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I think that the Mother (Brain) out of Phantasy Star II is a creation of a race of"Earthmen" humans, designed to restrain the starsystem's resources such as the Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta reasonably Earth-like Palm, but is eventually tainted by Dark Falz/Force. Under her opinion, Palm ends up getting completely destroyed by rapping with a satellite.

Sooner or later, she's corrupted by Dark Falz, and it warps her to the point that her directive of"conserve the planet" makes her think the best means to do so is wipe out all life on the planet so that it can not ruin it and drain its sources, and prior to the beginning of the game, '' she razes the planet and wipes out many organic life, and wipes out the memories and melts down many CASTs.

She is eventually corrupted as well, turning CASTs on her community mad, and must be destroyed to stop her corruption from spreading and wiping out everything. Additionally, it is not exactly her fault, but there is a similar satellite-collision incident in PSU's plot - that the colony that the PSU equivalent of ARKS is inscribed on orbits Parum, also is sabotaged poorly enough that its orbit begins decaying along with the residential sector has to be ejected from the rest of the boat, leading to the rest of the channel crashing into Parum - it doesn't ruin it, but it wipes out a city, and leaves a huge crater and uninhabitable area around the wreck website.

The Mother in PSO2 Meseta for sale is an artifical creation of this Photoners (along with the Photoners are like certain thematic tactics to what is seen of the PSII Earthmen, IE arrogant and egotistical ) that oversees Earth, and throughout the course of EP4's narrative she's corrupted by Dark Falz/Profound Darkness.