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No one can deny the popularity of TikTok; within a short period, it has produced a massive hit. In fact, its funny and exciting features made people stay with this app for a long time. To satisfy the user experience, TikTok keeps on rolling out new features from time to time. In this article, you're going to spot two trendy and hot features which were recently launched.

TikTokers allow to create a playlist for their own video, which can be displayed on their profile page. It helps to make it effortless for the audience to consume their videos.

Creator Playlist Feature

Well, what is the creator playlist feature?

From the name itself, you can guess that the creator playlist feature allows TikTok users to categorize their content. It will be highly beneficial for people who upload a series, which has multiple videos. So, it assists the audience in tracking down other aspects of a big project when it falls across on their "for you" page. In this way, content creators can buy real TikTok views, so you can get more viewers for your series, which makes them visit all your videos. 

People could find the playlist features on their profile page above the videos. It can be easily used by pressing on the yellow tag on any content which is part of a playlist. Nowadays, people make public videos into a playlist, and only one playlist at a time.

Who Can Access the Creator Playlist On TikTok?

Well, so far, only particular creators can access the features on their profiles. Anyways in the future, it will be accessed by everyone. Moreover, people with no features can still connect or engage with a playlist on other users' profiles.

Steps To Create A Creator Playlist On TikTok
  • Visit your profile through the "me" tab at the end of the screen

  • Below the video tab, press the plus button

  • Give a name to your playlist, choose the videos that you need to include

  • Next tab the "create playlist" to finish the process

This feature is getting more fame and has turned to be one of the popular features.

Auto Caption Feature 

Next, TikTok is planning to launch an auto caption, which will establish an inclusive experience for people who cannot hear or deaf.

On any other app, inclusivity is a crucial part of social media. It makes people comfortable and shares their feelings in the community. This auto caption feature is built particularly for people who are hard to hear.

The auto caption will generate subtitles automatically when users view or listen to the video. Users on TikTok can select the auto caption on the editing page after posting or recording a video. The speech will be transcribed and appears as text to people to watch the content.

Anyways, users have to edit their caption text after it's generated. Captions are one of the parts which the creators are adding, so viewers can turn off by going to the share panel, touching the caption button, turning it off.

Currently, auto-captions are available in American, English, and Japanese, but TikTok will follow more languages in the future.

TikTok has come up with plenty of valuable features, which are more accessible to everyone.

For instance, if there is an animated thumbnail that replaces animated thumbnails with a static picture. Or, when users are restricting, that allows them to know when they shoot content with effects that will trigger photosensitive epilepsy. People who themselves are allowed to slip photosensitive content.

At last, you will have a new text to speech feature that turns the text to voice.

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