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The number one problem is the amazing delays to mt nba 2k20 do anything in the neighborhood., although I agree not being able to get things from a menu makes no sense I really don't need a intro and outro to every park match to watch the NBA 2K players dance. There's enough personality during NBA 2K using jumpshot landings, flop animations, and after bucket celebrations I'd be a lot happier if all the intro and outro shit got cut. AT LEAST one of these should be cut.

Also, two of your points and I disagree. Behind and beside should count as a competition. You ever try to have a jumper with a dude literally in your own ass? Last, you said in which informs me you should not watch basketball, 90 percent of layups go. The very dominant paint NBA 2K participant in the NBA this year is Giannis, and he is shooting 71.1% over 5 feet of the rim..that's counting uncontested shots as well. No NBA NBA 2K participant at the history of the NBA has shot 90% on layups lmao that was contested.

Honestly, they just don't appear to care about producing a fantastic product. After the company does not care that the neighborhood completely accomplishes them or that there are a good amount of all NBA 2K players which don't enjoy playing it, it is unlikely that they will release a good game. If they fix some stuff you listed, the game will have dumb shit or other issues. You know that, Should you play with 2K for at least 3 years. This franchise will likely keep sucking and stinks. They do not even examine NBA 2K that much. There are bugs or dumb shit around MyLeague for years and they still have not fixed it. After years of playing sports games, I recently started playing with genres, and the gap on quality is absurd.

I agree with everything you said here. 2K ought to take note of them. I would love to change badges work though. Badges should have a requirement before a NBA 2K participant can equip/have them. A NBA 2K player with 30 interior defense shouldn't be able to have rim protector. Likewise some badges should not be constantly active. Some badge should only be activated when you satisfy the prerequisites. If you create more than 50% of your shots, clutch shot will be activated and you have less than 3 turnovers.NBA 2K Grind Times for MyCareer.

With the present structure of NBA 2K, mycareer resembles more of a mmorpg compared to anything. So I have made a few calculations. So after purchasing NBA 2K, producing the character and spending around vc you get your personality 85. I grinded 3 personalities into 95+, 1 to 2 94, two to 91. I believe I have very familiarity with more easy ways to mt for sale 2k20 badges. I'd consider myself an over-average NBA 2K participant in regards to grinding.

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By LiCongFei
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