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AppTweak, pioneer and leading App Store Optimization (ASO) platform driven by data science and trusted by the largest apps and games, announced today a $22 million investment in Series B funding from early investor Media Group Rossel.To get more news about App Store Optimization, you can visit official website.

AppTweak intends to use the funds to strengthen its international presence, notably in APAC and EMEA, expand its app marketing platform and broaden its managed services.Launched in 2014, the Brussels-headquartered company was one of the first to provide app developers and game publishers with actionable insights to increase their visibility and downloads in the app stores. Previously backed by a total of $1 million in seed funding, AppTweak has been profitable since 2017 and has seen rapid growth ever since.

AppTweak's platform rolled out 50 new features last year alone. The company's agile product development, top-notch technology and highly personalized customer service have led to a revenue growth of 957% over the last four years.

The company, which employs 50 people across four continents, counts more than 1,500 active customers from all verticals in over 70 countries. To date, it has already provided its Enterprise clients with over 400 keyword audits and recommendations through in-house managed services.

"The track record of AppTweak is impressive. We are convinced that this investment will allow AppTweak to become a worldwide organization, and develop the best ASO tool for apps and games." Bernard Marchant, CEO of Rossel.

"Today marks a big milestone for AppTweak. We are ready to accelerate growth worldwide and expand our services. With offices in Brussels, San Francisco, Tokyo and Bengaluru, we aim to open at least two or three new locations this year and plan to build a global presence in the next three years. We are very excited to take this journey with Rossel who has supported us since the early stages." Olivier Verdin, co-founder and CEO of AppTweak.AppTweak is the leading ASO tool driven by data science. AppTweak empowers +1,500 mobile leaders - such as Amazon, Jam City, Yelp, and Adobe - to grow their apps and games with actionable insights in a simple interface. AppTweak's all-in-one platform offers ASO Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, App Intelligence and Market Intelligence.

App Store Optimization: A Definitive Guide to ASO 2021

App store optimization has become a vital part of any app marketing strategy. And, to say it can sometimes be a confusing topic would be an understatement.To get more news about Ios App Store Optimization, you can visit official website.

In this guide, we’re going to give you everything you need to know to optimize your OTT apps for all the major app stores, so you can start getting more traffic, downloads, and sign-ups!App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing, improving, and tweaking your app’s listing to create better visibility within your chosen app store, like Apple’s iOS App Store or Android’s Google Play Store.

The more optimized your listing is, the more likely your app will appear in app store search results for the right keywords and be discovered by new potential customers. Google reports that 48% of their users find new mobile apps by browsing the Play Store. That means that a large portion of their 108.5 billion annual downloads happen that way!

If you want your apps to have great search rankings and be easily found by your target audience, then you need to use app store optimization as part of your marketing strategy.Search engine optimization (SEO) and app store optimization (ASO) both work in similar ways because you’re taking a page and optimizing it to display for relevant keywords in a database.

You can even use some of the same tools for SEO and ASO to help you research keywords, analyze your competitors, and optimize your app store listings. (More on that later).SEO does this by focusing on traditional websites and optimizing them to rank within search engine algorithms, like the ones offered by Google or Bing.ASO does this by focusing on app store listings and optimizing them for app store algorithms, like for the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

When a user types in a keyword – like fitness apps for women – effective SEO and ASO strategies will give you a good chance of showing up in the results page:If you look at this really zoomed out, you could say that ASO is like app store SEO. But, once you zoom in a little, you can start to see that’s where the similarities end.

SEO is used to increase the organic traffic to, and visibility of, a website or webpage. It looks to connect people with the right content or services for their needs. ASO is used to increase an app’s visibility and generate more organic app downloads. This includes creating better rankings in app stores and relevant search engines. Both marketing strategies focus on ranking, primarily, in separate databases with their own unique ranking factors.