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Most players may never have thought about the effects of using characters in World of Warcraft in fighting games like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. They don't seem to be able to mix. World of Warcraft is a 3D game from the beginning, and players need to go through a long singing time when using high-level skills. Imagine, in a 2D picture, control your human paladin to fight 1v1 with the final boss in World of Warcraft, using your combo skills to cause as much damage as possible to the enemy before the countdown ends. This is a kind of A completely different gaming experience. Recently, a creative artist in the Reddit community designed the look of the World of Warcraft fighting game. Damn, this looks really good! 

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Lloyd Hoshide released this interesting work on "World of Warcraft" Subreddit. In its design, World of Warcraft became a 2D fighting game called "The Duel". The picture shows that the members of the two tribal factions are fighting, one is the orc named Arngrimm, and his opponent is the undead named Atreyu. Like a standard fighting game, its interface is equipped with health bars, timers and energy bars needed to release skills. The NPCs from all parts of Azeroth in the mainland are acting as spectators in the stage background, and the scene looks very lively.

The picture shows that in the remaining time of 9 seconds, the orc leaps high, ready to execute the enemy with his axe, and the lack of vitality of the Olympiad Master is preparing his ultimate spell to reverse the game.

For other community users, this is not a mere art, this design is very feasible. They think that if Blizzard can really design a World of Warcraft-based fighting game, this wonderful mix can produce very good results. Many players say they like this idea very much. They say that if the game really appears, they will definitely play.

Many people responded to comments on this topic, hoping that Blizzard could create a fighting game inspired by World of Warcraft.

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World of Warcraft classic improvements


When it comes to the improvement of World of Warcraft classics, you have to mention the dungeon searcher and task tracker. Has this improvement fundamentally changed the experience of World of Warcraft? The answer is no, but they are evidence that Blizzard has been trying to improve the user experience for many years. See the patience and help of the players in the details. Now, the current version of World of Warcraft no longer costs the user 40 hours to spend a lot of time in a group of multiple players to upgrade. And the modern version of Warcraft Classic promises that if players spend more than 30 minutes on a mission, they will be rewarded.

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Although Blizzard has done its utmost to make the game more widely accepted by players, the devaluation of time has had an unfortunate impact. Not only has it alienated those old players who think that World of Warcraft is no longer the same as before, but also makes ordinary players do a lot of things once they reach the highest level. In 15 years, WoW has become so repugnant from the tedious work of repeating the same content over and over again, so that it is necessary to always calculate how to use the time to get the most game rewards. The Halloween event is coming to an end. Click to get involved! Buy now, fast trade, no need to wait too long.



The development period of the classic we see now, when the players take more than 200 hours to reduce to about 600 times. Re-engaging users with a complete gaming experience makes people feel that this is a good game. Now, the rough experience of the game seems to have become a product of the past, not a developer can do nothing. More importantly, Classic provides an early game experience that is rare after the release - here, you are leveling with your peers, not trying to catch up with friends who are already level 60. More important is always teamwork, but not alone.



However, as more and more players reach the limit of 60, they will have to face the fact that the only thing that World of Warcraft can offer is to provide better equipment after hundreds of hours of competition. . If players want to continue playing after reaching level 60, they will get good equipment that the average player can't get.

There are obviously some players in WoW Classic who don't follow the fair rules. They are using the loopholes in the game to get the most benefit for themselves. Recently, Blizzard announced that they found a serious bug in WoW Classic that caused players to skip all hostile mobs in the dungeon and repeatedly challenge the final boss of the dungeon. The data shows that a large number of players have already obtained a large number of high-quality spoils with the help of this bug, which has a greater advantage than other players in the unfair premise. Blizzard said the problem has been resolved, and those who maliciously exploit the bug will be punished accordingly.

In the official WoW Classic community of Blizzard, the developer said: "we've recently become aware of a bug that could be exploited to allow instanced encounters to be completed repeatedly. We have developed a fix for the issue, and we are in the Process of deploying it worldwide." You can get a 8% discount to buy Cheap WOW Classic Gold on ZZWOW's official website using the coupon code "HALLOWEEN". Not only that, but if you become a VIP member of ZZWOW, you can get more discounts when order settlement!

It said in the final supplement that Blizzard will take appropriate penalties for those who ignore the fairness of competition, that is, those who deliberately abuse this bug. Because the behavior has clearly violated the user agreement, it is a cheating behavior in the game, which seriously interferes with the game process, making these people have a greater illegal advantage than other players.

It is not clear what the penalties will be for players who have exploited the bug, but other members of the community have expressed support for Blizzard’s move because some people have obtained a large number of high-quality spoils in this way, seriously damaging The balance of the game.

According to WoWhead's description, things may be more serious than imagined. In theory, players can take advantage of this bug to side-step the five hour lockout period for dungeons and get all the good things from Firebrand Pyromancer, Balnazzar, and Darkmaster Gandling.

Blizzard has released a fix for the bug and has been updated globally. What is certain is that no player can take advantage of this bug now, and all the spoils produced by these dungeons can only be obtained in the traditional way.

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Warcraft Classic is more suitable for players to play alone


New sensitivities are also reflected in the regional chat of Warcraft: the jokes, mappings and occasional political discussions of the parents are still prevalent. But it is self-aware, self-referential, and smart webjets are taking advantage of topics more than a decade ago. In a discussion area that I am interested in, there is a problem that "someone said..." And in the Warcraft Classic game discussion area, there are always many links pointing to other games.



However, this kind of chat is usually very helpful and fun, which is rare in the modern version of World of Warcraft or most games of the same type. Most posts are people trying to find a mission goal, to find a particularly complex user interface task, such as canceling a career, or looking for players to clear dead mines, or looking for companions to challenge difficult dungeon missions to gain experience. Every player in need is sending a message to help them achieve their goals. Click on to participate in Halloween events and small gifts.




There are many reasons for this, and they illustrate all the advantages of the World of Warcraft classic. People know that they are on the same server as the same player, and if they plan to play games for a long time, reputation is valuable. But the most important thing is that they help because they need help, because the monsters that kill others are also the ones who kill them. The common difficulties make your compatriots feel sympathetic.

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Warcraft is a game designed to require players to work together. If you rely on one person to work hard, you will not get results, and your colleagues will have nothing to do with you. The player who returns to it will keep this direction in mind.


How does the classic version of the game affect the modern version?


To be honest, I really like the modern version of the game. But after 15 years, I continue to play World of Warcraft classics. This unusual game makes my companions and family feel confused. But there are still many places in the World of Warcraft classics that are not comparable to the retail version. For example, it is easy to realize the task targets that can be executed independently, and to perform underground dungeon activities without waiting in advance, leading you to surpass the enemy's flying mounts, and plundering the deceased items in one click, which are not available in modern World of Warcraft.


I don't need to group most of the tasks in modern World of Warcraft because I don't need them. If I like, I will use LFG to join a party, perform all the tasks required, and then leave quickly, which is probably the only conversation the team sees. Of course, I belong to the guild, we conduct raids, and even real-world friends can play. But the experience between moments may be a lonely experience, for players who don't have such a social group, the game works well.

World of Warcraft classic experience report (2)

In the past, you had to wait until level 40 to move quickly on the mount, and it's easy to forget how much time it took to move from one area to another, from one task tag to another. Hell, when npc is passing you between them endlessly, it takes time to run around in Stormwind. "World of Warcraft" is not a game you can play very fast, whether it is the group killing you need or the time you spend running from one place to another, you need to wait in this game for a long time. . I will play for a few hours, repeat the task, bid for new equipment at the auction house, improve my skills, and travel around. After so many years, it always makes people feel fresh. I really enjoyed it on this boring day.

The place I most appreciate World of Warcraft is its community. Whether it's a Gnomeregan, Deadmines, Scarlet Monastery or The Stockades dungeon looking for a group, or joining a party when looking to go beyond the world, most players are very helpful and friendly, I spend a lot of time in the game to make sure I'm done. The task, got the items I needed and did what I wanted to do. No one is angry because they bother them because they are often not as kind as everyone else. After playing this long-playing competitive multiplayer game, this community is so strange to me, but it is a welcome change.

Although I have to admit it, I installed the Questie and quest helper add-ons. And using WOW Classic Boosting can help me upgrade quickly.

And World of Warcraft should also be rewarded. Now, I am very satisfied with an update to the game - I am finally able to play World of Warcraft in a high frame rate mode. I have to say that the design and beauty of the world are quite unique. If you have completed most of the tasks, the way you will be in this area is respected by many players. If you are satisfied with the ocd task and are happy to do it, then all the tasks become very simple. WOW Classic Gold For Sale now uses the code "Halloween" to get a discount of up to 8%. What are you still hesitating?

"World of Warcraft" essentially has this built-in feature, and I feel like I need it while I try to avoid using add-ons. Even if I just read the task description, I can't find where to go multitasking. They roughly indicate where you should go, but the instructions are not specific. It only makes sense if you are reading the task description in the same location as the NPC that provided the task. Task descriptions such as "Going east from here" are not very helpful when you are in other areas.

After getting rid of the Lich King's tyrant rule, the undead undead managed to preserve their free will and destroy everything that dares to be enemies. This group of undead is called the Forsaken, and they owe their loyalty to their leader: the Banshee King Sylvanas Windrunner. These dark warriors built a secret castle under the remains of the original capital of Lordaeron. The labyrinth of the Undercity is located deep underground in the Tirisfal Glades, a place where evil gathers. In order to achieve their dark ends, the Forsaken and those simple and brutal tribal races became allies. For new allies, the Forsakens do not have true loyalty. Their purpose is to use these races against their common enemy, the Lich King. No one knows where the road to revenge of these dead believers will go. You can get a 8% discount to buy WoW Classic Gold on MMOWTS's official website using the coupon code "HALLOWEEN". Not only that, but if you become a VIP member of MMOWTS, you can get more discounts when order settlement!

Classes that the Undead can choose include Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock or Warrior. It has four race traits: corpse - this is an active skill, players can use it in humans or undead corpses around 5 yards, and it can be used to recover 35% of life in 10 seconds by consuming the body. Earth's replenishment of damage caused by combat; Shadow Resistance - Passive ability, Undead has 10 resistance to Shadow damage; Underwater Breath - Capable Passive ability, the undead's breathing time in the water is extended by 300%; Will of the Forsaken - This is the most important and useful ability of the undead. Actively use this skill to make the undead immune control, fear and hypnosis within 5 seconds, even if you are in a controlled state.

For the undead, the most suitable class is the priest. When the undead becomes a priest, you can learn two special skills from the class trainer: Touch of Weakness, which causes damage to monsters that hurt the priest and reduce the monsters' damage done; and Devouring Plague, particularly nice for shadow priests, Which casts a disease that causes damage and heals the priest for the damage done.

Will of the Forsaken is one of the most powerful proactive abilities in PvP battles, and fans who are passionate about PvP often choose to become undead priests in order to gain this ability. At the same time, the two exclusive skills of the Undead Priest can make themselves survive longer in the PvE battle. But if you want to play a class other than the pastor, then the troll's ability is more appropriate than the undead.

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How to quickly upgrade in World of Warcraft (2)

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The good news is that World of Warcraft is full of various tasks. Especially if you take advantage of Rest XP (and upgrade two characters at the same time is a way), you can kill monsters from level 1-60. That is, when you want to arrive from one mission center to another, you can speed up by killing monsters.


Choose your role

If you really want to quickly upgrade to level 60 in the World of Warcraft classic, and you don't care how you play, choose a high-injury career that doesn't depend on pets. The highest damage levels in Warcraft Classics are usually those that are “pure”, meaning they don’t have tanks or healing expertise. Masters and thieves are good examples.



Pet professions, such as warlocks and hunters, cause good damage, but they are also affected because they don't get decent pets at least at the initial stage, and because they need to constantly adjust, summon, feed, or otherwise To manage their pets. Both hunters and warlocks need to use reagents to increase the skills they had before, in the case of hunters, arrows or bullets, and in the case of warlocks, soul fragments. This also increases the delay. If you don't have enough time, using WOW Classic Power Leveling can help players quickly upgrade their level.




Or, you can also try to use the tank profession (protecting the warrior or for the league players, the Paladin is your only choice in Warcraft), and in World of Warcraft use "smash the monsters together and kill them all" Strategy. To be honest, this is most effective if you work with a player who can do a lot of damage to monsters. buy now Buy WOW Classic Gold can enjoy up to 8% discount, click on the link to buy it!




Leaving the crowd gathering area


If you log in to the classic community of World of Warcraft or see the player base, then you will see a large number of players gathered in the starting area. This means that competing to kill monsters is a very slow process, so we recommend doing the few things in these areas and moving forward as quickly as possible so you don't have to queue to kill the monsters.

In WoW Classic, you need to think carefully when choosing a race. It's very different from modern WoW, because the level cap of the WoW Classic is 60, so the difference in race characteristics will have a major impact on your gameplay. Continue reading this guide and you'll learn about the most useful features of each race and the classs that best suit that race.

Alliance: Human

According to data provided by Blizzard officials, in all servers of World of Warcraft, most players in the Alliance have chosen humans. This is not only because human can be combined with more professions, but more importantly, their useful racial traits, although they are not as powerful as other racial traits, but in some ways they can bring you unexpected returns.

Human-qualified classes include mage, paladin, pastor, rogue, warlock, and warriors, but hunters are not one of the options. In other words, although almost all races in modern can play hunter class, in WoW Classic, you can only choose other races in the Alliance to take your pet to hunt. You can get a 8% discount to buy WoW Classic Gold on MMOWTS's official website using the coupon code "HALLOWEEN". Not only that, but if you become a VIP member of MMOWTS, you can get more discounts when order settlement!

Ethnic characteristics:

Diplomacy: The speed at which humans gain reputation increases by 10%. This ability seems to be better than nothing, but in fact this feature gives humans a key advantage. As the progress of the game progresses, the players' reputation base is getting bigger and bigger, and the 10% extra rewards obtained on this basis are many. Not only that, team raids have corresponding reputation requirements, so humans can reach the conditions of team raid earlier than other races.

Mace/Sword Specialization: When a man uses a sword or a mace, the weapon skill is automatically increased by 5. This feature is very important in PvE battle, which means that when humans attack monsters above level 60, they only need fewer hit limits to deal effectively damage to enemies.

Human Spirit: This is a passive skill that can increase the human spirit by 5%. It is very suitable for classes with excessive mana cost, such as Priest or mage.

Perception: Improves the ability to detect stealth units in 20 seconds. It is also a very useful active skill, mainly used in PvP battle. Priests and mages, etc., need to ensure their own safety to provide effective support to the team. Reasonable use of sensory skills can prevent rogues from attacking.

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Suggestions for WOW classic players (1)

With our classic World of Warcraft skills, a good start is a great start for any new or old gamer.

These "World of Warcraft Classic" techniques can help new players quickly adapt to the game, while also enabling old players to regain their feelings. Whether you are playing World of Warcraft Classic for the first time or an experienced veteran, it's hard to deny that there has been a huge change in the past 15 years. But I personally think that these most basic "World of Warcraft Classic" skills will help you quickly embark on the journey of Azeroth and travel through time and space. First of all, there is no one who can quickly reach unrealistic goals. For example, if the game level reaches 60 in a short period of time, it is obviously impossible. But these tips should help you become more powerful when you re-familiar with World of Warcraft Classics! Now buy the World of Warcraft gold coin code "halloween" at up to 8% cheaper.

1: Quickly pick up the dropped items

If you are very fortunate, you will probably see a baggage drop when you are exploring. If you are not lucky enough, you will have two ways to get the baggage. You can use the tailor to make them yourself. You can also ask the public on the channel whether a tailor is willing to help you make it. Most people are happy to help you make a really lack of baggage and are willing to pay a tip. Don't forget the baggage when you upgrade, use them to increase bank space or store it for later use. When you use them, most of the smaller bags are not tied, so you can send them to any other role you might want to use in the future.

2: Robbery everything

In "World of Warcraft Classics", the space of the bag is very precious. If you want to have the skills and mounts for horse riding at level 40, Classic WOW Gold is also very important. So pick up the equipment that is very practical for you but is thrown away by the enemy. Even if this means visiting a supplier more often than you want. Gray items can be sold immediately without worrying about stacking together. But the effects of the reagents are not always useful, depending on whether you want to send them to other characters.

It has been almost two months since the official release of World of Warcraft Classic, and the enthusiasm of the players has not shown signs of diminishing. Not only that, but after learning that Blizzard released the official version of Vanilla World of Warcraft, more and more players chose to opt out of the illegal private server and then create a new character in WoW Classic. For these players, their biggest dream is realized, they can seriously experience every place in Azeroth without worrying about the risk of server shutdown. For me, the social life in the game is everything, and the feeling of helping each other is really wonderful. You can get a 8% discount to buy WoW Classic Gold on MMOWTS's official website using the coupon code "HALLOWEEN". Not only that, but if you become a VIP member of MMOWTS, you can get more discounts when order settlement!

Whenever I log in to my WoW Classic account, I receive notifications from the system. It will prompt me to have a lot of unread messages in my inbox, and then I will go to the nearest collection point in Stormwind City. Usually I will receive some packages containing gifts. Those who have ventured with me will write a variety of warm words of thanks and then mail all kinds of useful game items to me as attachments. Some friends who remember my tailoring professional will send me some linen, and some of the players who will make the equipment will send me a brand new armor. This is a difficult situation I have experienced in modern WoW. Obviously, when you don't need to rely on others in modern woW to face all the difficulties in the game, you will naturally ignore social life.

But in WoW Classic, you can easily meet new people, which is why I am addicted to traveling in Azeroth. In order to make it easier to form a team to explore the dungeon, I joined a guild with a good atmosphere, and each member treated the game very sincerely and casually. I often receive new extended backpacks in my mailbox, which come from members of the guild who are good at making. Whenever I ask some questions I don't know on the local channel, someone will tell you the answer immediately in a few seconds. Once I was preparing to travel from Elwynn Forest to Loch Modan. A friendly dwarf saw my purpose, and he told me passionately that the journey was very dangerous for individual players and it was easy to feel bored. He then escorted me to my destination. These stories fully reflect the short-lived and rapidly improving friendship of Azeroth in the old days.

This kind of friendship is most obvious in the starting point of the game. A large number of players who have just entered the game gather at the starting point. In order to avoid malicious competition, they spontaneously grow up into a long queue, giving everyone the opportunity to kill the quest targets that are constantly reborn.

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WoW Classic has been released for nearly two months, and many players have successfully reached level 60 and started to experience team raids, but for some chasing players, the upgrade seems very difficult. Don't worry, this guide describes how to help your character upgrade faster. You can get a 5% discount to buy WOW Classic Gold For Sale on ZZWOW's official website using the coupon code "ZZWOW". Not only that, but if you become a VIP member of ZZWOW, you can get more discounts when order settlement!

Choose the weapon that works best for you and work hard to improve your weapon skills

In modern WoW, weapon skill is very important, it determines the hit rate every time you attack a monster, the same applies to WoW Classic. In the game, whenever you use weapons to successfully hit the enemy, your weapon skills will increase proficiency and escalate. Therefore, it is best to choose the weapon that best suits you based on your class and spec, and use it continuously during the leveling process. If you decide to change other types of weapons midway, you will waste a lot of time because of the constant miss in the battle with the monsters.

It's worth noting that if your class is rogue, then your lockpicking and pickpocketing skills will bring you a lot of surprises. When you find a treasure chest in the wild, you can open it and get all the supplies at a faster rate. Not only that, but for some quests that need to collect items from monsters, you can choose not to kill monsters but plagiarize them directly from monsters, which can reduce the cost of potions and time. While it takes some grinding to take these improvements to the highest level, it's well worth it.

Select PvE server

If you only want to upgrade quickly and don't care about PvP content, then choosing a PvE server and creating a role in it is your best choice. Because in the PvP server, you will inevitably encounter the situation of fighting with the player, no matter whether you win or not in the battle with the player, you can not get any EXP reward, and your leveling process will be greatly Obstruction. So choose the PvE server, where the player is only allowed to attack the monster, and you can more easily find the adventurer team and kill the monster together.

Accept and complete the most efficient quests

If you are a beginner who has just joined Azeroth, it is necessary to find some quest guides in the community or to exchange ideas with experienced friends. When you get through the early stages of the game, the experience included in the quest rewards will satisfy most of the needs of your leveling process. For this reason, Blizzard has specially arranged suitable travel routes for beginners to allow players to travel more smoothly from one area to the new area and link them through quests. However, knowing the actual location of the target you need to kill is a big advantage.

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Warcraft Classic: Halloween on Adelaide on Halloween




Thanks to the World of Warcraft classic release, players can return to Azeroth as they did 13 years ago. And feel free to choose your favorite server for a fierce battle. Developer Blizzard Entertainment has re-maintained its popular massively multiplayer RPG, allowing him to appear again in front of the player. The classic version of World of Warcraft is very popular for players to love on the first day of the line. Because too many players enter the game and even cause the game to be congested, so many users have to queue up to enter the game, but this is still difficult to resist the players. The heat.




The World of Warcraft classic game is a game that many people remember. It has a retro visual effect. The game interface is equivalent to the vision of the first generation of Warcraft, and even the tasks and bugs are the same as in the past.


This is the "WOW classic" content you need to know.



Where is the improvement?

This is the end of Azeroth's Halloween event, the WoW Classic's Halloween event has begun, players have seen decorations and gifts throughout the game. Now buy World of Warcraft Gold at and enjoy the 8% discount with the "Halloween" code. Players can visit the inn of each town in the game to get candy that adds strength and mana. During the event, players can also disguise the fruit and candy of the innkeeper to achieve a tidy effect. In addition, players will also get special activity tasks and loot, which are hard to see in peacetime. Those who fought with the undead at level 50 also had the opportunity to get a 16-slot pumpkin bag.



What is World of Warcraft Classic


World of Warcraft Classic is a game developed based on version 1.12, and the name of this version is called the drum sound of war. After the release of this version, it is widely known and won the praise of the players. And released the official version - the burning expedition. Players call this play "vanilla WoW" in the game series. Buying players now call this show "vanilla WoW" in the game series. Now, Cheap WOW Classic Gold is still able to hesitate at a lower price. Come and act!

World of Warcraft "The Dooms of Doom" Raiders

At the end of August, Blizzard officially launched "World of Warcraft Classic", the official game team launched a second phase of a copy update on the 15th of this month - the doom. As a result, players from all walks of life have opened the road to attacking doom, and Doom Air has become the most popular attack line in a short time. On the first day of the opening of Doom, it became the most popular route in the game.

When I first attacked, I used the role of hunter, which took an hour to finally complete the task. I also changed the role once. After the follow-up episode, the skilled player will only take half an hour to complete.

Essential occupations: hunters, thieves. Extra points occupation: pastor, warlock. The composition of our team is: warriors, pastors, hunters, warlocks, thieves.

Among them, hunters are especially important because only the hunter's output is the biggest. Skip the first three BOSS. The hunter is best to bring a full-level cat baby, you must sprint or other pets that can sprint. The point that must be reminded here is that first of all, the strength of yourself must be strong. You must first resist the first wave of attacks in the past, otherwise it will not make sense to die in the first level.

The role of the thief is to pick up the key in the middle of the number one boss hall and open the door to the second hall. The second boss here will upset your actions. After opening the door, there will be two monsters waiting to be cleaned up. The two waves of monsters are not very powerful and can be removed easily. Then came to the front of the second boss, which is characterized by a wide range of patrols, killing other monsters while he patrols. In addition to thieves, others must quickly clear the mobs on the stairway. The thief's task is to put interference on the BOSS patrol, slow down the pace of BOSS. If the player does not have enough good equipment, it is recommended to go to to buy World of Warcraft Gold. The price is cheap and it is fast.

Put 2 disturbances on the way forward, quickly go upstairs after cleaning up the monsters and continue to clean up the monsters on the stairs. It is worth noting that when you go up the stairs, go to the right, don't let the attention of the powerful monster on the left. Cheap WOW Classic Gold can help me get better when I get the equipment.

The new version of the Warcraft Classic executive statement will be released early next year




A considerable number of players in the Warcraft Classic have returned to the missions and raids provided by the Warcraft Normal Edition. These circumstances make the World of Warcraft classic team very anxious, but the head of the classic team said that in the future there will be more elements and gameplay added to the game, and that players can look forward to the "second phase" update, in this A new attack mode will be introduced during the phase.




In that time frame?

 Hazzioktas told the interviewer: this will depend on some irresistible elements. Although we don't know when the new phase will be launched, Hazzioktas told the second phase that it will be officially launched before the end of the year.



Since the original version of World of Warcraft was released in August, the players of all major games have flowed to the World of Warcraft classics. In the face of this trend, the official team expressed great surprises. But the actual situation is: the game is overcrowded at the beginning, the players have to queue to complete the task, and even have to queue for a long time to enter the server. FFWOW is a professional game currency website where you can buy gold from World of Warcraft and Warcraft classics and don't spend a lot of money. Click to view the details.


 WOW Classic Gold


One of the biggest obstacles facing the Classic server is the layering problem. In essence, layers will often agree to different versions of the zone in order to allow more players to join the field and be used to try to meet the needs of the crowd. After some players used the layered system to repeatedly acquire loot, Blizzard implemented a player ban, while the game team is still trying to stabilize the game field and remove the layered structure, so there is only one layer structure in each field.

How to unlock the new race of World of Warcraft - Vulpera (2)



After the players complete these tasks, all that remains is to wait for the 8.3 version to go live, complete a few easy development tasks, you will get the "Allied Races: Vulpera" achievement, and you can immediately create a Vulpera character for the Horde. Doing so will also unlock the new Caravan Hyena mount, which you can use on any tribal character.



Vulpera race ability and role selection

Like all races, aliens have multiple racial abilities. These racial abilities will slightly affect their game style.

And the right spells.

The vulpera can be applied to the following roles










The racial characteristics of The vulpera are:

Skill Pack: Use techniques for the enemy to destroy the opponent's camp, or use allies to attack them.

Establish camp: Set the campsite outdoors.

Return to camp: Set the camp location outdoors.

Damage Immunity: The first hit by the enemy can reduce damage.

Immune Fire Attribute: Reduces the damage the Fire deals to itself.

Growth bonus: Add 5% of Classic WOW Gold at the end of the game.



Vulpera custom options, dance and traditional armor

Like any race, if you don't use any special method to quickly upgrade Vulpera's level from the initial 20 to 120, vulpera has a variety of unique customization options, including dance expressions, interesting lines. And a special Heritage Armor. Visit to buy more World of Warcraft gold at a low price to help you grow faster in the game.

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