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This process has the following aspects: to investigate the original roof conditions 1, to understand the structural characteristics of the roof system and the original waterproof layer of the characteristics outdoor flooring for over concrete Thailand of the material. observe the roof of the grassroots situation, if any cracking, roof dislocation and so on. to understand the extent of damage to the old waterproof layer

the use of detection equipment to determine the leakage point, according to reasons for plastic furniture (doors and stools ) gaining preference over wooden furniture the test results, quantitative assessment, and as the next step for the basis of leakage management. for the details of the detailed investigation of the structure, the skylight, chimneys

floods, yin and yang angle, water outlet, parapet and other parts of the careful inspection, record the leakage situation. a comprehensive analysis of the leakage situation On exterior wall cladding in south africa the basis of on-site investigation, the issues involved in a careful analysis to determine the scope of maintenance and specific governance measures.

This step includes: Leakage treatment According to the test results to determine whether the local repair or a comprehensive renovation, repair the size of the range, and what kind of construction methods. What is the requirement for the durability of the waterproof layer? Whether the performance Outdoor Balcony Decking,Outdoor Composite Decking Products - Shanghai Seven Trust index of the waterproofing material for management and maintenance can meet the requirements. If the grassroots cracks, dislocation, which should be taken to enhance the way.

deformation. Laying without drilling on the ground, do not destroy the floor structure. Another advantage of this method is not to nail fixed floor, the floor is not damaged, can be reused after removal. Suspension laying method. At present, the suspension laying method is very popular in Europe, has reached more than 90%.

The so-called floating that the floor is not directly bonded to the ground, usually in the ground laying mats, and then in the mat on the floor glue together into one of the laying method. At present, the more commonly used mat material is bedding. Compared with the traditional installation method, the use of pavement pond suspension with a sense of tread,

moisture, no damage to the ground, can be reused and so on. Direct sticking method. With this method of laying, the floor directly with adhesive fixed on the ground, requiring the ground to clean. But the use of this method is best to lay the floor and small size of the solid wood flooring, not suitable for laying the larger size of solid wood flooring.

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The performance of this new material and how it is applied in steel roofing waterproofing. Steel structure dedicated butyl waterproof sealant, steel roof panel lock seal glue Overview butyl sealant is a butyl rubber wood plank concrete stamps for sale in san diego matrix as a single component neutral sealant. With high elasticity and excellent resistance to aging, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and other properties, for the interface deformation and cracking adaptability, especially waterproof, sealed, low temperature resistance and follow the performance of the most prominent.

Application of steel roofing system in the vertical roof lock plate bite parts, roof floor sheathing composites plastic Latin America all kinds of edge, plane lap joints, roof fan, pipe openings and other parts. Because the gap between the steel plate and the steel plate in the absence of sealant to do the filling under the premise of mechanical bite between the hard bite, there will always be some small gaps, especially in the temperature changes, wind load, snow, etc.

After the external force, prone to elastic deformation, resulting materials used for decking in displacement at the connection site, or stress is not synchronized caused by cracks in the joint parts, rain when the flood effect, the use of seals, silicone toilet polyurethane waterproof technology can not be stained with the color plate Simultaneous movement of the junction, resulting in the phenomenon of continuous leakage of the roof connection parts, the use of butyl seal rubber lock after Outdoor Balcony Decking,Outdoor Composite Decking Products - Shanghai Seven Trust the roof like a piece of metal, and truly "seamless".

production process, each point of view, how to control, to finished-parts storage products. Through such after careful spot check, really found in Europe there are also many problems of the products. We find the best product." know a good brand needs to have good product quality.

Ran the better part of a European look for manufacturers, is in order to find the most quality assurance products. Actually the flooring industry, are mostly have their own domestic production factory, like ou dian production abroad, the domestic OEM sales way, also have the floor enterprise also used in more than a decade ago, but because the cost is high, eventually abandoned. New Europe allusion, choose the elimination model can succeed?

Ou dian enterprise President, "is like and Mercedes, Mercedes Benz car can make hundreds of dollars, it can. It does not do, don't do it. Because, I think the whole development of the ou dian, is one to ten years, for a period, one to five years I knocked ou dian brand out, and then after five years, the market positioning of the ou dian is clear to tell consumers, Europe allusion is high-end, high end."

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The rapid development of steel industry led to the birth of many new materials, steel roof as the most advanced waterproof material - butyl waterproof seal tape also came into being. Previously, more than 80% of steel plastic composite boards hollow from inside roofs have different degrees of water leakage, mainly concentrated in the water pressure board interface lap, inside the gutter on both sides of the gutter and wall connection parts. Which not only affect the project recovery, but also affect the company's brand reputation, thus becoming a steel company's unspeakable.

In fact, this is not entirely due to the construction unit does not regulate the operation caused composite cladding tongue and groove by the phenomenon of leakage and steel roof and its own performance and climate change also has a great relationship, because the steel material itself, thermal expansion and contraction coefficient, plus On the wind load, snow and other external forces

the general sealing material (such as silicon construction waterproof trap price glue) because it will be solidified and thus can not adapt to the thermal vinyl flooring installation expansion and contraction of the roof, so after a year or so after the climate change will produce degumming Phenomenon, resulting in water leakage

can not achieve long-term waterproof effect, often staged "one year repair" phenomenon, which brings a lot of cooperation to the unpleasant. In view of this situation, the development of the current domestic most cost-effective advantage of the new Outdoor Balcony Decking,Outdoor Composite Decking Products - Shanghai Seven Trust waterproof material - steel-specific butyl waterproof sealant, waterproof tape products for steel enterprises to completely solve the steel roof water leakage problems, the following is the author

Dentro y fuera cortes, negocio de tratamiento, el comercio, dedicarse a construir cobrar para el comercio, la exposición, la información, el tratamiento, el almacenamiento, llevar, financiar 7 gran plataforma en el área de Asia-Pacífico de un todo orgánico el más antiguo comercio internacional de productos de madera centrar.

El 20 de enero de 2014, la duración del invierno profundo. Muelle de madera de abundante de artículo de área portuaria de pasto de Cao la esposa de un príncipe el primero lo saludó a las 10 en punto del vapor de la mañana que en viento frío enérgico, Chu Yangwei calienta. Esto se carga completamente con 30 mil madera, el vapor de la nacionalidad extranjera que viene de lejos de Oceanía Nueva Zelanda se llama "Venus", su llegada es la marca que el muelle de mayor de madera de este nuevo estudiante enfrenta formalmente un mundo entero para conducir el puerto Estar abiertos a la navegación o al tráfico aéreo.

El tiempo transcurre rápidamente. Desde 2014 hasta ahora, en el tiempo que no llega 3 años, muelle de artículo abundante madera ya recibió vertido procedente de la madera de alto grado del país como Estados Unidos, Canadá, Nueva Zelanda, Rusia en sucesión, el La diversidad que las importaciones de canal se aseguró de que la cantidad completa especificada que la tarea estima es overfulfiled, también puede durar de la industria de desarrollo de la madera de construcción eficazmente estimulante. Llegado en enero de este año sólo en agosto, muelle de madera abundante artículo ya terminó la entrada de 400 mil estere por medida.

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"Now the Internet technology, large data has become a new force in the development of the furniture industry, some large enterprises and large stores are exploring online and offline combination of electricity sales model." Zhu Changling that the furniture industry to use Internet technology to enhance production technology Level,patio furniture for sale in washington management level and marketing means, is to promote the development of the industry an important opportunity for development.

Exhibition, mobile phone control lights, stove and other large wave of science and technology full of intelligent home products focused on the show, showing the rapid technological progress of the industry. One of the most noteworthy is the home VR technology from the concept to the practical stage. It is understood that although many companies have established a VR experience store, so that consumers see that the decoration, but the physical products into the VR home in the object, need time-consuming, high-cost three-dimensional modeling. In the Dongguan furniture exhibition, by the building blocks easy to take the company to bring the automatic three-dimensional modeling technology solutions,low stainless steel table special price the traditional VR home three-dimensional modeling cost control in 50%, the efficiency increased by a hundred times, the precision increased by a thousand times, crack The contents of the home VR content of the pain points.

All the new model, the new format, the new technology shows the furniture industry transformation and upgrading achieved initial results. And this is confirmed by the furniture industry in Guangdong Province, the relevant data. According to statistics, in 2016, Guangdong furniture industry scale enterprises in the main income continued to grow at the same time, the output has dropped significantly, the total output of 14587.82 million,round pub sets supplier a decrease of 11.0% over the same period last year; Guangdong Province, the average unit price of furniture products rose rapidly to 1397.28 Yuan / piece, up 21.4% over the same period last year. This shows that the furniture industry is gradually being eliminated low-end products, structural adjustment early results.

"The current critical task is through the supply side of structural reform, to achieve the entire industry, including technology, products and other low-end from the high-end all-round development from the current industry situation, part of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises last year received results,drying up racks supplier Growth is very fast.At the same time, large-scale custom home business 30% to 40% growth proved that the use of the Internet, large data, modern technology transformation and production can achieve rapid development. "Zhu Changling said.

As the market competition is intense, manufacturers have newer launched a variety of promotions to consumers. At the same time, some manufacturers in the pursuit of self-interest shoddy deceive consumers, damage the interests of consumers, and directly affect the market of floor of wood of reputation.

"Guangdong association of wood floor" was established in a conference, experts gathered domestic wood floor to hit in succession at present a lot of aggrandizement wood floor manufacturers have refute to the so-called "selling point" of pain.

Experts remind consumption of aggrandizement wood floor, must be rational, not as new as possible, the ", "the good, many manufacturers have to play with" selling point "is actually a trap. Bad manufacturer "surprise" for "victory" in "guangdong association of wood floor" conference,

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when decorating a bedroom, the tie-in problem of the floor that whether has noticed you and chest color. Increase of color ceaselessly as chest, the facial expression that we must consider floor and chest is harmonious. The website is small today make up list concentration different style, teach you how to design bedroom floor and style of chest color collocation. The floor of bedroom of wood floor picture and chest color are tie-in of style of type of Europe of style of principle Europe type decorate gorgeous, owner is the good-paying crowd such as tall tube of boss or industry more, pursuit enjoys exalted life, yearning Europe is small endowment the lifestyle of creed.

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The malic wood that the chest of style of general Europe type divides the white that is light tone and brunet attune is lubricious. The wall paper of the wall of chest of white Europe type, white or Europe type matchs light color floor, be like: Grayish (gray is all-purpose color) , wood of light blue, light oak, shallow Bai Feng, shallow cherry. And brunet malic wood color, or the chest of occasional of Ou Shiyi cap of modena, deep gray, scarcely can match the floor of light color, such meetings appear the floor is very cheap, want to match brunet chest with brunet floor.
At this o'clock we should take care. Differentiate a method: We can be passed fore-and-aft curium or the method of burnish will be examined show lapping defect is slash. The feline be bored with of floor choose and buy is turning imprint board on some turn on the market imprint board be to use lumber of low-grade B class to make base material. Quality of floor of this kind of wood is not stable, mu Wen is factitious, with aggrandizement floor very picture. This kind of floor appears very easily fall off, the phenomenon of craze.

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Differentiate a method: We can undertake discerning through exterior wood grain, grain of wood of real wood floor is natural, turn imprint board exterior wood grain is same, do not have off color basically. Element of core of aggrandizement floor choose and buy is appreciate of graph of effect of outfit of shop of what aggrandizement floor the home is the space that belongs to his only, the wood floor design and color that mount likes is laid in fossa, reveal distinct personality not only, still return to nature. Aggrandizement floor is the market all the time go up relatively the floor of sell like hot cakes, color is rich, decorative pattern 100 change, and clean and convenient, get of the youth love.

one of the two major national standards of the revised units, and the Chinese Academy of Forestry Institute of Wood Industry and other units co-hosted the meeting.outdoor benches made from decking material Dr. Sun Weisheng participated in this standard review meeting. I am involved in the revision of the two standards passed the expert review, and was identified as the leading domestic level. Jusheng floor as one of the leading enterprises in the industry, has been to improve the life of home for the mission to lead the development of the industry as its mission, relying on scientific and technological innovation, [url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/malaysia/2715.html]plans to bench on existing railing[/url] is committed to creating a perfect home life. Company executives attach great importance to indoor safety, R D personnel pay close attention to the development trend of indoor fire-retardant materials, and the development of fire-retardant flooring as an important task. Through cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Forestry, Shanghai University and other research institutions,

jointly developed fire-retardant wood composite flooring and fire-retardant laminate flooring has been completed pilot, and access to fire-retardant logo permits;kenya wood door manufacturers fire-resistant solid wood flooring has also entered the pilot stage. Participate in the revision of "flame retardant gluing" and "flame retardant medium density fiberboard" two national standards is my company into the indoor fire-retardant flooring market is an important measure, will also promote the development of China's fire-retardant floor to lay a solid and orderly foundation. November 21, at the China Forest Products Industry Association flooring professional committee press conference, [url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/suppliers/11641.html]composite fencing material china[/url] the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jusheng floor academician expert workstation chief expert Zhang Qisheng, China Academy of Forestry Institute of Wood Research Ye Ke Lin, to long Sheng, nature, security and so on Five flooring companies presented a "commonly used solid wood identification manual - flooring",

as the five companies involved in the "common solid wood identification manual - floor" editorial work, and actively popularize wood knowledge, in the floor sales service process,discount composite floors prices strict The implementation of solid wood flooring wood real name system, with the actual action tree industry righteousness of the wind praise. Chairman Zhang En Jiu took office to accept the gift. "Commonly used solid wood identification manual - floor articles" by Wang Man, Ye Kelin, Jiang Xiaomei, Lu Bin co-author, the book contains 104 species, [url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/wood-floor-and-wood-plastic-floor.html ]Wood Floor and Wood Plastic Floor[/url] it can be said that this is a solid wood flooring field "Mirror", this manual is conducive to Consumers improve the ability to identify wood, master the knowledge of wood types and naming, for the floor to regulate the use of wood tree species to provide the basis for the name.

Integrity innovation: the industry's first implementation of "identity card" In 2010,[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/long-life-wpc-deck-flooring.html ]Long Life WPC Deck Flooring[/url] long Sheng flooring launched the flooring industry's first product "identity card" Industry only one launched the product "identity card" of the enterprise, the industry known as the "corporate reputation management of a pioneering." "Long Sheng floor ID card" content covers the product ID card number, product number, long life woodpecker 4D services and so on , This is to the consumer's "informed card", "query card", Top 5 Benefits of Wood Plastic Flooring"service card." Jusheng floor launch of the original intention is: to the user a rest assured, offer a sincere business; to the user a transparent, Service innovation: JiuSheng woodpecker 4D service system for a long time "Woodpecker 4D service system" service personnel after dozens of centralized training,

long Sheng floor all over the country more than 230 cities, nearly more than 5600 received professional and technical training of outstanding service team, has Take a long service professional staff (job certificate,[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/wood-plastic-exterior-wall-board.html ]Wood Plastic Exterior Wall board[/url] certificate), during the 3.15 period, these excellent service team for the customer's installation, use and maintenance to provide thoughtful and meticulous full service. Style innovation: American flavor style long Sheng US flavor in the first quarter to the United States red rubber,Getting Composite Decking for Outdoor flooring black walnut and Canadian maple-led to create a US-based home culture based on the US flavor of the original floor; long Sheng US flavor in the second quarter to solid wood flooring Parquet flooring and large relief flooring, open the new era of China's solid wood flooring popular;

long Sheng US flavor in the third quarter, the full introduction of solid wood flooring,Cheap Price Outdoor Garden Flooring laminate flooring and laminate flooring three categories for high-end consumer groups to provide new personalized products The Product innovation: Eucalyptus wood speed raw material modification technology Jusheng floor through technical improvements, with artificial forest, fast-growing eucalyptus wood production for a long time eucalyptus wood floor. Jiusheng flooring is the first flooring industry in China to produce eucalyptus flooring business. Technology innovation: TBT bionic technology for a long time the floor of the researchers, after five years, more than thousands of experiments,[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/faux-teak-boat-decking.html ]Faux Teak Boat Decking[/url] successfully developed TBT bionic technology, TBT bionic technology Treessun-Bionic-Technology.

of tile paving? Do some bold break, shop out only belong to your bathroom space. I want to see: living room wall protagonist wallpaper bedroom wall protagonist bedside study wall wall protagonist shelf tricks living fancy tiles stress in the same repetition dotted a few fancy patterns to create changes, pay attention to the design of the pattern and color With. Good fancy tiles will give the mediocre wall finishing touch, and monolithic tiles can also match the wall and the ground tones together to complete the description of the space in the

functional area of ??the tips can also play a beautification role. I want to see: the living room wall protagonist wallpaper bedroom wall protagonist bedside study wall wall protagonist emphasis on horizontal lines a variety of specifications, a variety of shapes of colored tiles for people to provide the imagination of the full space. In addition to upgrading the glazed tiles and the sudden emergence of antique tiles, the technology is constantly innovative polished tiles is currently one of the mainstream tile products. Polished tiles more and more

close to the texture of stone, a lot of polished tiles are both a transparent jade, stone texture. Although there is no floral tile tiles, but does not mean that there is no design, breaking the traditional vertical shop form, with long tiles horizontal arrangement, can produce new visual effects. The ground can be used with the same type of tiles or with the same color brick. I want to see: living room wall protagonist wallpaper bedroom wall protagonist bedside study wall protagonist shelf to fine to win today's tiles are no longer flourishing, or just

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2 it is to accelerate company ability to change pace ceaselessly. Introduce and go up newly advanced mechanical equipment, with modern production the concept replaces traditional in the past idea, draw lessons from Zhejiang the experience that the lumber such as Linyi of city of Pi of fine be apt to, Jiangsu, Shandong machines advanced area and practice, do the business hard do greatly strong.

3 it is to increase a service to assist in managing further strength. Besides insist to press down a staff member man-to-man assist in managing outside serving a system, can upgrade to change transition enterprise to offer best service with ability to enlarge even, increase from the respect such as loan, power supply, traffic further give aid to strength, machine lumber course of study to make the pillar industry that makes whole town with all one's strength.

Current situation of Latvian lumber industry is analysed,Latvian land forest is enclothed rate in 50% above (be world average level about double) , it is the forest in the European Union most one of member countries of length and breadth of land. In 80 years of in the past, latvian silvan area increased one times, quantity of stumpage save up increases 3.8 times original, achieved 668 million stere.

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December 29, 2016, sunny, voices, in the beautiful Yangcheng Lake, seems to feel a trace of spring warmth. Tanzhou brand conference and 2017 new Chinese furniture development Summit was held here, the Central Propaganda Department before the Secretary-General, vice chairman of China's political research Yan Hui,portable fiberglass table and chairs China Furniture Association Chen Baoguang, Su Zuhua culture Pu Anguo from the National Furniture Industry leaders inside and outside the government, experts and scholars gathered together to discuss 2017 new Chinese furniture development.

2017 new Chinese furniture development summit officially began, from Suzhou Nick design firm design director, Suzhou Institute of Environmental Art graduate tutor Nick published "from the beginning of the design to the natural return" keynote speech. Nick said that now we from the Chinese, American,beach chairs for large people and back to the new Chinese, elegant, beautiful life is very important. A good space to return to nature, have a temperature. Next, the Jiangsu Provincial Calligraphers Association Vice Chairman Wu Yong published "wonderful make: Chinese calligraphy and new Chinese furniture," the keynote speech, from the appliance beauty, lifestyle changes and calligraphy innovation, furniture and calligraphy art aesthetic interpretation of three aspects, so that the audience Feel refreshing.

Finally, Mr. Lu Xiaohui, Executive Dean of Suzhou International School of Design, published the theme of "Space Conception and Design Concept", taking Jiangsu Grand Theater as an example, and explained its design concept in detail. Case of the overall space to streamlined design, combined with water, flowers,bag chairs folding manufacturing stone elements, into the traditional five elements. Share the guests of the wonderful performance, so that we harvest quite well, have to discuss endlessly.

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