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Located in the Southern part of Asia, India is one such country that is referred to as the Land of Diversity. It is the only country in the world to have the deepest cultural routes and a mesmerizingly rich heritage. There are several things that you can do when in India and it won’t cost you much as it is one of the most budget friendly travel destination. The country is quite well known for its opulent forts and palaces which see more than thousands of tourists every year. A visit to India is sure to leave you mesmerized thanks to the crowded bazaars, notorious traffic, glaring music and the chaos. When in India make sure to visit the Baga beach which is located quite close to the Calangute Beach in Goa. Located 30 kms to the north of Panaji it is one of the most visited beaches of India and has been named after the Baga Creek.

A rich sundry nation like India, which also feels proud for being home to vital heritages on the planet, it is only imperative that critical methods were and should be taken to preserve the earlier to set a wonderful illustration for the days to come back. Genially, the present and future generations, numerous museums curate and displays the historical past that represents the rich heritage. Buses are always a convenient way of travel all across India. Booking online tickets at definitely save your time and money. Avoid all various hassles, without difficulty get into a bus and just allow yourself to explore the roads leading to the vacation spot.

Whichever vacation spot of India you decide upon to discuss with, any traveller shall come throughout a museum exhibiting the golden historic days of the region. Additionally, no tour in India is well attained without paying a seek advice from to a museum of town that reflects the tradition and past of old India in an attractive manner. Many noted museums in India unwind tons of hidden actuality of past times.

  1. Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai:It was developed to honour the visit of King George V, the Prince of Wales decades in the past. With abundant government and royal donation, the museum used to be styled as a combination of a plethora of Indian architectural styles.

  1. National Museum Delhi:This is without doubt one of the most iconic museums in India and one in all its variety, housing numerous artefacts starting from the pre-historic to the trendy age. Correctly, not just spanning over these eras, the collection on the museum is spread over an enormous number of civilizations and religions. Amazing!

  2. Indian Museum, Kolkata:Truly, a jewel in the record of probably the most illustrious museums in India, the Indian Museum is the oldest and the largest museum in the country. The museum residences of numerous galleries in with portions widely classified under archaeology, anthropology, artwork, economic botany, zoology and geology.

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Jika anda adalah seorang penyayang binatang, anda tidak dapat melewatkan tempat ini ketika berada di Bali. Safari Bali and Marine Park dibangun di atas sebidang tanah besar dan di sinilah anda dapat merasakan dan tinggal di dekat hewan-hewan liar. Yang cukup menarik adalah Safari Journey Tram, di mana hewan-hewan ini datang mengintip ke dekat jendela anda untuk melihat lebih dekat ke sisi anda. Fasilitas yang ada di Safari Bali & Marine Park ini dapat memukau anda karena terdapat restaurant untuk anda memenuhi perut dari rasa lapar setelah puas berkeliling atau bahkan anda dapat menginap disini ditemani pemandangan binatang-binatang liar yang sangat dekat dengan anda.

Tempat ini menampung lebih dari enam puluh spesies hewan yang berbeda yang semuanya bebas berkeliaran di kandang mereka, yang besar dan dibangun dengan cara meniru habitat alami mereka. Anda memiliki pilihan untuk menjelajahi tempat-tempat di dalam safari sambil mengamati binatang. Manajemen juga menyelenggarakan salah satu pertunjukan keterampilan gajah. Anda juga dapat menggendong orangutan kecil yang lucu dan berpelukan dengan mereka! Lalu, pernahkah dalam benak anda ingin melihat hiu lebih dekat? Ini merupakan kesempatanmu disini. Anda bisa mengamati bayi hiu yang ada di dalam akuarium.

Saran Perjalanan: Bus adalah moda transportasi yang nyaman di seluruh Indonesia. Bus juga menghemat uang ketika tiket dipesan secara online dari situs web redbus dan bepergianlah dengan nyaman ke tujuan yang anda inginkan. Pilih dari berbagai bus yang terdaftar di situs dan pilih salah satu yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan anda.

Anda akan dapat melihat berbagai jenis hewan di Safari Bali and Marine Park. Spesies ini berasal dari berbagai daerah di dunia seperti Indonesia, India, dan Afrika termasuk rusa dan beruang dari Himalaya. Tetapi yang terbaik dari semuanya adalah harimau India putih yang paling dihormati yang cukup populer dan dianggap legendaris. Ada bus khusus yang membawa anda ke tujuan di mana harimau putih India ini ditemukan. Ini adalah kesempatan unik untuk melihat seluruh koleksi kehidupan liar hidup bersama secara alami di tempat terbuka dan memungkinkan kita untuk mengambil banyak foto dari Trem Safari yang sepenuhnya ber-AC yang memiliki kenyamanan dan keamanan selama berkeliling. Selain itu, pemandu pribadi akan menjelaskan kepada anda gaya hidup berbagai hewan. Dibutuhkan satu hari penuh untuk menjelajahi taman ini dan akan menjadi ide yang baik untuk mengunjunginya di pagi hari untuk menjelajahi sebanyak mungkin.

Safari Bali and Marine Park memiliki wisata unik yaitu Safari Journey yang akan membawa wisatawan melintasi habitat yang meniru alam Indonesia, India, dan Afrika dengan trem safari khusus, memperluas kesempatan untuk melihat satwa liar yang hidup secara alami bersama-sama dalam jarak yang terbuka di safari. Anda akan diperbolehkan untuk mengambil foto sebanyak yang anda suka, semua foto diambil dari trem safari ber-AC yang memiliki kenyamanan dan keamanan yang juga disertai dengan pemandu pribadi. Jika anda lapar, ada restaurant yang bernama Tsavo Lion Restaurant yang mana anda dapat menikmati hidangan makanan anda ditemani oleh para singa yang tepat berada di dekat anda yang hanya terhalang oleh kaca.

Saya menyarankan kosongkan satu hari anda hanya untuk berkunjung di tempat ini, karena anda tidak bisa mendapatkan cukup pengalaman ini jika anda tidak berkeliling ke seluruh tempat yang ada disini. Hewan-hewan liar ini tentu akan membuat anda sibuk dan terpesona sepanjang hari apalagi akan menambah wawasan si kecil jika si kecil ikut perjalanan anda kali ini. Tip terbaik untuk mencapai sana adalah ketika taman baru saja dibuka dan anda dapat bersenang-senang!

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Swiftly pack all your essentials and get set to explore the expeditious nightlife in the some of the major cities of India like Goa, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. All these cities include a list of gastropubs to multi-level nightclubs, some folks travel to revel in the great thing about nature in the brilliant sun and clear sky. After which there are night owls who comfortably travel to cities with fine night activities just to explore the darkish fantastic thing about the situation. The beauty of night in any huge metropolis is undoubtedly enchanting.

I want to advocate the large cities in India where one shall experience existence after the sun goes down as they are well related with roadways. Effortlessly take a bus and experience the fabulous fantastic thing about the town. Reserving online bus tickets is made less difficult by means of, they guarantee comfy experience without burning a hole in your pocket. Buses are one of the low-priced modes of transport, which can also be effortless like no different.

Simply visit these swanky joints and enjoy to the fullest:

Silent Noise @ Palolem Beach, Goa: Very popular as India’s normal headphone occasion club, this club plays song by way of headphones and prevents noise pollution for the duration of late night time hours! This venue elements quantity of global DJs spinning everything from alternative beats to R&B sounds. Do not leave out the hearth dancers and aerial performance artists right here. Though we found that Beer was quite costly.  But considering that this place is open on Saturdays it was ok for someone to splurge on oneself once a week. The other thing that was amazing was the introduction of music via headphones.  If you are in a group or even if you just have a partner, the same music is played for the group or for your partner. Isn’t is cool?  No noise pollution!! A great idea..

Blue Frog@ Mumbai: This has been fully modernised right into a venue which are living gigs from Indian and global musician going down six days a week. Its made up of beautiful ambience and If you are crazy of good food then this is a must visit place for you. The food is simple awesome. You also get entertained by either a comedy show or some live music. If you are on a business trip to Mumbai and want to unwind this place is well suited.  

Shroom Nightclub, Mehrauli @ Delhi: brand new sound procedure and advanced visible projection technology, the Shroom experience will raise your sensory belief to one more stage. The yummy **tails and kind-free sound played by means of great Indian and global DJs spinning residence and membership track.

Hard Rock Café @ Bangalore: in case you are searching for classics, just head straight to the tough Rock Café poised in the coronary heart of the thriving metropolis. In opposition to the backdrop of rock ‘n’ roll is a seating restaurant, bar area and open courtyard, all packed full of memorabilia from trendy stars and rock legends.

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Visakhapatnam the city, not only known for its coastal beauty overlooking the Bay of Bengal but also its fabulous hilly terrain. This city is developed and linked properly with other major cities by roadways, such as Hyderabad, Nellore, Vijayawada and many more.

This city holds a rich historical background as being a part of the Kalinga Kingdom ruled by Ashoka. Visakhapatnam is a place less known destination is a home to diverse collection of attractions that promises a dazzling holiday. Booking bus tickets at, will make your hassles go away. This bus-booking portal is fast, easy and secure. Allows you to choose from its array of buses going to Visakhapatnam. Make a choice that suits you the best. Always remember that bus journey adds meaning to the vacation without burning your pocket.

Visakhapatnam, additionally generally known as Vizag, is one of the most seasoned port urban areas in the nation. Arranged in the core of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam is known for its beautiful shorelines and peaceful scene, and besides a rich social past, which makes it a perfect spot for an excellent seaside excursion. The port of Visakhapatnam is famous for being home to the most established shipyard in all of India, and with plenty of synthetic marvels and natural scenes, Visakhapatnam is a definite requirement visit traveller goal in South India.

You can't go to a seaside city like Visakhapatnam and not see its shorelines. Vizag is speckled with numerous shorelines along its coastline, with the most celebrated one being the Yarada Beach. A standout amongst the most dazzling spots to find in all of Visakhapatnam, Yarada shoreline is encompassed by high slopes on three sides, and by the Bay of Bengal on the opposite side.

Keep reading to know about the amazing things to see and do when in Visakhapatnam (Vizag, commonly called).

    Araku Valley: This is a well-known place in Vizag, very popular around the country. The valley is a perfect location on the Eastern Ghats to enjoy an amazing hilly climate. You must not miss the traditional cuisine called Bongulo Chicken (bamboo chicken), a lip smacking dish prepared in bamboos.

    Ramakrishna Beach: Apart from hills, this place also has this recommendable beach. Located at the coast of Bay of Bengal, this beach constitutes a big part of the seafront. Often called as ‘twin beaches’, the Ramakrishna Beach and the Lawson’s Bay Beach offering beautiful views of the sunset, sunrise and natural settings.

    Borra Caves:This place is located in Ananthgiri Hill in the ranges of Eastern Ghats in India. This cave is formation of limestone structures; some of the formations form striking figures, which resemble a dinosaur, a serpent, an elephant’s foot, a temple, and even human brains.

    Dolphin Nose: One of Visakhapatnam’s most admired tourist spots, Dolphin Nose, is truly a remarkable sight. The name derived from the shape of the large rock formation itself, which resembles a dolphin’s nose in profile when viewed from far away.

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Taking a bus from Singapore to Melaka is one of the most preferred modes of transport for locals as well as tourists. People visit Melaka – thanks to its numerous historical sites and its varied and delicious local food. The city has been listed as the UNESCO World Heritage site in July 2008 and more and more tourists are flocking to Melaka to experience the beautiful city that i reaslised was that there is no airport or even a train station in the city making bus the only mode of trasportation to reach here. Over the years the city has served as one of the most popular destinations for many Singaporeans as well as tourists who are looking forward to a get away for a quick weekend. There are several express bus services plying on this route between Singapore and Melaka and fares start from SGD21 and go upto SGD25. If you are planning to book a luxury bus fares start from SGD 33. The luxury buses have spacious seats and modern VIP coaches. Howevr, these buses are subject to pick up and drop off locations. The Bus operators that serve on this route are DELIMA Express, KKKL Express and 707. These operators are the most preferred ones by the Malaysians who stay and work in Singapore and travel back by Bus to their hometown (Melaka) on a Friday night and return to Singapore by Bus on a Sunday afternoon. Most of the buses starting from Singapore are known to terminate at the Melaka Sentral which is an integrated transportation hub in the city. It is just 10 minutes away from the Melaka City Centre. I tookmy bus tickets online from redbus  and I was quite pleased with the convenient processof bus ticket reservation.

The popular pick up points where Operators pick up passengers from, are the Golden Mile Complex and the Golden Mile Tower Bus Stop which are located along Beach Road. I highly recommend you to take the express bus to Melaka that goes via Bugis and will terminate at the Queen Street Bus Terminal. The bus tickets fares are affordableand I would recommend you to choose the Express Bus service that will drop you off close to your hotel. Bus Operators like 707, Konsortium Travel and the one travel and tours offer hassle free drop off at some of the top hotels of Melaka like Casa Del Rio Melaka, Estadia Hotel, Mahkota Hotel, Holiday Inn, Ramada Plaza, Hatten Hotel, Equitorial Hotel and the Straits Hotel. If you are planning to go to the City Centre it is just 4.5 kms away from the Melaka Central Bus Terminal. I took Bus No. 17 to China Town which is the historial city centre.

Things that you can do in Melaka include a visit to China Town which is known for its wide variety of economical restaurants and clothes. Also make sure to visit the street's night market especially on Fridays and Saturdays. If you are a foodie then this is the perfect place for you.

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Sanur memiliki beberapa hotel irit budget terbaik yang dapat anda cari dan minta. Meski hotel yang ada disini irit budget, tapi tentu tidak dengan fasilitas dan kenyamanan anda karena hotel ini tetap memberikan pelayanan terbaiknya untuk anda. Terletak di pantai tenggara Bali, hotel-hotel ini menjanjikan pemandangan indah pantai yang tenang.

Beberapa hotel ramah saku ini menawarkan kamar yang nyaman, keramahan pelayanan, dan fasilitas yang baik. Apalagi jika anda tinggal di salah satu hotel anda bisa mendapatkan nafas segar di pagi hari serta menatap pemandangan matahari terbit Bali dan juga dapat menikmati berjalan-jalan di sepanjang pantai. Semua ini adalah pengalaman yang luar biasa dan sangat ringan di saku anda.

Anda dapat menemukan beberapa hotel ramah saku di Sanur bagi anda yang mengharapkan anggaran minim. Meskipun demikian, tidak ada kompromi di salah satu daya tarik dan kegiatan menarik yang dapat anda nikmati selama berlibur disini.

Tip Perjalanan:Selalu pilih bus untuk melakukan perjalanan ketika berada di Indonesia. Menggunakan transportasi bus selalu hemat biaya dan menghemat waktu ketika anda memesan bus secara online dari portal online Mengambil jalur darat juga meninggalkan anda dengan kenangan perjalanan yang tak terlupakan. Biaya pemesanannya pun hanya nol rupiah ketika anda memesan tiket dari portal online ini.

Apel Villa Sanur:Tempat menginap ini menawarkan layanan penjemputan bandara gratis (tersedia berdasarkan permintaan) dan klub taman bermain anak-anak gratis. Setelah bermain-main di kolam renang outdoor, anda dapat bersantai dengan minuman di bar yang terdapat di kolam renang.

Puri Hiromi:Ini adalah tempat tinggal butik mewah, yang terletak di jalan utama Jalan Danau Tamblingan di tengah kawasan Touristique Sanur. Pantai Sanur, toko seni, berbagai restoran, spa, bar, supermarket besar, moneychanger, dan ATM semuanya berada dalam jarak hanya berjalan kaki saja dari hotel.

Griya Santrian:Tempat akomodasi ini telah menyempurnakan tradisi Bali dalam menciptakan kenyamanan dan kemudahan dengan layanan pribadi dan gaya arsitektur unik yang telah berdiri sejak tahun 1972 atau telah berdiri selama lebih dari tiga puluh tahun. Tempat ini dibangun dengan kebanggaan dan komitmen jangka panjang untuk tamu mereka dan dengan sejarah yang dapat membuat setiap impian anda menjadi kenyataan.

Katala Villas:Di tempat ini pengunjung memiliki pilihan untuk dapat mencelupkan diri di salah satu kolam renang yang dihuni oleh vila-vila ini. Mereka juga memiliki fasilitas gabungan antara sarapan gratis dengan wifi gratis.

Home 21 Bali:Akomodasi ini memiliki kolam renang luar ruangan serta teras dan hanya berjarak sekitar 5 km dari Pulau Penyu Serangan. Akomodasi ini dilengkapi dengan fasilitas TV satelit, ruang makan, serta balkon. Fitur lainnya termasuk kulkas, mesin kopi, dan ketel. Beberapa unit juga dilengkapi dengan dapur yang dilengkapi dengan tempat untuk mencuci piring.

Peneeda View Beach Hotel:Tempat menginap ini terletak di pasir putih Pantai Sanur dan hanya berjarak 10 menit dari Kota Denpasar. Terletak di tengah-tengah taman tropis yang indah dengan area pantai private-nya sendiri, restoran klasik, serta 4 kolam renang yang berada di luar ruangan. Kamar-kamar disini telah dirancang dengan gaya tradisional Bali dan semua kamar dilengkapi dengan kulkas dan brankas. Anda dapat bersantai di Music Bar atau bersantai dengan sebuah buku dari Perpustakaan sambil menikmati angin laut yang indah. Ada juga toko suvenir yang terletak di dalam gedung.

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Kebumen adalah salah satu kabupaten terbesar di Indonesia dan berlokasi strategis di Provinsi Jawa Tengah. Kebumen adalah nama yang telah diturunkan dari kata Kebumian yang berarti tempat berlindung. Untuk waktu yang lama Kebumen telah dikenal sebagai daerah utama patriotik yang digunakan sebagai pertahanan Belanda. Kota ini tersebar di 1281 km daratan dan merupakan kota dataran rendah. Rumah bagi sejumlah pantai disini lah yang menjadikan Kebumen tujuan wisata yang ramah dan paling banyak dikunjungi. Kota ini memiliki sejumlah gua yang telah terbentuk secara alami. Pegunungan di kota ini membentang dari ujung utara ke selatan. Bagian terbaiknya yaitu pucuk tempat ini, yang menonjol dalam bentuk gua. Ini dianggap sebagai salah satu kota terbaik jika anda menantikan untuk berwisata datang ke sini bersama keluarga anda. Kota Kebumen adalah tujuan gambar yang sempurna dan pastikan untuk mengklik banyak gambar dengan teman dan keluarga anda dalam perjalanan yang tak terlupakan ini.
Bus merupakan salah satu moda transportasi terbaik di Indonesia. Daripada terjebak dalam kemacetan lalu lintas dan membayar untuk itu, banyak penduduk setempat yang memilih untuk bepergian dengan bus. Frekuensi bus juga cukup teratur dengan bus yang selalu datang hampir setiap 15 menit. Saya merekomendasikan anda untuk memesan tiket bus anda sebelumnya dari jejaring situs karena tiket bus sangat cepat habis terjual. Redbus ini memberikan anda potongan harga yang besar dan anda dapat memilih berbagai pilihan jenis bus seperti ekonomi, ekspress, sampai yang mewah. Perjalanan dengan bus akan membebankan biaya antara Rp. 50.000,- sampai Rp. 200.000,- semua tergantung dari bus kelas apa yang anda pesan. Jika anda berpacu dengan waktu, saya rekomendasikan anda untuk memesan bus ekspress karena pemberhentian hanya dilakukan beberapa kali dan anda akan cepat sampai tujuan. Jika anda memiliki anggaran minim, saya sarankan anda untuk memesan tiket bus kelas ekonomi. Bus mewah memiliki kelas terpisah dengan fasilitas seperti kursi yang dapat bersandar, film, dan makanan ringan. Jadi pesan tiket anda sekarang dan bersemangat sepanjang perjalanan menuju kota-kota tujuan anda.
SemarangSemarang adalah salah satu kota yang terletak di pantai utara Jawa Tengah. Untuk jangka panjang kota telah dianggap sebagai salah satu pelabuhan yang paling menarik di Asia Tenggara. Kota ini memiliki populasi lebih dari 1,5 juta dan merupakan kota terbesar kelima di Indonesia. Kota ini merupakan perpaduan arsitektur kuno dan modern. Dinding benteng besar, kuil Cina yang berwarna-warni, pondok kayu dan masjid berkilauan adalah beberapa atraksi yang akan anda temui di sini. Jika anda melihat lebih dekat lagi, anda akan menyadari bahwa banyak kantor-kantor, mall-mall, dan pabrik-pabrik terletak di dataran rendah kota Semarang, sementara itu sebagian besar kompleks perumahan mewah dan bungalow terletak di sisi kota yang berbukit. Semua rumah yang ada disini dan disekitarnya menambah keindahan pemandangan kota apalagi dengan pemandangan lautnya. Jendela-jendela rumah terbuka untuk menikmati pemandangan hijau yang segar. Budaya Semarang telah dipengaruhi oleh banyak agama. Pada tahun-tahun sebelumnya, kota ini ditetapkan sebagai Pos Perdagangan Belanda dan terlihat bersaing dengan Surabaya dan Jakarta, yang merupakan beberapa kota metropolitan terbesar di Indonesia.
Jarak antara Kebumen dan Semarang adalah sekitar 167 km dan akan membawa anda sekitar 5 jam lama perjalanan untuk sampai di sini dengan bus. Ada bus yang melaju pada interval reguler di rute ini. Sebagian besar operator bus lokal adalah orang-orang yang melakukan perjalanan bolak-balik ke sini. Perjalanan bus itu cukup nyaman dan para operator berhenti selama dua kali istirahat.

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Ada berbagai resor luar biasa yang tersimpan di dalam pegunungan hijau yang megah, dikelilingi oleh pemandangan yang 360 derajat menakjubkan sejauh mata memandang. Ini adalah suguhan bagi mereka yang mencari kedamaian dan kemurnian. Tiba disini adalah sebuah petualangan. Anda dapat menemukan beberapa kolam renang unik di sini. Masuklah ke dalam salah satu kolam renang yang tanpa batas ini dan anda akan terkejut mendapatkan perasaan anda sedang berenang di puncak pohon. Menakjubkan!

Beberapa resor ini menawarkan pengalaman mewah terbaik dengan paket menarik yang mempromosikan tidak hanya kesehatan anda tetapi juga kesegaran anda. Ada juga beberapa resort lain yang memiliki beberapa paket petualangan terbaik yang dapat anda pilih. Resort ini terletak di kota serta dekat dengan garis pantai tropis yang megah. Tidak ada kata yang berlebihan untuk mengatakan bahwa anda benar-benar dapat langsung melompat dari jendela bungalow anda menuju ke perairan yang tenang dan jernih.

Opsi Perjalanan:Bus adalah cara yang paling nyaman untuk melakukan perjalanan di seluruh Indonesia; transportasi ini hemat biaya dan mudah untuk dipesan, bagaimana caranya? Cukup memesan tiket secara online dari jejaring situs redbusdan dapat menghemat waktu anda. Portal pemesanan online ini membantu anda untuk memilih dari berbagai jenis bus dan operator yang terdaftar. Selain itu, memiliki kelebihan nol biaya booking yang dikenakan pada tiket pemesanan.

Waka Gangga:Resort yang semua bangunannya berbentuk villa ini menawarkan relaksasi terbaik. Waka Gangga terletak di lanskap indah yang menghadap ke beberapa sawah. Hotel ini berada di sekitar Pantai Yeh Gangga serta Samudera Hindia. Tempat ini dikenal menawarkan beberapa hidangan Bali yang paling otentik untuk para tamu. Kamar-kamar telah dirancang berdasarkan arsitektur Bali tradisional dan memiliki kolam renang outdoor pribadi serta fasilitas pijat. Kamar-kamar serta Villa dari resort ini merupakan contoh sempurna yang dapat memadukan fitur-fitur tradisional dengan fasilitas modern dengan baik. Fasilitas lainnya yang ada disini yaitu Waka Gallery yaitu boutique dengan gaya hidup masa kini, Waka Spa dengan peralatan ruang olahraga yang lengkap, ruang perpustakaan yang dilengkapi buku-buku referensi, DVD, papan permainan, dan tempat kerja. Serta masih banyak fasilitas yang disuguhkan.

Satu hal yang paling saya suka adalah bahwa area lounge disini dilengkapi dengan sofa yang ada pinggir jendela dan kamar mandi pribadi yang memiliki bak mandi besar didalamnya. Beberapa villa memiliki kolam renang pribadi. Meskipun berenang di ombak laut tidak disarankan, pasir hitam yang rata dan padat di pantai barat ini sering digunakan untuk wisata naik kuda dan berjalan di matahari terbenam. Saya akan merekomendasikan anda untuk menginap di hotel ini setidaknya sekali.

Bagus Jati Health:Ini adalah salah satu suguhan kesehatan dan kemurnian yang terkenal di Bali. Fasilitas resort di semua vila dirancang untuk menyatukan kontur lanskap yang alami, yang meliputi lima hektar lereng bukit berhutan lebat. Memiliki fasilitas spa, pavilion yoga dan meditasi, kolam renang, pusat kebugaran, dan resort ini memiliki perkebunan sendiri dimana chef akan memasak bahan makanan yang dipetik langsung dari perkebunan ini. Dapat anda bayangkan betapa sehat dan segarnya apabila kita menginap disini.

Natura Resort and Spa:Resort ini menyajikan suguhan villa gunung yang tersembunyi dengan baik di antara dedaunan tropis yang lebat. Semua vila di sini menawarkan pemandangan lembah, dan memiliki lounge pribadi dan beranda terbuka yang besar.

Zen Resort Bali:Terletak di bagian utara pulau Dewata yang tenang di Bali. Resort ini dikelilingi oleh sawah, kebun anggur yang menghadap ke lautan Bali yang damai. Zen Resort adalah sebuah resort butik di mana orang dapat menemukan kembali kehidupan yang harmonis. Segera setelah anda memasuki resort ini anda akan mengalami energi yang menenangkan dan positif. Anda juga dapat melakukan yoga atau meditasi ketika matahari terbit dan matahari terbenam yang membuat anda semakin merasakan ketenangan dan keremajaan dari luar dan dalam tubuh anda. Jadi apa lagi yang anda tunggu?

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The road distance from Hyderabad to Anantapur is estimated to be 356kms and takes around eight hours to complete the journey by bus. I opted for an AC sleeper bus, as they are secure for lengthy night visiting. Additionally, Hyderabad is connected well by using roadways; buses most commonly link many of the places frequented via vacationers. Anantapur being one of the favoured places in Andhra Pradesh is effortlessly accessed through bus from Hyderabad. I booked online bus tickets from and all my travel woes were reduced. There are a decent number of bus companies offering services between the two cities and creating enough amount of travel convenience for many commuters.

On the other hand, Anantapur is placed in the westernmost part of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. This location is believed to be very renowned among vacationers given that the whole district of Anantapur is famous for its silk enterprise and holds fairly a combination of historical yore. The locals fondly refer to this beautiful city is Andhra Pradesh as a heaven serving for the beautiful state of Andhra Pradesh. Anantapur is one such destination that is quite well known for its glorious historical and cultural past. This makes Anantapur  must visit for all history lovers out there waiting to get a glimpse of the rich history of the country. The number of heritage structures that are present here are just endless here and it will take you several days to explore all of them!! The locals take pride in it and have preserved their culture and heritage quite well. Anantapur also serves as the administrative and financial capital of Anantapur district. When you explore this beautiful city you will realise that it is one of the perfect mixes of modernity and culture blending together quite flawlessly. In recent time the place has been undergoing rapid transition however all of India’s rich history, religions and genuine ethnic traditions are being preserved and followed. Most of the income for Anantapur is derived from Tourism. One thing worth noting is that the place receives the lowest rainfall compared to the rest of the country!!

I boarded the bus from Anantapur pick up point at 2pm and reached Hyderabad at 11pm. The bus travel was for almost 8 hours where they gave rest stops too. I was travelling in an AC semi sleeper bus that was comfortable and the staff in the bus ensured that all its passengers were travelling in ease.

Hyderabad being one of the popular travel destinations in Southern India, I always wanted to visit this place. My bus travel experience was a pleasant one!

I waiting to explore the Charminar, Golconda Fort, Mecca Masjid, The Salar Jung Museum, Quli Qutub Shahi Tombs and many others. I also waited to sample the Mughal and Persian style of cuisine. 

As I reached the bus stop, I found my friend waiting for me. Overall, it was a great experience of traversing to Hyderabad by a bus!

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Apakah anda termasuk orang haus pesta? Jangan khawatir! Jakarta memiliki sejumlah tempat kehidupan malam dan hiburan malam yang menarik. Pub kelas atas, klub malam, dan bar, Jakarta memiliki semua yang diinginkan oleh seorang pecinta pesta! Pada jalur yang sama seperti Bangkok, Jakarta melayani beberapa tempat perkotaan terbaik dan tempat-tempat yang dihiasi dengan glamour dan perpaduan kecanggihan. Pusat kota yang paling urban dan chic adalah Kemang. Yang mana anak-anak muda lebih menyukainya karena banyak bar-bar yang dibuka disini. Tempat hiburan malam yang paling terkenal di sini adalah Ancol yang menawarkan jenis pengalaman bar dengan suasana pantai seperti di Segarra Ancol. Tempat-tempat ini menjanjikan peremajaan lengkap dari pikiran, tubuh, dan jiwa berkat suasananya yang menyenangkan. Hal ini memberikan istirahat dari kehidupan kota yang kacau. Ada juga beberapa tempat di sini yang memiliki live music. Oleh karena itu, anda dapat mengetukkan sepatu anda di lantai dansa dengan lagu-lagu yang diputar selagi bisa. Ini adalah suguhan bagi pecinta musik berkat genre yang berbeda seperti grunge, balada, jazz, dan rock klasik yang paling dipuja.

Tip Perjalanan: Memilih untuk naik bus saat melakukan tur di Indonesia adalah pilihan yang nyaman bagi banyak orang. Bus terjangkau dan mudah dipesan, beli tiket anda secara online dari jejaring situs redbus dan hematkan waktu dan energi anda. Bepergian dengan santai dan nikmati perjalanan anda tanpa tersedu-sedu menangisi perjalanan yang tidak menyenangkan. Pilih kursi yang anda inginkan dari daftar bus yang tersedia di situs dan naiklah dengan nyaman dan nikmati jalan-jalan yang ada disekitar anda selama perjalanan!

Blok M: Daerah ini merupakan daerah yang kurang maju dan tidak begitu modern di Jakarta, namun Blok M adalah rumah bagi terminal bus terbesar di kota, sehingga tempat ini begitu mudah diakses. Karena harga sewa rendah di daerah ini, ada harga yang menguntungkan untuk minum dan makan di sini. Populer dengan para backpacker yang mencari hiburan malam dalam minim anggaran. Area yang bersemangat tinggi di tempat ini pada dasarnya ada di daerah sekitar Falatehan Street, di mana ada banyak tempat-tempat kuliner malam dan wisata malam yang menyenangkan.

Golden Crown: Tempat ini cukup terkenal di kalangan orang Indonesia, klub ini terdiri dari satu ruang besar yang berkonsep Techno Kota dan lounge dengan live music dan house / progressive DJ. Anda akan mendapatkan suasana kerumunan campuran orang yang ramai dan kegilaan yang biasa anda dapatkan dari suasana klub yang sedang naik daun di Asia. Golden Crown yang berlokasi di kawasan Pinangsia, Jakarta Barat tumbuh dan berkembang pesat sejak pertama kalinya berdiri pada tahun 2002. Menempati luas area lebih dari 15000 m persegi yang terbagi lagi menjadi 3 lantai, Golden Crown terus bekomitmen untuk menjadi pusat hiburan yang terbaik dari yang terbaik.

Plaza Indonesia e’X: Ini merupakan salah satu tempat hiburan malam paling populer baik diantara penduduk setempat maupun turis lokal serta internasional, tempat ini lebih dari zona komersial yang melayani tamu dengan beberapa bir dan minuman impor yang bagus. Tempat ini cukup mewah dan juga sangat menyenangkan.

Immigrant Lounge and Club: Ketika matahari terbenam anda dapat langsung menuju ke Immigrant Lounge and Club yang berada di lantai 6 mall Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. Klub ini memiliki balkon yang luas di mana anda dapat beristirahat dari kegiatan menari anda. DJ di sini memadukan perpaduan rumah, lagu tahun 80-an dan 90-an. Klub ini juga menyajikan berbagai minuman keras, suasana orang-orang berbicara mengenai pesta, dan koktail khas yang luar biasa. The Immigrant Dining Room juga dikenal menyajikan masakan Asia dan Barat.

Colosseum Club: Nama Club ini sesuai dengan venuenya yang besar dengan fasilitas cukup baik. Grand Club adalah salah satu pusat hiburan paling populer di Indonesia di bagian barat Jakarta. Klub ini tersebar di area seluas 1.000 meter persegi dan langit-langit setinggi 16 meter. Tempat ini dapat menampung hingga 2000 clubbers. Tempat ini dilengkapi dengan lampu laser kelas dunia dan mengunjungi tempat ini adalah salah satu pengalaman kehidupan pesta malam yang baik dan menyenangkan.

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Ever wondered how it must feel to breathe underwater? Well! Why not? Scuba diving is one of the most revered activities experienced by large number of tourists visiting Malaysia. Read on to find out about some of the best scuba diving locations in Malaysia.

Traveling in and around Malaysia is quite convenient since it has some major bus terminals and express buses are the preferred mode of transport here. Tickets for which can be booked online from

Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai Island

These three islands are the most suitable sites in Malaysia for scuba diving. Sipadan has a lot of restrictions for scuba diving. One would usually need a daily permit to dive here.

Mabul on the other hand is famous all over the globe for its one of a kind muck diving conditions, which are offered only at a few places throughout the world.

Kapalai Island to be true is not that suitable for diving as also the locals here refer to it as a sand bank. But this doesn’t deter it compared to Sipadan and Mabul as Kapalai as its own unique resort standing on stilts.

Lankayan Island

With a resort and a marine base the Lankayan Island is basically a landing strip. Located below sea level on top of a huge sand bank it is primarily not a tropical island. The best part of Lankayan Island is that the marine life has not been disturbed by the humans. This gives guests one of the top marine life experiences. The corals here are in an immaculate condition. Minimal interference by humans allow guests to watch one of the biggest sea creatures and schools of fishes.

Tenggol Island

On the east coast of the Peninsular Country, is one of the most splendid scuba diving islands. Owing to the strong under water currents, the Tenggol Island is a strict no for beginners. Beginners need not be disappointed as there are a few extravagant resorts on this Island which will make sure that you don’t run short of on adventure. Just remember that from October till March, this place is closed because of monsoons. Tropical scopes give the clear waters around Pulau Tenggol an uncommonly rich seabed and perhaps the best marine biodiversity on the planet. With more than 20 diverse jump locales and a bunch of hard and delicate coral, plunging outings at Tanjong Jara Resort give a differed evolving seascape. Thick settlements of mind coral cover the sea depths converging with an assortment of wipe and cowhide coral framing beautiful coral floor coverings. Sightings of falcon beams, dark-tipped reef sharks and extensive barracudas are regular.


Layang-Layang is certifiably not a tropical island as such. It is a solid runway with one hotel, and a marine base, situated on a significant sandbank found just beneath ocean level. Layang-Layang is located in a remote zone, where people have not influenced the submerged world. Corals are in perfect conditions. Layang-Layang is a place to see large species and vast schools of fish.

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Amravati is a city in the state of Maharashtra that is honoured with wealthy regular excellence connotes unwinding and restoration. Just a few couple of the real trip locations listed here are Ambadevi sanctuary, Satidham sanctuary, Shri Bhaktidham sanctuary, Chatri Talao. Individuals going to Amravati from Aurangabad extra most likely than not incline toward buses for touring, as this is cheap and convenient. I was touring Aurangabad for the first time where my idea was to attend my pal’s marriage ceremony.

I decided to book online MSRTC bus tickets at this is an online bus reservation portal that is fast and secured. It helped me to opt a Night Express bus that is serviced by MSRTC. I usually prefer to travel by state-owned transport, as they are reliable and punctual. Moreover, the bus was comfortable and came with clean interiors too. The bus journey of 7 hours was smooth and pleasant. I boarded the MSRTC bus at 2pm and reached 9:30pm. I got down at Cidko at Aurangabad. The bus staff of Parivarthan Night express was to a great degree modest and well behaved; they helped every passenger with consistent care. The travelling hours by bus was a wonderful encounter as more often than not I was mainly occupied with reading a book and tuning in to music. In general, it was an incredible experience!

I waiting to explore the charm of Aurangabad. The city plainly overwhelms attributable to its bunch sights. Exciting historical past, clamouring shopping avenues and local delights are a portion of the things that pull in explorers to this location. It is a recommended as a traveling location in Maharashtra and on the other hand, it is a dwelling place of many people. Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves are the UNESCO World Heritage sites centred right here. Despite the truth that, there are numerous approaches of reaching Aurangabad from Amravati, a bus experience would be the most interesting one, as you'll surpass grand cities, ancient structures, greenery and differed topography.

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Enter Singapore and you will feel like the gates of shopping paradise have opened up for you. Too many things to buy and so little time? Here’s a handy shopping guide to refer to.

Make the transportation bit easier by booking an express bus to travel to Singapore—faster, cheaper and convenient. Adding to the convenience factor is the fact that you can now try redbus.sgto buy tickets as well.

Electronics: They make it to the top of any shopper’s must-buy list in Singapore. Some tourists even take home large LCD TVs and desktop computers along with them. Peninsula Plaza should be your go-to place for all things gadgets and electronics. When you decide to buy electronics in Singapore, you must visit 2 to 3 stores and compare the prices. This is very important as you will find varied prices. You can then pick the one with the lowest quoted price. Second most important thing is check the warranty. Be sure to get an International warranty. Before you pay you should your products be it a phone laptop etc. Also check if you will get your tourist tax refund.

Orchids:The national flower of Singapore, gold-plated orchid (actual orchids plated in 24 Karat real gold) souvenirs are considered a must-takeaway by Singaporeans. These flowers can be bought from Risis stores.

Curios and collectibles:Here’s what you should fill your luggage with on your way back home from Singapore: statues, wall décor, wooden décor, paper kites and parasols, and artwork of every kind that are in abundance here.

Apparel and accessories:The shopping streets of Singapore are your best bet for all things fashion. Orchard Road is the first stop for fashionistas from across the globe to take home branded items at a much cheaper rate. The other places to go to include Bugis Street, The Shoppes and all the malls that are scattered across Singapore’s landscape. Bugis Street is a very nice place to shop especially if you are shopping for a lady. Women’s clothing with a touch of Korean inspired fashion is a very common sight here. You will hardly come across shops for men’s clothing. Besides clothing you will get to see some eateries as well. A word of advise is to take care of your belongings as this place is madly crowded.You will come across a lot of gift shops where you can buy souveniers to take home as gifts.

The Heeren:underwent a revamp in 2012 and re-emerged in late 2013 as Robinson’s Orchard Departmental Store (, tel: 6735-8838), another home grown Singapore department store with an illustrious history as a trusted retailer. Its new premises at Heeren come in a totally different façade with beautiful hanging sculptures that are visible from the first floor. Though no longer a haven for music junkies (HMV has been uprooted to Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard), the six-storey departmental store includes everything you could expect to find in a major Orchard Road mall and more – from a fragrance bar stocking over 400 scents to stylish homeware and fashion items available here.

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That Singapore is one giant shopping mall is a fact I cannot deny, not when I have just recently visited and been swept off my feet by the Lion City. I shopped till I dropped, literally! I dropped on my hotel room bed, thankfully, but the happiness that came with packing bags upon bags of goodies to carry home cannot be replaced by any other.

Arriving at Orchard Road is no trouble at all. It is stretched across a 2.5 km road. Shopping on Orchard Road is a treat. However, don’t forget to carry your credit cards as the prices can be quite high. It is supposed to be the entertainment hub and a major tourist attraction of Singapore. Be sure to bargain for the product you wish to buy else you will land up paying a heavy price. All and all it is a good place to walk around and buy.

I took my tickets from redbus and the rest of journey went by without any hiccups.

Your shopping bonanza in Singapore must begin with the discovery and exploration of the gigantic Orchard Road. For someone with a fashion style sense that reads something like, ‘feminine rock’, there are not many places that I can safely cater to this need of mine. Until I walked through Orchard Road and into Wheelock Palace, in the basement of which lies the feminine rock fashion paradise—Rosebullet.

ION Orchard is another popular landmark on Orchard Road. If it is your last day here and want to quicky lay your hands shopping, then this is the place for you. It is said to be Singapore’s first multi-sensory experiential shopping and lifestyle mall. It is a huge shopping complex and amply crowded. And it sure didn’t disappoint! The land where the brands dwell, this gargantuan mall is home to more than 300 stores, including Charles & Keith, Miu Miu, Giorgio Armani, Dolcce & Gabbana, Dior, etc. You get anything you want in this place and ot just branded but also other normal or local brands. The other best thing is if you are tired and hungry and done with your shopping there are lots of restaurants, café around where you can refresh yourself with some good eateries and drinks. It is much recommended place to visit when in Singapore/

For chic street fashion wear, enter Far East Plaza that is situated at the heart of Orchard Road. T-shirts, dresses, accessories, you name it and you will find its trendiest streetwear option.

Spoilt for choice

Today, Orchard Road is flanked by iconic shopping malls, restaurants and hotels, choc-a-bloc with retail, dining and entertainment choice for every taste and budget. Designer threads, fast fashion, upscale restaurants, ethnic wares, art galleries and relaxed hangouts – you name it, Orchard Road has it.

Here’s a tip: while the almond and jambu trees are no more, huge angsana trees lining the large pedestrian mall give ample shade from the blazing sun – making this still a nice place to stroll.

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When you talk about the city of Agra, one thing needs to rise - yes, the Taj Mahal. Agra is host to the only a solitary of the Seven Wonders of the World in India, Taj Mahal, which makes the whole country happy. I was constantly eager to see this wonder; I came to Agra just to see the Taj Mahal. Now, I wanted to visit another heritage city called Allahabad. I quickly booked online bus tickets at redbus.inand opted for an Amar Travels AC Sleeper bus. The reason I had a wonderful long bus travel experience of around 7 hours was a direct result of the comfortable seating arrangements and clean bus interiors. There are several other types of buses serviced by Amar Travels connecting Agra and Allahabad like Ac Seater and Ac semi sleeper. Air conditioning sleeper bus is much more helpful as it was a long excursion, I could take rest and sleep in the transport.

Talking about Agra again, it has three UNESCO World Heritage locales and Taj Mahal highlights in the most prominent traveller goals in the planet. History, engineering, sentiment all together make the enchantment of Agra which is practically the lifesaver of Indian tourism.

I boarded the bus from Taj Express Way in Agra at 11pm and reached Allahabad the next day at 7am. Apart from its attraction, Allahabad additionally comprises of a decent system of transportation like railways, roadways and aviation routes. The city is connected well to all the significant urban communities of India and the neighbouring parts of the region of Uttar Pradesh. Bus transport being a reasonable alternative as the locale has a smooth effective roadways framework. Bus as a travelling medium causes many commuters to traverse flawlessly.

People who love shopping and has a knack for buying antique jewellery, ethnic wears, high art quality items for them Allahabad is the best place to satisfy their shopping desires. I completely made justice to the alluring shopping areas of Allahabad!

Individuals who adore shopping and has a skill for purchasing classical gems, ethnic wears, high art quality things for them Allahabad is the best place to fulfil their shopping wishes. I totally made justice to the charming shopping regions of Allahabad!

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