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"This is a stressful time for many of our world," a new blog post on the Path of Exile website begins. Due to the global health crisis caused by COVID-19, many PoE vendors are frustrated. However, Grinding Gear hopes to bring a little joy to everyone by giving away free Thaumaturgy mystery boxes to all players on PC, PS4 and XB1. The box just debuted in the game on March 14 and usually requires the purchase of premium currency. Each box can contain one of many POE Currency cosmetic items, including items from "scientist" or "item" microtransactions.

Here's how to get your free box: Login to your Path of Exile game account, find the in-game store and open it, then select the violin! This box will then be automatically added to the player's account.

Developers are eager to let players know that the free Thaumaturgy Mystery Box is only available from the game, and visiting the store on the website will not trigger the free packaging. This makes more players who want to get free Thaumaturgy Mystery Box can only continue to play the game, in my opinion, this is also a fair opportunity.

If you want to learn more about Path of Exile, you can check the details on the official website or the IGGM news page. Of course, their website also provides very cheap POE Items, and guarantee the security of customer accounts.

The new Madden NFL 20 update is flying to the virtual realm near you. The latest Madden 20 patch corresponds to the title update of the game on March 26, 2020. As always, this update includes minor stability improvements, game adjustments, and general bug fixes.

Unlike past title updates, the latest Madden 20 patch notes do not contain too many changes. No player adjustments or roster adjustments, and no balance between athletes has changed. Instead, this update was made after improving general stability and fixing some bugs. Of course, if you want to get MUT Coins after the update, you can still choose to buy them in the online mall.

The main content of the title update on March 26, 2020 is the improvement of overall stability. We know that there isn't much to do there. Other than that, the rest of the updates are focused on gameplay. Developers have addressed a vulnerability involving flip games when using I-Form Tight formations. The strategy should now work as expected, although it will certainly produce less predictable results.

Developers also resolved calculation errors when dealing with the three capabilities. Against Dream Night, Backfield Mismatch and Backfield Master. Specifically, this fix prevents "double damage from always being calculated correctly." Hawkeye fans across the Madden community have reportedly discovered this problem.

In case you need the official exclusive news, the news page of the Gamems official website will have the full Madden 20 patch instructions for the title update released by the EA team on March 26, 2020. At the same time, their website also provides some cheap and safe mutcoins. I think players who need it can consider getting it on their website.

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The new gem system in Path of Exile 4.0 has triggered a climax of players. The new design not only brings a sense of subversion to the past, but also adds fun to the new game. More complex game designs are conducive to enhancing the sense of accomplishment of players.



The huge changes will help players build characters and bring new gameplay. It will also bring high-risk, high- POE Orbs. Thanks to this change. Players can play whatever they want, and they can implement a variety of powerful main attack methods. The most important thing is that players no longer have to worry about the matching of skill stones in order to change equipment. More intuitive DPS information display makes the game experience better.



In addition, the game should incorporate the design of deformation. By thinking about the game, how to apply it to various scenarios and exert the maximum power of weapons. The proper use of various attack skills adds a high degree of playability to the game. And the most important point is that transformation can be achieved no matter during walking or casting skills.



The new screen upgrades, players: stunning!

Last year's Blizzcon had provided players with the opportunity to experience POE 4.0 in-hand. From the current official announcement and feedback from players on-site trials, the new-generation Path of Exile's picture is more quality than the previous generation Flyby, softer and natural light and shadow performance, more sophisticated and complex character models, stunning light and shadow effects, and more aggressive reward mechanisms can bring you more Buy POE Orbs. These changes will undoubtedly provide players with a more comfortable and adrenaline-soaked gaming experience.



Although the official release date of version 4.0 cannot be determined, the preview version of 3.9 was already released in December last year. Because the development of version 4.0 has already taken up Blizzard's great resources, the new version should not meet players so soon in the near future. But players can enjoy the thrill of the game in version 3.9.

Grinding Gear Games' Path of Exile has received a new patch. This update is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You will find Path of Exile update 1.42 (3.10.0E) with a console-specific fix that updates the Neversink loot filter to version 7.81.

Path of Exile is a free action and role-playing game that follows the "free play" mode. In the game we have to choose between character categories and then make it develop anywhere we want, while facing tribal games. Enemies in the dungeon. On the official website of IGGM, you will find some important patch notes about Path of Exile Update 1.42.

   Now, when all players in the area are plagued by epidemic encounters, betrayal research encounters, legion encounters, breakthroughs or invasions, the delusion fog stops moving.
   Activating or completing several time-consuming game elements will cause the Delirium Fog to stop moving within the specified time depending on the type encountered. The following conditions cause the Delirium Mist to stop moving: the Abyss Fissure reaches its next position, defeating the Pioneer, defeating the Shapeshifter, defeating the Red Bestiary Beast, defeating the elite rare monster, opening the Perandus chest, opening the safe, completing one in this Path of Exile patch , Encounter an epidemic, complete the legion encounter and defeat the betrayal target.

  When you meet the POE Currency reward requirements for the third time in the Delirium encounter, other reward types are now added and the requirements for the first reward are automatically met. The new reward is implemented simultaneously with the initial reward. In addition, when you meet the requirements for the initial reward for the fifth time, a second reward type will be added (again, the first reward will automatically meet the requirements). These rewards are chosen in a mutually exclusive manner.
  Reduced the chance of getting Normal, Weapon, Armor and Trinket bonus types.
  Now, without the player's involvement, the mist stops moving. This gives players more freedom to leave areas to vendors to trade in cooked games.
  Thanks to this Path of Exile patch, monsters killed during a deli encounter can now supplement bonus gold bars based on their distance from the deli mirror.
The PlayStation 4 download and install size is 750 MB, but the size may vary by platform. Are you eager to see more details about this patch? At IGGM, you will find a complete list of Path of Exile Update 1.42 (3.10.0E). And, if you want to get cheap and safe POE Currency Buy, you can also get it on this website.
Path of Exile recently released a message that they will offer special rewards to players who are in trouble worldwide due to blockades and other restrictions.

In the latest blog, developer Grinding Gear Games announced that everyone will be offering a Thaumaturgy mysterious box with various cosmetics for free. POE Currency may also be included in these boxes. All you need to do is to open the path of Exile game Inside the store, the box is automatically added to your account.

Visiting the Path of Exile store website alone is not enough, Grinding Gear specifies that you must visit the in-game store to get this freebie. Also, please note that you must have created an account to receive freebies, and the offer is limited to one Box per account. You can experience Box for a week on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Grinding Gear is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, and the country has issued some of the world's strictest agreements to help fight the spread of COVID-19. So they offer the best discounts for many players who can't go out, so that they don't get bored while staying indoors.

There are other news released this time, "The Lord of the Rings" and "Dungeon and Dragon" will provide special rewards and in-game activities in April to help people have fun indoors. If players can't wait to get the cheap POE Exalted Orb by April, I suggest players get it at IGGM, and their website will give you the best price in the industry.

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A foreword from the official announcement:

People always think. As you become more and more unsettled in real life, you begin to constantly break your own worldview, and when you become more and more persistent in exploring the meaning of people, until you break that mirror, you finally find that "everyone here knows everything about you Everyone here is pretending ... "



The new spring version of "Road to Exile"-the S11 "Scared Misty" season has officially started a few days ago. Step into the world of indescribable phantoms, witness the birth of fear and defeat it! New Mist Replica, Nightmare Orb, Cluster Jewelry, Talent Tree Expansion, Another World Update, New Skills and New Assistance, Powerful New POE Orbs waiting for you Discover, let's gather courage and face the fear together!



"Frightened Mist" Season Play

You will encounter the "Mist of Amazement" in the S11 season. The erosion of the mist will not only bring many new boss battles, the existing enemies will also gain fierce power, and the scary and scary lurking in the rare and legendary monster groups. Demon. Deep into the fog of horror, you can find the shards of the illusion, and combining them will produce the nightmare simulata. It will open a portal and survive the final astonishment and fog encounter.



You can control the intensity of the startling fog by using the Frost Orb on the map of the outer world. As long as there is a Misty Orb, you can make the entire map instantly become a State of Misery and Misty for the duration. A single orb can generate a challenging encounter, and five orbs (up to five) can give a map the ultimate difficulty and ultimate reward.



As a professional poe currency supplier, MMOAH has always been praised by old players on the road to exile. Its cheap price and fast delivery speed have always been its core competitiveness. My personal shopping experience is very satisfying. A variety of payment methods and convenient payment channels are at your disposal.


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The latest version of tracks is currently available, while Grinding Gear Games has released the most recent patch on various platforms, allowing players to download the patch to try and do another upgrade.

The latest version (3.10.0d) constitutes a lot of changes towards the existing in-game optimizations, not only to your chance of monsters appearing before, but also on the difficulty of each one boss. Not only that, but as the Delirium modifiers are unlikely to be included in monsters, players don't possess as much difficulty with each battle while they did before. In terms of weapons, the pesky mortar won't go damage towards the impact, so players can begin to play with confidence.



The using Delirium modifiers continues to be modified again, and unlike previous random modifications, this time around the kaito is only able to be used based on each category. This means that a selected group of monsters can have only one Delirium modifier, in lieu of potentially many different Delirium modifiers.

Reduced the impossibility of each in the Delirium monsters inside fog. This makes it simpler for players to have bonuses and Buy POE Currency.

Simulacrum Splinters' drop probability is greatly increased.



Thanks for this patch update, the Delirium modifiers are much unlikely to appear inside the game and due to this, the monsters are a lot easier easier to try out against.

Reduces damages of fixed volatiles a result of Digust's mortar skill by 30%.



Rage monster damage reduced by 20%.

Reduces damages done by the casting skill employed by monsters by 50%. In addition, this projectile skill is impacted by additional projectile modifiers for a longer time. The explosion loss is unchanged.



Increased the spot where monsters is usually triggered

Because on this patch, the vicinity where monsters is usually generated within the game may be greatly improved. It makes it more convenient for players to try out against monsters. There are various POE goods that players need on https://www.mmoah.com/poe-currency. For this reason, players can get whatever you need while other players come in short supply. This is an absolutely safe money supplier.


The shaman is the spiritual leader of his tribe and clan. They are masters of element manipulation, using spells and buff totems to heal their allies in battle or to strengthen the elemental crit released by the allies to the enemy. As the master of the four elements of earth, fire, water, and air, the totem summoned by the shaman gathers the power of these elements to assist allies or attack the threat.

At the same time shaman's main skills are healing and output. Shaman's characteristics are mainly 4 points, which are long-range damage: Shaman can use lightning, earthquake, volcanic eruption and other natural forces to kill the enemy from a long distance. Totems: The shaman can choose to configure a series of different totems. Each totem can enhance certain attributes of his teammates, including increasing magic reserve, increasing damage, and fast attack.

Healing: Shaman heals injured teammates by summoning soul power.

Melee damage: The shaman can use the effects of elements to increase the damage of weapons. Use the power of natural elements such as wind, fire, and ice lamps to increase the weapon's attack power. Thereby players can get more Classic WOW Gold.

At the same time, it has many talents, mainly divided into the following types:

Magma: Inject the power of lava into your current flame totem, causing it to spit lava at random enemies within 40 yards every 0.5 seconds for 10 seconds. Each magma inflicts 18.99% spell power + 1 fire damage to all enemies within 4 yards.

Storm Elemental Totem: It can summon an air totem with 1 health at the foot of the caster, summoning a large storm element to attack the enemy. Each hurricane deals damage to the enemy and heals allies within 15 yards. The amount of healing is equal to 100% of the damage it deals, and the allies are evenly distributed. Lasts 1 minute.

Elemental Fusion: Bursting Magma and Slam can increase the player's damage output by 40% and can also stack twice.

In World of Warcraft, players can choose their favorite talents according to different character types, and each talent's damage value is different. So players need to have a thorough understanding of the characters before playing the game. Visit MMOWTS, you can get more information about World of Warcraft, and at the same time can buy the cheapest Warcraft Gold here!

Path of Exile 2 may have a year or more to land, but while we wait, Grinding Gear Games has not made a quarterly update to their free action role-playing game. Last week, I talked to studio managing director Chris Wilson about the upcoming Challenge of the Path of Exile.

Like many extensions of Path of Exile, Delusion is about players challenging themselves on their own terms and deciding how much, if any, they want to play with the new system and quirks. When Delirium is released on March 13, players starting new roles in the Delirium League will find fragmented, creepy mirrors scattered around the world, and behind them a vaguely dim image of themselves. Although there are still many players who like to play this version and are willing to buy POE Currency, after all, it is still very good overall.

Those who are really seeking punishment can walk through the mirror and then play the boss of the main story in the mist, which greatly increases the challenge of any given boss fight. Wilson showed me what happens when Delirium meets the Brine King, which is mainly a sea god similar to a crab. Ol'Briney is indeed terrifying, but under the influence of Delirium, the super-large crustaceans have acquired some nasty new abilities, such as the huge spectrum of characters ejected from their shells Assault you. This is a strange twist, and I can't wait to see Delirium's effect on other battles.

There are some new gems in this update, called Cluster Jewels. They are different from our common POE Orbs in the game, they are caught on the edge of Path of Exile's infamous passive skill grid. Generally, you can collect jewels that make minor adjustments to nearby nodes on the passive grid, but Cluster Jewelry adds an entire cluster of nodes, effectively expanding the passive tree in all new ways. Some even come with additional extension points that allow you to link multiple Cluster Jewels together to create almost brand new custom character classes. By placing these jewels on the edge of the skill tree, you will create a new branch on the less-traveled course progression path, allowing you to invest in new statistical adjustments and even redefine some characters.

The way these new Cluster Jewels change the path of Exile's metagame is fascinating, and I'm excited to see what new characters this system brings. If widely accepted, I can see that it has become a standard part of the Path of Exile's complex interlocking system.

Usually, when a new Path of Exile league starts, the previous one is either completely removed or separated into a broad endgame. Not this time. Because the previous Metamorph Alliance (where you collect monster organs for alchemy to make custom morph boss fights) is so popular, Grinding Gear Games made it semi-regular. You won't establish a boss in every area you walk through, but opportunities often arise.

The last half of the update, Atlas the Conqueror, will also be retained. There have been some improvements to this complete overhaul of the World Atlas endgame, in which the UI has been adjusted to make the main conqueror bosses appear and where your choices have brought them closer. Interestingly, the deli effect is also designed to work with any other kind of endgame event, which means that the most focused loot hound can multiply the difficulty and loot.

For those who are waiting to learn more about Path of Exile 2 news, I am sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but due to coronavirus concerns, Wilson said that at least one team that has switched from expansion to sequel production has been temporarily closed and production has been released Slow pace However, for Grinding Gear's main team, development work continues as usual. But I think during this period there should still be a lot of players who need a lot of POE Exalted Orb while waiting. I think this is a good phenomenon.

Breitling Premier Automatic Day & Date 40

At Breitling headquarters, they are constantly tinkering, while blending past aesthetics with more modern concepts.Breitling Premier replica watches. The brand and its new CEO have been moving fast to modify and redefine what customers can expect from them, while retaining the core “air, land, sea” motto that has pushed them forward so far. Let's continue exploring the latest additions to the "Premier" series with "Automatic 40" and "Automatic Day & Date 40".

In the last blog update, we started reviewing the new "Premier" series with "Chronograph 42" and "B01 Chronograph 42", you can learn more here. Unlike previous Breitling releases, the latter caters primarily to aviation and more specialized topics. The dials of these new products are clearer and more functional. Even though these cases are slightly smaller, especially the "Automatic 40" and "Automatic Day & Date 40" models, their target audience may be young audiences who bought their first mechanical timepieces on the market.

First of all, we can focus on the new "Premier Automatic Day & Date 40", which uses a 40 mm stainless steel case with a transparent screw-in case back, allowing you to see the internal structure of the mechanical movement. Compared with the 42mm of other new Premier models, its case size is smaller, but it also uses the delicate process of brushing and polishing alternate processing. It is topped with a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating and a mosaic crown with two washers. This Replica Watches swiss is water resistant up to 100 meters (330 feet).

The time is displayed on a silver or black dial with hour markers in 18k gold decals, with additional markers on the hour markers at 3 and 9 o'clock. On the dial flange, we can see a white ring with a 60-minute scale. The circle is marked with a small black minute scale on the circumference. It is incremented by a two-digit number every 5 minutes, except for the "60" number, except for the red font.

The upper part of the dial has a wide sun window, while the lower part is aligned with the 6 o'clock position, and a standard-size date hole can be seen. Below the sun window is the printed Breitling logo, and the cursive "B" logo in 18k gold.

The central hand is also made of 18k rose gold, matching the "B" logo and hour markers. These central hands are also equipped with a luminescent coating for enhanced readability.

Breitling Premier Automatic Day & Date 40
The "Premier Automatic Day & Date 40" (reference below) is powered by a self-winding mechanical movement, movement 45 with 26 jewels and 28,800 Vph. When fully wound, this watch has a power reserve of up to 38 hours. It was originally based on the ETA 2834-2 movement.

Mounted on these replica watches luxury are: brown bare core leather strap, brown alligator leather strap or classic 7-row stainless steel bracelet.

Many friends who do not play the game may not know much about "NBA 2K20". This is a game that contains 5 new NBA stories, a new brilliant career story line, and a new "sweep the street" mode. Of course, the NBA 2K20 MT is essential in the game. If you want to play this game, you must prepare it in advance.

When you ask who is the biggest gamer on the charger, many names are everywhere. But although one of them, Keenan Allen, regularly broadcasts on his Twitch channel, he did not do what the charger or NFL player did on Friday.

On March 20th, Allen will participate in the Phoenix Suns NBA 2K20 live broadcast at Twitch at 6:30 pm Pacific Time, his first cross-border game. Joining him is NFL security Tony Jefferson.

Fans can watch Allen's Twitch channel.

The Suns are simulating the rest of the season through NBA 2K20, so the game between the Phoenix and the Los Angeles Clippers should have evolved into a virtual hardwood matchup. Allen will be led by the Los Angeles Clippers and Jefferson.

"Tipoff" is set to 6:30 PM Pacific Time, so listen to Allen's channel on Twitch for follow-up. I think there will be more players interested in NBA 2K20 video games after Keenan Allen live broadcast. You can Buy 2K20 MT at Gamems according to your needs. According to my experience, I should get a good price.

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The Dark Game, Road to Exile, manufactured by Grinding Gear Games, has officially launched a brand new version some time ago. At the same time, the S11 year has begun. The year will revolve around the idea of "Cthulhu" draw. The remakes that players have defeated doesn't only make a comeback, nonetheless strength can even become stronger than before. Bring thrilling battles to players inside a more challenging stance. Players will even get richer Buy POE Orbs after winning the action.



As a season feature, the fog gameplay not just attracts a person's eye of others, but additionally more elements for example new enemies and new affix elements will probably be added to the experience. Players can even have the opportunity win more magical equipment and items in the overall game. All items and enemies inside S11 season is going to be displayed to players in a fresh attitude. Although there a variety of elements of change, the cataclysm gameplay will continue to be the same as the core season.



Reality becomes fog

In the S11 season, the soul in the player character is penetrated through the mysterious shock and fog, and finally the player will face the reflection of his character. The reality with the game can even turn into a fog, plus the nightmare will show up in front from the character whenever you want.

The map eroded by panic and fog won't refresh brand-new enemies, however the enemies known by players may also gain more powerful power and show off in a different look. At the same time, the S11 season introduced lots of more deadly monster affixes and lots of new boss battles. Players also can encounter very good demons from the rare and legendary monster crowd.

Of course, such as previous seasons, the larger the difficulty, the rarer the rewards can be purchased. If you can successfully attack those high-intensity bosses, the rarest components of the season may fall.



If players desire to win a greater result in the spring, strong equipment and products are essential. Only when your personal strength is improved upon, maybe you have a chance to win your next war. As a POE currency supplier, https://www.mmoah.com/poe-currency has become providing players having a variety of gems, items, currency and also other essential items for games. If you lack good equipment to win the experience, MMOAH will likely be your smart choice.





If players want to quickly access Delirium Orbs, then there is a high probability that the game will be more difficult to play, when you are in a high-level Delirium encounters challenge, you will get more rewards, the quality of the rewards will become better. Delirium POE Orbs can be added to the map to make the game more difficult. This can be very challenging for players who are strong players. At the same time, you can see that Delirium Splinters, a combination of different Delirium Splinters, can access Simulacrum. Simulacrum is a special kind of symbol that can bring you the most difficult and meaningful expansion in the game. It also contains a lot of booty.



With the update, there are different types of Delirium challenge league for players to choose from. But what they have in common is that they have the same core mechanisms and projects. Players can even create and highly customize their own proprietary versions. He can have more difficult game sessions.



The new challenge alliance has 40 new challenges, and when players complete 12 challenges, you'll get a Delirium horn. After completing 24 challenges, you will acquire the Delirium cloak. After completing 36 challenges, players will get a better reward -Delirium Wings. But the premise is that only players who belong to the alliance can access it. Game version at the time of subsequent updates added a whole new skill gems - Arcane Cloak. Its effect is to consume a portion of the spell to gain some POE Exalted Orb that causes a percentage of damage to your target before it is used up. When you choose to activate this ability, players receive an additional lightning damage, which shares a cooldown with other guardian abilities based on the mana cost of the effect.



A new ability gem, Stormbind, places the player's runes on the ground and grows as you guide. At this point, enemies will be hurt when they cross the rune. Runes can be upgraded by using the rune shockwave. When the rune shock wave is released, the rune explodes.

The first 2020 extension of the Diablo-style action RPG Path of Exile has been announced for free, which sounds like a treat for game fans. Path of Exile: Delirium will be released on PC on March 13th and then on PS4 and Xbox One in the week of March 16.

Delirium has a new POE Currency item called Delirium Mirror in the area. Touching the mirror puts your character into a "del delirious" state, which adds a creepy mist to the map and other weird, extraordinary elements based on the character's deepest fear. In short, this mist invades the player's mind and creates new and more challenging scenarios, adding dynamic difficulty and stronger enemies.

The monsters appearing in the deli will generate their own demons. These demons are particularly powerful, and ordinary monsters will gain buffs to make them more lethal. In addition, the delusional influence will affect all encounters, including the boss, so players should expect greater challenges.

One of the main attractions of the Delirium extension is that it makes Path of Exile more replayable than before. The irritation effect is also mapped to all previous league content, so you can revisit the game from a new, more challenging perspective. Through hard work, players will receive special random rewards, including currency items, map items, armor, etc.

With the new update, another major change in Path of Exile is the new "Cluster Jewelry" that can be found in the Delirium Alliance. These jewels can be placed on slots in the skill tree to create additional passive skillsets, each of which can contain more slots. But it is worth noting that these jewels are different from POE Orbs and players need to distinguish them. According to Grinding Gear founder Chris Wilson, this is the biggest change in the level of control and customization of the character since the Ascendancy class was added in 2016.

Path of Exile has always been a hardcore game for hardcore players, and the new jewelry system further enhances this ability in terms of the depth and complexity of character construction. Wilson said the new jewellery system unlocks millions of possibilities, which will affect build guidelines that players can find on YouTube or via Google search. Finding easy ways to create the best characters will no longer be so easy. Wilson said this should help Path of Exile feel fresh and exciting, and more mysterious.

Wilson told GameSpot that the story elements of the Delirium extension were hidden to preserve its mystery. As for the theme and tone of the expansion, it focuses on bringing the game back to its roots, focusing on action combat and difficulty. Wilson said delirium is a "core, basic" expansion that will challenge veterans.

The Delirium extension includes two additional skills and three additional support features that will be announced later. More importantly, in this expansion, new items of Path of Exile appear, including the body armor "Perfidy" with a focus on melee and a set of gloves "Algor Mortis" that can be used with characters. Focus on cold / lightning generation.

In addition to the ongoing support for Path of Exile, Grinding Gear is also working on the sequel Path of Exile 2 and the mobile version of Path of Exile. There is still some time before the release of Path of Exile 2, I recommend players to prepare POE Orbs first, in order to prepare for the future.
20 crazy players are about to receive tons of ultimate team content to stay busy during these chaotic times. Today, the release of the first NFL Free Agency content will begin to decline today, while MUT Series 6 will begin on Friday.

The contents of the second batch of free agents will also arrive next week, while a new House Rules event will be held on Friday. Needless to say, this is welcome news for MUT players. However, we also know that there will be no MUT Series 7 this year, which is a bit disappointing.

Of course, we will reach the end of Madden 20's life. As players begin to move teams as free agents, the draft will take place next month and the league will look very different from the beginning of last season. However, the ultimate team is always out of touch with the NFL reality. After all, Lawrence Taylor and Aaron Donald can line up!

MUT has been a 12-month game mode for a long time, and franchise players have even participated in the competition after winning 12 Super Bowls with their favorite team. For loyal MUT players, the lack of Series 7 content is indeed a problem. As always, the new series means the purchase of new MUT Coins and competition masters, and the previous Series LTD cards will be returned as Redux series cards.

We know that the NFL Free Agent Advertising Promotion will be expanded to Series 6, and you can also look forward to content near the NFL Draft at the end of April, but it is also possible. Expectations for Madden 21 are high.

Not only will this be the first Madden game to be played on the next generation of consoles, it will also be the last time EA Sports has no 2K competition. So fans want EA to load the game with changes and new features. Part of the reason may be the improvement of the ultimate team experience, which is why we will be eliminated this year.

MUT gamers may accept this change, but since there is not much EA communication at this time, we have to wait and see if we can still get the usual spring / summer content. At present players are all looking forward to the arrival of Madden 21, and many players are preparing enough Madden Coins, waiting for the arrival of the new season.
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