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These two characteristics determine that China will face more restrictions on the protection measures than other WTO members after entering WTO.In addition, China's export growth is mainly labor-intensive products, such as textiles, clothing, electrical appliances, machinery and equipment,

these products with strong comparative advantages will have a certain impact on the related industries of the trading partners.Therefore, from other WTO members, in order to prevent China's products under the lower tariff level under the condition of the impact of its domestic industry,

also will continue to launch the protection measures against Chinese products.Third, special safeguard measures will become the special safeguard measure clause is the clause that each WTO member to prevent our country's export product into the market of the member country under the lower tariff level after the entry of WTO,

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It's better to put on the average Award slippers and enter the room without taking the gravel into the room.Don't wear the sole with a nail with a iron-shod and even a hard-leather shoe to move around, making the surface of the shoe being operated.

Rough, heavy, and high-hardness items can't be dragged on the wooden floor.When placed, we should also cushion the protection of the cushion, and pay attention to light; the bottom of the object, do not directly place on the wood ground to prevent operation.

If there is operation, should be repaired well at any time.Repair, whether the pin arrangement, specification form, or paint tone, should strive to restore the original, avoid the whole wood floor uncoordinated, inconsistent phenomenon, affecting the overall beauty of the whole.

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Piso, es la decoración del material principal es difícil o falta uno. Pisos y azulejos, armarios son la misma marca de muchas categorías. ¿Qué tipo de suelo es? En primer lugar, creo que tenemos que entender la clasificación básica y

características de la planta. En la actualidad el suelo se divide generalmente en cinco categorías: ① fortalecer el compuesto de suelos; ② suelos de madera sólida; ③ suelos de madera sólida; ④ suelo de bambú; ⑤ suelos de corcho. ① fortalecer el suelo compuesto Reforzar la

compuesto de suelos es la mayor cantidad de la planta en una clase, se originó en Europa, la proporción de los grandes. Es en la madera después de la molienda, llenando pegamento, conservantes, aditivos, prensa en caliente de alta temperatura y un tratamiento de alta presión. Fortalecer el compuesto

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Generally, the more dense the core layer absorbs the glue, so the density of the core layer is worse than the core layer of the particleboard, and the less the glue is absorbed, the more the floor is not easy to be bonded.Seasonal hot and cold changes are very easy to make the floor cracks, water-soaked deformation, the impact of beauty and use.

Therefore, in the process of paving, you should supervise the pavement personnel in the floor of the slot to fill the glue, and then use the special knock on the plate to knock, so that the plate joint to form a uniform our plastic spirals are (proof of glue has been full).

Draw attention: many irresponsible businesses in the process of paving the use of less glue or on the floor of the floor of the birch head to glue the method to save cost, resulting in the floor connection is not strong.The wall baseboard at present, the market is divided into domestic and imported two kinds.

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The problem with it is that the floor glue itself may also contain excess formaldehyde, which will also be released into the room.Therefore, the sealing of the floor glue, and the floor glue itself environmental protection, become the main measurement index of floor glue.

In view of environmental protection, moisture-proof high-quality floor glue is expensive, many small-scale workshops tend to choose cheap common glue, even cheaper low-quality glue, this kind of non-environmental glue can not guarantee its quality.

Skirting board is the main ingredient of the aggrandizement wood floor, the skirting board board is hidden environmental protection "killer".Because most wooden skirting board are used in the production process to glue, veneer or paint formaldehyde, and the surface of the skirting board can not be as dense as the surface of the floor.

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The occlusal tightness of the concave and convex groove determines the wear resistance and service life of the reinforced wood floor.Reinforced composite wood floor use of wear-resistant rotation on the 6000, the lowest standard of reinforced composite wood flooring has reached this standard, and the floor quality problems often appear in the gap.

Because the concave and convex groove is wide, the floor is used for a period of time. After the gap, the floor is deformed and the floor is warped and the effect and life of the floor will be affected.Environmental index is to strengthen the compound wood floor formaldehyde release.

Formaldehyde is an indispensable material in the process of flooring production and is also the most important pollutant.If the floor quality is not good, the seam is not close enough, the release of formaldehyde is many, affect the human health.

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amount tower above 20.1% . Amount of gross of each months of entrance is specific change, detailed sees figure below. At present domestic condition and foreign quote come to the basis look, flooring for decks boards interlocking june bottom or at the beginning of July, construction lumber market will greet home to rebound. China east extremely entrance of lumber of international freight port measures increase sharply Thing bureau releases beautiful Mu Sihai 12 days external, because in recent years China goes in for sth in a large scale,

the forest zone commerciality such as An Ling cuts to stop in the round, the demand year after year that China imports to lumber increases. 2017 year voyage schedule up to now,30mm plastic lumber china east extremely international freight port strokes far port to import lumber gross to break up 3 times from Russia. Stroke haven of tower of auspicious of far rank grass,

it is the hub haven that I save economy to open foremost follow, the gold on the water that is world of trend of through transport of sea of a Jiang Dahai, river carries a channel, how to make a bench out of composite decking it is the foreign trade port that participates in Asia-Pacific economy to move toward the world to have an outlook most circularly,

Crispy core board: low density, easy to crack and non-moisture "crispy core board"is also to reduce the cost, the density of the medium density board, particleboard and so on as the production of reinforced floor material.Reinforced wood floor should be a special high-density board as the base material its water absorption and expansion rate must be strictly controlled. Good wood floor should be used to select high quality wood through strict screening quality and suppression.The price of the base material used in "crisp"is 1/3 to 1/2 of the normal manufacturer.The processing precision of "crispy core plate"is not standard, the fiber grade of the substrate is different. The result is that the floor is easy to break, not moisture-proof, and easy to deform.Workshop board: the technical level can not reach the national standard to strengthen the wood floor needs large-scale production, with a high technical content, " make your own deck tiles , composite siding deck panels , outdoor wall cover smooth surface cladding , buy wood composites deck singapore "

opportunities and challenges" as the title, the organization of experts and scholars on Jiangsu Daya, the icon, North American maple, Lorente, Kenya, Del, David, macro resistance and other 8 floor backbone enterprises were investigated. privacy screens outdoor melbourneThe results are gratifying: Jiangsu flooring business "warm winter" in the ready to do the basic skills,[url=http://projectstorm.co.uk/composite/279.html]affordable patio material[/url] look forward to "spring" Houjie thin hair, some leading enterprises have been achieved from the "processing" to "manufacturing" to "brand" gorgeous turn The According to the China Forest Products Industry Association, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Institute of Wood Industry Ye

Ke Lin introduction, the Chinese flooring industry in addition to face the raw materials and labor costs, the appreciation of the renminbi and other "Made in China" common pressure,garden plastic row covers The industry itself is facing the export tax rebate to reduce the consumption tax,[url=http://projectstorm.co.uk/eco-floor/4574.html]rice hull composite 77066[/url] the United States Law, the product health and environmental standards to improve the urgent need to solve the problem. According to a group of data provided by North American Maple and Lorente, the cost of labor has risen by 40% due to the general rise in prices of raw and auxiliary materials in recent times. Labor costs have increased by 5% to 10% due to the

implementation of the new labor law. Even if faced with so many difficulties, the company's answer is optimistic. North American Maple and other enterprises in response to rising costs,outdoor decking supplier singapore cheap apartments and actively promote the fine management; Lorente company to introduce "excellent performance" model, and comprehensively strengthen the quality of management. And with Chinese famous brand, the title of China's well-known trademarks of Del, Kenya and other brands are continuing to strengthen the brand building at the same time to strengthen the technological innovation,[url=http://projectstorm.co.uk/composite/2663.html]budgets wood plastic sheet[/url] quality production and other work. Lorent's listing plan has been carried out,

What kind of auxiliary material is the high quality?Some of the engineering heads of some decoration companies have introduced several examples.For example, in the investigation of Mu Gongban board, the continents decoration and Hong Li liberal arts decoration company all mentioned, using formaldehyde to remove membrane technology of Xin ultra-low-formaldehyde Mu Gongban board.

On the one hand, formaldehyde removal membrane can effectively remove formaldehyde released from urea-formaldehyde adhesive, on the other hand, it can overcome the problem of poor bonding strength of "non-formaldehyde adhesive".After the formaldehyde removal membrane treatment Mu Gongban, formaldehyde release not more than 0.1 mg / L to reach the European EO standards,

and more important is to absorb, clear the surrounding environment release or free formaldehyde.It is understood that this new technology of the Mu Gongban board each cost up 10 yuan, but to provide consumers with a real sense of the environmental-friendly Mu Gongban, the decoration company will also buy this product.

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diffusing in air stifling pungent flavour. 15 when 00 minutes, fire control officers and soldiers reachs fire spot. Classics spot investigates: This lumber processing factory is in inside Cost To Replace Deck Boards roast room independently on fire, igneous situation is in violent combustion phase. Spot commander organizes officers and soldiers to give 2 squirt to have rush to save life and property instantly: A squirt is direct from roast door mouth internally gush drenchs,

another squirt is in strip off after housetop by adorn breathe out for nothing the officers and soldiers of a fire control of equipment mounts housetop from go up to undertake enclothing The Best Waterproof Black Fence downward. After 40 minutes, fire control officers and soldiers is outer the ministry will catch fire bright fire puts out lumber, discover because be held back,

interior private parts burns wood, cannot have rush to save life and property, if do not deal with instantly, have the possibility of resume combustion. Spot commander coordinates Wpc Retaining Can Be Planed Borders Board timber mill boss to contact driver of the machine that catch wood instantly. After the machine that catch wood is present, reverse exterior wall put oneself in another's position quickly,

New difference of price of bay material north and south is vast, northward haven price lies condition of fall after a rise, southern haven price rises as before; African material and Ba exterior landscape vinyl fencing product Xincai whole enter passageway of be issued to lower levels, price appreciably drops; Situation of Mu Ni of southeast Asia balata rises, the value is fluctuant and overt;

North America material continues to maintain low move, but advanced course capable person still rare be short of. Russia material respect, too Cang Gangyun fir / camphor tree child loose price falls somewhat, last week 20-30 of price fall of norms 44/47 dragon spruce or so yuan, price of brand of Mu of benefit of such as Yi,hollow deck posts uk Plpk maintains from beginning to end in 2100 the left and right sides, other trademark is likely the price is met low. And full continent in 45*95 norms,

length 4/5.1/5.4/6 camphor tree child loose quote 2020, the value keeps basically constant. Be affected off-seasonly by lumber tradition, prices of North America lumber best patio floor products continues to maintain low move, the price keeps basically stable, but advanced course capable person still rare be short of. Last week too storehouse harbor 38*140 norms,

Gerente General Sr. Ge Yangjun, la provincia de Shaanxi, la Asociación de Consumidores del Secretario General, la Asociación de la Industria de Productos Forestales de China, vicepresidente de la Academia Provincial de Silvicultura de Jilin, provincia de Jilin, la supervisión de la calidad del producto y el gerente de estación de inspección, Experto en pisos altos en China,

Sr. Tan Hao, Secretario General de la Asociación China de Materiales para el Hogar, Sr. Zhou Wanyu, Ingeniero Superior de Beijing ma Maestro planta instalación de la clínica, el Sr. Pan Han, Gerente General de Guangdong Liheng Wood Group. ¡Gracias por venir! Permítanos una vez más, con un cálido aplauso, dar la bienvenida a líderes y expertos para visitar,

Pida a los líderes y expertos que se sienten en la tribuna. El evento está preocupado por los medios de comunicación, son Xi'an TV, Shaanxi TV, China Daily, Xi'an Evening News, Sanqin Metropolis Daily, China millones de personas compran red, red de materiales de construcción de China, Sohu, Red Focus, Daming Palace Building Materiales red doméstica,

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so that each consumer easy to enjoy high-end experience before the start of the event, the reporter dial The first registration of the activities of the consumer Ms. Zhang. She told reporters excitedly: "Yesterday, I have received the Feilinger sent to the 'high-end floor consumer feast' invitation,

did not expect to buy the floor will be invited. Did not think Filinger treat customers will be so respectful and serious. The details of the event is very thoughtful, although the event has not yet started but from the details I have obviously felt the film connotation and brand service. We will certainly book this time,

please believe that as long as Consumers are responsible for the business, consumers will give it feedback, I wish Fillinger 'high-end floor consumer feast' successfully held. "Tip: advance booking customers, activities can be directly enjoy the ultra-low price concessions give presents.China brand floor tour Nanjing station.

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Ceramic tiles are mainly floor tiles and tiles, it is recommended that the consumer floor tiles best buy 60 yuan / square meters of products, and tile best buy 25 yuan / square meters of products.He told reporters that the standard of the ceramic tile, except for wear and wear, mainly to see its penetration, if the penetration of serious, whether on the ground or wall can not use.

And the sanitary ware aspect, the general toilet needs the toilet, the wash basin, the bathtub, the high-grade decoration also will have the bath room.Wang Wende introduced, with a 4 square meters of toilet, if the full use of high-grade sanitary ware, the cost will be over 10 million yuan;

The cost of use of mid-range sanitary ware can be compressed to about 5000 yuan;If the economic conditions are limited, the minimum price can be reduced to 2000 yuan, but it is not very realistic if it is to be controlled below 2000 yuan.

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