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After the reform and opening up, a wide range of cultural impact of people's traditional aesthetic concept, and now home improvement pursuit of personalized, quality, traditional solid wood flooring pattern diy wooden fence Europe and the Middle East can not meet the modern young people to pursue fashion, personalized needs. But now you no longer have to worry about this, the new floor for the young people's personalized needs launched a series of rich color, colorful puzzle flooring, I believe will not live up to your expectations.

New parquet flooring using different types of wood color and texture of the different, splicing out of affordable vinyl railing the changing shape and pattern, so as to achieve a different decorative effect.

The process of parquet flooring is very complex, and some complex patterns need more than 20 kinds of different flooring materials for splicing Caixing, complex craft also achievements of the new parquet bison modular wood decks tiles on roof decks flooring unique quality and luxury to enjoy, by the consumer's praise The The new parquet flooring installation is the use of point-like suspension technology, can easily solve the traditional solid wood flooring installation Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trust process of the shortcomings, easy to get your home floor installation.

turpentine, smell, pay special attention to the selection of quality products, after use must be timely ventilation to stay. The two main components, harm and prevention of paint paint is oil, resin, paint, thinners, materials containing formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful substances, formaldehyde is one of the biggest harm. Although not the main component of the paint, but as a part of the paint to protect the quality of the paint, the paint after the bright light. Formaldehyde has a strong stimulating effect on the

skin and mucous membrane, is a protoplasmic poison and protein binding, formation of formaldehyde in the body, there is a strong damage to the retina. Paint the use of organic solvents, if long time inhalation of organic solvent vapour will cause chronic poisoning, short time exposure to high concentration organic solvent vapor, will also have the risk of acute fatal poisoning. So paint construction must pay attention to safety. 1, adequate ventilation after decoration: house decoration is good, do not rush to stay,

which has been painted paint, harmful gas is still not row indoorWith the improvement of people's quality of life, people pay more and more attention to their living environment and health index. Whether it is the choice of decoration materials or soft furnishings, are environmental priorities. The paint is an essential material Jiezhuang construction, how to choose the environmental health of the paint? The house Xiaobian teach you how to choose green paint. Environmental health and environmental protection products

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Use more convenient. Sprinkler operation is simple, but can not be intermittent water, to properly grasp the beginning and end of the water spray time. With water spray easy to exert corrosion of the tank, the tank rusty. Relatively speaking, the sun heat reflective anti-corrosion coating technology with anti-corrosion function, but also conducive to the tank area beautiful. Saving composite cork flooring price Japan valuable water resources, power resources, as well as environmental protection, safety and efficiency.

From the heat of the sun heat insulation anti-corrosion coating technology excellent weather resistance and water resistance, resistance to yellowing, no powder, hot and humid, salt spray, mildew and other performance point of view, it's more than 8 years of service life Reduced maintenance costs.

According to our understanding Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trust of the anti-solar radiation raw materials and the best insulation effect of the construction methods and paint research and development experience, as well as the above list of a large number of facts and experimental data show that the use of solar thermal insulation anti-corrosion coating technology to achieve It is practicable to be a highly efficient energy-saving wpc decking fence in good quality storage tank and to reduce the oil storage loss of the oil and gas reservoirs, and the application area is very extensive: a variety of industrial and civilian equipment and facilities for fear of sunburn.

The water surface of the ship, etc. According to our understanding of the anti-solar radiation raw materials and the best insulation effect of the construction methods and paint research and development experience, and the above list of a large number of facts and experimental data show that the use of solar thermal insulation anti-corrosion coating technology To plastic stakes for fencing Canada achieve the tank to become "hot" energy efficient storage tanks and reduce oil and gas storage loss is feasible, and the application of a very wide range: fear of drying a variety of industrial and civilian equipment, facilities.

heritage of the advantages of trees, color and moist, excellent softness, can give a kind of affinity and harmony The feeling of the relative tiles of cold and cold in terms of naturally more suitable for the shop at home. Reason two: the floor is more beautiful, luxurious in the decoration effect, the floor than the tile beautiful, luxurious, the world famous building is almost all wood flooring. Reason three: the construction of convenient, with the rest assured that the floor more peace of mind, the floor of the construction process is a unified

technical standards. You just choose the color varieties, the floor business will generally be a pack in the end, presented all the accessories, door-to-door, responsible for the installation, maintenance and other basic is a one-stop service. Reason four: health and environmental protection that the floor is less environmentally friendly, it is because he still stuck in the strengthening of composite floor formaldehyde release this indisputable fact, but with the consumption level and technological progress, strengthen the composite floor

has gradually withdrawn from the mainstream market Stage, replaced by solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring safety has been far greater than the tiles, because the tiles have a natural radioactive, the human body has some damage, and this is immutable. Reason Five: in the abandoned replacement or transformation, the floor is easier than the floor when you need to re-decoration or want to change another floor or tile when the floor replacement is very easy, but also for the plastic floor can also be used twice, Greatly reducing the

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China's wood flooring market in 2005 supply from 130 million square meters in 2004 rose to 230 million square meters,wpc decking flooring board and Shun in 2005 solid wood flooring sales revenue also reached 700 million yuan. In view of the global shortage of timber supply, in 2004 Anxin purchased a large area of ??virgin forest in Brazil to protect the supply of long-term timber resources and thus became the first Chinese company to purchase forest resources abroad.[url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/suppliers/6055.html]diy wood fence plans[/url] At present, Anxin annual purchases of wood in Brazil accounted for more than 50% of China's total timber exports to the floor.

Lu Weiguang said the next three years in addition to solid wood flooring areas continue to expand the industry's leading edge, the focus will increase investment in solid wood flooring, the company has invested 80 million yuan,[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/high-quality-wood-plastic-flooring-provider.html ]High Quality Wood Plastic Flooring Provider[/url] built two world-class solid wood composite flooring production line, Next year will also invest 200 million yuan in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park to build three new production lines,designs for outside floorings while expanding the production capacity of solid wood flooring. On March 28th, the 8th International Ground Material Exhibition in Shanghai,

the prestige of the new Wei-licensing floor to lift the upsurge of investment,[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/green-high-tech-material-wood-plastic-composite.html ]Green High-Tech Material Wood Plastic Composite[/url] hundreds of industry around the elite to attract, expressed willing to join the Weiguang floor, there Even on the spot to come up with millions of dollars on the deposit. It is understood that the high price of the floor of the high-profile investment is very staggering, the specific performance of the customer requirements of high credit level, the strength of funds,how to build a balcony deck the market operation ability, industry experience, to ensure that in the local market will Wei Guang floor made the first Brand. Just over a month, in addition to Tibet,

Polish eyes and urgent industry norms must be the same peer In recent years, sales of solid wood flooring and laminate flooring have been significantly affected in varying degrees. Solid wood composite floor material for gray slate composite floor tile the fast-growing forest, solid wood flooring drawn from natural forests, in use will be more hard and durable. And now the consumer awareness of environmental protection is getting higher and higher, so according to the center of the data, solid wood flooring sales decline is not surprising.

"Solid wood composite for the difficult problem, which is mainly for the following reasons.First, the solid wood flooring composite fence panels ontario In the formaldehyde emission is difficult to control; Second, the enterprise blindly profit, in order to reduce the cost of using low-quality plastic, to the health of consumers and regardless of; third, the market yet to be standardized, allow unqualified products into the market. As long as the business, chasing the interests of nothing wrong, but in the pursuit of the interests of the time should buy cheap wall panelling in Indonesia not be free to consumers, to a variety of gimmicks to bring high-sounding hat damage to the interests of consumers.

As a consumer, must also polish their own eyes, rational treatment of business shouting and speculation tricks.As the government and related intelligence agencies, on the one hand to strengthen the guidance and supervision of the development of the industry, strict raw materials collection, production, circulation Link, not to an unqualified floor into the market, another aspect, to speed up the improvement of the legal system, for violations of Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trust laws and regulations of enterprises, increase penalties, increase illegal costs.

process without any toxic and harmful gases and odor release, in line with modern home decoration interior decoration environmental standards;5, wood doors with waterproof, moisture, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, anti-moth, no deformation and other characteristics, in addition to indoor doors, but also suitable for large temperature, humidity, poor ventilation, such as sanitary napkins, 6, wood-plastic door structure design is reasonable, good formula, advanced production technology, high strength;With the passage of time,

people in many of the decoration style, the classic style of decoration is always constantly heating up, antique wood flooring has become the main material we buy. But the selection of antique wood flooring is also very particular about the face of uneven quality of the antique wooden floor how to choose? The following Xiaobian for everyone to bring the antique wood floor selection methods and product recommendations, these antique wood floor design Not only the color color rich, gives the feeling is also ever-changing, together

to see it! Antique wood floor is good one, the antique wooden floor antique wooden floor is not strictly related to any kind of wood flooring type, because the antique is only a wood Floor style. Because, in recent years, antique-style furniture has been a lot of people love. In addition, the antique wood flooring types are: antique solid wood flooring, antique solid wood flooring and antique laminate flooring. In addition, there is a very special antique bamboo flooring. Second, the production of antique wood flooring antique

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Turning your outdoor space into a comfortable one is a practical and economical way to increase the square to your home. However, most of this space requires technology, sometimes professional help and good aesthetic sense. Determine the correct material for your deck and Corridor project to balance the form selection, function and budget. Some of the materials for your deck and corridors are discussed as follows: Wood: if you have a lot of options, but lack of funds, consider investing in the handling of southern pine for your outdoor construction pressure. You can easily enhance its aesthetic appeal to clear the wood with a higher grade. All you need to maintain regular cleaning and regular dyeing / sealing. Consider mixing metal pile materials to keep your decks and balconies long lasting. Since nearly 20 years since its inception, composite flooring has just been raised. You may have observed that the basic composites almost look like synthetic versions of lacquer wood. You can add synthetic rails to it to reduce long-term maintenance and achieve superior long-term performance.

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wood absorption and lose luster. Bright paint quality is also a reason. With wet and dry sandpaper grind off the old paint, brush the dust with a clean damp cloth polishing, the surface clean, to be dry after re paint brush. We must pay special attention to, painting in very low temperature environment, the film is dry, may also lose luster. 8, the film is usually caused by a wrinkle paint brush is over second times. At this time, the solvent in the lower paint will affect the upper layer of the film, so that the wrinkling. The

available chemical mercury removal agent or heating method to remove wrinkle varnish, re paint. Remember, must be as the paint is dry, it can be second times. The surface of 9 new paint, lacquer face is coarse, usually uses paintbrush or not clean by the surrounding environment pollution. There may be a paint mixed with paint, without precipitation and filtration before use, or youqiweigan stained with dust. In order to prevent the occurrence of these problems, must use clean paintbrush and paint bucket. Be

sure to use paint paper or clean nylon before useWith the progress of the society, ceiling engineering became the main engineering decoration, wooden keel and natural environmental protection, low cost, and convenient construction, is the ceiling material choice, here we take a look at the construction process of wooden keel ceiling installation. The wooden keel ceiling construction process: 1, put the line first step: determining the standard high, the floor base line as a starting point, according to the design

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Beijing, China, May 11, 2006 - Global Private Equity Inc. Carlyle Group today announced plans to invest US $ 27.5 million (or RMB 230 million) in China's largest manufacturer of solid wood flooring - Shanghai Anxin Flooring Co., Ltd. The At the same time, Anxin to take this opportunity to launch the Russian material,Corrosion Resistant WPC Pergola Suppliers Southeast Asia and African wood-based new brand Weiguang floor, large-scale into the solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring market. Weiguang floor to the founder of the letter - Lu Weiguang's name. [url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/malaysia/1221.html]composite for deck in germany[/url]Anxin floor in the selection of materials to high-grade Brazilian-based, and Weiguang brand to the Russian-based, two brands will have a separate distribution channels.

We have a lot of potential partners in the Carlyle, first of all because of his good reputation in the capital market, and its strong strength. [url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/suppliers/854.html]how much to do a 20 foot deck[/url]Cooperation with Carlyle not only strengthened the security of the letter, said Mr. Lu Weiguang, founder and CEO of Anxin. Of the capital operation capacity, while enhancing the security control of the timber resources industry chain capacity, but also to expand overseas sales channels,agricultural synthetic wood floors stockists improve the company's management and innovation has played a positive role.

Carlyle Managing Director and Asian growth fund investment director Zuwen Carnegie is proud to be investing in a company that supports environmental protection,[url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/suppliers/1623.html]cheap outdoor decks in singapore[/url] and is a leading company in the country's solid wood flooring, the only vertically integrated company in the industry, so that even if the supply of raw materials fluctuates, Still maintain a high margin of profit and strong growth. Anxin forward-looking into Russia, in the vicinity of China's border to build a solid wood processing plant,average cost deck railing not only to strengthen its production capacity and scattered by the global logging restrictions brought about by the increase Supply risk.

increase. Now 10 domestic wood-plastic production enterprises, there are seven foreign manufacturers, and all products for export.?Technical Advantages and Performance Characteristics of Wooden Plastic Door?1) high quality raw materials, formula scienceThe main raw material of wood-plastic door is PVC resin and high-quality wood powder, PVC resin adopts medical grade domestic brand-name products, wood powder by professional wood company to provide high quality wood powder, after grading screening,

grinding, drying, Finished product on the quality requirements of raw materials. Wood-plastic door system with a certain proportion of auxiliary materials, into the stabilizer, foaming agent, modifier, etc., a variety of ingredients in accordance with the strict ratio of mixing, effectively guarantee the quality of foam sheet products.?2) advanced production equipment.Production equipment is from the mixing system to the extrusion system all imported from abroad, ranking the leading international level, a high degree of automation, which mixing

equipment with a precise amount of ingredients, mixed evenly, high efficiency, fundamentally to ensure the stability of the product The As the production of wood-plastic foam door production equipment on the higher requirements of foam, and the use of high-torque twin-screw extruder, and screw, screw and other components to be modified to meet the lignin inside and outside the surface crust and Uniform foam, to avoid charcoal charcoal and other phenomena occur.3) Thermal transfer technology leaderWood plastic series of products

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up. 4, it can not install their own customers please contact the installation master installation, can not save money and foolhardy. 5, for the solid wood sofa, leather sofa, fabric sofa and rattan sofa, rattan sofa and cloth need to install a few, generally only need to install the sofa foot. Combined wood sofa generally from the side to help hand connected by the backplane, and then installed before the bar, then the other side of the armrest plate, then sit in sofa feet finally. Do not install screw a screw in the end, into the 2/3,

the whole frame is installed flat on the ground step on the flat iron, then tighten the screws, which can avoid the phenomenon of uneven appearance after installed sofa. Conclusion: Yuan Zong furniture is good? Small series in the above to introduce the Yuan Dynasty furniture and installation notes, I hope to help you. Learn more knowledge of furniture welcome attention to the house decoration network.In Home Furnishing decoration, carpentry decoration can be an important link to the ceiling down to the floor,

wood everywhere traces of decoration, but many owners of the standard process of carpentry decoration enough to understand, and the house below small make up learn interior decoration woodworking acceptance of 14 points. 1, indicating to be flat: Decoration carpentry project is the existence of the phenomenon of broken. Carpentry projects should ensure that the surface of the decoration is smooth, no drums or broken. 2, the corner to 90 degrees: Decoration angle is accurate. The normal rotation angle

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Product role: to reduce the viscosity of the mud to improve the fluidity of the mud to reduce the mud moisture content, thereby reducing the ball mill and spray drying tower energy consumption, increase production, and has cheapest way to do an outdoor patio Europe and the Middle East a certain grinding effect; and powder particles More reasonable, improve the comprehensive performance of powder, improve the flow of powder, increase the green strength, reduce mucosal and sandwich phenomenon.

Usage: thinner and mud, water together decking tiles in northern ireland with the ball mill for milling, the amount of added according to the ratio of different materials to join. Product use: building sanitary ceramics industry, including wall tiles, tiles and ceramic sanitary ware.

Product Description: High performance how to keep deck boards from warping coal water slurry additive product performance and features: can effectively improve the hydrophilic water, so that the formation of water on the surface of coal powder, reducing the viscosity of high concentrations of coal slurry, and improve the mobility of coal slurry, Can also reduce the moisture of coal-water slurry, improve the concentration of coal-water slurry, increase the stability of coal-water slurry, so that delivery more convenient. Combustion better when the atomization, coal-water slurry combustion more thoroughly, more efficient combustion, less residue. Products Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trustwith a wide range of coal adaptability and process adaptability, easy to use, to meet a variety of coal requirements.

High temperature insulation coating can effectively inhibit a variety of conduction heat and radiant heat, thermal insulation suppression efficiency of up to 90% or more, can inhibit the high temperature objects and Discount Inground Pool Kit Decking low temperature objects, heat radiation and heat conduction loss, this high temperature insulation Insulation coating at 1100 �� surface of the object coated with 8mm thick, the surface of the object temperature can be reduced from or less.

This high-performance Do IT Yourself Eco Friendly Bench Northern Mariana Island thin layer of high temperature insulation coating, has been widely used in aerospace.

military, metallurgy, power, petrochemical, transportation and other important areas, its excellent performance in the insulation material can not be replaced, for the technical improvement of the brushing material To the decisive role, energy efficiency, stability, science and technology unprecedented, for the development Replacing Composite Picket of society as a whole, is a truly epoch-making industrial insulation materials to help enterprises to take a new step in industrial energy-saving economy.

Performance of Wood - Plastic Composites in Outdoor EnvironmentWood-plastic composite products in outdoor use in two cases, one is the product contact the ground or in the ground, the other is the product on the ground. The environmental impact factors are: corrosion of fungi or termites, etc .; UV and humidity; climate such as freezing - thawing and so on. Wood-plastic composites are limited in their use as wood substitutes in certain industrial fields due to their high density, high cost, high brittleness and poor toughness.

In recent years, by adding the foaming agent in the wood-plastic composite material, the micro-hole in the wood-plastic composite material can passivate the crack tip and prevent the crack propagation, and can effectively control the shortage of the wood-plastic composite material, Materials in the automotive interior, aerospace and decoration and other aspects of the application. The molding method of wood-plastic foam composite material is a new research field by molding, extrusion molding and injection molding.

Wood-plastic composites also need to protect wood-plastic composites as the most fundamental advantage of outdoor applications of wood substitutes for their low maintenance and weatherability. But it must be noted that: low maintenance is not without maintenance. In order to protect the WPC appearance, it is necessary to add weather-resistant pigments and UV stabilizers to reduce fading. Some manufacturers also use a co-extruded method to coat the wood-plastic composite material with a layer of plastic to isolate the

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