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I will say as of late it is OSRS gold obvious they are placing a whole lot more resources behind it however there are still a smorgasbord of community problems behind poor moderation and non employees there.

That seems similar to a Jagex thing that just a low staff thing. It's not like when the whole firm was working on RS2 that they never had any issues with any network problems. They've been growing a ton and trying to tackle a lot of issues.

However, with how many issues players may point to, even if the whole business functioned exclusively on OSRS there's still a limit to how quickly the issues can be resolved. Just like they said how they had been likely to address the Duel Arena in ancient 2021 before the community outcry and the neighborhood has moved onto that subject to find other issues that need attention.

Pretty much, it's a great deal simpler and quicker to discover flaws than to fix them, but they have been making a real work. Like creating a C++ client for steam is a fairly major deal for how small the community seems to have reacted.

 I worry that osrs getting the Cheap Rs gold main cash cow incentivises jagex to push more money grabbing practices in the game.

I am hoping it shows Jagex that you don't need intrusive MTX to create something that's extremely profitable in this day and age. They could definitely add MTX to OSRS, but it would be quite short sighted.Very farfetched but yeLikely not likely to get eliminated entirely.

Never played with any nba 2k21 mt game, but I have never heard a single good thing about some of these. So can't say I'm surprised tbh.

Yes yo & WWE 2K PLAYGROUNDS Online needs. Repair, the sport crossplay & locate more pc matches compared to stadia Want to play Uno, get the the deck of cards Want to play with a racing gaIt can be great as long as you're able to maintain the hairloss from progressing much further (usually through drugs ). Fortunately Lebron has the money to get more done when he needs, take your vehicle to the track Want to play a shooter game, go play .

My purpose was that coming to terms with your appearance is a universal issue in humans and that we all probably have things we do not like about ourselves. If you may change that to your better then amazing!I've got a cheap mt nba 2k21 you can have, never opened or played, not even Certain where it came out since I don't play sports games Typically, around 10k in the US. Can do it in the Dominican Republic for approximately 3k-5k. Turkey is about precisely the exact same cost as DR, but I believe you will find a great deal more Dr's there who do it.

There's a few pics from his early days, like 4 photos taken 1 year apart, and you can see his hairline recede over time. Then another season BAM there is a picture of his hairline, back to where it was.

If content and devs are focused on player retention and gaining new gamers as a result of absolute quality, that is a bloody good thing. I think Jagex understood that OSRS would be the primary driver of gains without the cashcow mechanics, but are experimenting with all the RS3 playerbase.

It is not broken at the moment, and it is a delicate thing. The'potential of Jagex' is not trying to speed up the process we're seeing for both games, it's about maintaining the momentum going without breaking it. It is clearly functioning as is in the moment.

I'd really very happily play OSRS gold' gameloop at a similar styled futuristic universe. I am unsure how many others might but I definitely would love that shit. I recall I'd like to google all of the time back then as a kid hoping for mechscape leaks/updates (Though I seem to recall the project having another alias as well but I can't remember it now, I believe it began with an s or a a).

Like RS3 even is getting into handling multiple planes/planets/worlds, doing the same using a mechscape would not be too out of this question. And then skills could be modified in title. Hell, we could even go more adorable star or star wars inspired and still have magical.

I am not against Jagex creating a brand new Buy Rs gold game, they've got good workers on board who could surely make something happen in a different genre. Could being operative, needless to say.

Considering their track record at developing games aside from runescape, I would prefer them to stay a onetrick pony.

You always ignore the fact that they are banning bots. Their response is really inefficient, not disputing that BUT comparing blizzard servers with pservers just isn't realistic.

Pservers had 15k online in wow classic gold precisely the exact same time. I'd say that competitions individual Classic servers. Every one of these Classic servers includes a player base where every individual pays every month.

Just from Classic vouchers alone, Blizzard couldn't be considered a small company. I really don't think you quite comprehend just how much of this botting issue just boils down to sheer fail from Blizzard.(

Is Classic not a rewarding game? You make it sound like it will take a team of 30 rocket engineers to prohibit a single botter while, in reality, it's actually quite a simple task for one individual to perform.Literally all it takes is 1 or 2 people to oversee a few servers and then the botting problem is under control.

Yes they can, and I am tired of mywowgold classic wow gold all these Blizzard apologetics saying"well you've got to undertand this blablabla". No. Classic is profitable and botting is ruining the game. It isn't too costly to employ a few people to fix this problem.

GDKP is bullshit, I have gold but how can anyone compete against sweatys which use their credit cards to purchase thousands of gold.

Kick out them the league?Id play with mt nba 2k21 somebody who's trash at the match than with someone who is great and is a dribble god/ throw up 3s.If the movie game allows it how do you apply someone not doing this? Thats been the matter.

It's a private league so you simply stick to the rules. A good deal of private leagues create it where a few badges are banned from use like Heart Crusher. People simply stick to the rules.

How are you planning to apply something once the game allows it. The user can physically stand in the corner. Another user can still place screens on very top. And another user may still perform a curry slide. It is not like their controller won't physically allow them to do it.

Lol you watching game film of everyone's match to be certain they don't curry slip or stand in the corner for longer then 3 seconds or set more then two consecutive screen?

The other team simply has to buy nba 2k21 mt coins clip it and submit. Ive seen this done on myleague online leagues all the time.You'd get disqualified. You can certainly do the curry slip out of what it looks like. Just not spam it. If someone breaks the rules they just get the L for the league game. Its personal matchmaking so it does not go towards any 2K documents or anything.

Added a couple more and it's mostly off the top Mut 21 coins of my head and what my buddies and I've talked about.

This. So much. Also if they just worked on uniforms (make them move slightly independent of the player, flap in wind, so that they feel like clothing hanging off of a participant rather than a uniform paint job on a model). . Think hair physics but with outfits.

And eliminate role specific upgrades, let me spend points on whatever I want. Sometimes I Wish to update the harm score so when I'm irresponsible with my QB he will not get hurt yes. Another case is with WRs.

I will be honest with you, I largely update my gamers manually because the system in place is dumb as hell.

I see no real problem with this at cheap Madden 21 coins an offline league. Can you in theory change a wr to rb and apply the update points like that and switch them back?

No, the archetype system is the perfect way to go about the upgrades. Notably in a league along with others. Otherwise everyone is saving those up XP points for pace. The way it is now is much better than just choosing what to upgrade Agreed. This was really 1 part of this match I was quite content with. I have been in leaugues b4 and everyone did just that. Speed is such a significant difference maker in this game. Using XP for speed makes more of a difference than any other attribute. Taking away the uograde system could be a step backwards.

 I can say from experience I haven't remained on games that advertise RWT how it is on OSRS. The only real reason I play is OSRS gold because I have been enjoying. However, for a new player this is not what they need to see.

I believe at this point one of the only thing they can do about gold and robots sellers would be to ban the golden buyers. These buyers are the sole reason they exist and unlike bot farms that they invest time in their character and will not wish to take any more risk.

The main reason is that Jagex does not allocate nearly enough resources in to botbusting and anti-cheating. It's ridiculous to even hope to get a handful of individuals, like 4 or 3, to catch any substantial quantity of rulebreaking.Archeage did to golden buyers. Gold will be removed and any items purchased with the gold would be too. People would lose tens of thousands of dollars worth of gold and silver things.

Unfortunately they did these things because they wanted to possess the gold buyers go through the in game cash shop.

I think that the biggest turn off for Buy Rs gold new players is the scamming and phishing that is so rampant in this community, It's horrifying and sad. I'm a veteran player and I think it's unacceptable that jagex makes it possible for this nonsense to keep going.

A 90 defense total should not rank dead last in protection for the year or give up a touchdown every drive.

. Make it more exciting! You already compete with groups together with all the points system depending on your supply into the Madden 21 coins participant but how about: Your teams marketplace can play a huge part in registering someone. Depending on the player. Injured players will be cheaper and signal smaller deals or even just a minimal to prove themselves.

Give the Create-A-Player system a complete makeover. Most players seem like they lost five gallons of their minds are the size of a plum.

This. So much. Also if they only worked on uniforms (make them move marginally independent of the player, flap at the wind, so that they feel like clothing hanging off of a participant rather than a uniform paint job on a model). . Think hair physics but with outfits.

And eliminate role certain updates, allow me to spend points on whatever I would like. Sometimes I Wish to update the injury score so when I am irresponsible with my QB he will not get hurt yes. Another example is with WRs. You cannot improve their running features (juke, spin, elusiveness, etc) even though running is a huge part of playing the position.

I will be honest with you, I largely upgrade my players cheap Mut 21 coins manually because the machine in place is dumb as hell.

I find no problem with this in an offline league. Could you in concept change a wr to rb and use the update points like that and switch them back?

No, the archetype system is the best method to do the updates. Especially in a league along with others. If everyone is saving those up XP points for speed. How It's now is much etter than just selecting what to update