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How to Choose a Wireless Charger

Wireless charging is a great convenience to have with your smartphone, but not all chargers are created equal. Certain wireless chargers will work better with your phone. How do you know which one to get? We’ll show you.Get more news about Wireless Charger,you can vist our website!

Before we dive in, let’s get the obvious out the way. You’re going to need a phone with wireless charging to use a wireless charger. It’s understandable to assume all phones have this technology built-in nowadays, but that is not the case. A simple web search can tell you if yours does.For a brief period, there were a couple of different wireless charging standards vying for prominence, but that didn’t last long. Any phone with wireless charging will have the Qi—pronounced “chee”—charging standard. That includes iPhones as well.

Think of it like USB standards. You can’t use a micro-USB charger with a phone that has USB-C. In the same way, you need a Qi charger to wirelessly charge a phone that supports Qi. Simple as that. As mentioned, there aren’t really any viable alternatives to Qi out there anyway, but it’s something to keep in mind.We’re talking about wireless charging here, but there are still some wires involved. There are still a lot of wireless chargers that use micro-USB. While these are still technically fine, you’ll be better off with one that uses USB-C.

Why? Micro-USB chargers are using an older standard called “QuickCharge.” It has a lower power limit than the newer USB-C “Power Delivery” standard. That means USB-C wireless chargers are more powerful and more futureproof.

The other benefit is your phone likely has a USB-C port as well—unless you have an iPhone. So if you need better charging speeds or you want to use your phone while it’s charging, you can simply unplug the wireless charger and put the cord directly in your phone.Any Qi charger will work with any phone that supports Qi wireless charging. However, the best wireless charger for an iPhone 13 might not be the best wireless charger for a Galaxy S21. Let’s talk about charging speeds.

Different phones have different wireless charging speeds. Samsung devices have their own protocol called “Fast Wireless Charging.” If you get a wireless charger that supports this, you’ll get wireless charging speeds up to 15W.Similarly, the iPhone has the “MagSafe” charging protocol. Wireless chargers that are built specifically with MagSafe in mind can charge the iPhone faster than generic wireless chargers. Again, any Qi charger will charge the iPhone, just not as quickly.

That’s the thing to keep in mind. As long as you get a Qi wireless charger for a phone with Qi charging, you will be able to charge the device. To make sure you can charge it at the fastest speed possible, you’ll want to get a wireless charger made with your device in mind.

Ventilador 3 en 1 Taurus 18 Pulgadas Negro

Taurus brinda productos versátiles diseñados para satisfacer todos y cada uno de las necesidades en tu hogar y así hacerte la vida más cómoda mediante el desarrollo de estos artículos. El ventilador Marte 3 en 1 de 18 pulgadas, puede ser utilizado en pedestal, a ras del suelo y empotrado en la pared, sus aspas metálicas logran una mejor circulación de aire, 3 velocidades y una oscilación horizontal 90°. Cuenta con base redonda que brinda gran estabilidad, además de contar con doble rejilla de seguridad. Da un sólo clic y lleva toda clase de marcas de mini split o ventiladores de pedestal a precios accesibles. ¡En Tu tienda en línea ahorra sin salir de casa!Get more news about Ventiladores 18 Pulgadas,you can vist our website!

Ventilador industrial ,alta potencia 60W 360 oscilante,base pesada,rendimineto maximo,ajuste de velocidad con 3 niveles,oscilacion automaticade acil montaje y desmontaje,altura ajustable ,helice de 3 aspas,rejilla con diametro de 18 pulgadas ac 220 v 50Hz 115W
Ventiladores 3 en 1 como: Pedestal, Piso Y Pared
Ventilador de 18 Pulgadas equivalente a 45 centimetros de Diametro
03 Velocidades de Oscilación MINIMO, INTERMEDIO Y MAXIMO)
Cabeza Giratoria de 360° Grados. Orbital
Altura Regulable.
05 Aspas Metálicas asegura Gran fuerza en el viento
Rejilla de Plastico, ideal para la Limpieza y no se oxida como las de metal
Incluye Accesorios para usar en Modo Pared
Tiene Cuerda para la opcion Pared, para la facil eleccion de las velocidades


Saudi Arabia is an ambitious nation with a vision! More specifically Vision 2030. With this national blueprint they are building on a vibrant society and a thriving economy with a strong focus on tourism and recreation. One of the main projects to realize this is Qiddiya, which is set to be the future capital of entertainment, sports and arts. The iconic destination, launching in 2023, includes impressive plans for theme parks, water parks and a wide variety of cultural attractions.Get more news about Saudi Arabia Projected Window,you can vist our website!

A first major realization was revealed to the public with a giant mountainside projection on the Tuwaiq mountains during the closing ceremony for the Dakar rally 2020. Initially, the Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) reached out to Martin Professional ME with the request to visualize a Qiddiya logo of roughly 100 by 100 meters on the face of the iconic mountain cliff. Martin Professional ME immediately suggested the use of Barco projectors, trusting their astonishing brightness capabilities and outstanding color performances over their long lifetime that have proven to deliver stunning results.

An on-site mockup was built for the customer with two UDX projectors to demonstrate the technological capacities. The results were so convincing, and the decision was made to extend the UDX projection coverage to 440 meter wide. The Barco projection mapping specialists of the Middle East offices joined forces with the design team of Martin Professional ME and executed a comprehensive projection study and a high-resolution laser scanning of the mountain. Ultimately 84 UDX-W40s projectors were used to transform the mountain surface into a dramatic backdrop. The entire projection mapping covers a total area of approximately 32,000 square meters making it the largest permanent projection mapping in the world!
Commenting on the launch of this spectacular project, Michael Reininger, CEO of Qiddiya said: “We received a great reaction when we first used projection to illustrate the potential of Qiddiya at our Ground Breaking Ceremony. This inspired us to create an enhanced and sophisticated light show that uses the latest audio-visual technology that once again, highlights how Qiddiya is set to become the Kingdom’s capital of entertainment, sports and the arts.”
The challenges of projecting a uniform image on a natural canvas with an irregular structure are manifold. The key factor to success was the active collaboration between Martin Pro and the other involved parties throughout the entire journey – teaming up together from prior studies of the mountain, to content design, projection setups with specially developed mounting kits and eventually the live show. In the end onlookers were amazed with the mind-blowing experience.

Martin Professional ME allocated a team of 15 specialists to implement the project. After a thorough examination of the cliff and its surroundings, using the latest technologies such as drones and 3D laser scanning and modeling; the team have proceeded with the scope of work and finalized the project accordingly. The 84 projectors were distributed across 9 different locations using 9 marine containers that have been fabricated to meet the operational requirements of all projectors.Ahmad Zaim, the project manager shared some of the challenges that he and Martin’s team have encountered during the implementation; One of the main challenges was the dusty desert environment and the interconnectivity of both power and data of the 84 projectors in such setting. In addition to that, the calibration and mapping of such large number of projectors on an irregular curved surface was not an easy job especially when the time frame for the whole project was set to 60 days only!

“Given the scale of this project and the time-window of 60 days to finish. We realized that there will be some serious challenges ahead of us, but our team worked day and night to break all the walls we hit during the implementation. Seeing those 84 projectors producing a single blended image on the cliff for the first time was a breathtaking and unforgettable moment. It was all worth it”, Ahmad Zaim commented.

“We were amazed at the scale of the required and the final outcome after all that work and supervision from the Martin, Barco and Vioso teams. It’s very difficult to put to words but this truly marks the start of something big, not just in Saudi Arabia, but the Middle East as a whole. To be part of this experience is the reason we do this. We are looking forward to the coming challenges where projects like Qiddiya will be a regular scene in the Kingdom. From here we have already looked ahead and have put our foot in, to pursue projects of this size and possibly working with the likes of such big companies like Barco and Vioso again”. Bilal Assidi, Martin Pro regional sales manager.

201101/Pull Out Tall Basket - Fashion Style

Function: Use high and narrow space skillfully to realize high cabinet storage, which can store various packaged foods, storage boxes, etc.Get more news about China Larder Unit Basket,you can vist our website!
■ Design: Smart use of high and narrow space, personalized opening design to improve space utilization; multi-level adjustment to meet the storage of items of different sizes; hidden hook design, beautiful and durable; imported damping slider, upper and lower slider design combined with soft close technology ensure the opening and closing move stable even the items it held are numerous and heavy.
■ Quality: The frame and parts are made of high-quality steel, and the surface is treated with a three-layer car paint process. The surface of the basket adopts trivalent chromium plating in European environment-friendly standard to ensure durability. The product has passed the German safety GS50000 exercise test.
■ Storage: Recommended to store various packaged kitchen spices, food, storage boxes.,etc.
Item No.:HPJ821
Name: Kitchen Cabinet Pantry Unit Basket
Weight capacity: 15-20kg/basket
Material: Iron or Stainless Steel
Finish: chrome plated, and powdering
Package: Five-layer normal export carton (1 pcs/ poly bag)
Page of Catalogue: page 27

EPS Cement Sandwich Panel: Features, Advantages and Installation

In collaborative efforts to maintain the highest standards of structural stability, JEDPanel focuses on crafting building materials that are highly functional, commercially acceptable and risk free. Our products are all different and we ensure the highest level of professionalism while working with similar industries.Get more news about Eps Cement Sandwich Panel Supplier,you can vist our website!
EPS sandwichs panel are structured insulated panels used as construction materials. Basically, they are three layered sandwich panels; a low density insulating core (cement) is sandwiched between relatively two hardened skin layers of structured board on each side of the core. Front board can be either fiber cement board or calcium silicate board (thickness of front board mainly 5mm, or 4 and 6mm). These structural combinations are best fit for environments where low weight and high structural rigidity is desirable.
They are manufactured by amalgamating styrene with isobutylene under high pressure. Tiny beads of polystyrene are fused within the dense core using steam heating process and pressure treatments. Upon heating, these beads are expanded as much as up to 40 times. Once the fusion takes place, the blocks are then segmented and shaped to deliver a variety of EPS products into the market.

Our sandwich panels are internationally accepted and meet the highest building codes and standards.
• They offer higher energy savings because they have low thermal conductivity.
• All structural resources of our EPS sandwich panels are weatherproof & maintenance free.
• The designs are pre-engineered to precision and offers simplified construction.
• The construction is frameless, lightweight and offers ease of design.
• With EPS sandwich panels; you get controlled quality and long lasting value.

Eriez Vibratory Feeders & Conveyors

With their totally enclosed patented magnetic drive, Light and Medium Duty Feeders are perfect for feeding practically any bulk material—from micron size to bulk chunks. They feature solid state controls, which operate the state-of-the-art feeders with “watch like” precision. Custom designs are available and may include multiple drives, enclosed trays or screens. Additionally, a wide variety of standard and special trays are available.Get more news about Vibration Feeder,you can vist our website!

Eriez' unique Hi-Vi magnetic drive circuit provides a simple yet powerful solution to difficult material feeding applications.

These feeders, with their totally enclosed patented magnetic drive, can feed practically any bulk material from micron size to bulky chunks. Solid-state controls operate the feeders with “watch–like” precision. In addition, you get all the features that for years have made Eriez Feeders the leaders in quality and dependability.

Eriez has standard models for the majority of feeding applications. Special units such as multiple drives, enclosed trays or screens can be designed for the best solution to your application. In addition, a wide variety of standard and special trays are available.The smallest feeder in the line, this economical model will give precise feeding of the most minute amounts of materials. It is ideal for feeding a regulated amount of granular to small lump material from a hopper to a second process, in small packaging operations or laboratory use.

Larger than Model A Feeders, these units use the same patented drive that provides the best linearity in the industry. Special construction is also available for Class II, Group F and G installation.

Eriez AC operated Hi-Speed Feeders have been designed for exceptionally high speed feeding of light, bulky materials. They provide greater economy and efficiency in feeding, filling, etc., and are ideal for use in conjunction with many weigh scale and packaging machines.

These feeders operate at speeds up to 75% greater than standard models; however, they do follow many of the basic tried and proven mechanical design and construction features of other Hi–Vi Feeders.“High Deflection” Vibratory Feeders combine the higher deflection 3/16- inch (4.8 mm) and lower frequency (30 cps) advantages of a mechanical feeder with the trouble–free service of an electromagnetic feeder. The Model HD is designed to handle powders and leafy products that normally could not be fed successfully in an electromagnetic feeder. Feed rates of up to 80 feet per minute (24 m/min) are possible for products with a bulk density less than 10 lb/ft3 (.16 gm/cc).

Bring Your Living Room Outside With Our Eight Favorite Outdoor Sofas

These days, building out an outdoor living space feels nearly as essential as its indoor counterpart. For one, an outdoor space allows us to entertain guests safely. Second, it can tack extra square footage onto an indoor living space. Get more news about Upholstered Outdoor Sofas,you can vist our website!

Like any living room, indoors or out, a sofa is central to design and function. We chose eight pieces that are beautiful, and easy to design around. With its modern teak frame (hello rounded legs!) and durable, mildew resistant Sunbrella cushions (the best of the best outdoor fabric) in warm white or cool charcoal, it’s easy to love this deep-seated sofa for any outdoor space. The spacious teak frame is finished with a beautiful hand-stretched weather-resistant polyester rope back, stainless metal hardware. This sofa is a top choice amongst our staff, and is featured above in Yardzen’s Growth Director’s backyard. In her words: “A beautiful, functional, and incredibly well-made sofa that stands up to the elements. I want one for my interior too!”

Crafted from the highest quality FSC-certified teak, which naturally repels water and will develop a natural gray patina with age, this statement-making outdoor sofa is an heirloom-quality piece for your outdoor living space. We also love the lounge-worthy plush cushions, featuring Sunbrella® upholstery fabric, and the modern silhouette forged by the black metal frame.

For small outdoor spaces, patios, balconies (even mudrooms) we love this geometric woven rope and Acacia wood loveseat from Target. A modern cozy seat for two, it has a beautiful, natural finish and contrasting, texture-rich taupe-hued rope. For larger spaces, add a second bench or flank with pair of the matching chairs and ottomans.

Make a graphic statement with this all-weather hand-woven cord sofa in neutral gray tones. The soft woven seat and coordinating bench cushion keep the look relaxed while a rust-resistant, lightweight aluminum frame make it a cinch to maneuver for a flexible space. This sofa looks much like the couch featured in our most recent Yardzen photoshoot!

Sleek yet simple, DWR’s Finn Sofa comes in multiple sizes and two colors, black and white. The effortless frame is crafted from sustainably harvested teak, and the seat and back are made from a breathable, pliant mesh fabric. The pieces are idyllic for a cabin in the woods, or modern digs in the suburbs.

We love the juxtaposition of this hi-gloss white frame paired with the simple, natural cushions of this 1960s inspired sofa. The metal, powder-coated graphic lines make it feel suited to modern and coastal settings. Whenever it lands, the seat is spacious enough to share with a few people or, perhaps, the perfect lounge for one. The cushions also come with ties, so they won’t slip around as people come and go.

Go big with this lounge-worthy sectional from Yardbird. This natural-look wicker and crisp, thick-cushioned sofa combines traditional elements with comfort. Built on rust-proof aluminum frames using all-weather, 2,500 light-hour woven wicker, Langdon offers a beautiful textured wicker finish with plush cushions made from mildew and stain-resistant fabric. This sofa looks much like the couch featured in our Modern Farmhouse photoshoot!

Channel the charm of the French countryside with this sweet white and brown-dotted bistro bench. Perfect for pulling up to a table, or curling-up garden-side with a book over morning coffee, the frame is crafted from traditional rattan for a warm finish that will patina over time.


The entryway to your home gives guests their first impression of your interior space. Whether you pick a light fixture that makes a bold statement or something more subtle and subdued, your choice of lighting sets the tone for the rest of the house. From chandeliers and ceiling fixtures to recessed lighting and table lamps, the variety of light fixtures that work well in an entryway is as boundless as your creativity and imagination. Get more news about Hallway Ceiling Lights,you can vist our website!

When it comes to choosing the perfect lighting for an entryway, start by considering the scale of the entryway along with any furniture, artwork or mirrors that you might want to highlight. Select fixtures that complement the architecture and design of your home while casting the right glow. You won’t find a strict set of rules that tell you exactly what type of fixture to use in every situation, but Pottery Barn has some entryway lighting ideas to get you thinking about your options.

Chandeliers add a bold, glamorous look to your entryway, and they come in a variety of styles including elegant crystal chandeliers, colonial candle styles or sleek drums and cage chandeliers. Choose a fixture that’s proportional to the space of the entryway. For example, if your entryway has 75 square feet of space or more, look for a chandelier with a diameter of at least 12" to 18". Smaller entryways look better with smaller chandeliers unless you want the fixture to serve as a focal point.

Pendants work equally well in modern and traditional spaces, and they add radiance to your entryway while still drawing the eye upward to create the illusion of a taller space. Styles range from single, chandelier-like pendants to clusters of smaller pendants. Use a series of small pendants to light a long hallway-like entryway, or a single, large pendant for a smaller area.

To calculate the size you need, try using the formula that many lighting experts use. Add the length and width of the entryway's dimensions and convert it from feet to inches. For example, if your foyer is 15' by 18', you get 33' after adding the two figures. In this case, you need a pendant that’s around 33 inches wide.

Ceiling lights don’t have to blend in seamlessly the way some lighting does, and if you don’t have the space for a chandelier, this type of fixture is a smart way to add visual interest to your entryway. Choose from traditional, elegant, contemporary or bold styles to fit your home and add a dynamic feel. From flushmount ceiling lights to semi-flushmount and track lighting, ceiling lights offer versatility in addition to casting pleasant ambient lighting. Track lights are a great option for highlighting specific areas or works of art, while all ceiling lights add a lovely glow to the area without limiting overhead space.

Wall sconces add a welcoming glow to the entryway without taking up valuable real estate on a console table or your entryway furniture. Use one on either side of the door or an entryway system. You can also use wall sconces to draw the eye into the rest of the house by installing them in the foyer and down the hallway, if you have one leading out of the space. Choose from a variety of styles, shapes and finishes to pull your entryway’s look together. Sconces also come with uplighting, downlighting and multidirectional lighting to cast their glow on a variety of surfaces.

If you have the space and you want to add a little extra visual interest to the area, lamps offer an attractive solution. Choose from floor lamps, which add a stately presence, and table lamps, which work well on consoles and shelving. Keep the lamp simple, but add a custom shade to create a sleek but interesting lighting solution. Play with different types of lightbulbs to determine the level of warmth or coolness that works best in the room. One final great thing about lamps is that you can move them around easily, and if you want to quickly change the look of your entryway you can simply swap out the lighting to keep things feeling fresh.

Making Sense of Wave Soldering

Depending on component technology, many options exist for automated mass soldering today. But wave soldering was the first – and, for several decades, only – practical method for quickly soldering large numbers of components to printed circuit boards (“PCBs,” also known as printed wiring boards or “PWBs” because their tracks or traces replaced actual wires previously needed to connect components).Get more news about Wave Soldering,you can vist our website!

Depending on component technology, many options exist for automated mass soldering today. But wave soldering was the first – and, for several decades, only – practical method for quickly soldering large numbers of components to printed circuit boards (“PCBs,” also known as printed wiring boards or “PWBs” because their tracks or traces replaced actual wires previously needed to connect components).

For the first decade of my life, our home telephone did not have buttons or even a dial. We picked up the receiver and asked a human to make the call. (Our home number was 399J.) Today, my phone is vastly more powerful and flexible than the mainframe computer on which I learned programming.

My first soldering job involved soldering wires to arrays of sockets. Components that looked like incandescent lightbulbs plugged into the sockets to make things like AM radios. There were a lot of people doing soldering in that factory and, as far as I can remember, no soldering machines.

One of the first units of the solid state mainframe computer (the IBM System/360) that changed the world arrived at my undergraduate university in time for my sophomore year. Commands and data were input with punch cards. Tape reels stored the data. Computer usage was by appointment only (and charged by the minute). We dropped off our cards and returned at the appointed time to retrieve the printouts from one of the dozens of techs required just to keep the system running. And this was the machine that would change the world!

I bought my first “pocket” calculator in 1972 for $350 (equivalent to a bit more than $2,000 today). It could perform the basic four functions (and nothing more) yet seemed worth every penny of its now absurd cost. My local drugstore was selling more powerful calculators for less than $6 not long ago.

Forty-odd years ago, I worked at a company that made the first word processors. They were the size of a closet, stored data on 10” floppy discs and cost as much as a Mercedes 450S. About five years later, personal computers not much larger than a mechanical typewriter handled word processing better than the original dedicated machines but cost about 80% less.

Around 1998, an electronics engineering professor of an esteemed university told me in all seriousness that the Pentium 4 processor was so advanced that there would never be applications requiring more power. That chip became obsolete within about 18 months.

In recent years, I have encountered synthetic humans so thoroughly lifelike that they are used for training surgeons. Pocket-size devices are close to performing real-time translation between very different languages. GPS has worked so well for so long that an entire generation has grown up without needing to use a map. And those incandescent lightbulbs that looked a lot like the vacuum tubes that I was soldering 60 years ago disappeared from stores about a decade ago, replaced for the most part by LED electronics.

In my lifetime, then, the world has reached the point where we would have a hard time getting by without electricity and electronics. It only takes a brief failure of the electric grid to prove we are utterly dependent on the movement of electrons.

The transformation in technology has been amazing and we quite rightly marvel at the remarkable components and assemblies that make this life possible. But the remarkable components are useless without solder – the same material used at least since Edison – to complete the circuit. Soldering is not as thrilling as new product development but it’s the very heart of electronics. And, even though we’ve soldered electronics since the 1800’s, the most common problems in electronics still involve getting solder everywhere it’s needed and only where it’s needed without damaging components.

Soldering is often described as an art. And that’s where the problems begin because soldering is all about science. Most soldering problems are easily preventable with understanding of the physical forces that control solder’s behavior.

1ml Glass Syringe with Luer Lock System and Needle

The 1ml Glass Syringe with Luer Lock System and Needle will provide you with easy and exact application of dabs or oils. Use the included needle for thinner oils while the glass tip itself is great for a thicker viscosity. Luer Lock system keeps everything sealed inside. Body of syringe is marked every 0.1ml for precise control of distribution. Makes a visually stunning package for dabs, hash oils, oils, etc.Get more news about Glass Syringe 1ml,you can vist our website!
Luer Lock system keeps contents inside
Needle included for use with thinner oils
Optional Gift Case sold separately
Dimensions: 18mm Diameter x 90mm Length (when full, with Luer Lock)
Dimensions: 18mm Diameter x 97mm Length (with needle installed)
Our borosilicate glass syringe can be used for glue application, refilling ink cartridges, and getting in hard to reach places. It is also for labs and veterinary offices that prefer non-plastic tubes.
RESISTS SUDDEN CHANGES IN TEMPERATURE - Tired of glass syringes that crack and break easily? Borosilicate is designed to stay completely intact even when it gets loaded with hot or thick liquids .
BEST VALUE FOR MONEY - Want to save more? Our reusable liquid dispensing syringes already come with their own 14 Ga blunt tip needles, (1 Blunt tip needle per syringe). unlike other brands that require you to purchase one separately.
LEAK-FREE & AIR TIGHT - The device is fitted with a plastic Luer lock & plastic plunger, which prevents leakage and keeps contents sterile. This feature also allows a mess-free transfer, refill and measurement of liquids.
DURABLE BUILD - Don't want to use regular glass syringes that simply shatter when dropped? Our high quality, non-toxic tube holds well against accidental drops with its high resistance against impact.
VERSATILE USE - Our borosilicate glass syringe can be used for glue application, refilling ink cartridges, and getting in hard to reach places. It is also for labs and veterinary offices that prefer non-plastic tubes.
RESISTS SUDDEN CHANGES IN TEMPERATURE - Tired of glass syringes that crack and break easily? Borosilicate is designed to stay completely intact even when it gets loaded with hot or thick liquids .
BEST VALUE FOR MONEY - Want to save more? Our reusable liquid dispensing syringes already come with their own 14 Ga blunt tip needles, (1 Blunt tip needle per syringe). unlike other brands that require you to purchase one separately.
LEAK-FREE & AIR TIGHT - The device is fitted with a plastic Luer lock & plastic plunger, which prevents leakage and keeps contents sterile. This feature also allows a mess-free transfer, refill and measurement of liquids.
DURABLE BUILD - Don't want to use regular glass syringes that simply shatter when dropped? Our high quality, non-toxic tube holds well against accidental drops with its high resistance against impact.
VERSATILE USE - Our borosilicate glass syringe can be used for glue application, refilling ink cartridges, and getting in hard to reach places. It is also for labs and veterinary offices that prefer non-plastic tubes.
RESISTS SUDDEN CHANGES IN TEMPERATURE - Tired of glass syringes that crack and break easily? Borosilicate is designed to stay completely intact even when it gets loaded with hot or thick liquids .
BEST VALUE FOR MONEY - Want to save more? Our reusable liquid dispensing syringes already come with their own 14 Ga blunt tip needles, (1 Blunt tip needle per syringe). unlike other brands that require you to purchase one separately.
LEAK-FREE & AIR TIGHT - The device is fitted with a plastic Luer lock & plastic plunger, which prevents leakage and keeps contents sterile. This feature also allows a mess-free transfer, refill and measurement of liquids.
DURABLE BUILD - Don't want to use regular glass syringes that simply shatter when dropped? Our high quality, non-toxic tube holds well against accidental drops with its high resistance against impact.


Depending on the type of food being packed, packing comes in various types. To pack these food materials, various Multi-Lane Packing Machines are used. The packing styles also change depending on the storage life of the product.Get more news about Magazine Packing Machine,you can vist our website!

Food that are high perishable like fresh processed meats and frozen items are best when vacuum packed since it can tremendously extend its storage life. There is a separate type of Stick Bag Packing Machine or food packing equipment used to perform vacuum packaging of the products.The Model 130T tray packer is the perfect complement to the most demanding production lines. With this machine one can reduce as many as 4 to 5 people from the manufacturing process.

Trays are fed from a magazine with a reciprocating placer. The reciprocating placer forms the tray into transport lugs. These lugs carry the formed tray to the product insertion station. Individual components of product enter from the infeed conveyor and are positioned in front of an indexing pusher. The pusher collates the boxes into the desired pattern. Once the pattern is formed, an overhead product pusher inserts the arrangement into the open tray. The full tray is then transported through plows, tuckers and folders to seal the tray flaps. The sealed tray is then sent through compression belts to discharge it from the machine.
Machine Features

Continuous motion, Lefthand machine.
Painted open frame construction.
Three foot carton magazine
Rotary carton pick-off
In-flight carton opening system
Barrel cam inserter
Product by-pass/reject chute
Fixed product bucket conveyor
Adjustable lugs and pushers chains
Adjustable top guides
Adjustable depth
Electrical 480 V/ 3ph / 60 Hz
Controls 24 VDC
Push button station
2 HP motor with AC variable drive
Allen Bradley PLC
Omron PLS used for timing
Pneumatics: 75 PSI 10 cfm
Interlocked lexan guarding

All your furniture facing the TV?

WE PROBABLY ALL spend more time sprawled out in our living rooms than we’d care to admit, and boxset bingeing aside, a comfortable living room is crucial for helping you switch off and relax at any time of day.To get more news about wholesale furniture, you can visit official website.

When it comes to comfort, we often think the only necessities in a living room are a comfortable sofa and a cosy temperature. But flow and layout shouldn’t be overlooked either. The correct furniture placement will encourage conversation, appreciation of natural light and an overall feeling of balance.

If you worry that there’s something not quite right in your living room, here are six great ways to change up your living room layout.

Mistake #1: Pointing everything toward the TV
Many Irish homes seem to take styling tips from Joey Tribbiani, whose entire interior design motto was roughly, “You don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?” There’s no need for everything in your room to be centred around the television.

Of course, it’s nice to have a comfortable viewing spot, but it’s also nice (and important!) to have a space to sit and chat without the distraction of a TV. It doesn’t exactly promote easy conversation to have a line of seating facing nothing but a screen.

Solution: Rearrange major furniture pieces so that at least some of the seating faces each other, a window or even a nice piece of artwork. If you can put your television on a swivel mount, you’ll be able to move it when you’re hoping to maximise viewing potential.

Mistake #2: Letting furniture line the walls
Following on from the above point, there’s a common misconception that lining up all of the furniture against the wall is the optimum arrangement. In reality, this set-up often leaves a room feeling empty and creates a lot of dead space in the middle of the floor. And because it gives off the impression that you couldn’t comfortably fit furniture, it reads as though the room is actually smaller than it is.

Solution: To create a spacious feel in your living room, leave at least 12 inches between the back of the sofa and the wall. You’ll also want to leave ample room between furniture, if you can manage.
When all of your furniture is the same height, your living room can be really uninteresting to the eye. In fact, with furniture of all the same shape, texture or size, there’s nothing to move your eye around the room.

Solution: Add some variety and balance to your space by mixing up the height of the furniture you place side by side. For example, a stove beside a side table, beside a pouf, beside a coffee table draws the eye low and creates too much busyness at the same level. Create more visual harmony by mixing in a tall bookcase or even a large statement lamp with artwork hanging overhead.
Mistake #5: Blocking a window view
If you’re lucky enough to have a nice view, that should absolutely be the focal point of the room. Don’t cover it up with curtains, or worse, have all your furniture facing away from what’s outside. Embrace mother nature’s handiwork instead of just watching documentaries about the outdoors on the TV beside it!

Solution: Frame the window with lighting and mirrors on either side to draw your eye over to the beauty beyond. Clear away furniture that conceals your vantage point. Your main goal should be to enhance the view, not to distract from it.

The 5 Best Electric Bikes for College Students

The college environment is a unique experience that asks you to always be on your toes, ready for action, and prepared for a challenge! Commuting is a challenge you shouldn’t have to worry about, and an electric bike could be the answer to your prayers. But which bike to buy? The best, of course. But with so many models out there, it’s not always easy knowing what to choose.To get more news about electric motorcycle for sale, you can visit official website.

The purchase price of an electric bike might sound steep, but you will save a fortune in the long-run by choosing a more environmentally and cost-effective means of transportation that does not require the gas, insurance, and other expenses that a car does.

Bookmark this guide and become an immediate expert on this revolution of commuting that will spare you from showing up a sweaty mess to class each day. We will cover the tips you should keep in mind while shopping, the best bikes on the market ranging from higher-end to economical, e-bike laws you need to be aware of, the cost to maintain you e-bike, and so much more! When you first start riding these blazing stallions that race up to 60 MPH, you’ll feel like you’ve cheated some kind of fitness code.

Just because you’re not pedaling your head off and dripping in perspiration, does not mean you’re not getting a workout. You still pedal and put in effort to ride your electrical bike, you simply don’t have to work as hard so you can go further, ride longer, and enjoy yourself even more! Riders who are truly passionate will invest up to $10,000 for a quality electrical bike. You can do that someday when you’re rich after receiving your degree. For now, aim for the most budget-friendly ride you can find.

Keep in mind that whatever your budget is, save a bit on the tail-end for maintenance and necessary repairs that may pop up in the first year or two.

Keeping these factors in mind will help you know instinctually which electrical bike is the one of your dreams. It should suit your needs, not break the bank, and make you feel like the coolest rider on campus! It’s impossible not to ride one of these without a big cheesy grin on your face as you feel the enjoyment of a race car or go-kart where pedaling is not required.

You can see there are plenty of reasons to make the switch, especially if your calves are so sick of your traditional bike and 10-mile daily commute. Do yourself a favor and invest in your wellbeing! This one tops many lists, regardless of being suited for college students, this bike is the definition of value.

Costing around $1,199, this is the epitome of getting the highest quality at a comparatively affordable rate to the competition. The reason that Rad Power Bikes can price their bicycles so affordably is because they cut out the middleman and distribute directly to their consumers.

Their expert team will happily assist you in the over 300 customization options for accessories which can be purchased. The Proprietary Passenger Package offers an adjustable seat that can add a passenger seat and customize the entire set-up for you.

The battery, as they put it, is not something you can “cheap out on.” Their Samsung 35E cells are lithium-ion celled batteries, which allow it to be more lightweight and energy-packed than almost any other electrical bike on the market.

A new electric vehicle company is planning an IPO

For corporations, 2021 has been a year of big spinoff plans and volatile SPAC offerings. As of this week, Wall Street and investors had one more iconic name to add into both financial engineering columns: Harley-Davidson.To get more news about ev, you can visit official website.

The motorcycle maker announced plans to spin off its electric bike division, LiveWire, as a new company through a SPAC deal that values Harley’s EV business at roughly $1.8 billion.

That’s not near the valuations some of the EV car makers, including Rivian Automotive and Lucid Group, have seen after recent market debuts, but it points to a fundamental challenge legacy companies, long leaders in their market, face as the world changes and mega trends such as energy transition and electrification become more central to investing.

Across multiple sectors, climate change is leading to calls for a rethinking of how iconic companies are structured. Royal Dutch Shell recently came under activist investor pressure to consider spinning off its renewable energy business. GM and Ford, while expressing no interest on their own, have been subject to questions from the market as to whether new EV businesses may be better as stand-alone companies.

“If anything this underlines what we’ve been saying for a long time. Detroit, wake up! The train has left the station! EVs are inevitable,” Roth Capital analyst Craig Irwin said in the Reuters report on the Harley-Davidson deal. “Many traditional OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers) with emerging EV businesses can obviously do similar spinoff transactions.”The special purpose acquisition company that LiveWire will merge with is an ESG-focused SPAC, AEA-Bridges Impact Corporation.

Climate change isn’t the only major transition theme that is leading to calls for corporate breakups, as major department store companies including Macy’s and Kohl’s face investor pressure to spin off online retail operations as e-commerce continues to grow. And these debates about how best to realize shareholder value are taking place on a broader landscape of corporate spinoffs involving iconic companies from GE to Johnson & Johnson.

For Harley-Davidson, the spinoff plan raises short-term questions about how best to fund and build a new business for a new transportation and consumer era, and longer-term questions about where the greater value will reside in the Harley-Davidson brand in the future — it will retain 74% control of the new company’s shares.Growth assets in the EV space are being valued differently than mature low/no growth assets like an internal combustion engine manufacturing enterprise, according to David S. MacGregor, Longbow Research analyst. “While the LiveWire spinoff isn’t yet being valued similar to other well-known EV stocks, the growth potential of the stand-alone business will be recognized in the years ahead and the valuation will follow,” he said.

From a product standpoint, even though the legacy business and EV business are both two-wheel bikes, they are different product categories and at different stages of evolution. That leads to several considerations which favor a spinoff, according to MacGregor. For LiveWire to recruit the talent that will allow it to succeed, management will need the autonomy of a stand-alone company, which in turn will allow them to create financial incentives for key managers that tie directly to the achievement of performance milestones. Autonomy also means making decisions on capital with the benefits of a clear market story.

“There is more for us to learn, but LiveWire was not likely to tap the flow of capital into electric vehicles as part of legacy Harley-Davidson,” wrote Craig Kennison, Robert W. Baird & Co. analyst in a note this week.Research on corporate divestitures conducted by Emilie Feldman, professor of management at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, indicates that similar thinking has benefitted in the recent history of corporate spinoffs.

“My analysis is unequivocal,” Feldman recently told CNBC. “We definitely see these big performance improvements both in divesting companies and then equally when we look at the performance of the companies spun off, they tend to strongly perform after the completion of the separation from the former parent company,” said Feldman, whose book “Divestitures: Creating Value Through Strategies, Structure and Implementation,” will be published next year.There are reasons for Harley-Davidson to separate the EV business as it continues with its own turnaround plan. It is not only the small developing business that can get lost inside the larger company to its detriment, but it can also be an added capital strain on a company facing major demographic and market shifts. It may be 2025 or 2026 before LiveWire reaches breakeven, and for Harley-Davidson it makes sense to not have that drain on its profit & loss statement while undergoing a broader turnaround plan under Harley-Davidson CEO and Chairman Jochen Zeitz.


Shanghai-based Kiwi expat Matthew Waddick has been building street-legal electric customs for years now, and knows this well. “Electric bikes are not new anymore,” he says. “You can’t wow people just by being electric—you need to do better than that.”To get more news about buy electric motorcycle, you can visit official website.

So Matthew’s ramped up his operations, set up a production company called Switch, and just released this stunning ‘eSCRAMBLER’ prototype. And we reckon it looks as good as any petrol-powered bike out there.

That’s because the design comes from Michel Riis, a former Yamaha Japan designer—and Danish flat track champion. The brief was for a mid-size motorcycle with similar proportions to Shanghai Customs’ eTRACKER concept, but with a more powerful motor, belt drive, and a more refined design.The ‘real world’ performance had to tick several critical boxes: a top speed of around 150kph, 0–100 kph in 3.2 seconds, and minimum range of 150km per charge. And the bike had to be production ready, which meant catering for tooling up, CNC welding jigs and molded parts.

“There are a ton of electric scooters, light electric motorcycles (mainly in the off-road segment), and expensive electric sports bikes,” says Matthew. “But there still isn’t much in this high-level ‘custom styled’ mid-size segment. And nothing I’ve seen in production so far.”This is mostly due to design challenges: it’s very different to make an electric bike look good while delivering speed and range at a price that buyers can accept.

Michel started off with basic dimensions and proportions, before sketching and working in CAD. “The design was not as easy as it looks—in fact, it was incredibly difficult,” says Matthew. “Making a complex product look simple is one of the hardest things to do, and that’s especially true with electric bikes.”The ‘tank’ on electric bikes always seems to get a lot of comments. “Putting a gasoline tank on is just ridiculous,” Matthew explains. “But at the same time, and particularly with this style of bike, some sort of heritage or natural evolution of design is required.”

“This ‘tank’ is another Michel Riis special and he spent a long time on this with numerous designs and trials before we got it right.The aluminum battery box is finished in a semi-gloss anodized dark grey, and the ‘tank’ in a Volvo metallic blue to accentuate the sculptured shapes.

The power pack has proprietary internals, and is rated at 11kWh going up to 13kWh—the same as the Zero SR. And the ‘mid drive’ motor outputs a whopping 50kW, which is good news for speed freaks.Most electric bikes use a drop in/perimeter style frame, where the ‘box’ slips in the middle and the controller sits on top under a ‘tank.’ But Matthew wanted a double cradle-style tube frame: “I’ve always loved them. They’re super strong and add a retro/soulful element that most electric bikes just don’t have.”

With clever use of lines, bends, radiuses and angles, Michel was able to make it work … with a little help from the engineers who make the Zero frames.Michel wanted the motor and its axle in the center of the swing arm pivot, with the belt coming directly off the motor—as opposed to a complex gearing or pulley system. Again, it was easier said than done, but carbon fiber belt maker Gates helped to find a solution.

The rims are 18-inch aluminum KTM items, front and back, and KTM forks are matched to a central mono shock. “We plan on releasing a twin shock eTRACKER variant though,” says Matthew, “with other subtle modifications, in the near future.”

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