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Some consumers buy a "futures" the price of floor of real wood floor directly affected the price of decoration.There is a change of the way of many members of the public to purchase the floor.

A said the female consumers are looking for wood floor She was ready to eight in September this year to decorate her house, and set in the East China Sea Garden Phase II But the price "for the emergence of anti-when the time comes again", now decided to pay the lease here booked the floor, to pick up August.

"The consumers' futures' recent orders like this a lot."A number of solid wood flooring enterprises, told reporters that" This order is just the more recent months.However, we generally require the consumer to purchase before all of the lump-sum payment.

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Consumers and national testing center of wood-based panel told us that, Product of aggrandizement wood floor attached to some other than the physical properties of the products feature-rich individual character of the product, Unfortunately, the grade of the product and, in particular, the antibacterial function of floor, to meet consumer demand for the pursuit of all-round health of consumers.

It should be noted, The manufacturers to produce functional products should be the role of the mechanism and its security products, anti-bacterial floor, the duration of the efficacy of the product, the antibacterial principle of publicity.

Because the current terms of the efficacy of the antibacterial product of aggrandizement wood floor, Has not the national standard to regulate the enterprise itself with reference to the criteria is not nearly the same, so bring some difficulties to the judgment of the effectiveness.

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4Th, look at the price: Domestic floor price of from 60 to 90 yuan per square meter more appropriate, Import floor price of 80 yuan to 220 yuan/square meters, according to the different needs of consumers to buy the products of different price.

5Th, see material pledge: really good laminate flooring surface texture should be natural, delicate, clear and realistic.The density of material should be greater than 0.86 g/cubic centimeter high density fiberboard (HDF), the balance of the back of the plate layer should be flat and smooth and no clear color deviation.

Recently, the China Consumers Association on 2004, Laminate flooring products consumer market presents issues of concern to consumers, as well as the focus of consumer complaints and the Association of industry of Chinese forest products joint product of aggrandizement wood floor , Sales, installation and services related to the period 3.15 in 2005 following a consumer warning to the community and the vast number of consumers.

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According to the detection of antibacterial materials center, Chinese Academy of Sciences Really the floor is to achieve effective antimicrobial, antibacterial Mildew-uniform distribution of medium, This requires the use of complex silver ions anti-microbial agents able to withstand high temperatures,

In addition, to create a uniform pressure in an instant, antibacterial uniform distribution of medium in the wear-resisting layer, at present, the floor of the majority of enterprises are still unable to realize this technology.

Relevant person in charge of the antibacterial materials and products industry association of China that, Consumers in the purchase of anti-bacterial floor, there must be a clear understanding of the products without antimicrobial materials and products industry association of China issued by the antimicrobial product "certificate and mark.

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An Austrian firm is recycling road materials using mobile machines supplied by Rockster Recycler. The R900 and RSS49 units are being used by Austrian specialist Neuberger to recycle materials from an array of construction and demolition sources. The products are then used in an array of applications including road base materials,single drum vibrating roller earthworks and slope construction.The family-owned firm runs a large gravel pit in Ehrwald and uses its Rockster RSS49 scalping screen RSS49 for recycling construction waste and RAP.

The firm previously rented crushing plants from Haberl Construction machinery, but recently decided to buy its own R900 Impact Crusher. This allows the firm to broaden its operations and recycle demolition waste, concrete,grooving machine manufacturers china asphalt, as well as natural stone such as limestone. The new unit is powered by a Volvo diesel and the firm has noted this is more fuel efficient than its original machine, with a fuel saving of around 15%.The equipment is generally used for recycling demolition waste and concrete to a size range of 0-63 mm, which allows it to be used for material base in road construction. In addition the firm also uses the equipment for recycling RAP and natural stone processing.

In a recent project,rubberized asphalt emulsion crack filler the equipment was used for formed part of the reconstruction of the Lermoos Tunnel. The wearing course and binder course of the 10m wide road were milled off along a 3.2km stretch leading to the tunnel portal and this area was then resurfaced. Neuberger used the Rockster equipment to recycle the old asphalt at a rate of around 100tonnes/hour and crushed it to valuable grain size range of 0-16mm in A + quality for road construction. The high quality of the recycled material from the crushing and screening process has allowed it to be reused in the mix for binder and wearing course production.

By the floor manufacturers, dealers initiated the operation of the online shop and therefore also joined the "gold nine silver ten" in the battle, and the original by the physical shop to complete the task,house with roofdeck in the phillipine the flooring business also began through online and offline coordination of the way to complete. The industry is a more significant terminal changes in recent years, relative to the circulation of the store-led promotions, it is more professional and more market-oriented;[url=http://ecodeckings.com/composite/exterior-balcony-design-decks.html]exterior balcony design decks[/url] compared to single-store promotion, it is more strength Also more influential. The heterogeneous alliance itself has the advantages of complementary resources, channel sharing and other advantages, making the product does not have a direct competition for the concern of the seller can join together to face the gradual cooling of the terminal market.

Second, the industry alliance to help its member companies better To highlight the brand positioning, for consumers, different grades of products can be described as "things to cluster",curved fire pit bench plans for the seller is nothing more than a good brand positioning; in addition, many brands formed heterogeneous alliance, regardless of financial, material or impact Force is far more than before, which also forced those "single-handedly" combat brand had to re-develop their own decision-making.[url=http://ecodeckings.com/eco-decking/outdoor-deck-clear-wall.html]outdoor deck clear wall[/url] In short, regardless of whether to participate, heterogeneous alliances have become the floor of the terminal battle can not be ignored a force. Market demand for new changes in consumer demand changes, the terminal from the seller's market and then become the buyer's market changes, but also a rather significant attention to the changes.

In the upstream production capacity is abundant, many brands everywhere in the market environment, consumers are faced with a wealth of options. Terminal stores not only have strong product competitiveness,how to calculate square metres of timber floor board but also required to have excellent service capabilities. On the other hand, many flooring companies focus on the inherent needs of brand upgrades, but also makes the expansion of brand influence, re-positioning their own brand level and other demands significantly affect the terminal decision-making.[url=http://ecodeckings.com/eco-decking/wpc-deck-flooring.html]wpc deck flooring[/url] Flooring companies need to improve the value-added products, establish a new brand image, the original positioning of the lower products are gradually off the shelf, the customer structure itself needs to be refreshed again.

Pu Cunxin: Terima kasih, terima kasih kepada semua aspek aktiviti untuk usaha-usaha rakan-rakan. Kami lelongan hari ini, unit lelongan mungkin sekurang-kurangnya seribu dolar, saya rasa persembahan hari ini adalah masih besar. Berharap bahawa kehidupan masa depan semua orang boleh menjadi lebih cantik, kita bekerja bersama-sama untuk membuat kehidupan kita lebih baik.

Saya ingin anda semua nasib baik. Hanya pada akhirnya untuk mendapatkan data kasar, kami mempunyai hampir 40,000 dolar wang ini, amat berterima kasih untuk mengambil bahagian di tempat kejadian untuk mengambil bahagian dalam semua pelanggan. Pu Cunxin: Yi pukulan adalah lebih daripada 40,000 dolar, terdapat rakan-rakan dalam penjualan tidak ada statistik di luar sana, terdapat banyak rakan-rakan di Internet telah melanggan banyak, jadi keputusan ini masih besar, terima kasih.

Berikut adalah sila Pu Cunxin guru daripada pelanggan bertuah. (Pu Cunxin guru cabutan bertuah, anugerah) Kami adalah akhir acara ini, kawasan jualan adalah lebih daripada 10,000 meter persegi, amal panas, jika anda mahu menjual, kemudian dengan kami di sekitar reben merah dengan kakitangan untuk berunding dan membeli, semua barang-barang bagi satu meter persegi 10 dolar digunakan untuk derma,

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Papermaking production value finishs eighty-eight billion eight hundred and forty-eight million yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 5.77% , will increase 9.332 billion yuan December among them, than going up year of growth that be the same as a month 18.6% ;

The production value of paper products line of business finishs one hundred and thirty-six billion one hundred and twenty-one million yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 3.01 % , will increase 13.89 billion yuan December among them, than going up year of growth that be the same as a month 7.83% .

2016, guangdong faces weak force of international economy continuance to anabiosis pattern, anabiosis lack of power, global trade lasts low fan, a lot of national economy progress are in decelerate, be a delegate with protectionism, isolated creed " go against globalization " thoughts looks up, risk of ground fringe politics rises, increase of factor of not stable, uncertainty, market atrophy;

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produce man-made board 3.24 million stere, achieve duty 180 million yuan. Crop of lumber treatment production value, man-made board and revenue grow 24% compared to the same period respectively, 28% , 49% , all discharge Guangxi the cogongrass before each county urban district.

2016, the area austral harbor of expensive harbor city changes through guiding industrial ability, enlarge is large-scale production and offer market news service to wait, advance lumber to machine production of dimensions of course of study and crop to promote steadily. To the end of last year,

the lumber treatment company that registers in the area austral harbor is close 800 (among them plywood processes a business 165, furniture produces entrepreneur) , include dimensions enterprise 30. Wei of city of limited company, expensive harbor starts line of business of Cheng Mu of industry of expensive harbor city wooden industry is limited company, expensive limited company has the honor to win harbor city Jin Limu industry " enterprise of bibcock of industrialization of Guangxi modernization forestry " and " enterprise of industrialization of agriculture of expensive harbor city " honorary title. This area exert oneself builds fluctuation time in the brand,

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This project is big inferior the product line of the 9th man-made board that invests construction in home, the project always invests 600 million yuan of RMBs, cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 450 mus, equipment of crucial principal part introduces Er of German laborious north entirely health Er of handkerchief of successive press,

Germany graceful dig piece machine, Switzerland Shidanlimeng the international such as sander equips first-rate, year need resource of of all kinds lumber to make an appointment with 700 thousand T. The project will be carried out in the round " order pattern " and " commercialize " buy,

aim to plant the farmer in " back and front " meaning Yang Huancheng " bank green card " , drive forest products to machine transition of course of study to upgrade to innovate with the technology in the round, enhance those who close to be added to the farmer shoot drive capacity.

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Recently, in Jilin Forest Industry Jinqiao floor group dealers meeting, the group general manager Song Jianlong said,building a deck on a slope in Spain will strive to 3 to 5 years to Jinqiao floor group operation as a listed company to complete the forest industry to the overall listing of the task. At present, Jinqiao Flooring Group has become China's first professional flooring company with 5 composite flooring,[url=http://weidnerinvest.com/suppliers/20064.html]installation costs of composite gym floors[/url] parquet flooring and a laminate flooring factory with total assets of 760 million yuan and more than 3,000 employees. Most of the equipment Import from Germany, Italy. Its products are exported to Europe and the United States, South Korea, Japan, more than 30 countries and regions, is the first product through the EU CE certified company.

Song Jianlong said Jinqiao Flooring Group's goal in 2008 is to continue to expand the scale of enterprises according to the overall strategic plan of Jilin Forest Industry Group and to achieve the acquisition of two solid wood flooring factories in the province.sliding wood fence wall panel kit In addition, Jilin Forest Industry Group has decided to build a flooring industrial park in Changchun Lanjia Industrial Zone, to create a modern floor processing base. Jinqiao Group as a whole after the listing, and then after 5 years of efforts to Jinqiao Group into a large international scale,[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/wood-plastic-composite-railing-manufacturer.html ]Wood Plastic Composite Railing Manufacturer[/url] the core competitiveness of strong, comprehensive strength among the top listed companies. Marketing a word: "You are two steps earlier than others, you are a martyr; a step forward, you are a hero."

And three solid wood flooring is this state, a few years ago also fell a group. Now look at big cities, like Shanghai, Beijing, including the provincial capital city, people are very high awareness.how to build a backyard fence with wood pallets Qatar Because, Jinqiao floor also hope that through the manufacture of non-formaldehyde glue, the three layers of solid wood flooring this category and then push the high-end. Three layers of this structure is a gold structure, very scientific and reasonable, with their own glue on the two layers of glue, and then use the non-formaldehyde glue or some environmentally friendly glue, as we have previously introduced Teel gum, etc., formaldehyde content Are very low, very environmentally friendly. Jilin forest workers Jinqiao floor is export-oriented enterprises,[url=http://greencompositedecking.com/wpc-decking/1664.html]Outdoor Wall Interlocking Tiles[/url] like European customers are basically required without paint, with pure natural vegetable oil.

These works because the air is humid, will be a direct impact on themselves, such as, nitrocellulose varnish for the air is humid and "white".Links to the floor of the pavement about 5 moisture compact in the pavement of the floor, The gap should be more closely than in the past arrangements, in order to avoid the influence of temperature decrease when the gap gets bigger and beautiful.

The floor and the seams of the walls, the floor of the available pressure of the formation of the transition.In this way, not only to deal with the shortcomings of the wall and the floor and the gap is too large, also play a beautiful role.The spans to large wholesalers to buy materials for summer air humidity is big, the moisture absorption materials such as wood Yi, plate, gypsum board, in the transport process is not properly dealt with, could easily affected with damp.

If damp processing is bad, to the dry monsoon blow, wood deformation, warping arising out of the floor, out of the wall cracks, the paint is dry impermeable to the problem of fog are apt to happen.

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Full continent in sawn timber of port entrance Russia breaks through 6 million stere first,According to full continent in examine quarantine bureau statistic, inner Mongolia is full 2016 continent in port imports Russia sawn timber 80 thousand batches, break through 6 million stere to close greatly first,

achieve 6.83 million stere, grow 37% compared to the same period, volume of sawn timber import occupies the whole nation to import sawn timber gross nearly 1/4. Too harbor lumber entrance measures the storehouse nearly 9 million plank already occupied annual 3 into above

According to too the storehouse examines quarantine bureau statistic, last year too harbor lumber entrance measures the storehouse continue to maintain rise, add up to have eight million eight hundred and seventy-six thousand nine hundred stere, achieve lumber of this port past years to import an amount new tall. However, suffer lumber market is small in recent years confused inertial impact, although lumber import volume is overall climb tall, but money worth does not rise to drop instead, have 1.301 billion dollar only, drop compared to the same period 4.83% .

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How much money you can rest assured that the use of the cabinet?Industry experts, will need at least 800 yuan per meter.According to the introduction of the Professional Committee of cabinet, white and red, in Liaoning Province The prices are different types of products, and the use of the material is closely related to, for example, imports of hardware and hardware has a substantial difference.

Through the practice, Some brand ambry hardware is durable, No distortion, and low-cost part of the cabinet, Shockproof air bag, After a period of time in the use of back door has a different degree of damage, And the parts and other products, the cabinet Because it is an integrated structure, the repair is difficult, therefore professionals suggest that consumers, at least in the purchase price of 800 yuan per meter of the above products.

Lighting: the price of the maximum randomness.As the most complicated types of lamps and lanterns, industry experts suggest that the time of purchase according to their own needs.

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production value is close 30 billion yuan, among them 60% what plywood crop occupies Guangxi gross, 50% what export a quantity to occupy Guangxi plank to speak a volume, lumber machines an industry to already made one of pillar industries of expensive harbor, base of treatment of production of the plywood with become the throughout the country important,

veneer and forest products are distributing center center. Predict total output value of district of whole this year town grows 7.8% compared to the same period, dimensions above gross value of industrial output grows 23.7% compared to the same period, dimensions above industry increases a value to grow 9% compared to the same period, came true " 935 " good a bureau.

Li Xinyuan says, 2026 China (expensive harbor) lumber machines what the industry grows height forum to hold, estate of forestry of expensive to driving harbor machines transition of course of study to upgrade, industry of treatment of stimulative forest products spans development has important sense. We will be chance with this, according to the demand that can expand continuously,

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