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The disadvantage is that two kinds of flexible than before so good, quality of a material slants cold, hard, the price is relatively cheap.The building materials market, the cheapest 40 yuan/square meters, the highest at 150 yuan/square meters.

Is not the more the better the performance of precious wood species, According to their own style preferences and economic strength to choose to choose the main points: 1. The surface whether level off at the floor, there are no stains, the pattern is clear.

Secondly the floor thickness was 8mm, and 6mm floor for the temporary use of, the service life is shorter; Double-check the floor of the assembly interface is smooth and no obvious gap, only in this way can be moisture-proof, can't afford to skip.

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Solid wood flooring is easy to handle, Dust mite, pollen and other allergy-causing substance will not be adsorbed on the surface of the floor, and it provides a more comfortable and healthy living environment.

The decoration is suggested that: 1. In general, light-colored wood will make a small room look more spacious, so that the sealed room look more open.2. The floor with the edge or artistic pattern can define a special place, and become the focus of the whole room.

For the sake of effects of space, and a room, preferably in a mainly solid wood flooring, laying rugs can add color in certain positions, but the importance of coordination with other elements within the room; However, should occasionally move the location of the carpet, to avoid the change of the color of the surface of the floor.

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Major of board industry group presses down: bridge arranges river timber industry to develop the current situation,Plank of Ou Shunhe countryside machines bridge of of city of old state of the Anhui province course of study starts early, amount much, production value good, assemble expands big, benefit effect is distinct, in June 2025, be believed by province classics appoint award " major of group of industry of the Anhui province is pressed down " .

Company of estate of suitable river timber shares 235, investment overtakes 200 million yuan of industries 2 (limited company first phase completes course of study of wood of Anzhen of the Anhui province invest 270 million yuan, 2 period with the United States western wooden industry and plan of collaboration of industry of timber of Shandong bright phearl invest 320 million yuan) ,

among them dimensions above enterprise 22, declare the enterprise on compasses this year 4, 20 when production value exceeds 200 million yuan (An Zhenmu course of study, Dong Damu course of study, Dong Damu course of study, Dong Pingmu course of study, Dong Jianmu course of study, Dong Chengmu course of study, Dong Senmu, come back cut a factory 267, furniture produces a business 4 (lucky star household, good furniture of furniture of hundred years household,

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Dealing with when allowing to import certificate administration to allow business according to precatory, each agency wants place of serious careful check outside " convention " the export license that administration nucleus sends or reexport certificate, bilateral to was being put in doubt to already perhaps was built affirm a mechanism, be sure to do through me undertake checking; Late to including go into effect movement carries out those who import hedgehog rosewood, outside the condition " convention " the certificate of country of origin that the administration issues no longer effective.

Dealing with when allowing reexport administration to allow business according to precatory, relevant agency is examining raw material integratedly to import the foundation that the loss in amount and product treatment process leads to go up legally, the amount of product of reexport of strict check and ratify;

To what with general commerce means imports product of raw material reexport, want to build system of stage Zhang cancel after verification; Carry out reexport at including become effective hind to including what obtain legally before become effective, ought to according to " convention " before what obtain a standard to allow reexport certificate according to manage of deal with according to law.

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Ia datang dari, kekurangan Dongnuanxialiang, China semula jadi kayu, dalam menghadapi sejumlah besar sumber-sumber hutan yang dirosakkan, sumber buluh adalah alternatif terbaik. lantai buluh China bermula pada tahun 80 abad lalu, kini telah memasuki struktur yang munasabah, kualiti stabil peringkat matang. Hanya lima tahun,

pengeluaran lantai buluh China telah mencapai lebih daripada 3000 juta meter persegi, pengeluaran dan jualan telah menyumbang 10% daripada jumlah jualan China lantai kayu, di mana 60% dieksport ke Eropah dan Amerika Syarikat dan negara-negara lain dan wilayah. China Forest Products Persatuan Industri Zhang Senlin memberitahu pemberita bahawa China Forest Products Persatuan Industri

dan Persatuan Pengguna Cina melancarkan produk hutan putih keenam, tujuannya adalah untuk menyediakan kepada pasaran, untuk menyediakan pengguna dengan maklumat yang komprehensif dan tepat. "China lantai buluh pengguna kertas putih" dari bahan-bahan mentah lantai buluh, melalui proses pengeluaran,

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Предполагается, что последние рынке строительных материалов, общей цены выросли примерно на 20%, фанера, стекло, медь, материалов, таких как металл, электрические, до 40%, изделия из керамики и фарфора также выросли примерно на 10%.

Различные влияния строительных материалов рост цен согласно строительные материалы экспертов отрасли, строительные материалы изменения рыночных цен является совокупность факторов.

Каждый год в это время, благодаря международной фьючерсный рынок и влияние план продаж отечественного производителя, строительных материалов, рынок будет иметь определенные колебания амплитуды, inline под названием «угол».

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Floor as an important branch of the home industry, in this "troubled times", the floor industry to do what changes? How's the effect? In the first half of the floor industry is full of wonderful, wood decks on the groundor helpless? In the first half of 2012, the market experience, the face of mixed market environment, not afraid of hardships and hardships, so there are many examples of contrarian and the example of the situation, the " Stand out,[url=http://weidnerinvest.com/suppliers/18777.html]vinyl fence siding clearance[/url] look at the reasons for its contrarian, the reporter found that this seemingly flat half of the time hidden in the search for too many "outbreak" in which. The market showed a high-end and low-end consumer groups, "dumbbell state" phenomenon, in this bipolar extension of the case, how enterprises "keep awake" is essential.

Poles extended to the white-hot of the first batch of the market to promote the military to solid wood flooring "focus on the outbreak" led, vigorously promote the development of the flooring market,Best Composite Flooring for Exterior Deck and become the first half of 2012 floor industry leader. Enterprise diversification of the development of traditional outbreak: in this year's polarization is more obvious in the market environment, and vigorously promote the solid wood flooring business more and more,[url=http://weidnerinvest.com/wholesale/10858.html]decking on bathroom floor[/url] these enterprises in their own original brand influence, vigorously launched solid wood products focus Research and development to respond to changes in the market environment, and in the first half achieved good results.

Successful militia: in the face of the harsh situation,back yard moisture resistant flooring a breakthrough in the road of self-innovation to become the industry to compete for the goal, good change is certainly one of the elements of development, but how to determine whether this change is suitable for the enterprise itself, this is the title In the dilemma. Upgrade the force to send: to promote health concepts, the production of environmentally friendly board floor, the high-end market will be introduced into another vivid luxury life, but also to provide consumers with more choices.[url=http://wpcpergola.com/news/anti-ultraviolet-wpc-pergola.html ]Anti-ultraviolet WPC pergola[/url] Horizontal retrogradism: these enterprises return to the "trend" and the line, vigorously proceed to carry out the development of traditional advantages of the project, and aims to improve their own differentiation, in the horizontal development to produce beautiful transcripts.

Industry of timber of letter of Linyi east gold is subordinate -- Fu Kaimu owner should export Linyi east American market, on high-end plywood foundation, via making an on-the-spot investigation to go up newly high-end furniture collect becomes a useful person project, already became the compositive capable person with river the oldest north to produce a business at present.

Drove about a hundred compositive material to produce the production of the enterprise through development of two years, the industry with the compositive new material that makes a new force suddenly rises below standard of industry of our city board. Europe purchases delegacy to believe the compositive material of wooden industry to show strong interest to Oriental gold, enquired the function of the product and price case in detail. Limited company basically produces luck of Linyi case Lai 3.6, 25 li are multilayer board, fire prevention board, produce per year a quantity 90 thousand stere.

Have right of administration of self-supporting imports and exports, the product is sold wait toward Euramerican, middle east, Australia, Vietnam, Colombia. Product high-grade, technology is masterly. Zhang Han of president of industry of timber of case Lai luck introduces company dominant position to European delegacy, undertook friendly negotiate.

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In the "Ming-style furniture appreciation," a book, Wang Shixiang will "selection" is also a furniture as a "decorative approach." Ancient hardwood furniture to achieve a higher artistic level, the use of hard and dense, elegant color, beautiful pattern of precious wood, is an important factor. In the Ming to the former period of time,dedicated backpack beach chair supplier there have been pear, rosewood, iron, beech and other varieties. Through the use of timber to express the meaning of furniture culture, not only in the history of traditional furniture, a milestone, but also with the "story" ancient civilization characteristics of the same strain.

To Huanghua pear, for example, in the Tang Dynasty, "Materia Medica Supplements", the Ming Dynasty, "Ge ancient theory" are related records, but the large number of use or in the middle of the Ming Dynasty. In many historical materials, this kind of wood is evaluated as "not quiet, just right,cheapest plastic sun loungers texture or hidden or now, vivid and varied", by the Ming Dynasty literati bachelor's favor and respected, this wood made furniture, was given Pure and simple, simple and neat, linear and smooth artistic character and aesthetic experience, Huanghua pear furniture is also "literati furniture" synonymous. In the case of rosewood, this kind of wood is mostly purple and black, its quiet and ancient color is unparalleled, after carved, the furniture is often exquisite, can cater to the pursuit of luxury and wealthy attitude, but also by the powerful favorite.

Different types of wood, not only with a specific type of furniture with a fixed, but also represents the different stages of the furniture culture characteristics,ikea wooden breakfast bar stools and reflects the cultural background of the time. In addition to timber, mahogany furniture form, decorative style and type, but also with the social preferences and the times need to change. At the same time, carpentry in the mahogany furniture boom period also reached its peak level. Regardless of the thickness of the material, the scale, the foot of the radius, straight, or tenon of the thickness, elastic, for future generations to provide a model of furniture production.

Qing Dynasty furniture in the Kangxi Dynasty also retains the style of the Ming style, to Qianlong had a great change, formed a unique style. From the beginning of the rise of furniture when the furniture, mahogany furniture has entered the "big production" era. As the social wealth continues to increase, social life changes in fashion, coupled with the mahogany material is sufficient, and "Ming" is very different, clear furniture, large materials, heavy body, linear strong, complex structure, in the furniture, A lot of secular colors, such as decorative luxury, pay attention to style, many furniture modeling unconventional. Qing-style furniture focus on practical features,alphabet kids play tables and chairs generally on the table more than a drawer, stand more shelves and drawers, while more attention to furnishings, pay attention to the unity of furnishings. The form of furniture is also more perfect, there are "chair stool, table case, bed couch, cabinet", and to the middle of the Qing Dynasty to the modern, there have been a small chair, desk and other new sub-categories.

Suitable for heavy duty structure bridge, floor, wharf, girders, deck, and door window frame, sports equipment, etc. Lumber name: name: garlic fruit tree (Scorodocarpus) abroad Kulim origin: Indonesia, commonly known as: zijin TanCai sexual purposes: gas dry density of 0.78 ~ 0.91 g/cm3, material qualitative hard, straight texture, material well, corrosion, relatively stable, wood color beautiful and easy.

Applies to wooden floor, building materials, wooden products, furniture, etc. Name of wood: wooden pod bean (Xyliaspp) foreign name: Pyinkado origin: Burma also known as: king car wood sexual purposes: gas dry density of 0.95 ~ 1.23 g/cm3, heavy hard or very hard, "the iron wood," said, texture staggered, dry gas is in good condition, heartwood is very durable, red color, with dark streaks lines, natural beauty, fine texture.

Is applicable to transport, ideal senior high quality furniture, floor, roof of the material. Lumber name: name: wood ants (Tabebuiaspp) abroad Lapacho origin: Brazil, commonly known as "red sandalwood wood sexual purposes: gas dry density of 0.80 ~ 1.06 g/cm3, the hard wood material, fine texture, texture staggered, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, bug eat by moth.

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These floor coatings in the same project, the bottom, middle and finish are indispensable, the two components are also accurate measurement to be deployed into the paint, the use of more inconvenience, the project backyard deck cost with the wrong, with the wrong paint situation Has happened. From the above-mentioned floor coating process can be seen, convenient floor coating throughout the coating process, using only a variety (two components) of the paint.

With a curing agent for primer; with a curing agent with quartz sand coated mortar coated with a curing agent plus a small amount of the main paint coloring, adding quartz market trend wood plastic powder putty layer; with curing agent and the main paint mixed with topcoat; Curing agent directly covered with light.

The whole process with a paint, the material is very simple. Proportion of a wide range of convenient floor coatings, polyurethane prepolymer curing agent itself is a good performance of the moisture curing single component varnish, can be cured into their own film, forming a high strength. Therefore, in the preparation of putty, in order to add a small amount of paint the main paint, the amount of the amount will not have a negative pros and cons of outdoor interlocking wood tiles impact on the curing and strength, without accurate measurement.

China - east alliance exposition forest exhibits Cultural Festival of Dong Xinggong wood to kick off,On December 3, 2016 China, east alliance exposition forest exhibits Cultural Festival of Dong Xinggong wood to be in east start city gallop furniture of wind international annatto reads extensively the center kicks off.

This second activity by Chinese annatto appoint, Chinese annatto appoint chamber of commerce of association of furniture of annatto of seminar of culture of Gui Zungong wood, Guangxi, Dong Xinggong wood is sponsorred jointly, the leader honored guest of the association that comes from Chinese annatto industry to produce a division each, chamber of commerce in all 800 much people attended this annatto Cultural Festival. It is reported, this activity by a definite date 4 days, will hold a series of activities to promote the communication of annatto culture and development at the appointed time.

Current annatto Cultural Festival has the following 3 large window: It is in order to extend brain wave, exhibit with meeting hurried. China, east exposition forest exhibits alliance to be sponsorred by government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region,

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pemberontakan akhbar itu bahawa syarikat hiasan besar-besaran umum untuk mengambil setiap 30% daripada keuntungan setiap perniagaan hiasan, dan maka kontrak perniagaan untuk pasukan hiasan berikut. Dalam keuntungan yang lebih rendah, pasukan hiasan untuk digunakan ahli ilmu hiasan tahu apa-apa,

rak otak mereka terhadap kepentingan pemilik. "Lao Chen berkata bahawa dari 90-an abad lalu, rakyat kepada keperluan hiasan rumah meningkat, pembangunan pesat industri pembaikan rumah China, saiz syarikat yang sangat kompetitif." Pada masa yang sama, hiasan juga lebih dan lebih letih.

Hiasan syarikat itu sukar untuk melakukan bajet bermula. Lao Chen berkata bahawa persaingan industri hiasan adalah agak sengit, sebahagian daripada syarikat hiasan akan melalui jumlah cara harga yang rendah untuk mendapatkan hak untuk menghiasi. Sebagai contoh, satu set dua bilik dan dua bilik rumah baru, jumlah kos pengubahsuaian umumnya kira-kira 10 juta.

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In addition, due to the complexity of the engineering business is often complex, in the actual operation must be a win-win situation, which requires business people to think and pondering intentions.repurposed materials to build fences The project to send the sample to meet the overall decorative effect of the project, according to the spot or to meet the delivery period of the product model to set the model, for the competitors to send samples and recognized the extent to determine the competitive model products, as well as More areas are needed to pondering the perfect business, but believe that these problems can be overcome.[url=http://weidnerinvest.com/suppliers/23147.html]composite timber decking in Malaysia[/url] Hardcover room market has been opened to the floor industry!

Floor business should firmly grasp the market, the machine is no longer lost, no longer come!Hardcover floor wood floor in the end is not safe? What is the quality of the floor through the procedures into the real estate?[url=http://fence-pergola.com/wholesale/1915.html]set wood fence posts into cement block retaining wall[/url] Hardcover floor quality who is supervising? Recently, reporters with these questions interviewed a number of wood flooring industry, they will read the reader for the toxic floor of the event highlights the problems and doubts. The market status of hardcover most of the shop solid wood flooring floor wood and other decorative materials is the people concerned about the lower degree of product, it is because do not want to tangled in the rush to buy materials,do plastic plantation shutters warp namibia hard work, many young people choose to buy paved wood flooring, brush color paint.

Affixed to the tiles, fitted cabinets hardcover room, enjoy the bag to stay fresh and convenient. As the saying goes, anything is double-edged sword, everyone knows, hardcover owners to avoid the hardships of decoration at the same time, but also to a certain extent, to give up on the quality of the material and the pursuit of the quality of decoration.[url=http://weidnerinvest.com/composite/6075.html]nails monarch decking in HongKong[/url] What kind of wood flooring is used in hardcover room? It is how the grade of the product? Brok from the Internet can be informed that, with Vanke real estate used in the security teak, oak flooring, the vast majority of domestic hardcover laying are solid wood flooring. Nowadays many real estate in Guangzhou declared 2,000 yuan per square meter,cheapest price for mocha walnut privacy fence 3,000 yuan Hao Zhuang, the laying of the majority or solid wood flooring.

Wood-plastic flower box has been able to have a place in the architectural decoration industry and even have the momentum, which is determined by its many advantages. Environmental protection: the world, especially in China's forest coverage rate decreased year by year, the corresponding dust storms continue to increase. Not only the environmental experts generally understand the importance of the trees. But in the garden construction, construction and other industries trees are indispensable materials, it is necessary to protect the natural environment but also to meet the needs of the garden industry can only find alternatives. And imitation wood flower box with high simulation, in line with the characteristics of the required garden construction.

Imitation wood flower box is undoubtedly a substitute for wood, the new darling of the garden industry, but also by the majority of environmental protection support.

Beautiful: no doubt beauty is the primary standard of the garden industry, imitation wood flower box cited advanced technology, high-quality pigments in the production of natural and beautiful, close to nature, perfect realistic wood on the basis of the effect, to create a natural color, Rich and diverse, beautiful patterns, elegant and high-grade bonsai, imitation flowers, trees, desks, bookshelves, sofas, kitchen cabinets and so on. And even change out of the more rich than the natural imitation wooden box, greatly meet the harsh requirements of the garden people.

Regulate mood: natural plants have the effect of adjusting the mood of people, so the road green belt have chosen green plants can calm the driver and passengers irritability, to create a harmonious road. When people are busy with a tired mood back to the residential area, see the natural scenery (although it is high imitation but the effect is the same, people's eyes are deceptive) will be relieved, less. Can make people take a good mood to take home, with a family, easier to build a harmonious society. Simple maintenance: unique material is very easy to clean up.

Long life: to overcome the wood perishable, insect erosion, fade defects, the choice of high-quality materials, not afraid of sun and rain, beautiful color and lasting, these features laid the foundation for its long life.

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