum Splinters. These drops will together constitute a mysterious endgame challenge, which Wilson and other members of the team have not yet described in detail.


In terms of skills development, Delirium introduced the concept of Cluster Jewels. Cluster Jewels can be placed in the external slots of the player's skill tree, which opens up a new passive skill cluster, which can create more slots. This approach is by far the biggest change in the role creation system. If you don't like the current cluster gems, you can re-select and reapply the gems to a brand new character. One of the cluster gems corresponds to a passive skill weapon. Having a cluster of gems will give you a whole new skill.


In addition to Delirium, the new version can provide other things. For example, this update adds 4 skills, 3 new auxiliary gems, and 13 other special blessing items. One special skill is Blade Blast, which leaves explosive blades made by other skills. This means that any blade left behind by an attack can be detonated, and passive weapon skills can be activated. If players with insufficient weapons can go to to buy, the price here is cheaper, and there are multiple trading methods for you to choose.


In addition, the Kinetic Bolt skill is also expected by many players. It is a very powerful but not high-level skill, which is very suitable for novices to use. It can use its own ability to cause damage to enemy players' wands. Once players become more powerful in the follow-up, they will also become stronger and can be upgraded to auxiliary gems with unlimited attributes. Combined with the newly emerged cluster gem system, players will have more choices.

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Regarding graphics, longtime fans of this game already know that last year it underwent a large-scale visual overhaul, bringing dynamic lighting and visual enhancement to the entire field of Path of Exile. The team took this overhaul even further by using a new graphics engine that will make visuals more dynamic than before. We learned about the appearance of Path of Exile from the game demo of ExileCon, and the results were shocking.

About POE Currency and POE Orbs. Here we dive into why we can't wait for the sequel to be released. GGG plans to overhaul the gems and how each of them works. First, please forget the 2 6-link item caps we have. Now, all items can become 6 links, which opens up huge opportunities for new combos. Most importantly, we don't have gear sockets. Instead, we will find a new panel that allows you to adjust the gems of each gear individually and exchange gears without removing items. This panel also lets you see the DPS output of each gem, which fans will love in the long run.

However, POE Orbs maintenance goes far beyond that. Path of Exile 2 introduces new gem types, such as meta gems, which let you equip auras and activate them immediately. This is an extension of the gem implementation system that GGG plans for the sequel. With it, each gem can now do more, providing a safe place for all supporting gems. Of course, other jewelry is also included, including POE Exalted Orb and POE Chaos Orb.

Currently, Path of Exile 2 has no set publishing window. GrindingGear Games is expected to release its first version in 2021 and a playable beta version later this year. The studio promised to provide more information about the project at E3 2020.

This does not mean that the original game is complete. Until the sequel is released, the team will continue to provide extended services and their respective leagues for the rest of the year. Currently, the Metamorph Alliance has begun, so go to your preferred platform and "create some monsters".
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The passive skill tree of the Road of Exile has more than 1,200 nodes to choose from. You need to use all the skill points obtained when upgrading to reach remote and powerful nodes. And, if you make a mistake in your build, there are only a few ways to fix it. has a large amount of POE Currency, and it will update the relevant POE Items for each update in a timely manner, efficiently and safely.

Can I completely reset my skill tree?

The Road to Exile does not allow you to completely reset the passive skill tree. If you are above level 20 and are not happy with your build, most players recommend that you start over.

If you are still early and don't want to make mistakes that destroy the passive skill tree, we recommend that you choose a version. For example, Marauder built from PoE Vault comes with a complete classification of the skills you need. You can follow the production guides of other players to make sure you don't mess up the passive skill tree.

There is only one case where you can completely reset the Passive Skill Tree. If Grinding Gear Games drastically changes the skill tree between seasons, the studio may offer players a completely free reset.

This is not a completely reliable situation. If you are desperate for a more powerful version, the best advice is to start over.

Can I change personal skills on the tree?

On the road to exile, you can unlock refund points for characters. After completing the main story of the game, you will get about 20 refund points. You can also earn a few more refund points with a rare consumable called the Sorry Orb. will also update the content simultaneously. When players need to POE Currency, they can place an order directly at

If you have refund points, you can activate them at the top of the Passive Skill Tree and then deselect the skills that have been unlocked. However, you can only return the node at the end of the unlocking branch-you cannot return a skill that also combines the other two skills. If you want to take your character in a completely different direction, it's almost impossible to get a limited number of refund points in your campaign.

Passive skill trees can be very punishing in Road to Exile. If you don't like to start from scratch, the best way is to find a guide and stick with it until you learn to make it yourself.

We have confirmed that Grinding Gear Games has no plans to release Path of Exile 2 in 2020. No matter how it changes, for players, they always need to get more POE Currency in exchange for more items.

The team's latest development update states that Path of Exile will again receive significant quarterly expansion in the coming year, but this does not include sequels.

As revealed at ExileCon last November, Path of Exile 2 will no longer be a traditional sequel. Instead, the game will be a major update to the existing platform in version 4.0.0.

The team noted that public testing of this version is expected to take place by the end of 2020, but this much depends on how well we can expand the team this year to complete the remaining behaviors and new systems, 19 new courses and major adjustments to equipment and skills systems.

Grinding Gear Games hopes to be able to publicly display the content of Path of Exile 2 in the middle of this year, maybe around E3. will also update the content simultaneously. When players need to Buy POE Currency, they can place an order directly at

At the same time, the group plans to announce the next expansion of the Path of Exile in late February. At the same time, the studio is currently building console staff to develop the features that console users expect more quickly.

Multiplayer games are key elements like mobile RPGs, such as Path of Exile. You and your friends can participate in group gatherings of 2 to 6 people to travel through the game world and participate in later game events. However, there are some key factors to consider when gathering, such as making monsters more difficult or how to affect loot drops. Players must collect POE Currency, which will bring you great convenience in the game.

Gathering together is one of the simplest aspects of the Path of Exile. Enter the name of a friend's role in the space to add it to your friend's list. Then, when they are online, you can choose their name and invite them to join your forum. You will not be able to meet your friends in certain areas, such as before touching the Lions Eye watch at the start of the game. It may take you a while to enter the new area.

It is also possible for you to enter a version (example) of a town other than your friend, which means you will never meet again, but once you enter the mission area, they will appear in the world with you. If you and your friends are in the task area, but you can't find them, click the small portal next to their avatar to teleport to their instance.

Players can create their public parties, join other people's public parties, or turn private parties into public parties. Public gatherings are essentially a public invitation to other Path of Exile players without having to join your friend's list. You can even set descriptions for the activities you plan to do. If you want to Buy POE Currency, please pay attention to my website imprinting to help you get it as quickly as possible.

Suppose I found an excellent item while playing a casino game, but I don't require it at this time (maybe it won't fit my current character, or even I currently have a better character). Normally, I would make an effort to "sell" it-publicly listing it desires to trade it with players so they could earn some currency. The idea is, much like in any truly free market, the commodity will not be valuable to me-but it can have value to others, therefore we can make both of us better via an exchange (assuming he does it to me Provides some value) in turn).
In principle, I can try and replace it with another device (not some POE Currency) that I require, but, much like in real life, this barter trade has lots of disadvantages and is also rarely used.

As generally RPGs, two players have to be in the same play area to be able to trade. This seemingly insignificant requirement caused natural friction within the trading process. Usually, when I am from the game I am playing the action-so every time a potential buyer sends me a message saying he could be interested in what I am selling, I have to halt what I am doing and head over to participate The buyer of the place (an urban area or one on the player's hide). If both players are widely-used to trading in POE, the operation is usually just one minute, but it is a bit annoying and partially interrupts the overall game flow.

So ever before, I decided to prevent selling these devices for a price below some price (1 Chaos Orb) and believed that the smaller profit wasn't worth my time-I prefer to continue playing the experience. If after a while it sells for no less than 1, then I can get rid of it to regain store storage.
I have defined how the exchange must produce a net profit of at the very least 1 chaos or shouldn't happen at all-this is my transaction price (naturally, it can vary between participants).
In awareness of, this result can be compared to the transaction costs Buy POE Currency in real-life stock market-in real life, the exchange itself runs on the small part of each transaction as brokerage fees, creating friction.
Some time ago, GGG released the latest extension of Path of Exile and a new private Metamorph alliance, which provides a lot of new content, but also brings some difficult challenges to players. Therefore, I think it is necessary to provide a survival guide in POE Metamorph to help you beat your boss faster and get rewarded by learning these skills faster.

Chaos resistance about equipment. Since Metamorph is the leader you build, you can clearly understand their power and cannot guarantee that they can kill all enemies, but to increase the kill rate, it is best to equip Chaos resistance to prevent the transformed leader from attack Chaos damage is used in the process, causing it to cause poison or blasphemy when it dies. At the same time, this update adds the point that you can alliance with friends in the game. Fighting with friends from any alliance can bring you huge benefits. With their help, you can easily defeat the Metamorph boss faster and even get enough experience points.

It's worth noting that you are not always lucky to get all the POE Currency in the game. At this point, you need to carefully craft the content you need to enhance your character, while it can also make more powerful and valuable items, keep them for your use or sell in exchange for POE Currency, which can bring you huge Booty.

Regarding the construction of the Path of Exile, it is well known that POE construction is very important in games. If you don't know any good builds, I suggest you google for some related guides about it. For example, IGGM is a very good website that can provide you with a lot of guides on POE, especially the POE currency production guide, which is the topic we will discuss next.

There are many ways to make POE currency, complete basic challenges, auction houses, and transactions with others, but these will waste a lot of time, so why not try some more convenient methods? IGGM also offers POE Currency sale service, which is a very reliable store, and everything it offers is safe and cheap, so if you need Path of Exile Currency, you can give it a try.

The Path of Exile 3.9 Lights the World BD Advanced gameplay is a very popular version of the latest version. This latest gameplay is very good, with very high power damage. Many players are interested in this BD, take a look at the Path of Exile 3.9 How to ignite the world BD, S10 ignites the world BD gameplay strategy.

From the beginning of the revision, I have sought new ideas in the change of bow skills. The initial set of explosive arrows, the experience of drug man explosion arrows, chief explosion arrows, are not satisfactory. Level 36 barbarian deaths 108+, use life to push Illustration. Players must accumulate POE Currency, which is the only currency in circulation in the game. POE Orbs are also important.

The deepest points so far this season:

1. Synthesize the regular ground effect. If there is no second return, dodge + MOM BD, it is easy to violently.

2. Synthetic monsters often hit children with a series of skills, which leads to a problem that they will infinitely faint.

3. The strange combination of blood-sucking and blood-sucking is very desperate.

Finally selected the skill of burning arrows.

Borrowed from the idea of ??Taiwanese big brother Z, the mainline is the same, mainly adding a lot of personal understanding and improving ideas. If you are looking for an online store to Buy POE Currency, you can come to here to help you a lot.

Extensive patch notes and improvements to Atlas are included in the extensive patch notes for Path of Exile 3.9.2. The full list of patch notes is long. Perhaps the most important part involves deformation and improvements in the atlas.

Added new vendor formula for Metamorph organs. Any three organs can be given to receive random organs different from the organs provided, and given random rewards. Players must pay attention to the accumulation of POE Currency.

Fixed a bug that caused Metamorph bosses to fail to freeze. They can be frozen again, but their disease threshold is higher compared to map leaders with similar lives.

Adjusted some transformation skills, including Sage's Firestorm, Shavronne and Brutus Hover Slams, tentacle miscreation projectile skills, tracking mortar skills (including those used by Oriath Zombies and Kitava's pioneers), burning and harsh Ground creation skills and a few other skills. Overall, these will now cause less damage or be easier to avoid.

Increased the timeout for Tane's lab area to close when empty.
Fixed rare cases where deformed organs were missing after clearing the area.
Fixed a bug where players could sometimes get stuck in a vat in Tarn Labs.
Fixed some call options for Tane being available at the wrong time.
The visual effects of monsters that cause organ death are now properly retained instead of being removed shortly after.

Atlas improvements include:

Fixed an issue that displayed incorrect Atlas task information after migrating roles.
Fixed a bug where the castle was still hidden when unable to meet the boss.
Fixed a bug where influence items would not drop from monsters in maps affected by Atlas Conquerors (they might drop from boxes).
Fixed a bug that sometimes failed to properly complete the "Conditional Defeat Conqueror" challenge condition.
Fixed a bug where the conqueror of the Atlas leader would be retargeted after being mocked.
Added new lore targets to conquerors in the Atlas Boss area.

If you are also a fan of Poe and want to Buy POE Currency to get a better gaming experience quickly, then come to, here is the most complete and secure Poe virtual currency.

The ppath of exile recently released one of the largest expansions to date. The conquerors of Atlas eliminated endgames by adding new bosses, completely overhauled the endgame system, and brought new loot and rewards to do the harder things.

With this new extension, The path of exile is easy to have one of the best post-game systems of any video game currently available. In the game, as soon as the player collects POE Currency, POE Orbs, and other items, the better, this will help you a lot later.

The conquerors of Atlas also launched for the first time a temporary challenge alliance called Metamorph. This alliance allows players to use the organs of killed monsters to create scary bosses, thus providing awesome rewards. The challenges these monsters bring (and the full expansion of the conquerors) make it difficult for some players to enjoy.

When you fight Metamorphs, the first thing you will notice is how deadly they are. Some will kill you immediately, and some will not be so scary.

This may be because you are not very resistant to chaos. A large number of Morphling bosses use Chaos damage in their attacks, causing poison or creating blasphemy when they die. Unless you run Chaos Inncoluation and you need to gain Chaos Resistance on your gear, these things will kill you immediately. Also, you can check if each organ uses this mod and choose not to use it, but this can be time-consuming.

Although this may seem obvious, playing with friends can potentially streamline content. As long as you and your friends have a building that can cope with yourself, you might kill the boss more easily. If you don't have enough time to stream in the game, you can also Buy POE Currency through to get the game items you need to help you pass the level easily.

The Path of Exile challenges players by injecting unique elements into ordinary RPG elements. Players exchange each other by exchanging PoE Orbs. Although these spheres have a certain function, they are easy to collect and they will gain a lot throughout the Wraeclast journey. They are also used in transactions with NPCs, so they are the official Path of Exile Currency of the game.

Just entering the game starts with accumulating your treasure. Do not use the Orbs for any purpose at this time. Focus on finding your gear. Once the build is complete, worry about equipment and gems later. Then you can spend the Orbs.

Other ways to get money

There are several ways to continuously obtain spheres and other POE Currency. They are perfect for restocking after some handcrafting or getting enough spheres to buy the equipment you need.

One is to study. Obtain sufficient kyanite to limit dark resistance and light radius in low-level areas. However, don't run out of sapphires, as you will also buy torches and explosives. As you delve into it, try to find the broken wall in the dark. Here you will find fossils that can sell up to 200 Chaos Orb. However, this price only applies to very special prices, and you are more likely to find many products at much lower prices.

Another method is to make items for sale. Ask or look around for more popular mods on your device and make them. Otherwise, you can sell services for making custom items or other services. You can browse some public channels to see which services are profitable for you.

Path of Exile becomes the successor to Path of Exile 2 from the ARPG. A mountain of conceptual art shows how pretty armor looks, for example.Many players don't know how to get more POE Currency in the game. Now the opportunity is here. You can buy especially cheap virtual items on Including POE Currency, POE Orbs and POE Items

Path of Exile 2 was unveiled at Exilecon in November, but it may be a while before the release. The developers have announced a beta of the mega update of the ARPG for the end of 2020. Until then, those responsible at Grinding Gear Games always want to publish new information snippets. Right at the beginning of the freshly started the year 2020, there is a mountain of concept art for the new armament designs.

These demonstrate that the Path of Exile clothing, which is getting on in years, is being retired and is making room for detailed clothing. The images also show that in PoE we still have to make do with shredded, moth-eaten scraps. Only later will there be visually impressive outfits.Players can get 6% off on with the discount to Buy POE Currency. Very cheap!

Ascendancy classes with their own armor sets in Path of Exile 2

It is remarkable that the ascendancy classes (specializations) also come with special armor sets that visually match this style of play. The Champion set looks like we can use it to bring troops directly into battle. The chief armor presents the bearer as an honorable member of the Karui tribes. As the Inquisitor, the bearer naturally relies on religious symbols, chain mail, sacred scripture, and ornaments. And the colossus (Juggernaut) is in enough metal to withstand even the toughest hits.
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