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The wholy-owned subsidiary of company of Chinese forestry group -- company of Chinese forest products, company headquarters is set in Beijing, now administer is wholy-owned reach controlinterior composite panels a company many 30, among them course of study of condition foreign enterprise 9. This company will invest project of furniture of construction lumber wood in lucky prosperous city,

this project is in in Yuanhua on the foundation of garden of industry of international timber industry, increase investment to make an appointment with 5 billion yuan, cent period invests, exterior wood screen wall among them first phase 3 billion yuan, the 2nd period 2 billion yuan. first phase basically is used 3 billion yuan at construction of garden of new company estate,

plan 120 to recommend company of lumber, wood, furniture, year treatment sale imports timber 3 million stere, build international trade of wood of mid area lumber, storage business affairs ofhow to build a gazebo on an existing deck service of research and development of treatment of content shedding, production, product, banking, electron, product reveals sale center, form annual produce to pass one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight, year taxation crosses 100 million yuan,

square meters, bamboo plastic template processing up to 15,000 cubic meters, in the processing Bamboo products production,exterior stairway anti slip cover UAE improve product quality at the same time, the county also attaches great importance to increase publicity efforts to increase the bamboo product marketing network construction, efforts will be built to become the national "bamboo flooring".[url=http://weidnerinvest.com/suppliers/21761.html]extend a 1 wall using fencing[/url](Reporter Li Xingwen, Lingxin) Jiangxi Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision recently on the market sales of laminate flooring products were supervised checks and found that more than 40% of the product quality is not qualified, some of the products of the product Surface

wear resistance is poor. Reinforced wood flooring is one or more layers of special paper impregnated thermosetting amino resin, paved in the particleboard,strong composite black horse fence medium density fiberboard, high density fiberboard and other wood-based panel substrate surface, the back plus the balance layer, the front plus wear layer, Made of a decoration materials. Quality supervision departments of the total inspection of 41 enterprises to produce 41 batches of products,[url=http://greencompositedecking.com/wpc-products/2014.html]composite decking joists[/url] qualified 24 batches, sampling rate was only 58.5%. The main problem with nonconforming products is that the surface wear resistance of the product is poor. The spot checks of the 17 batches of

substandard products, 15 batches of products, the surface wear resistance does not meet the requirements. Surface wear layer failure will affect the product life, damage to the interests of consumers.composite yard fencing decorative Qatar Quality Supervision Department informed that the production quality of substandard products enterprises include: Shanghai Chaomao Wood Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chen Wang Decoration Materials Co., Ltd., Wuxi City Delong Wood Co., Ltd., Changsha Tianqi wood processing plants.[url=http://weidnerinvest.com/wholesale/13234.html]china plastic decking and fence[/url] Recently, a new "log" - to more than 4 years of bamboo age of high quality bamboo as the material, by cooking, drying, hot pressing and other processes produced from

Burmese will resume timber production, goal of production predicts to amount to 270 thousand tons,In recent years, burmese government is solve increasingly serious silvan crisis problem, outdoor technologies residential decking year after year reduces the yield of forestry product, and Yu Bencai year stop lumber to produce in the round, prohibit fell trees government is effective the tree inside precinct. Next money year Burmese plan to restore wood to produce, but output is controlled only control in 270 thousand tons, among them the goal of production of Burmese teak is 1, 274 tons, the goal of production of hardwood is 269, 727 tons.

Next money year, although the government plans to resume the production of lumber, but the policy of seal a moutain pass that still will implement by a definite date of ancient to rich mountain exterior window shutters wood range 10 years, with solid all visit the main field that produces as lumber. Carry to realize forestry, relevant now section already began suddenly solid mountain range 176 elephant are changed in succession to solid all save.

This money year, the government is inside 1 year when halt production of wood fell trees, to satisfy the requirement of domestic timber raw material, before approval sells already 400 inexpensive lightweight outdoor panel material thousand tons of or so lumber that fell trees production gives. The personage inside course of study discloses, next money year if the government continues forbidden timber production, industry of Burmese lumber raw material will face very great difficulty.

Space-time roaming is mainly described as a group of people who are different from each other, and they always pursue unique things.Recommended style: St. floor environmental protection E0 series 8296 Pinus thunbergii 8118 western European hemlock.

International Online News: China's Ministry of Commerce issued a notice on 13th.It has decided to conduct an anti-dumping investigation on imported wear-resistant paper produced by the united states and the european union.The announcement said that according to the provisions of the anti-dumping regulations of the people's republic of china,China's Ministry of Commerce from that day on the original American and EU import wear-resistant paper dumping, dumping range and its damage to China's wear-resistant paper industry.

The extent of the damage was investigated.The investigation usually ends within a year, and a special case can be extended for half a year.Wear-resistant paper is a kind of adhesive paper added with chemical preparation, it can make the composite floor surface light and wear-resistant.The hot spots have been affected by the decrease of timber imports this year, the price of solid wood flooring in this city has been rising recently.

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As China has become a world factory, the demand for resources is increasing, so the number of imported resources is growing.Xie Fuzhan, deputy director of the development research center of the state council, said at a seminar held by Ning Bo, as the impact of china's economy on the world economy has been strengthened.China's reliance on the world has also increased, and it is expected to be expected by 2010.

The import dependence of oil, iron, manganese, copper, lead, zinc and other important minerals will be more than 30%.More and more foreign exporters are aware of the importance of Chinese manufacturing to them.Kou jie, China and South East Asia, visited China's most developed Zhejiang province in May.

He told the reporter, @;In 2004, China exported 5000000 bales of US cotton to nearly $1600000000.The second, third and fourth importers of cotton in the United States can add up to the first one, and the cotton farmers in the united states know that.China's textile industry is the hope of American cotton.

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Kedua-dua dengan penampilan kayu padat dan kaki, tetapi juga telah meningkatkan rintangan lantai kayu yang dipertingkatkan, rintangan hentaman. Sebagai contoh, Jerman Kono Wood Group bergantung pada jenama Chinanya, Rhine Sunshine yang melancarkan siri "12 mm Perintis" adalah pasaran tiruan kayu China, jualan produk yang baik.

? Lantai kayu pepejal tiruan ini menggunakan teknologi bantuan terkini yang disegerakkan, timbul embossed dan butir untuk mencapai penyegerakan yang tepat, supaya penampilan lantai dengan rasa kayu balok, empat sisi penggunaan chamfer besar berbentuk V untuk meningkatkan tiga- Pengertian dimensi lantai,

Ini adalah lantai kayu pepejal dalam pengalaman visual yang setanding dengan lantai kayu pepejal senjata rahsia. Lantai kayu tiruan lebih tebal daripada lantai lamina tradisional, jadi kaki berasa lebih selesa, bunyi agak berkurang. 2, teknologi dua tahun pertama,

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to look at the same batch of dealer quality certificate, for the use of the penetration rate is not high commodity, such as lacquer solid wood flooring, consumers More should be careful when buying. At the same time, consumers in the quality of goods problems, the timely complaints to the relevant departments, so that the staff can the first time evidence.

(China - Changzhou) International Flooring Fair On the morning of March 29, 2007, the first (China - Changzhou) International Flooring Fair was officially opened. The exhibition was attended by more than 130 flooring enterprises at home and abroad. The Bayer Enterprises, as a non-native exhibitor,

have a wide range of booths, well-trained staff, people-oriented business ideas and a wealth of products here. Times the Expo is particularly eye-catching, attracting customers from all over the country and the eyes of the media to become a dazzling star of the Expo. To the Expo site will be able to see the hanging in the center of the square Bayer corporate posters,

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Current, always plain big thrust is built into integrated free tax zone and appointing port to build into condition lumber, for always plain development of garden of new and high commercial use composite wharf fencing industry offerred international wood job unprecedented good luck. Chongqing always plain one of professional markets that garden of new and high industry regards international timber industry as construction of whole area key,

rely on area of harbor bridge garden, sit embrace always advantage of plain harbor shipping, make put forth effort the lumber that it is collect and wood trade, lumber storage content flows, research and development of lumber treatment, lumber is made, business affairs of lumber culture travel, electron muti_function the area of pvc coated holland mesh fence lumber industry assemble with the largest southwest at an organic whole. Genuine hope project just organizes construction meticulously each, pay attention to quality safety,

strive for early building, early operation, early gains. Always plain will be in order to serve project construction oneself, do his utmost to create more convenience condition, park grey composite 2x6x8 solid floor provide more excellent service, aid push a project to build start business at an early date.

The production of cork floor for the elderly children and the production of the northwest technology co., ltd with the development of the Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University for children and old people made of the "of"cork floor.Also became a bright spot of this exhibition.

It is understood that there are two kinds of soft wood floor of the brand, one is 4.5 mm and 6 mm paste type, one is 12 mm and 15 mm suspension type.Compared with imported similar products, it has a thicker thickness, more comfortable and natural, flexible, and can reduce the damage caused by accidental fall.

It is conducive to the growth of children's bones, protecting the knee of the adult, especially the elderly, so it is especially suitable for children and old people's rooms.The reporter learned that domestic cork flooring is usually less than 20% to 30% cheaper than the selling price of the imported soft wood floor.

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Bamboo Industry Group Co., Ltd. "Chunhong" and Jiangxi Huachang Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd.labor to build seven trust deck "Xin Huachang". List in the "China Building Materials", "China Building Materials Network", "China Building Decoration Materials Network" and many other professional media release. Jiangxi Bentu Technology Development Co., Ltd. from 2005 to do bamboo keyboard, bamboo mouse,[url=http://ecodeckings.com/eco-decking/evergrain-decking-prices-in-uk.html]evergrain decking prices in uk[/url] bamboo speakers and other electronic products external parts. Compared to the traditional bamboo processing enterprises, the company focused on relying on technology investment to increase the value-added products, has invested more than 900 million engaged in

scientific research, with nearly 50 patents. Feng Xuquan, general manager of the company said that they produce bamboo mouse in Europe to sell the price of 60 euros each, "a bamboo produced 1,200 yuan of benefits, by the technology,advantages composite benches but some of the key aspects of production can not be mechanized, only Can rely on manual operation, the production cost is still a bit high. " Reporters learned in the interview,[url=http://ecodeckings.com/composite/wpc-decking-suppliers-in-the-in-philippines.html]wpc decking suppliers in the in philippines[/url] science and technology has become the key to enhance the value of forestry industry, but China's forestry in this area is still facing a lot of deficiencies. According to statistics, the overall quality of China's forestry practitioners is low, the national

forestry system of all kinds of specialized personnel accounted for only 26% of the total number of employees, and to primary professional and technical personnel. Due to the lack of independent intellectual property rights, balcony wood composite decking in singaporetechnology and capital-intensive products in the field of production by foreign enterprises squeeze, many enterprises become raw materials and primary product suppliers. Jiangxi Province,[url=http://wpcdecks.com/wpc-deck/229.html]replacement cushions for outdoor furniture[/url] Yichun City Forestry Bureau Science and Education Section Chief Liu Cheng said that China's forestry research is not only a long time, even if the results are difficult to docking with the grassroots level smooth, conversion rate is not high, "a

Pertama sekali, Persatuan Industri Produk Perladangan China, Zhang Senlin membuat ucapan penting, mengesahkan lantai ekologi asli yang panjang untuk mempromosikan idea penggunaan antarabangsa dan disegerakkan, meningkatkan penggunaan kayu, menggalakkan pembangunan mampan perindustrian dan sumbangan penting lain yang dibuat.

Seterusnya, Setiausaha Persatuan Hiasan Dalaman China Liu Yi dari perspektif trend pembangunan industri rumah China, sama untuk lantai gaya lama "ekologi asal" sangat dihargai. Jusheng lantai sebagai hiasan dalaman Cina Persatuan jenama yang disyorkan,

Baik dalam kualiti produk atau dalam gaya penambahbaikan rumah, akan banyak pengguna untuk mewujudkan kehidupan moden yang mesra, alam semula jadi dan selesa. Di laman sidang akhbar, melalui kehidupan ekologi asli filem pendek video, jelas dan intuitif untuk menunjukkan lama "gaya ekologi asal" Sheng menganjurkan konsep kehidupan.

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It is Guangxi to make the our city the biggest, Lin Bansheng that there is main force in the whole nation produces treatment base and forest products distributing center center, the our city establishs forestry estate to develop leader panel, work out " industry of forestry of expensive harbor city develops a program " , wood flooring panels outside romania the rapid development that is forestry estate lays solid foundation.

In the meantime, city forestry bureau coordinates finance to do with all possible means, labour is believed appoint, national endowment appoint wait with financial orgnaization, veranda anti uv decking for financing of business pull wires, solve financing difficult problem. 2016, organize in all hold butt joint of silver-colored look forward to to be met 3 times, involve orgnaization of 5 company of many 100 forestry,

finance, amount to 1.55 billion yuan for financing of business pull wires, urge company of estate of 13 high grade timber in Guangxi north success of bay equity bourse hangs out his shingle, occupy whole area to be approved together hang out one's shingle 27.66% of 47 enterprises. Upgrade to guide company ability to change, best anti-fungus wpc deck all sorts of activities enrolling business that city forestry bureau enters municipality and municipal Party committee, municipal government actively to be held in area inside and outside, organize the contingent that enrol business in a planned way, purposefully to go out action business, widen ceaselessly the channel that enrol business.

platoon of be worthy of is in head of a list of names posted up, gain space lasts in 80-120 yuan / M³ ; It is loose log of Bai Song, fallen leaves next, profit space is 80-100 yuan / M³ , fire rated composite decking 2016 9, gain is highest in October it is 150 yuan / M³ ; The platoon is in ever since is radiation loose log, average gain is 60 yuan / M³ ; It is Hua Qisong log subsequently, average gain is 50 yuan / M³ ; Annual of Chinese hemlock log is average profit is 30-50 yuan / M³ .

Although railroad of all previous classics was carried 2016,be restricted to be restricted high to carry, marine charge rises in price, exchange rate of ruble add RMB, dollar add RMB rises considerably wait for a lot of and adverse element, to lumber international trade the industry still can say the good year that earn money 2106. hollow versus solid composite deck boards From port of lumber of 3 mainlands road full continent in, peaceful in light of fragrance river, 2 Lian Hao spy, lumber import volume is relatively smooth 2016,

peaceful import volume has fragrance river to drop certainly. Arrive actually from the market quantity statistic, 2016 annual, full continent in day arrives 350 cars, day arrives on average 30 thousand stere, year arrive measure 11.5 million stere; Peaceful fragrance river day arrives 160 cars, day arrives on average 12 thousand stere,discount wood plastic composite jamaica year arrive measure 4.5 million stere; 2 Lian Hao spy day arrives 45 cars, day arrives on average 4000 stere, year arrive measure 1.65 million stere.

Akan menjadi arus utama bahan hiasan rumah. Lantai kayu pepejal 2006 pertumbuhan jualan dengan cepat, mencapai 70 juta meter persegi, dijangka pada 2007 kayu lantai pepejal akan pembangunan pesat. Pameran Antarabangsa akan diadakan pada 30 Mac pada 9:30 pagi, dengan Pameran Lantai Antarabangsa (China Changzhou) yang pertama hingga keesokan harinya,

Persidangan Promosi Pedagang Bandar Lantai Antarabangsa Henglin di Pusat Pameran Antarabangsa Changzhou C Hall di tingkat dua telah diadakan. Dua sesi keadaan ini, ini adalah Dewan Antarabangsa Dewan Perniagaan Antarabangsa dan Pameran industri lantai Cina, satu acara strategik bersama-sama dengan acara besar.

Wang Wei, timbalan pengarah Institut Ekonomi Pasaran Pusat Penyelidikan Pembangunan Majlis Negeri, Fu Feng, pengerusi Persatuan Lantai Wilayah Jiangsu, dan Li Luobao, timbalan pengarah Pembangunan Perbandaran dan Suruhanjaya Pembaharuan Changzhou, menghadiri mesyuarat Dan membuat ucapan yang indah.

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But Chongqing's peers have no fear of the entrance to the B & Q.Mr Jian ma te said that B & Q Nanping will promote the market prosperity.Matt said that B & Q is a proprietary model, and Matt is shop charter business, both positioning different, have a specific consumer group.

And B & Q, which is similar to the home, said, although it also adopts self-based models, and to demand the lowest price for the products to be sold at the supplier.But the East home has its own characteristics, the Oriental home in the lighting, kitchen and kitchen each category, there is a buyout of exclusive business products.

However, B & Q believes that the eastern home in Sichuan and Chongqing have only one store, a hundred homes in Chongqing only will open 4.The purchase effect will have an impact on the eastern home.23 Chongqing enterprises supply wear cologne hardware for the global purchase of the global procurement, yesterday announced 214 of the suppliers, 23 Chongqing enterprises were listed.

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