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Selling fruit is a quick way to make money. Your fruit hardwood tree produces three ripe fruits every three days, which you can shake to sell to Bells. You will start with a randomly selected fruit type that grows locally on your island, but there are six kinds of fruits in the game: apple, cherry, coconut, orange, peach, and pear.

When you sell any local fruit on your island, you will get 100 ACNH Nook Miles Tickets per fruit. However, to make things more profitable, you will need to start growing other kinds of fruits, because each fruit is worth no more than 500 bells. The only difference is coconut, each coconut is worth 250 bells.

You can't sell fruits on your island. Bells are not much, but if you can bring back different fruits to grow and sell when you go to a private room friend, the price can double. Or you can use Nook Miles tickets to visit Mysterious Island, hoping that the island has the fruit you are looking for.

As always, it's important to remember to sell your fruits directly to Timmy or Tommy in Nook Cranny, because then you will get more Bells to set up a Nook bank account, which will be your return.

You can use the drop box located outside the store to sell them when the store is closed, but due to the handling fee, any items you place in the store will be purchased at 80% of the trade-in value of their store. If you are in urgent need of Animal Crossing Bells, then you can buy Animal Crossing Bells on you can enjoy a high discount.

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