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Telecom Systems Engineer Job Description

With the growth of digital strategy, they help the customer either at the field or site for best connectivity. Their work ranges from creating basic circuit design to deploy the wireless network in the field.

They are responsible for designing, overseeing the installation of telecom equipment and facilities, such as complex electronic switches, broadband data services, and satellite communications.

They cover a broad range of responsibilities in the field of mobile communication, voice & data, broadcasting, optical networking.

Following are the essential job responsibilities of system engineer:

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Salary of a Senior System Architect

The salary of a Senior Systems Architect in the United States is $128,438 per year, according to ziprecuiter.com.

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Operates specialized and secure radio, computer, and telephone equipment

May be required to coordinate service and other related external

requests for dispatch to the scene of emergencies.

Maintain a precise and factual radio log

Maintain properly filed teletype record

Maintain a service log

Maintain a maintenance unit status log

Maintain a log of time checks given to turnpike DPS units

Monitor scan-cast system and update maintenance personnel of same

Monitor and program for traffic information

Determine and fix the issue with switchboard

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The ideal role of DHCP network engineer is to ensure that all the systems are functioning correctly. Depending upon the network complexity the organizations can have global network engineer (DHCP) across the international locations for extended support.

Generally, there can be two types of IP addresses – static and dynamic. Static is an unchanging IP address, but most computers use dynamic IP addresses for better connectivity. A DHCP server assigns the dynamic IP address.

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Developing analytical threat models

Coordinating with the threat study teams and offering all necessary functional guidance to avoid any malicious activities

Support the team with research and data analysis

Develop analytical products using enterprise and all-source intelligence

Conduct malware analysis and provide indicators for defensive measures

Reverse engineer attacker encoding protocols

Understand the attack signatures and techniques

Work in coordination with external entities such as law enforcement, the intelligence community, and other government agencies

Perform network traffic analysis by using raw packet data, net flow, and IDS as it relates to cybersecurity and communication networks

Must develop a custom signature and assess threat data from different sources

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Identify patterns of failure and implement solutions to fix the problems

Must have a fundamental knowledge of monitoring tools and provide any needed assistance

Take up new requests and explore new opportunities to scale great heights

Should follow-up and take constant feedback to improve the affected departments

Keep track of the issues faced by internal and external customers

Follow the proper procedure to attend to the complaints logged and escalate them quickly

Make sure the organizations stick to the workstation network standards

Have adequate knowledge of technological developments in the ICT and customer care industry

Should be able to configure, support and troubleshoot Microsoft operating systems

Must support, connect and troubleshoot complex WAN and LAN environments

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A Citrix Engineer provides high-class troubleshooting and solutions to problems relating to the Citrix platform. The individual maintains and monitors how the Citrix settings and dependencies perform. Also, he/ she offers support and perform administrative duties relating to the final consumer’s environment. Finally, the professional ensures that the Citrix server’s off-hour upgrades and upkeep, get applied and coordinated.

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Modify electrical, thermal, and timing elements to standardize relay as per the installation specifications

Replace and rectify the defective relays with the help of machinery or hand tools along with brush or feather

Document test results, adjustments, and related data on relay history

Conduct timely inspections and investigate the relays at functioning points

Examine and rectify related equipment including telemetering and supervisory-control devices

Verify the circuit diagrams and ensure that the manufacturers are following the company standards

Examine the switches, clears, grounds, and locks of equipment

Maintain specialized equipment and complete any required modifications

Coordinate with other departments and work on troubleshooting tasks

Give proper feedback to keep performance on the track

Use a wide range of general purpose and specialized electrical and electronic testing equipment and instruments

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