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Grinding Gear Games announced that fans of the Hack'n Slay Path of Exile, updated in December, can look forward to evening more significant achievements. What has changed? Grinding Gear Games is now announcing that the size of the update 3.9.0 will be larger than expected.

What will include in 3.9.0? The team didn't want to reveal too much, but he said the content is not limited to the season, just like the previous update. New content usually affects the game. It makes the December update the most significant extension of this year's action RPG.

Grinding Gear Games doesn't want to reveal too much information about the new season. But this should be technically impossible, and developers have long wanted to do so. Content will influence the outcome and strike the right balance between risk and return. In addition, this update adds new items that affect role building. Similarly, the team redesigned the bow and arrow to better balance the foreign fighter. However, these optimizations are not as extensive as recent melee adjustments. New skills, balance adjustments for POE Currency, and other divination cards also included in the update.

When does version 3.9.0 appear? An update currently scheduled for December 7th. This date can still postpone if further work is required.

When can I see more from the new update? Grinding Gear Games will provide a new version of the test for ExileCon and will reveal more information about this extension and the future of the "Path of Exile" at the event, including the 4.0 expansion. ExileCon will hold from November 16th to 17th.

How do players react to the announcement? There are some differences in opinions. Although many people want to get more updates, past updates have brought many problems. These include crashes, lags, and performance degradation. Despite this, the Path of Exile is still very popular with players, and the purchase of POE Trade Currency has been rising.

But with how slow Lacy has looked in recent weeks, it's hard to see that happening. Right now Green Bay's best option is Mut 20 coins handing the ball to James Starks. The sooner the Packers recognize that, the sooner they can end their losing streak and climb back up to the top of the standings.* * *SB Nation presents: The most impressive teams of Week 9 Emily Kay.

The Detroit Lions may not have played in Week 9, but they maintained a hold on the top overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Although the Lions hold onto the top pick, the choices directly behind them have shifted.One of the big changes this week was Cleveland moving up from the fourth overall pick to the third overall selection after losing last Thursday night.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars jumped all the way up from No. 7 to No. 4 this week by virtue of full season strength of schedule. The draft order is based on record and then overall strength of schedule. If those are the same, conference record then division record are used.

The Path of Exile team outlined the extensions to Path of Exile 3.9.0 in a recent forum post. It is said that the upcoming expansion will have a "good balance between risk and return" and a compelling ending. In addition to the extra, a new item reward is also stored.

"We will also focus on the balance of the bow, although the scale of this improvement is different from the spelling and melee changes we made earlier this year. The expansion also includes all POE Currency you are used to in the Path of Exile, ordinary divination. Cards, unique POE Items, new skills, etc."

The 3.9.0 PC version is scheduled to release in New Zealand on December 7, and the console will be released later this week. More details will announce on ExileCon. Players can also keep an eye on the POECurrency website to learn about the dynamics of 3.9.0.

As we all know, the Path of Exile game set in the dark fantasy world. It's a free video game where players can control a character and explore vast exterior areas and caves, battle monsters, and complete NPC missions to gain experience and equipment. They have different rarities and are increasingly powerful, which is an integral part of finding a well-balanced device. As the character progresses and upgrades, the well-equipped POE Orbs, POE Exalted Orb, and Chaos Orb also gain experience, allowing the skills themselves to be updated and enhanced while active skills can modify through a project called Auxiliary Gems. All of the above are lessons to learn.

It's a temptation to spend your hard-earned Madden Coins on the best Tyreek Hill or Patrick Mahomes cards you can find. Maybe Michael Vick and Tory Holt caught your attention at the auction house, but no matter who they are, they are almost always quarterbacks, big receivers, or defensive guard.

These positions are critical. After all, eliminating defenders and leaping intercepts is essential to accumulating scores and winning the game. However, these players will soon become very expensive and usually get a similar card in the mission, such as 90 OVR MUT superstar Mahomes or the 83 OVR superstar KO player of the week.

A dominant running game or a high defensive line is not easy to get. The number of these cards is small, and the lineman usually stays at the lower Core Elite level of the 80-82 OVR. This card program is the answer to the battle es. There may be only 24 players to choose from, but they can protect your quarterback, create loopholes for your Guard, and take advantage of the frontcourt to develop defensive mistakes.

You can get one of the players through the "heavyweight combination," but this will cost you 2,470 training, which is a lot of money that is hard to get. Instead, it's best to go to the auction house and spend coins on these players. The best price is about 145,000, and the current price is unbelievably lower than the cost of the 89 OVR TOTW Dalvin Cook.

Who is the heavyweight you think? Sheldon Rankins, who is the 12th overall pick in 2016, with 86 power, 86 tackles, and 86 moves, he can fall and soil and overwhelm the running game in the middle of the field. It is the best defensive tackle currently available in the MUT on the side of the Legends 90 OVR Alan Page card.

Rankins has a price of 118,000 Madden Coins on the Xbox, 112,000 MUT 20 Coins on the PS4, and at least 140,000 Madden 20 Coins cheaper than the Page card. No matter which defense you use, he can be Pirates.

The Patriots' star right-back can correctly block any offense. He has a mighty power of 91 blocks, a balance of 87 and 86 blocks, he can move anyone, and the 84 block is still very stable. The price of the Xbox is as high as 134,000 MUT coins, and he may be more like a PS4 card, which can sell for about 116,000. Either way, the investment in Mason is more sensible than the 40,000 OVR Christian McCaffrey signature series.

If you want a fulfilling monster, then Michael Pierce is the place to be. With an elite power of 92 and a scaffolding of 87, he can slide freely. His presence will enable you to get in touch with the line guard and help increase mistakes.

Pierce is available for 125,000 Madden Coins on the Xbox and 120,000 Madden 20 Coins on the PS4. The investment in filler materials is much better than the 589,000 Willie Lanier Legends cards.
It is essential to use a Loot filter when playing PoE, as most white (and useless) items begin to drop behind the first screen. You may also need a loot filter designed purely for a particular class match, for example, if you want to compete against a bow character, so you want to show only the bow drops (even white, to make them) while hiding any other potentially harmful items. If you are looking for any booty filter here for Path of Exile Blight(3.8), we have covered you!

This loot filter is one of the most commonly used and is an all-in-one upgrade + end-of-game loot filter designed for you. Neversink has spent his time making the loot filter one of the most user-friendly, making an excellent loot filter for beginners, whether or not the loot can be purchased in the store using Path of Exile Currency. This project filter has several preset, and you can choose: rules, strict, semi-strict, very strict, super rigid, super tight.

The filter for Crymsius's trophy, this filter is designed primarily for color-blind people, but it looks cool, even for those who aren't color-blind. It has a good look and bug-free loot filter and can also exchange between upgrades, end-of-game, and strict end-of-game presets.

Greengrove's loot filter has many options for more advanced players, and it has plenty of features and preset levels and racing cars. Greengrove drops carefully selected sounds for each "layer" if you want to hear the divine root of RNG when you run a magic finger character and a noble sphere drops, which makes this pickup filter great! Loot filters can also switch between different color themes: amethyst, Atlantisite, bloodstone, emerald, zo, and game favorites (default game colors used).

StupidFatHobbit loot filter, which is a powerful, highly customizable item filter, is able to handle all aspects of PoE, from race to end of game mapping in hardcore and SSF leagues. This loot filter is designed primarily for contestants. Popular streaming media RaizQT and Gucci use it because there are stages of loot filters: racing, leveling, early maps, and endgame. The screen smoothly transitions between the phases. Loot filter features 3 presets: general, strict, and super strict. I am a RaizQT stream for a long time, and I like it when he does the game, he almost always USES this loot filter (with some modifications).

Be sure to visit POECurrency.com, where you can find each of the loot filters (and previews) mentioned above, and buy any POE Items you need.

The new Path of Exile update (Action RPG Multiplayer) adds the original tower defense mechanism. The last Legion of the Veterans Challenge Alliance - the Legion was famous for its success. Blight is the newest member of the Dungeon Crawler lineup, chasing him to find new content players. Although all challenge alliances are unique, this Alliance is more so than the previous Alliance. Want to enhance your game? Get better gear and fight the plague with POE Currency and POE Orbs!

Blight is the first challenge alliance and must be shut out uniquely: building a defensive tower. He even described as having a tower defense game mechanic. Proving that these constructs are necessary is the Scourge that controls the spirit of the devil, so it is your responsibility to help Sister Cassia stop them. The problem is that Blight can control the brains of many monsters at once, so you need to build the tower quickly, or you will be overwhelmed.

Another thing that Blight is different about is that although most of the league content included in a dedicated card, it often seems the new card infected with the evil plague. It depends on how you compete with and win rewards.

Speaking of this, in addition to POE Orbs, there are some Blight-specific POE Items:

Oil - items used to modify POE Orbs can provide some additional rewards. Talk to the sisters of Cassia, who combines two oils to give your ring a turn-over modifier and mixes the three oils to your amulet, which is any evident passive skill in the skill tree. With more than twelve types of fat, you need to do mathematical calculations and find out how many combinations and their effects.

Distinguished Unique Items - Cassia Sisters can also smear the unique and unique items of the Alliance by granting the skill tree a significant passive skill asset. With amulets, you can have up to five excellent skills to give you more choice for your build.

New everyday items - In addition to the unique items of oil, in the true tradition of Path of Exile, Blight will also have some new general items, namely: 18 divination cards, 16 skills POE Trade, and Auxiliary items and 16 unique items.

In a challenging and challenging league, Blight has become an unforgettable and crucial addition to POE, full of exciting new skills, new exclusive projects, and restructured courses.
Madden 20 can be said to be a realistic simulation of the NFL, but sometimes it doesn't feel like it. Each player has experienced some moments, causing them to yell "that will never happen!" and frustrate the controller. And in Madden 20, players will use Madden NFL 20 Coins to improve themselves, which is the most significant difference with the NFL.

There is a headache, perhaps because your star ran back three times in the red zone, or the opposite quarterback beat the opponent 31-33 before you sliced ​​himself, then Bad performance in the game against the computer next week.

To solve this problem, we found that there is a powerful slider setting that creates a more realistic version of Madden, creating a more significant gap between good and bad players, while reducing the most frustrating part of the game.

On how to adjust the slider, first, how do you get to the slider and move around? You will need to go to the gear on the main menu and select "Settings," then click on the first tab from there and mark it again as "Settings." It will take you to the options menu where you can use the slider to adjust player skills, CPU skills, and penalties.

To avoid the "can't miss" QB game, we reduced the QB accuracy to 42 and the pass blocking and WR catch rate to 45. It is to make the pass more efficient and invalidate players with a low catch. It also means that controversial catching is more difficult for the CPU, thus stopping the moment when the average player drags the ball and the safety hangs on him.

The running blocking reduced to 45, and the blurring increased to 57. It makes it less likely that you will create a sense of vagueness and correct the problems Madden has. The defensive response time increased to 53 to help the CPU player get the right position. Interceptions are reduced to 44 to prevent some of the more ridiculous defensive games, and pass coverage increases to 56, and these defensive games may expand, so you can't take advantage of vulnerabilities in regional coverage. Processing speeds of up to 55 to help prevent more OP rack movements in the Madden 20. Finally, no matter how the player plays the game, Madden 20 Coins is not missing.
Path of Exile's pathfinder IceshotVoidfletcher built with a variety of variations, so we're not going to discuss it. Its focus is on Voidfletcher, a vibrating device with many exciting effects. Of course, you don't have to insert Path of Exile Orbs to achieve this effect.

Combine it with a good bow and archery skills, and you can clear the map with little effort. Recommended equipment can be expensive. However, you can grab it from other versions to ease the burden of valuable POE Orbs storage.

Regarding the defenses in the "Path of Exile" build. First, you need to get all the dodge passives. Keep the flask active and take some precautionary measures or blind measures to enhance your ability to evade. It is because the speed of movement allows you to avoid some mechanical attacks.

Of course, for this Path of Exile build, you will need a Voidfletcher. That's the foundation of the entire build, so without it, it's like a sandwich without bread. The recommended equipment is the work of the deceased, the shelter of the dragon, the ire of the sea, the tomb of the tomb, the dominating belt, and the sting.

The best accessories are Pandemonium, the Elder Seal, and Entropy Grip. Will increase crit, physical to elemental damage conversion, and some rare POE PS4 Currency for resistance. Find something that suits you. The recommended thermos are Chemist's adrenaline Quicksilver flask, Ample Diamond's hot flask, Alchemist's Ward Jade bottle, and DyingSun. The anti-glare Pantheon (Brine King) is professional. Any minor will do this, depending on your situation.

Now that you are ready, you can use Voidfletcher Pathfinder. It may run out of most of your POE Currency, but it's a fun game. Finally, watch to see how you can get out of the way that blocks you.

Play Path of Exile: Iceshot Voidfletcher Pathfinder! Also, check out the latest updates to the Path of Exile at POECurrency.com!
In the past, we wrote about Madden's lack of attention to the franchise model. It seems that EA Sports has listened to at least a little bit, at least, listening to Madden 20's latest title update.

We are fortunate to be able to live in a game world, and after the world is released, the game can be continuously improved. Although it widely believed that this is a good version of Madden and has enhanced in recent iterations, there are still some problems with stability, and players who are in favor of MUT's lack of development franchise are continually calling. Even if the player's enthusiasm for the game not reduced, the demand for the Madden NFL 20 Coins has not decreased.

The update released an announcement today, and we can see some substantial progress in-game quality and deep franchise models. EA Sport is committed to a comprehensive transformation of the Chartered News System, which is where the other game series, such as NBA 2k, is far ahead. Dynamic interactions are generated continuously from the game to create an immersive experience. So now, the "Most" experience is still very shallow. There are only a few situations, and not always triggered at the right time, when you see the same scene 5 times, they lose their appeal.

This update will respond to great games in the franchise and add new game day stories and challenges. Moreover, based on these situations and performances, the generated rookie will have the opportunity to acquire and equip new abilities. They also updated the trigger conditions for any "frustrated player" story.

It is only the first step, but EA Sports' intentions have expired, and the franchise community must be happy to enter the agenda finally. Last but not least, if you want Buy MUT 20 Coins or learn about the progress of this update, you can visit GameMS, and their website will present in real-time for you.