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I'm in favor of runescape 2007 gold RS3 but I doubt it's that. It is probably more despair because the runescape accountant and game they adored got taken away from them, the community divide, and both variations of this runescape game are not what people would've probably wanted or anticipated. RS2 was still in a fine spot before RS3 dropped and had better plans for boss shed tables in the time which I think OSRS ought to have thought more. OSRS has completely made skilling immaterial in that feeling. Similarly we all know the difficulties with RS3.

However I must say I do want others we come attempt an RS3 Ironman if even only on heritage. I haven't gotten to play in a while because of cost, but an RS3 Ironman going for a pursuit cape is among the most compact, fun ways to play Runescape imo. Many people despise the keys and everything which is understandable, however the few keys you receive from completing each pursuit along with the bonus XP that comes with them actually does create the mill more manageable for runescape players without too long as others. For me at this phase in my life that I can not justify spending. 20 hours clicking on the exact same skill to not max it.

Not to be a downer, but the entire reason I was eager for motion changes was that PvM could actually feel great rather than only be a gimmick of playing tick motion. I really don't require movement to be smooth and responsive when I am only running through a town doing a pursuit, I want it to be responsive when I'm dodging a place based assault in ED or some thing. If the principal reason for all of the hype for the change is still not being addressed and is really going to turn into the exception to the new norm with all the modifications, which looks kind of counterproductive. I'd maybe just like to keep everything the way it is now in that circumstance, so that things are constant and that I can marginally have an intuitive sense of this delay.

I had been and still sort of am excited about the idea of such a basic aspect of the runescape game being updated as that is the type of change I truly believe RuneScape needs for long term longevity and was largely ignored (with the exception of bank rework, which has been amazing and that I very much appreciate), but that feels like a half step that may not be worth the trouble and may backfire when folks learn that it isn't likely to help PvM in any way. I guess that is what the majority of us were really hoping for and obtained so hyped about if we watched the trailer at Runefest, and I wonder if you are not setting up for another wave of community disappointment and backlash by not being more explicit about this component of the changes.

Please think about either delaying these changes until they could be reached in a means that will benefit PvM, or at least saying what you have said here more explicitly in a manner that more of the neighborhood will see that there won't be a good deal of disappointment and outrage and crab emojis once it gets released and falls short of individuals' expectations and hopes. I'm not attempting to be a downer; I know there's enough negativity about that community already. However, I really do believe you may be making a community relations error OSRS Gold here and strongly encourage you to consider the way you're executing and advertising that this change and whether it might backfire if you stay with the current strategy.

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