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Remote or melee? This is one of the biggest points that developers must consider when producing new roles in MMO games. After all, a character that is targeted on one will use a completely different style. Players must wisely choose you aren't end dissatisfaction And discover the game unpleasant.

After the Path of Exile provides the flexibility to the spotlight both, it is possible to options. After all, the structure needs POE Trade and also the amount will depend on its type. It's hard in the event you end up wasting, making this a Choice you need to think for years.

However, while using release with the Legion expansion, melee combat is improved and greatly improved. Please please read on to observe close combat overhauls at close range.
Hit multiple enemies

Each melee attack now hits multiple targets within its range, so long as the attack physics passes through them. Although it works such as an effective attack area, it isn't considered space. Nor would it be “regional damage” or “messy splash Any improvement about bat roosting three will not likely affect the damage in the attack.

After this transformation, the scope of the attack is currently more apparent. Feedback has been greatly improved to increase signal which enemies were hit. Most importantly, attacks are more reliable - which implies they will stay with the target.

The animation is updated to really make it more fluid. You can now customize the target once you link the attacks together, and also the move doesn't look so cumbersome. The dual-hold will alternately attack more naturally, emphasizing choosing a deputy weapon The path (how the experience interprets the command "Go Here") is similar upgraded to smooth the action butter.

The expansion also made it viable to POE Trade Currency cancel the attack. Breaking the skill with skills or actions will cancel the very first skill. If the damage is finished before the previous causes damage or launches the projectile, it will not likely cause damage. You can cast Another spell or use another attack. If the animation is conducted after causing damage or releasing a celebration that may cause damage, you are not going to be able to make use of the skill quickly. It prevents artificially improving the attack speed in the character.

This will open the potential to scale back damage. You will have more chances to avoid flights the frequency of mistakes skills down.

Enemy change

Enemies can't remove these changes, however, they do have a thing that is unique for many years. One reason is that they may send telegrams to more telegrams at a quicker rate. It will give additional time to develop the right response to the Attack. More importantly, they may cause damage to specific areas ahead. These areas are usually the front 120-degree cone. It can with less effort to avoid or evade attacks.

Finally, the enemies that block the attack will no longer have the capacity to block all incoming damage; they're going to only deflect the majority of them. It will have an impression when


And never boost from a monster that constantly evades attacks. Also, no person knows how this will likely affect PvP because it's not a popular mode For players or developers.

In but the, these are typically changes in the experience melee system. While there are many viable builds, the closely built roles have contrasting talents and advantages, from remotely built roles. This update is predicted to bring more balance relating to the map as well As the boss removal. Can you get every one of the POE Orbs you'll need in your Legion Update?

Albion Online is an MMORPG to use on PCs and mobile phones and contains just released their latest update, Percival.

Developed by Sandbox Interactive of Germany, the overall game was initially released over the beta period and converted to buy games following the release. In the meantime there isn't a monthly fee, nevertheless, you can get through the sport micro-transactions available in the market. Then, at the time of April this season, the overall game has returned to your free mode, whilst its micro-transactions.

For Albion Online, it is a rather confusing development and launch, evidently, this seems to be a current model. The game is equipped with Albion Online Silver dedicated followers, while it is a small, concurrent user on Steam hovers around 5,000. Of course, this won't explain all mobile players, and also games without third-party clients.

This latest update, Percival, hopes to enhance this low quantity of players. The first large addition appeared such as Randomized Solo Dungeons. These are the balances for solo players, looking to attract gamers who don't put on time to work with others. This also really helps to play on cellular phones, because players can jump into your dungeon and grab some equipment while they're on the train, without waiting to get a group to the party.

Along with your new dungeons a few new varieties of enemies. Albion Online's official website will not list specific details, but said, "The new mob type continues to be added to all factions' independent and grouped random dungeons. These include new traps and nested opponents, together with environmental hazards like explosives.".

Another important addition would be the form of new weapon skills that players must conquer their newly added enemies. A detailed breakdown of those capabilities can be obtained from the official patch description, together with Buy Albion Online Silver some combat alterations in quality of life.

Although it will not be the largest MMORPG, it's nice to discover developers stick on the title through the many rough patches. Hopefully, these additional features will encourage more players to start out their own adventures from the Albion world.
Remote or melee? It is one of the most significant issues that developers must consider when making new roles in MMO games. After all, a character that focuses on one will have a completely different style. Players must wisely choose or otherwise end dissatisfaction and find the game unpleasant.

While the Path of Exile course gets the flexibility to pay attention to both, you can still find options. After all, your house needs POE Currency, along with the amount that is dependent upon its kind. It's hard in case you end up wasting, making this a choice you should think for an extended period. However, with all the release of the Legion expansion, melee combat is improved and much improved.

Hit multiple enemies. Each melee attack now hits multiple targets within its range, as long as the attack physics passes through them. Although it works as an active attack area, it is not considered a city. Nor is it "regional damage" or "messy splash." Any improvement to these three will not affect the damage of the attack.

After this change, the scope of the attack is now more apparent. Feedback has also greatly improved to better signal which enemies hit. Most importantly, attacks are also more reliable, which means they will stay on target.

Sports mobility. The animation has also been updated to make it more fluid. You can now change the target when you link the attacks together, and the movie doesn't look so cumbersome. The dual-hold will alternately attack more naturally, emphasizing the choice of a deputy weapon. The path will also be upgraded to smooth the action butter.

Accuracy is no longer limited to 95%. With enough upgrades and POE Trade, no creature can escape your blade. You never have to deal with a monster that continues to evade attacks. Besides, no one knows how this will affect PvP because it is not an accessible mode for players or developers.

In any case, these are changes in the game melee system. While there are some viable builds, the carefully built roles have completely different talents and advantages, from remotely created functions. This update is expected to bring more balance between the map and the boss's removal. Can you get all the POE Items you need in the Legion Update?

Continue to enjoy Path of Exile!
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Augmented torva outlays, bold akin 18+ without a skillcape perk, 83.52 coins / extra accommodated in the waive / additional cesspool rate.So 1 hour of torva top and legs would be about 300k~ hour. (500k/hr if RS gold is ticks Rather than moments)Augmented bad-natured costs 19.4m GP upfront, +800k~ augmentors + 5.3m in all-powerful accuse to get a complete of 25.5m/set.

It continues for 100k charges, and at a good deal of 1 charge/tick may be used. So daring 1 tick: allegation it is 16.6~ hours worth. But a lot of humans abandoned use it for bossing rather than slayer, so if you're bossing 1v1, or maybe not overburdened, you get added breadth out of it, so lets say 3 ticks: charge.

Each of the abrupt you receive 50~ hours value. You aswell get a few additional hours with t90 power, aback in case it strikes 0.1% accuse you can carry it, and afresh utilize it at 0 percent accuse until account comparable 9 for free.

So if torva prices 300k/500k per hour depending on the way in which the allegation arrangement functions, malev break even afterwards 51 hours @ 500k/hr or 85 hours per day 300k/hr.

So allowance are you'll be paying about the above GP/hr no majority buy OSRS gold what place you use as continuing as you are use it for bossing vs slayer.

Attack cape edge makes your aggrandized malev endure 2%~ finest though, ontop of hydrix jewelry, t90 helmet, your gloves+boots, etc..Invention cape benefit makes your torva+weapons 2 percent~ cheaper/hr.
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When the legion is in chaos, the battle is coming to an end. Exiles must fight for their release, however, many are not willing to do so.
A month ago, the Army of Exiles was officially launched. Although it has been more than a month, there are still some players who are dying, so I became an exile some time ago. So far, I have written a guide to the game based on my own experience, I hope it will help you.

Just as the description of the eternal conflicts that have been trapped for thousands of years, the most powerful military leader in Path of Exile Currency the history of Wraeclast is fighting an eternal war, and the exiles must strive to release the legions and win them in endless battles. Valuable wealth rewards.
The battle won't stop, the exiles will encounter many monsters and enemies, making you more troublesome on the road to adventure, they can become an alternative alliance mechanism, innovative skills, and items. Once successful, they will receive a spoils reward.

Eternal pillar
In each of Wraeclast's divisions, you'll find an eternal boulder that interacts with them. It exposes the monster's position when using the corps and freezes after a while, which can help you get better. When the monster moves, we need to Buy POE Currency reduce its health to zero and deal with damage to the monster.
The time is fixed. If the monster comes out and attacks the game player, then they should be killed before that. If all goes well, members can seize the opportunity to get rewards by killing monsters. If the player discovers a more dangerous monster, it is also very likely to get rare and valuable items. All in all, the exile must control the best moment to attack the monster, the faster and the bigger.

Follow me, I will post the rest of the article tomorrow.
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The 12 best electronic drum sets 2019: the best electric drum kits to choose from to acquire

In just the final ten years, electronic drums have edged ever closer towards the experience of enjoying an acoustic drum set, due to large strides generated in both equally technology and hardware. The top electronic drum sets sound better than ever, way too. Like a final result e-kits are surging in level of popularity. They are the best tool for every form of drummer, from beginners needing the power to follow devoid of disturbing the neighbours, properly around professional drummers who have higher general performance and precise, controllable appears while in the studio or rehearsal room.

To be a newbie, should you to begin with get started discovering the most suitable electronic drum set for you, we recommend in the market for a rack which is built to previous, and as a minimum five drum and 3 cymbal pads (hi-hat, crash and ride). Pads will probably be developed from rubber with the entry degree - although mesh pads have become a whole lot more widespread at this level - and the module (now and then called the ‘brain') will have a limited range of sounds, from acoustic kits to electronic appears and percussion - under no circumstances premium, but greater than ample for home apply.

Lend me your ear for a second basically because I’m about to blow your brain using this type of factoid. Are you currently all set? Drums are loud! That’s why you appear listed here, properly - to discover a little something new and shocking? A thumping kick drum, punchy snare, and splashy cymbals are great if you decide to live in the rural location, but if you live during the city, one can overlook about learning drums. Ideal?

Owing to electronic drums, that’s not the case. You possibly can discover how to enjoy not having your neighbors even understanding regarding your new musical interest. And, you could potentially in fact receive a good set of electronic drums for under $600! That is all of your toms, a snare, cymbals, pedals, and all that good things for a few hundred bucks.

Best Electronic Drum Kits

Electronic Drum Kit Reviews

Best Drum Module

Best Electronic Hi Hat

Best Electronic Percussion Pad

Entry Level Electronic Drum Kit

Electronic Drum Pads For Beginners

Best Alesis Drum Kit

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Professional Electronic Drum Kit
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BALTIMORE -- Not too long ago, Terrell Suggs spent extra time in the weight room in anticipation of the hard-hitting, physically exhausting drama known as Steelers vs. Harry Giles Jersey. Ravens.You had to become a different kind of player when you played them, said Suggs, a six-time Pro Bowl linebacker whos been dueling Pittsburgh since entering the league in 2003.Back in heyday of this rivalry, Suggs and teammates Ray Lewis and Haloti Ngata, as well as Pittsburghs Troy Polamalu and Hines Ward, doled out punishment without compromise. Suggs recalls his preparation for playing against Heath Miller, a 6-foot-5 tight end who enjoyed a pancake block as much as a reception.It was, `All right, I know Im going to be fighting with 83, so let me go ahead and get an extra lift and get my neck right, Suggs said.Suggs is one of the few remaining stars in a rivalry that almost always has playoff ramifications and occasionally extends into the postseason. On Sunday, first place in the AFC North will be at stake when Pittsburgh comes to town.The difference is that Baltimore (3-4) went 5-11 last year and has lost four straight . The Steelers (4-3) have dropped two in a row and are unsure if quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be able to play after undergoing knee surgery in mid-October.If Roethlisberger cant go, Pittsburgh will turn to Landry Jones, whos never faced Baltimore and has three career starts.The characters have changed in this show, Suggs said. But the mentality and the mood is still the same.Its still Steelers-Ravens, regardless of the cast and the mediocre record of each team.I told the guys walking off the field, `This game has the potential to define you. You will never forget it, Suggs said.Of the last 16 games between these teams, no fewer than a dozen have been decided by three points or fewer.We have been in a lot of close football games with these guys. We respect them, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said.The word hate used to thrown around a lot before the Steelers faced the Ravens. Not so much anymore.It is at their place; it is a division game, Tomlin said. Those are the things that kind of encompass our focus.Some things to know about the next installment of a rivalry that remains one of the best in the NFL:BOUNTIOUS BELL: Patriots coach Bill Belichick raved about Steelers running back LeVeon Bell before New Englands visit two weeks ago , and Bell backed it up by putting up 149 yards of total offense on a day Roethlisberger watched from the sideline in sweats. Bell is already second on the team in receptions (30) despite missing the first three games while serving a suspension for violating the leagues substance abuse policy.I dont really have to do a whole lot, Jones said. Just turn around and hand him the ball and watch the show from there.WALLACE TRADES SIDES: Ravens receiver Mike Wallace played eight games with the Steelers from 2009-12. Now hes on Baltimores side for the first time.Obviously, I know it is probably weird for him being able to experience the rivalry from both sides, Pittsburgh wide receiver Antonio Brown said. But Im sure he will be a professional as usual, ready to make some big-time plays and ready to compete.BLAH BLITZBURGH: The Steelers have struggled to generate the big plays defensively that were their hallmark last season under first-year coordinator Keith Butler. Pittsburgh has just eight sacks and eight turnovers nearing the midway point, far off the pace it set in 2015. The return of defensive end Cam Heyward from a hamstring injury should help, though it may also be time for Butler to mix it up after spending most of the first seven games dropping seven or eight men in coverage to protect a young secondary.There havent been enough opportunities because were not doing a good enough job of creating a climate where those opportunities occur, Tomlin said.FILLING THE GAPS: The Ravens will finally have a full offensive line after left tackle Ronnie Stanley (foot) and right guard Marshal Yanda healed during the bye week. That should enable Joe Flacco to have more time in the pocket, and it might open up the running game, too.Its just nice to see guys healthy, Flacco said. They want to be a part of the team and contribute.HEY-BEYS HEYDAY: Injuries and inconsistent play have made wide receiver a bit of a revolving door behind Brown. Darrius Heyward-Bey has stepped up: His three TD catches are the most hes had in a season since 2012.Everyone loves Hey-Bey, Roethlisberger said. Its great having a guy out there who you can trust.---AP Sports Writer Will Graves in Pittsburgh contributed.---AP NFL website: and Yogi Ferrell Jersey. Irving scored 23 points, Tristan Thompson had 20 points and 10 rebounds and the Cavaliers beat the Denver Nuggets 117-109 on Friday night. Marvin Bagley III Jersey. Inter president Erick Thohir says in a club statement on Wednesday that Vidic is "one of the worlds best defenders and his qualities, international pedigree, and charisma will be an asset. Anthony Calvillo, through 20 CFL seasons, was frequently invincible and largely stoic in the heat of competition. But underneath the professional exterior he was, and is, compellingly human.LONDON -- Sabine Lisicki advanced to her first Wimbledon final a couple of hours after Marion Bartoli reached her second. Lisicki, a 2011 semifinalist at the All England Club, beat fourth-seeded Agnieszka Radwanska 6-4, 2-6, 9-7 Thursday on Centre Court, overpowering her opponent at the start and then hanging on at the end. "I just fought with all my heart," Lisicki said. "I believed that I could still win no matter what the score was." Bartoli took control early and never let up in a quick 6-1, 6-2 victory over Kirsten Flipkens. Bartoli also reached the Wimbledon final in 2007, losing to Venus Williams in straight sets. Saturdays final will be the second at Wimbledon in the 45-year Open era between two women who have never won a Grand Slam title. Lisicki may have the edge in that match with a 3-1 record against Bartoli, including a quarterfinal win at Wimbledon in 2011 in their last meeting. Lisicki, who beat defending champion Serena Williams in the fourth round, dictated play in the first set by winning 22 of her 30 points on serve and breaking once. But her serve deserted her after that. Once the second set started, Radwanska came alive and Lisicki crumpled. Lisicki lost all four of her service games, with the lowlight coming in the final game of the second set. Leading 30-0, Lisicki lost four straight points, including two double-faults. In the third, Lisicki was again broken early but finally held to make it 3-1 and then broke to get back on serve. Both players held serve until Lisicki got the deciding break in the 15th game when Radwanska hit a volley long. A few minutes earlier, Radwanska had been two points from victory. The two were tied at 30-30 and later at deuce in the 12th game with Radwanska leading 6-5. Lisicki said her big win over Serena Williams helped her Thursday. "I thought, Ive done it against Serena so you can do it today as well, just hang in there," Lisicki said. "It gave me so much confidence and Im just so, so happy I was able to finish it." Bartoli wasted little time in her match, dancing and grunting her way to victory over the 20th-seeded Belgian who was playing in her first major semifinal. "I played great. I executed very well. I hit lobs, passing shots, winners, returns, everything worked out perfectly," said Bartoli, who won in 62 minutes. "When I fell on the grass after match point, it was just so emotional. I drreamed about that moment, about returning to the Wimbledon final. Mitch Richmond Jersey. quot; Amelie Mauresmo, the 2006 Wimbledon champion who now coaches Frances Fed Cup team, was in the stands for the early match and had plenty of praise for Bartoli. "She just played a great match, definitely the best match of the tournament for her," Mauresmo said. "Marion put huge pressure on her right from the beginning, first of all returning very well, serving better, which she had to do today." Bartoli was pumped from the start on Centre Court, mixing two-handed backhands and forehands with little hops between points, as she usually does. In the first set, she faced only one break point, nearly putting Flipkens back on serve in the third game. But despite a double-fault and a backhand into the net to eventually get behind 30-40, Bartoli dug herself out of the hole and finished the game with the first of her five aces. "I tried my slices. She didnt have any problem with that," Flipkens said. "I tried the dropshot. She got it. I played a passing, she came to the net. I tried a lob. I tried everything, actually." Flipkens, who again took the court with her right knee taped, called for a trainer after being broken for the second straight time at the start of the second set. The trainer added tape to the knee while Bartoli sat in her chair sipping water. Whatever she needed, it briefly worked. Flipkens, after the medical timeout, broke for the first and only time, making it 3-1. But a few minutes later Bartoli broke again and held to make it 5-1. "First of all, Im not going to use it as an excuse, thats for sure. I mean, Marion played an amazing, good match," Flipkens said. "But I fell in the first set. Straightaway I didnt feel anything, but I fell on my bad knee. At that moment I didnt feel it, but a couple of games later I started to feel a really sharp pain like I had four weeks ago." Bartoli is now 2-1 in Grand Slam semifinals with both wins at Wimbledon. Six years ago, she beat another Belgian, top-seeded Justine Henin, in the semifinals. But then she ran into Venus Williams, who that year won the fourth of her five Wimbledon titles. On Saturday, Bartoli will be on relatively equal footing against Lisicki. "Its a good opportunity. She has experience at least," Mauresmo said of Bartoli. "Maybe its going to help her for the final." ' ' ' 
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Port Adelaides AFL playing list doesnt need sweeping changes to become competitive again, midfielder Ollie Wines says. Indiana Pacers Jerseys.The Power officially fell out of finals contention with Saturdays disappointing 67-point loss to Sydney, a result which has ramped up external pressure on the clubs list management strategy.But unlike some critics who believe an overhaul at Alberton is badly needed, Wines believes there is still a premiership within the current crop.In terms of the playing group, we all want to be together, Wines told reporters.We all work hard together and I dont think we want to break up.From my perspective, I think were in it together for the long run.Coach Ken Hinkley has previously admitted there may be changes beyond the usual natural attrition at the end of an AFL season, depending on how Port finishes off the year.While they are no longer the it club they once were, Wines believes the Power is still an appealing destination for quality players, if they choose to target experienced heads in the summer.Weve had a few blips along the radar in terms of results, but in terms of the club, I dont think theres a stronger club around, he said.I think weve got really good, solid values, were a really close club and in terms of off-field, everything associated with the club, the (Magpies in the SANFL) and the family culture of the club.Theres not a more accommodating club in the league.Port takes on Melbourne at Adelaide Oval on Saturday night. T. J. Leaf Pacers Jersey. - After leading the Saints to a fourth playoff appearance in five seasons, Drew Brees expressed confidence in the direction of his team and, perhaps more importantly, showed a willingness to listen to contract proposals if the team needs his help getting under the NFLs salary cap. Victor Oladipo Pacers Jersey. The 25-year-old Japanese star has officially been posted by his club team, the Rakuten Golden Eagles. -- Its been a long road back for Sean Bergenheim. Voters 1-4?| Voters 5-8 | Voters 9-12 ' ' ' 
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BRISTOL, Tenn. Nick Foles Jaguars Jersey. -- Tennessee erased an early 14-point deficit at Bristol Motor Speedway almost as fast as drivers typically race around the half-mile track that circled the makeshift football field.Joshua Dobbs threw three touchdown passes and ran for two more scores Saturday night as the 17th-ranked Volunteers beat Virginia Tech 45-24 in front of an NCAA-record crowd of 156,990 at Bristol Motor Speedway.The crowd total shattered the previous NCAA record of 115,109 who attended a Michigan victory over Notre Dame at Michigan Stadium in 2013.Just an unbelievable spectacle, Tennessee coach Butch Jones said. I think the reality hit our players when we came here yesterday for the walk through with all the campers and trailers again this is truly a special evening that well remember for a lifetime.Virginia Tech (1-1) outscored Tennessee 14-0 and outgained the Vols 204-28 in the first quarter. Tennessee (2-0) responded by scoring 31 straight points, including 24 in the second period.Dobbs ran for 106 yards on 14 carries, one week after being held to negative rushing yards in a 20-13 overtime victory over Appalachian State. He was 10 of 19 for 91 yards through the air and threw touchdown passes to Jauan Jennings, Josh Malone and Alvin Kamara.We just executed, Dobbs said. In the first quarter, there was really no reason to panic. We knew that we were going to have to score more than 14 points if we wanted to win this ballgame. Theres just that expectation and confidence throughout the unit that well be fine, well go out, make our plays and our time will come.Tennessees Micah Abernathy set a school single-game record with three fumble recoveries. Virginia Tech ended up losing five fumbles, and three of those turnovers resulted in Tennessee touchdowns. The Hokies have lost nine fumbles through their first two games.Weve obviously got to do a better job either teaching or understanding or emphasizing ball security, Virginia Tech coach Justin Fuente said. Were inadequate, to say the least, right now.Jalen Hurd ran for 99 yards on 22 carries. Virginia Techs Travon McMillian rushed 14 times for 127 yards, including a 69-yard touchdown.The turning point of the game came when Abernathy recovered a fumble on the Virginia Tech 5 in the opening play of the second quarter. Dobbs found Jennings in the end zone on the next play.Tennessees next three drives resulted in a 38-yard touchdown pass from Dobbs to Malone, an Aaron Medley 34-yard field goal and a Dobbs 5-yard touchdown run.THE TAKEAWAYVirginia Tech: The Hokies simply must do a better job of protecting the football. Virginia Techs dominant first-quarter performance showed the Hokies potential, but they cant keep hurting themselves with turnovers and ill-timed penalties. Virginia Tech players said the breakdowns may have resulted from a bad week of practice.As a leader, I will do a better job of making sure my guys are in tune, Virginia Tech quarterback Jerod Evans said. I put this all on me.Tennessee: After averaging just below 3 yards per carry against Appalachian State, the Vols regrouped this week and ran the ball much more effectively. The Vols still must improve their passing attack and gain consistency along the offensive line.SPEEDWAY TO STADIUMThis marked the first football game to take place at the Bristol Motor Speedway since the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles played a 1961 exhibition game here that drew 10,000 fans to a facility that seated 20,000 at the time.Work began on the speedways temporary conversion into a football stadium the morning after a Sprint Cup race three weeks ago. The facility will host a Football Championship Subdivision game between East Tennessee State and Western Carolina on Sept. 17.POLL IMPLICATIONSTennessee tumbled eight spots in the Top 25 after the Appalachian State game, but this decisive victory could get the Vols back into the top 15.UP NEXTVirginia Tech: The Hokies host Boston College on Saturday in their Atlantic Coast Conference opener. Boston College (1-1) will be coming off a 26-7 victory over Massachusetts.Tennessee: The Vols host Ohio on Saturday. Ohio won 37-21 at Kansas this week. Chris Conley Jersey. -- Derrick Rose shook off poor shooting early to hit clutch shots late and Carlos Boozer had 20 points and 13 rebounds to lead the Chicago Bulls to a 104-95 preseason victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night. Telvin Smith Jaguars Jersey. The showiest items on Calgarys lot were forwards Mike Cammalleri and Lee Stempniak. Both will be unrestricted free agents this summer. A knee to the thigh might have stung him the most, but his sixth straight double-double made up for the brief burst of pain.BOSTON - The Chicago Blackhawks needed all their offensive weapons against the Bruins smothering defence and goalie Tuukka Rask. Instead, they lost one of their best before the game. Marian Hossa was a late scratch with an upper body injury before Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals, and the Blackhawks lost 2-0, falling behind Boston 2-1 in the best-of-seven series Monday night. Hossas status for Game 4 on Wednesday night was uncertain. "Well say day-to-day. Were hopeful hell be ready for the next game," Chicago coach Joel Quenneville said. "It was a game-time decision after the warm-up there. Thats when we made the call." The Blackhawks had tweeted that Hossa was "out of the lineup after something apparently happened in warm-ups." But, Quenneville said, "Nothing happened during warm-up." Hossa has three game-winning goals in this post-season and was third on the team with 15 playoff points. In his 14 NHL seasons, he scored at least 25 goals 11 times. And he already had made a big play in this series. With Chicago trailing 2-0 in Game 1, Hossa stole the puck from Dennis Seidenberg in the Boston end and fed Brandon Saad, who one-timed it past Rask at 3:08 of the second period. The Blackhawks rallied from a 3-1 deficit in the third period and won 4-3 in three overtimes. Hossas replacement appeared in his first playoff game this year. Ben Smith was a veteran of just 20 regular-season games and seven playoff games in his three NHL seasons before being pressed into action. But he figures he played about 15 times at TD Garden with Boston College. "I was a little surprised because you dont know whats going on, but you dont ask any questions," he said. "You get a chance, you go." He certainly didnt expect it. "I was here and ready to ride the bike and work out," Smith said. "They gave me the tap and said, Go with it." Quenneville hoped Smith could provide a spark. "Benny gives us energy," he said. "Hes one of those players that offeensively, defensively, hes responsible. Leonard Fournette Womens Jersey. . Hes been practicing hard." But Hossas absence removed one of the few productive players on the Blackhawks sputtering power play. They were scoreless in five opportunities in the game and in their last 20 man-advantage situations in the playoffs. Hossa has three of their 16 power-play goals in the post-season. "Our power play tonight was definitely not good," Quenneville said. "They box you out. They got big bodies. They blocked shots. I think we had some chances to get some pucks through the net. We didnt. Our entries werent great. Thats something you want to look at." "Its frustrating," Chicago defenceman Duncan Keith said. "We just need to go out and play and let our skill take over." Theyve had a tough time against Rask, just as the Toronto Maple Leafs, the New York Rangers and Pittsburgh Penguins did in the Bruins previous three series. Rask has stopped 61 of 62 shots in the last two games and 120 of 125 in the series. Bruins coach Claude Julien didnt find out his team wouldnt have to deal with Hossa until just before the game. "I was surprised as anybody else," he said, "but, to be honest with you, there werent any changes in our game. As I mentioned the other day when I was asked about another player, we dont make our game plan based on an individual. "I can definitely tell you they lost a pretty important player on their roster, but that doesnt mean we change our game. I think its important we stick with what we believe in." They believe the key to winning in the playoffs is disciplined and persistent checking, precise passing and steady, if not spectacular, goaltending. They Blackhawks have been stymied by all of that. "Its a low-chance game. Its a low-chance series," Quenneville said. "Its hard to get A-plus chances. You have to manufacture the second, kind of ugly goals, tip screens, deflections." Thats tough to do. Without Hossa, its even tougher. ' ' ' 
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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Megan Rapinoe knelt during the national anthem before a U. Hydro Flask Bestellen.S. womens national team match against Thailand on Thursday night.Rapinoe first knelt during the anthem Sept. 4 before a game with her National Womens Soccer League team, the Seattle Reign. She said she wanted to express solidarity with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is not standing during the anthem to bring attention to racial inequality.After Thursday nights game, which the United States won 9-0, U.S. Soccer issued a statement to ESPN that said representing the country is a privilege and honor for any player or coach associated with the national teams.Therefore, our national anthem has particular significance for U.S. Soccer. In front of national and often global audiences, the playing of our national anthem is an opportunity for our Mens and Womens National Team players and coaches to reflect upon the liberties and freedom we all appreciate in this country.As part of the privilege to represent your country, we have an expectation that our players and coaches will stand and honor our flag while the national anthem is played.It was unclear whether Rapinoe would face any sanctions from the federation.Im very proud to pull on this shirt and play for this country, and also represent my country in a different way in speaking out for people that are oppressed, she told the network, which broadcast the game.Rapinoe did not start the game at Mapfre stadium. She knelt from a spot near the bench while the fellow reserves around her stood for the anthem.The 31-year-old, who helped the U.S. win the World Cup last year and played in the Rio Olympics, came into the match at the start of the second half.At a game Sunday night in Seattle, the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, she stood and linked arms with her Reign teammates.Last week before a Reign match against the Washington Spirit in Maryland, the anthem was played before the teams took the field rather than subject our fans and friends to the disrespect we feel such an act would represent, said a Spirit statement that cited the personal beliefs of the team owner.There was speculation that Rapinoe might refrain from kneeling before Thursday nights game because she was playing for the United States and not her club team. It was also the final game for midfielder Heather OReilly, who was retiring after 15 years with the national team.Kaepernicks refusal to stand for the anthem first came to public notice when he remained seated on the bench before an NFL preseason game against Green Bay. Since then numerous players have joined the protest, taking a knee or raising a fist.Being a gay American, I know what it means to look at the flag and not have it protect all of your liberties. It was something small that I could do and something that I plan to keep doing in the future and hopefully spark some meaningful conversation around it, Rapinoe told American Soccer Now about her motivation for the protest.Since coming out in 2012, Rapinoe has been devoted advocate for LGBT rights and has worked with the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and other organizations.Rapinoe also has been vocal about pay equity, and was among five national team players who lent their names to a complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging wage discrimination. The players claim that members of the team make in some cases up to four times less than their male national team counterparts. Hydro Flask Waterflessen. On June 12, just as the sun sets on the magnificent historical city of Sao Paulo the inventors, innovators and purveyors of “joga bonitowill” open their campaign. The opponent, Croatia and all its football might and will. As opposites do attract we are set for a corker of an opener. Hydro Flask Belgie. Three came down to the fourth quarter while quarterbacks continued to shine in all four games; so important to the overall quality of the game. Numbers Game examines the deal that sees Michael Del Zotto and Kevin Klein switch places. The Predators Get: D Michael Del Zotto. FLINT, Mich. -- Prosecutors say officers drove former Michigan State basketball star Mateen Cleaves to his home after police responded to a reported sexual assault of a woman at a Flint-area motel.The Flint Journal reports that Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Lisa Lindsey made the statement to a judge during a hearing Thursday.Defense attorney Frank Manley later told reporters that the officers actions showed they saw nothing that would rise to the levvel of some type of crime. Hydro Flask Sale. The 39-year-old Cleaves is charged with assaulting the woman at a Mundy Township motel last summer following a charity golf outing. He denies the charge.Wayne County prosecutors are handling the case after Genesee Countys prosecutor did not take it due to a possible conflict of interest. ' ' ' 
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Dropped Sydney veterans Ben McGlynn and Ted Richards have been given the time and opportunity to regain form before the Swans hit the AFL finals. Thurman Thomas Youth Jersey.Key back Richards and forward McGlynn were the high profile omissions from the Swans side chosen for Saturdays home game with Carlton.Premiership player Richards, who is possibly in his final season, was used as a forward in the two matches he played after a spell on the sidelines due to concussion.McGlynn, who has been plagued by soft tissue injuries over the past two seasons, was dropped after just one game back in the senior side.I think its probably the right time to help them find a bit of form, Swans assistant coach Stuart Dew said.Benny went back (to the reserves) a couple of weeks ago and played really well and Teddy also is really important to our plans going forward.Weve seen hes played forward a couple of times, but certainly he can play down back as well, so depending on matchups, hes certainly still in the mix.Bennys one (dropping) was really to find some form and get back into the side, because he is in our best 22 when hes playing at his best.The Swans side chosen to face the Blues was a youthful one, with the average age lowered by the absence of their three oldest players, Richards 33, co-captain Jarrad McVeigh 31 (groin injury) and McGlynn 30.The side contained four players aged 20 plus 19-year-old Callum Mills, with nine of the team having played under 30 games.Following Saturdays fixture, Sydney will play five more matches before what appears certain to be a seventh straight finals campaign.With the scramble for ladder positions in the top eight finals spots so tight, Dew accepted Sydneys four close losses could be costly for his club.They could be, but we cant change it now, Dew said. Zay Jones Womens Jersey. -- If Henry Burris has his way, he will be the starting quarterback to lead the Hamilton Tiger-Cats back to the Grey Cup next year. Cody Ford Bills Jersey. For the Wild it was their first win of the season and they now have a record of 1-1-2 while the Jets fall to 2-2. Jets start a six game home stand Friday with another divisional game, home to the Dallas Stars. The Nashville Predators were glad their captain was still on their side. Weber had a goal and two assists, and Roman Josi scored the shootout winner to lift the Predators to a 4-3 win over the Flyers on Thursday night. A merger between the R&A and the Ladies Golf Union has been completed, the governing bodies have confirmed.The new arrangement, which will see the R&A assume responsibility for staging the LGUs championships and international matches, including the Ricoh Womens British Open, will come into effect from Jan. 1.As was announced when the heads of agreement were signed in June, the LGUs business operations and staff are being incorporated into the R&A group of companies. LGU board members will be represented on R&A committees.The LGU is the encompassing body for womens amateur golf in Great Britain and Ireland. The R&A, which hosts the Open, governs world golf outside the United States and Mexicoo. Josh Allen Youth Jersey. Trish Wilson, chair of the LGU, said: The completion of the merger is a progressive and important step for the development of womens golf.Bringing the two organisations together creates a platform that will allow us to develop our aspirations for womens golf on a global stage and encourage more girls and women to play golf and become members of clubs.R&A chief executive Martin Slumbers said: The integration of the two organisations puts us in a better, stronger position to realise our collective vision for growing the game of golf around the world. ' ' ' 
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Kimi Raikkonen says a number of small factors have contributed to him closing the gap to Ferrari teammate Sebastian Vettel this year. Cheap Nike Sb China.Raikkonen is currently seven points behind Vettel in the drivers championship, compared to the 99-point gap he had to his teammate after the same amount of races last year. In qualifying he has beaten Vettel five times in 14 races and at the last five rounds has outqualified Vettel three times.Asked how he has closed the gap to Vettel this year, Raikkonen said: Its a lot of small things. The car has to be good for making good lap times, I work with a great group of people but there are so many small things involved that even if a very small thing is not correct the lap time or the race distance is not there.I think we learned a lot from difficult things in the past few years and this year has been more as it should be.At the start of the year Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene requested the car be better suited to Raikkonens driving style. The Finn had complained that the 2014 and 2015 Ferraris did not give him the confidence and feedback he desired when turning into corners. The 2016 Ferrari has a more positive front end and Raikkonen says he feels more comfortable with the car.The driving has been pretty OK but I still feel we can improve more in all the details. Theres a lot of details to work on to be more comfortable and know what the car will do, so we can push more, but theres no one thing you can say you can change and that will turn things around or pull yourself around. Its a lot of small details. Nike Air Presto Cheap Online. In the response filed Wednesday to the complaint by 30-year-old Alexander Bradley, attorneys say the former University of Florida player is invoking his Fifth Amendment right that protects people from incriminating themselves. Nike Sb Cheap Wholesale. Woodson said during a radio interview Thursday that the Knicks Carmelo Anthony doesnt get the same calls as other superstars. There are some early surprises in the race for the Hart Trophy, but two of the contenders are the leagues biggest stars over the past decade. There are many more players in contention for the awards than just the three that Ive named, and a good or bad week can easily alter the landscape, but through the first 20 or so games of the NHL season, this is how the awards races look to me. The SEC set another benchmark on opening weekend of the 2016 NFL season, placing an all-time high 362 former players on NFL rosters to open the 2016 season. The previous SEC, and national, record was 355, which was set in 2015.LSU led the league with 46 former players on NFL rosters, followed by Alabama (42), Florida (38) and Georgia (37). Over one-fifth (22 percent) of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL on opening weekend hail from SEC schools.The SEC led the nations conferences in draft picks for the 10th consecutive year in 2016. The national-leading 51 NFL Draft picks were the third most in SEC history, trailing only the 63 in 2013 and 54 in 2015. The SEC has averaged over 50 selections per draft since 2006.The SEC had eight First Round picks in 2016, one more than the seven (7) the league produced in 2015. During the last 10 NFL Drafts, the SEC had a nation-leading 89 players taken in the opening round, an average of nearly nine per season. Since 2010, the SEC has nearly double (65) the total amount of First Round selections than the next closest conference (ACC - 34). Over the last six NFL Drafts, the SEC has accounted for 35 percent of the Top 10 selections of the NFL Draft.(Listing below is derived from the NFL database and includes players currently on injured-reserve.)ALABAMA (42)Mark Barron, Los Angeles Rams, LinebackerJames Carpenter, New York Jets, GuardHa Ha Clinton-Dix, Green Bay Packers, SafetyLandon Collins, New York Giants, SafetyAmari Cooper, Oakland Raiders, Wide ReceiverMarcell Dareus, Buffalo Bills, Defensive TackleQuinton Dial, San Francisco 49ers, Defensive TackleKenyan Drake, Miami Dolphins, Running BackD.J. Fluker, San Diego Chargers, GuardJalston Fowler, Tennessee Titans, FullbackWallace Gilberry, Detroit Lions, Defensive EndRoman Harper, New Orleans Saints, SafetyDerrick Henry, Tennessee Titans, Running BackDonta Hightower, New England Patriots, LinebackerMark Ingram, New Orleans Saints, Running BackKareem Jackson, Houston Texans, Defensive BackRashad Johnson, Tennessee Titans, SafetyJulio Jones, Atlanta Falcons, Wide ReceiverCyrus Jones, New England Patriots, CornerbackRyan Kelly, Indianapolis Colts, CenterDre Kirkpatrick, Cincinnati Bengals, CornerbackCyrus Kouandjio, Buffalo Bills, Offensive TackleArie Kouandjio, Washington Redskins, Guard EddieLacy, Green Bay Packers, Running BackEvan Mathis, Arizona Cardinals, GuardAJ McCarron, Cincinnati Bengals, QuarterbackRolando McClain, Dallas Cowboys, LinebackerDee Milliner, New York Jets, CornerbackC.J. Mosley, Baltimore Ravens, LinebackerKevin Norwood, Carolina Panthers, Wide ReceiverD.J. Pettway, New Orleans Saints, Defensive LinemanReggie Ragland, Buffalo Bills, LinebackerJarran Reed, Seattle Seahawks, Defensive TackleAShawn Robinson, Detroit Lions, Defensive TackleAndre Smith, Minnesota Vikings, Offensive TackleDamion Square, San Diego Chargers, Defensive TackleAnthony Steen, Miami Dolphins, GuardEd Stinson, Arizona Cardinals, Defensive TackleCarson Tinker, Jacksonville Jaguars, Long SnapperCourtney Upshaw, Atlanta Falcons, LinebackerChance Warmack, Tennessee Titans, GuardT.J. Yeldon, Jacksonville Jaguars, Running BackARKANSAS (20) Brandon Allen, Jacksonville Jaguars, QuarterbackAlvin Bailey, Cleveland Browns, Offensive LinemanAlex Collins, Seattle Seahawks, Running BackKnile Davis, Kansas City Chiefs, Running BackAJ Derby, New England Patriots, Tight EndTrey Flowers, New England Patriots, Defensive LinemanBrett Goode, Green Bay Packers, Long SnapperChris Gragg, Buffalo Bills, Tight EndHunter Henry, San Diego Chargers, Tight EndJavontee Herndon, San Diego Chargers, Wide ReceiverRyan Mallett, Baltimore Ravens, QuarterbackJason Peters, Philadelphia Eagles, Offensive TackleDarius Philon, San Diego Chargers, Defensive EndChris Smith, Jacksonville Jaguars, Defensive EndMartrell Spaight, Washington Redskins, LinebackerTravis Swanson, Detroit Lions, CenterRobert Thomas, New York Giants, Defensive TackleSebastian Tretola, Tennessee Titans, GuardJonathan Williams, Buffalo Bills, Running BackJarius Wright, Minnesota Vikings, Wide ReceiverAUBURN (32) Cameron Artis-Payne, Carolina Panthers, Running BackPeyton Barber, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Running BackDaren Bates, Oakland Raiders, LinebackerAngelo Blackson, Tennessee Titans, Defensive EndQuan Bray, Indianapolis Colts, Wide ReceiverSammie Coates, Pittsburgh Steelers, Wide ReceiverShon Coleman, Cleveland Browns, Offensive LinemanKarlos Dansby, Cincinnati Bengals, LinebackerChris Davis, San Francisco 49ers, CornerbackKing Dunlap, San Diego Chargers, Offensive TackleNick Fairley, New Orleans Saints, Defensive TackleDee Ford, Kansas City Chiefs, LinebackerCorey Grant, Jacksonville Jaguars, Running BackJosh Harris, Atlanta Falcons, Long SnapperJonathan Jones, New England Patriots, Defensive BackBrandon King, New England Patriots, Defensive BackDaVonte Lambert, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Defensive TackleCorey Lemonier, Cleveland Browns, LinebackerRicardo Louis, Cleveland Browns, Wide ReceiverTre Mason,?Los Angeles Rams,?Running BackSenDerrick Marks,?Jacksonville Jaguars,?Defensive TackleCam Newton, Carolina Panthers, QuarterbackJerraud Powers, Baltimore Ravens, CornerbackJay Prosch, Houston Texans, FullbackGreg Robinson, Los Angeles Rams, Offensive TacklePat Sims, Cincinnati Bengals, Defensive TackleRobenson Therezie, Atlanta Falcons, SafetyNeiko Thorpe,?Seattle Seahawks,?CornerbackC.J. Uzomah,?Cincinnati Bengals,?Tight EndAvery Young,?New Orleans Saints,?Offensive LineChristian Westerman,?Cincinnati Bengals,?Offensive LineGabe Wright,?Cleveland Browns,?Defensive TackleFLORIDA (38) Neiron Ball, Oakland Raiders, LinebackerJonathan Bostic, Detroit Lions, LinebackerTrent Brown, San Francisco 49ers, Offensive LinemanJonathan Bullard, Chicago Bears, Defensive LinemanTrey Burton, Philadelphia Eagles, Tight EndQuinton Dunbar, Washington Redskins, CornerbackCarlos Dunlap, Cincinnati Bengals, Defensive EndDominique Easley, Los Angeles Rams, Defensive TackleMatt Elam, Baltimore Ravens, SafetySharrif Floyd, Minnesota Vikings, Defensive TackleDante Fowler Jr., Jacksonville Jaguars, Defensive EndMax Garcia, Denver Broncos, GuardMarcus Gilbert, Pittsburgh Steelers, Offensive TackleMike Gillislee, Buffalo Bills, Running BackChaz Green, Dallas Cowboys, Offensive LinemanJoe Haden, Cleveland Browns, Defensive BackVernon Hargreaves III, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, CornerbackJonotthan Harrison, Indianapolis Colts, CenterJaye Howard, Kansas City Chiefs, Defensive LinemanD.J. Humphries, Arizona Cardinals, Offensive TackleJelani Jenkins, Miami Dolphins, LinebackerMatt Jones, Washington Redskins, Running BackAlex McCalister, Philadelphia Eagles, Defensive EndLerentee McCray, Buffalo Bills, LinebackerAntonio Morrison, Indianapolis Colts, LinebackerLouis Murphy, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Wide ReceiverKeanu Neal, Atlanta Falcons, SafetyReggie Nelson, Oakland Raiders, SafetyBrian Poole,?Atlanta Falcons, SafetyMike Pouncey, Miami Dolphins, CenterMaurkice Pouncey, Pittsburgh Steelers, CenterJordan Reed, Washington Redskins, Tight EndDemarcus Robinson, Kansas City Chiefs, Wide ReceiverBrandon Spikes, Buffalo Bills, LinebackerCaleb Sturgis, Philadelphia Eagles, Place KickerDeonte Thompson, Chicago Bears,?Wide ReceiverJustin Trattou,?Minnesota Vikings, Defensive EndJaylen Watkins, Philadelphia Eagles, SafetyGEORGIA (37)David Andrews, New England Patriots, CenterGeno Atkins, Cincinnati Bengals, Defensive TackleClint Boling, Cincinnati Bengals, GuardBrandon Boykin, Chicago Bears, Defensive BackDrew Butler, Arizona Cardinals, PunterOrson Charles, Detroit Lions, Tight EndChris Conley, Kansas City Chiefs, Wide ReceiverThomas Davis, Carolina Panthers, LinebackerAkeem Dent, Houston Texans, LinebackerDannell Ellerbe, New Orleans Saints, LinebackerLeonard Floyd, Chicago Bears, LinebackerCordy Glenn, Buffalo Bills, Offensive TackleKedric Golston, Washington Redskins, Nose TackleA.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals, Wide ReceiverTodd Gurley, Los Angeles Rams, Running BackJustin Houston, Kansas City Chiefs, LinebackerJohn Jenkins, New Orleans Saints, Defensive TackleJordan Jenkins, New York Jets, LinebackerCharles Johnson, Carolina Panthers, Defensive EndAbry Jones, Jacksonville Jaguars, Defensive TackleReshad Jones, Miami Dolphins, SafetyBen Jones, Tennessee Titans, CenterJarvis Jones, Pittsburgh Steelers, LinebackerTavarres King, New York Giants, Wide ReceiverKeith Marshall, Washington Redskins, Running BackChris Mayes, Atlanta Falcons, Nose TackleMalcolm Mitchell, New England Patriots, Wide ReceiverCorey Moore, Houston Texans, SafetyAlec Ogletree, Los Angeles Rams, LinebackerGarrison Smith, Seattle Seahawks, Defensive TackleMatthew Stafford, Detroit Lions, QuarterbackDamian Swann, New Orleans Saints, CornerbackJohn Theus, San Francisco 49ers, Offensive LinemanBlair Walsh, Minnesota Vikings, Place kickerCornelius Washington, Chicago Bears, Defensive LinemanBenjamin Watson, Baltimore Ravens, Tight EnndShawn Williams, Cincinnati Bengals, SafetyKENTUCKY (14)Randall Cobb, Green Bay Packers, Wide ReceiverBud Dupree, Pittsburgh Steelers, LinebackerJosh Forrest, Los Angeles Rams, LinebackerWinston Guy, Indianapolis Colts, SafetyStevie Johnson, San Diego Chargers, Wide ReceiverChris Matthews, Baltimore Ravens, Wide ReceiverCorey Peters, Arizona Cardinals, Defensive TackleRonnie Shields, Seattle Seahawks, Tight EndZaDarius Smith, Baltimore Ravens, LinebackerJacob Tamme, Atlanta Falcons, Tight EndDanny Trevathan, Chicago Bears, LinebackerLarry Warford, Detroit Lions, GuardAvery Williamson, Tennessee Titans, LinebackerWesley Woodyard, Tennessee Titans, LinebackerLSU (46) Kwon Alexander,?Tampa Bay Buccaneers,?LinebackerVadal Alexander, Oakland Raiders, GuardJoe Barksdale, San Diego Chargers, Offensive TackleLamin Barrow, Chicago Bears, LinebackerOdell Beckham Jr. Nike Sb Shoes For Sale. , New York Giants, Wide ReceiverAlfred Blue, Houston Texans, Running BackDelvin Breaux, New Orleans Saints, CornerbackMichael Brockers, Los Angeles Rams, Defensive TackleRon Brooks, Philadelphia Eagles, CornerbackMorris Claiborne, Dallas Cowboys, CornerbackJalen Collins, Atlanta Falcons, CornerbackLael Collins, Dallas Cowboys, Offensive LinemanGlenn Dorsey, San Francisco 49ers, Defensive LinemanLavar Edwards, Carolina Panthers, Defensive EndEgo Ferguson, Chicago Bears, Defensive LinemanDillon Gordon, Philadelphia Eagles, Tight EndJerald Hawkins, Pittsburgh Steelers, Offensive TackleJeremy Hill, Cincinnati Bengals, Running BackDanielle Hunter, Minnesota Vikings, Defensive EndTyson Jackson, Atlanta Falcons, Defensive EndRicky Jean Francois, Washington Redskins, Defensive EndAnthony Johnson, New England Patriots, Defensive LinemanDonnie Jones, Philadelphia Eagles, PunterDeion Jones, Atlanta Falcons, LinebackerBrandon LaFell, Cincinnati Bengals, Wide ReceiverJarvis Landry, Miami Dolphins, Wide ReceiverBennie Logan, Philadelphia Eagles, Defensive TackleLamar Louis, Arizona Cardinals, LinebackerTyrann Mathieu, Arizona Cardinals, SafetyZach Mettenberger, Pittsburgh Steelers, QuarterbackJalen Mills, Philadelphia Eagles, CornerbackBarkevious Mingo, New England Patriots, LinebackerKevin Minter, Arizona Cardinals, LinebackerPatrick Peterson, Arizona Cardinals, CornerbackEric Reid, San Francisco 49ers, SafetyRashard Robinson, San Francisco 49ers, CornerbackRussell Shepard, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Wide ReceiverKelvin Sheppard, New York Giants, LinebackerTharold Simon, Seattle Seahawks, CornerbackTrai Turner, Carolina Panthers, GuardSpencer Ware, Kansas City Chiefs, Running BackAndrew Whitworth, Cincinnati Bengals, Offensive TackleKyle Williams, Buffalo Bills, Defensive TackleBrad Wing, New York Giants, PunterAl Woods, Tennessee Titans, Nose TackleJames Wright, Cincinnati Bengals, Wide ReceiverOLE MISS (18)Brandon Bolden,?New England Patriots,?Running BackCody Core, Cincinnati Bengals, Wide ReceiverSenquez Golson, Pittsburgh Steelers, CornerbackJohn Jerry, New York Giants, GuardKendrick Lewis, Baltimore Ravens, SafetyEli Manning, New York Giants, QuarterbackBobby Massie, Chicago Bears, Offensive LinemanDonte Moncrief, Indianapolis Colts, Wide ReceiverRobert Nkemdiche, Arizona Cardinals, Defensive TackleMichael Oher, Carolina Panthers, Offensive TackleJermey Parnell, Jacksonville Jaguars, Offensive TackleGerald Rivers, Houston Texans, LinebackerJamarca Sanford, New Orleans Saints, SafetyBradley Sowell, Seattle Seahawks, Offensive TackleLaquon Treadwell, Minnesota Vikings, Wide ReceiverLaremy Tunsil, Miami Dolphins, GuardMike Wallace, Baltimore Ravens, Wide ReceiverChanning Ward, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Defensive EndMISSISSIPPI STATE (13)Denico Autry, Oakland Raiders, Defensive LinemanJohnthan Banks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, CornerbackFletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles, Defensive TackleGabe Jackson, Oakland Raiders, GuardMalcolm Johnson, Cleveland Browns, FullbackChris Jones, Kansas City Chiefs, Defensive LinemanBenardrick McKinney, Houston Texans, LinebackerPernell McPhee, Chicago Bears, LinebackerDak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys, QuarterbackWill Redmond, San Francisco 49ers, CornerbackDarius Slay, Detroit Lions, CornerbackPreston Smith, Washington Redskins, LinebackerK.J. Wright, Seattle Seahawks, LinebackerMISSOURI (21) Tim Barnes, Los Angeles Rams, CenterEvan Boehm, Arizona Cardinals, CenterBeau Brinkley, Tennessee Titans, Long SnapperJustin Britt, Seattle Seahawks, CenterKentrell Brothers, Minnesota Vikings, LinebackerChase Daniel, Philadelphia Eagles, QuarterbackKony Ealy, Carolina Panthers, Defensive EndBlaine Gabbert, San Francisco 49ers, QuarterbackAndrew Gachkar, Dallas Cowboys, LinebackerE.J. Gaines, Los Angeles Rams, CornerbackMarkus Golden, Arizona Cardinals, LinebackerZiggy Hood, Washington Redskins, Defensive EndJeremy Maclin, Kansas City Chiefs, Wide ReceiverConnor McGovern, Denver Broncos, GuardMitch Morse, Kansas City Chiefs, Offensive LinemanMarcus Murphy, New Orleans Saints, Running BackShane Ray, Denver Broncos, LinebackerSheldon Richardson, New York Jets, Defensive EndAldon Smith, Oakland Raiders, LinebackerJacquies Smith, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Defensive EndSean Weatherspoon, Atlanta Falcons, LinebackerSOUTH CAROLINA (24) Jerell Adams, New York Giants, Tight EndAntonio Allen, New York Jets, SafetyDamiere Byrd, Carolina Panthers, Wide ReceiverA.J. Cann, Jacksonville Jaguars, GuardJadeveon Clowney, Houston Texans, LinebackerJared Cook, Green Bay Packers, Tight EndPharoh Cooper, Los Angeles Rams, Wide ReceiverChris Culliver, Miami Dolphins, CornerbackMike Davis, San Francisco 49ers, Running BackPatrick DiMarco, Atlanta Falcons, FullbackBruce Ellington, San Francisco 49ers, Wide ReceiverStephon Gilmore, Buffalo Bills, CornerbackMelvin Ingram, San Diego Chargers, LinebackerAlshon Jeffery, Chicago Bears, Wide ReceiverT.J. Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals, CenterJohnathan?Joseph, Houston Texans, CornerbackCaptain Munnerlyn, Minnesota Vikings, CornerbackCorey Robinson, Detroit Lions, Offensive TackleConnor Shaw, Chicago Bears, QuarterbackBrandon Shell, New York Jets, Offensive TackleDarian Stewart, Denver Broncos, SafetyRyan Succop, Tennessee Titans, Place kickerD.J. Swearinger, Arizona Cardinals, SafetyDevin Taylor, Detroit Lions, Defensive EndTENNESSEE (27) Robert Ayers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Defensive EndEric Berry, Kansas City Chiefs, Defensive BackTyler Bray, Kansas City Chiefs, QuarterbackJustin Coleman, New England Patriots, Defensive BackDustin Colquitt, Kansas City Chiefs, PunterBritton Colquitt, Cleveland Browns, PunterMorgan Cox, Baltimore Ravens, Long SnapperMatt Darr, Miami Dolphins, PunterRamon Foster, Pittsburgh Steelers, GuardArian Foster, Miami Dolphins, Running BackZach Fulton, Kansas City Chiefs, Offensive LinemanJustin Hunter, Miami Dolphins, Wide ReceiverMalik Jackson, Jacksonville Jaguars, DefensiveTackle JaWuan James, Miami Dolphins, Offensive TackleCurt Maggitt, Indianapolis Colts, LinebackerDaniel McCullers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Defensive TackleTony McDaniel, Seattle Seahawks, Defensive TackleRajion Neal, Cleveland Browns, Running BackMarquez North, Los Angeles Rams, Wide ReceiverCordarrelle Patterson, Minnesota Vikings, Wide ReceiverBrian Randolph, Los Angeles Rams, Defensive BackMychal Rivera, Oakland Raiders, Tight EndChris Scott, Carolina Panthers, GuardLuke Stocker, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tight EndDallas Thomas, Miami Dolphins, GuardDan Williams, Oakland Raiders, Defensive TackleJason Witten, Dallas Cowboys, Tight EndTEXAS A&M (23) Martellus Bennett, New England Patriots, Tight EndMichael Bennett, Seattle Seahawks, Defensive EndRandy Bullock, New York Giants, Place kickerMike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Wide ReceiverDeshazor Everett, Washington Redskins, SafetyDeVante Harris, New Orleans Saints, CornerbackGermain Ifedi, Seattle Seahawks, Offensive TackleTony Jerod-Eddie, San Francisco 49ers, Defensive TackleLuke Joeckel, Jacksonville Jaguars, Offensive TackleDrew Kaser, San Diego Chargers, PunterJosh Lambo, San Diego Chargers, Place kickerShane Lechler, Houston Texans, PunterPatrick Lewis, Buffalo Bills, CenterJake Matthews, Atlanta Falcons, Offensive TackleChristine Michael, Seattle Seahawks, Running BackVon Miller, Denver Broncos, LinebackerDon Muhlbach, Detroit Lions, Long SnapperJulien Obioha, New York Jets, Defensive EndCedric Ogbuehi, Cincinnati Bengals, Offensive TackleRyan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins, QuarterbackSteven Terrell, Seattle Seahawks, SafetyCody Wallace, Pittsburgh Steelers, CenterBrandon Williams, Arizona Cardinals, CornerbackVANDERBILT (7) Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears, QuarterbackAndre Hal, Houston Texans, Defensive BackCasey Hayward, San Diego Chargers, CornerbackWesley Johnson, New York Jets, GuardJordan Matthews, Philadelphia Eagles, Wide ReceiverSpencer Pulley, San Diego Chargers, CenterAndrew Williamson, Indianapolis Colts, Safety ' ' ' 
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RIO DE JANEIRO -- A stunner at the Rio Olympics: Michael Phelps was beaten. Mark Duper Jersey.Rather handily at that.The most decorated athlete in Olympic history couldnt pull off one of his patented comebacks in the 100-meter butterfly, easily held off by a swimmer a decade younger.Twenty-one-year-old Joseph Schooling of Singapore got off to a blistering start, building a lead that not even Phelps could overcome.After winning four gold medals at these games and looking unbeatable, Phelps finally ran out of steam in what was the final individual race of his career unless he decides to come out of retirement again.The 31-year-old Phelps still has a chance to leave Rio with 23 golds in his career. But hell have to do with some help from his teammates, swimming in the butterfly leg of the 400 medley relay on the final night of swimming Saturday.Phelps wound up in a three-way tie for silver along with two longtime rivals, Chad le Clos of South Africa and Laszlo Cseh of Hungary. They all touched in 51.14 -- a half-body length behind Schoolings winning time of 50.39.A three-way tie is pretty wild, Phelps said. Joe is tough. Hats off to him, he swam a great race. Its kind of special and a decent way to finish my last individual race.Phelps quickly swam over to congratulate Schooling, who seemed stunned by what he had done.It hasnt really sunk in yet, Schooling said. Im sorry if I dont seem like Im full of emotions right now. I dont know what to believe, like, whether I actually did it or Im still preparing for my race.Phelps, he added, is a guy that will go down in our history books as the greatest of all time of any sport. Im just honored and glad to have that moment and that privilege to race alongside Michael and Chad and all those guys.While Phelps loss left the crowd in shock, Katie Ledecky got them on their feet again with another dominating performance, handily breaking the world record in the 800 freestyle.And two other Americans won gold, too. Anthony Ervin capped a remarkable personal journey with a gold in the 50 freestyle -- 16 years after he won his first individual gold in the same event at the Sydney Games. And Maya DiRado knocked off the Iron Lady in the 200 backstroke, pulling off a furious rally on the final lap to beat Katinka Hosszu. Bronze went to Canadas Hilary Caldwell.Ledecky joined Debbie Meyer as the only women to sweep the three longer freestyle events at the same Olympics. Meyer took the 200, 400 and 800 at the 1968 Mexico Games, and Ledecky matched that performance with a couple of world records as well.Ledecky was merely racing the clock as she powered away from the field to touch in 8 minutes, 4.79 seconds, eclipsing the mark of 8:06.68 that she set at a grand prix meet in Texas back in January.Then, Ledecky played the waiting game, hanging on the rope for a while to let the rest of the field finish.Jazz Karlin finally touched in 8:16.17 to claim the silver, just ahead of Hungarys Boglarka Kapas grabbing the bronze in 8:16.37.Some 23 seconds after Ledecky touched the wall, the last of the eight finalists chugged to the end of the grueling race.Ledecky was barely breathing hard.I hit all my goals right on the nose this week, she said.Ledecky also became only the third American woman to win four gold medals in a single Olympics, following fellow swimmers Amy Van Dyken and Missy Franklin.While Ledecky, at 19, is the youngest member of the U.S. team, Ervin is the oldest at 35.In the blink of an eye, Ervin went from one end of the pool to the other in a furious dash, edging the defending Olympic champion, Florent Manaudou of France, by a mere hundredth of a second. Another American, Nathan Adrian, took the bronze.Ervin won his first gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, tying teammate Gary Hall Jr. for the top spot. Then, Ervin walked away from swimming, skipping the next two Olympics while he embarked on a journey to find his purpose in life.Turns out, it was swimming all along.Ervin returned to make the American team in 2012, but failed to win a medal in London. Now, improbably, hes back on the top of the podium again.DiRados upset denied Hosszu a fourth gold in Rio, and capped off a remarkable one-and-done Olympics for the American.Shes already got a job lined up in Atlanta after the Olympics and made it clear she would be retiring no matter the results. She certainly has nothing to complain about after winning two golds, a silver and a bronze in Rio.This whole day has been kind of crazy because its all of these little last things that Ive gotten to do, like my last warmup with the girls at the training pool today, DiRado said. I wrote my parents an email this morning just saying thank you and I started bawling on my bed and then my roommates came in and comforted me. I tried to keep it all under control, but theres been a lot of tears these last 24 hours.---Follow Paul Newberry on Twitter at . His work can be found at . Christian Wilkins Dolphins Jersey. He just needed to be his best twisting, turning acrobatic self. "I didnt need to be anybody else, I just needed to be myself and be aggressive," said Burks, who scored a career-high 34 points to spark the Utah Jazz to a 118-103 victory over the Denver Nuggets on Monday night. Christian Wilkins Womens Jersey. -- Cam Newton pranced into the end zone, placed his hands over his chest and did his familiar Superman pose. Third-seeded Murray had the easiest path to victory on New Years Eve, barely breaking a sweat during his 6-0, 6-0 win over 2,129th-ranked Qatari wildcard recipient Mousa Shanan Zayed. PARIS -- Milos Raonic could miss the ATP Finals because of the leg injury that forced him to withdraw from the Paris Masters on Saturday.Raonic was scheduled to play Andy Murray in the semifinals but had to withdraw because of a tear in his right thigh from his quarterfinal win over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.Raonic said he will need five to 10 days to recover, a delay puttingg his participation at the ATP Finals in jeopardy. Christian Wilkins Youth Jersey. The elite eight-man tournament starts in eight days in London.Im on the borderline for that, the fifth-ranked Raonic said. I still have a possibility that I might be able to play. ' ' ' 
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Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley admits hes feeling the pressure that another disappointing AFL season has brought to bear on his position at the club. TreQuan Smith Jersey.After making it to a preliminary final in his first season in charge, Buckleys Pies have finished progressively lower on the ladder in each season since.The coach said he was as angry at his players and his coaching panel - including himself - as hed been this season after Friday nights 15-point loss to Richmond that left them 12th with an 8-11 record.Absolutely I feel pressure, but I cant allow it to stress me because if it stresses me it stresses the players and if it stresses the players it stresses the club, Buckley said on Fox Footys AFL 360 on Monday night.If you introduce that to your preparation, let alone your performance, youre not going to optimise it.(But) there are things that were doing well behind the scenes ... that are to starting to come through in our players and our performances.But were still not as consistent as wed like to be.The coach is contracted to the club for next season after signing an extension earlier this year.Buckley has been reluctant to use the Pies well-documented injury woes this season as an excuse for their lack of onfield success.But he pointed to wins against finals-bound teams Greater Western Sydney and West Coast in the past six weeks as evidence the Pies are on the right track.Our best footy, even with a decimated list with 22 players that we havent had available ... weve still played a brand of footy thats been able to beat some pretty good sides, he said.But were not consistent enough yet and you cant be a good team until youre consistent.Collingwood play the Western Bulldogs at Etihad Stadium on Friday night, with skipper Scott Pendlebury a chance to play after scans on his injured left foot cleared him of serious damage.Exciting forward Darcy Moore is also a chance to resume from a hamstring injury, while Alex Fasolo and Tim Broomhead underwent season-ending shoulder operations on Monday. Archie Manning Womens - The game was all punts and field goals before Kodi Whitfields catch. Bobby Hebert Womens Jersey.Y. - Jerome Samson scored once in regulation and again in the shootout as the St. Jay Feely kicked a 41-yard field goal in overtime, and the Cardinals edged the Tennessee Titans 37-34 in overtime after blowing a 17-point lead late in the fourth quarter. Wednesdays slate has no lock-down ace, but it features a slew of starters looking to put a rough first half in the rearview mirror and get the second half rolling on a positive note. Find out which pitchers are in the best position to do so, along with the hitters ready to pounce on those not so fortunate, in Wednesdays Daily Notes.PitchingEliteWith all the injuries to National League hurlers, including a couple on his own team, Jacob deGrom has a very good chance of making the All-Star team. A strong performance in his last outing before the Midsummer Classic could seal the deal. The 28-year-old is in a great spot to do just that as the Miami Marlins visit Citi Field. The Fish dont fan much, and deGroms 8.8 K/9 is very good but not dominant, so the New York Mets righty sets up better for DFS cash than GPP action. Despite a 2.62 ERA, deGrom has only four victories, but that could change with the Marlins handing the ball to Justin Nicolino.Confession time: Johnny Cuetos original projected Game Score was manually adjusted to land him in elite territory, as he is far and away the best option for DFS cash play. Cuetos 7.8 K/9 might be league average, but he and Clayton Kershaw are the only hurlers averaging at least 7 1/3 innings per start. Further, the Colorado Rockies visit AT&T Park carrying a generous 25 percent strikeout rate versus righties on the road?and a slightly below average wOBA in that scenario.SolidConfession time, part two: Both Sonny Gray and Michael Pinedas projected Game Scores were originally 60 and thus worthy of elite status, but leaving them there doesnt pass the sniff test with respect to DFS. Please keep in mind that its impossible to come up with a one-size-fits-all ranking, so when the Game Score rank doesnt coincide with the DFS potential, we reserve the right to tweak it.Sonny Grays Game Score was buoyed by a soft road matchup against the Minnesota Twins, but even so, solid feels like a better descriptor than elite. Over his past five outings, the Oakland Athletics righty has tossed 31 2/3 innings with 21 whiffs and five walks. Despite excellent control, a 6.0 K/9 with one outing longer than six innings in that span is not elite for DFS purposes. Gray is still in play for cash action, but theres some risk. To wit, in two of the five efforts cited above, Gray gave up five and seven earned runs.Pineda, on the other hand, is sporting stellar peripherals, with a 10.9 K/9 and 2.3 BB/9, but hes serving up too many long balls, as evidenced by a 1.5 HR/9. In a vacuum, Pinedas walk and whiff rates are elite, but he isnt lasting deep into games, an important trait of the elite. The right-hander has pitched into the seventh only once this season. His Game Score also benefits from a weak matchup, as the New York Yankees are in the Windy City for a date with the Chicago White Sox. The hosts check in with a below average weighted on base average (wOBA) albeit with an average strikeout rate versus righties. Pinedas dominance makes him a GPP candidate with a strong chance for a win with Miguel Gonzalez as his mound foe.Jaime Garcia ended his first half on a strong note, as he tossed eight strong against the Milwaukee Brewers, though the effort was tainted by four free passes. Truth be told, the St. Louis Cardinals left-handers control has been spotty this season and has led to his highest WHIP since 2012. Garcia opens his second half with a challenge, as the Pittsburgh Pirates visit Busch Stadium. The Bucs are very productive versus southpaws, but theyre also strikeout-prone. The combination, along with the Redbirds potent attack facing Jeff Locke, means Garcia is one of the better GPP candidates on the Wednesday docket.Drew Smyly continues to be one of the more frustrating arms, both for seasonal and DFS play. His 10.9 K/9 and 2.3 BB/9 are elite, but the leftys 1.8 HR/9 harpooned his first half. Lets take the glass half-full angle: Hes healthy, the velocity is fine, and he has pitched into the seventh inning in three of his past four outings. But what about that 1.8 HR/9, which is even worse considering he allowed seven homers in his first eight starts and then 12 in the ensuing eight? The Los Angeles Angels visit Tropicana Field as Smyly embarks on his second half. The Halos dont whiff much, which doesnt bode well for DFS, so consider the Tampa Bay southpaw a contrarian GPP option at best.Washington Nationals righty Tanner Roark profiles as one of the better value plays on the slate, for either cash or GPP exposure. The Milwaukee Brewers travel to Nationals Park toting a charitable 26 percent strikeout clip against right-handers. Michael Thomas Saints Jersey. Kevin Gausman is another guy with promising peripherals who has been done in by a plethora of permitted big flies. Curiously, Camden Yards isnt the culprit, as the Baltimore Orioles right-handers has allowed more homers on the road than at home. Gausman and the Orioles are on the road as they continue an interleague set with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The home teams lineup is average, which yields Gausman a cash option on sites needing multiple hurlers.StreamersShelby Millers woes have dropped his ESPN ownership to just 17 percent. If theres an ideal scenario to take a chance on the scuffling righty, its a home date with the San Diego Padres. Only Millers Atlanta Braves teammates are worse against right-handers in terms of wOBA. Unlike the Braves, however, the Friars are quite strikeout-prone.The parallel isnt perfect, but what newly acquired Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher?Bud Norris is doing is somewhat reminiscent of what Matt Shoemaker did earlier in the season. It took the fantasy community too long to trust Shoemaker, and the same thing is happening with Norris, as his ESPN ownership is just 30 percent. Granted, the visiting Baltimore Orioles are dangerous, but they also strike out a lot and will be without their designated hitter in this interleague affair.Talk about a contrast in styles: Fireballing rookie Michael Fulmer and the Detroit Tigers welcome crafty Josh Tomlin and the Cleveland Indians?to Comerica Park. Both offenses are dangerous, but both right-handers have been throwing too well to leave them on the bench.If Marcus Stromans previous outing is any indication, it wont be long before hes a fixture in the solid tier. That said, he has had his moments a few times in the first half, only to follow a strong effort up with a clunker. Its worth seeing if he finally has things going in the right direction with a home date against the Kansas City Royals.AvoidThere were a few borderline calls, so if you want a little more analysis, please post the details in the comments below, and Ill be glad to help you out, or if its a 140-or-fewer-character question and answer, Im on Twitter @ToddZola. Joining Martin Perez and Justin Nicolino as avoids are Ian Kennedy, Jeff Locke and Miguel Gonzalez. Kennedys home run tendencies are too risky for the Rogers Centre, the Cardinals keep the line moving offense is the type that gives Locke fits, and the Yankees have too many left-handed bats to trust Gonzalez.HittersAfter struggling against left-handers in June with a 0.302 wOBA, the Boston Red Sox are back to raking, with a 0.488 mark in July, albeit in just three games with a lefty on the hill. Forget the actual numbers, but the Beantown bats are booming again, led by Mookie Betts, Dustin Pedroia and Hanley Ramirez, who all enjoy the platoon edge of Texas Rangers southpaw Martin Perez.The main hindrance to stacking New York Mets is their penchant for fanning, especially against lefties. But when the lefty is Justin Nicolino and his 4.2 K/9, there isnt concern. Jose Reyes will look to provide a spark for the Metropolitans with Yoenis Cespedes, Wilmer Flores and Travis dArnaud in play against the Miami Marlins mediocre southpaw.In a season in which balls have been flying out of the yard at record pace, Chicago White Sox righty Miguel Gonzalez has avoided gopher-itis, but he still isnt a very good pitcher. The New York Yankees can parade a bunch of left-handed swingers to the dish, including Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner, Brian McCann, Mark Teixeira,?Carlos Beltran and cost-efficient options such as?Didi Gregorius and Chase Headley.After a tepid start to the 2016 campaign, the Toronto Blue Jays are again mashing right-handers, which does not bode well for Ian Kennedy and his 1.9 HR/9, especially in the Rogers Centre. Josh Donaldson is always in play, as is Edwin Encarnacion, assuming he isnt serving his suspension. Michael Saunders and Troy Tulowitzki are swinging well, as are?Devon Travis and?Russell Martin.Most likely to go yard: Josh DonaldsonLets stay north of the border and call on the Bringer of Rain, Donaldson, to bring us a home run.Most likely to steal a base: Jean SeguraThe battery of Colin Rea and Derek Norris is one of the best to run on in the Wednesday slate, so look for Segura to take advantage with the green light. ' ' ' 
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