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The Ultrafine Mill refers to concentrator for tailings dewatering processing, and it is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, coal, non-metallic mineral processing, environmental protection and other industries.

Theperipheral driving thickenerisa new automatic efficient concentratorwidely used in the processing of various industrial slurry, such as beneficiation, coal, metallurgy, chemical, slurry, etc., which canincrease the density of mineral to reach the selected concentration.

The applications of concentrator machine

Theperipheral driving thickenerrefers to concentrator for tailings dewatering processing, and it is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, coal, non-metallic mineral processing, environmental protection and other industries. The new type of dewatering equipment is actually not simple settling equipment, but has combination characteristicsof mud layer and filter.

Characteristics ofperipheral driving thickener

(1) Added flocculent can increase the particle diameter of the sedimentation of solid particles, thereby to accelerate the sedimentation velocity.

(2) The installation of tilt board can shorten the sedimentation distance of mineral particles, and further increase the size of the settlement.

(3) Mud slurry can fully play its function role of flocculation, filtering and compression, and increase the amount of processing.

(4) Equipped with complete automatic control facilities.

Henan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in High-tech Zone of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. The company is a professional manufacturer of large mineral processing equipment, and it mainly produces and sells metallic and non-metallic mineral processing equipment. Main products of the company are: ball mill, magnetic separator, flotation machine, crusher, concentrator, dryer, conveyors and other types of mineral processing equipment.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, Chinese construction waste disposal technology has been successfully applied at home and abroad. As a professional and excellent construction waste disposal equipments manufacturer in China, Henan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. comprehensive analyzes the construction waste and develops a new type mobile crusher taking receiving materials, crushing, transmitting as a whole, “eats the waste and produces the gold”. The Ore Milling Equipment is widely used in the crushing and screening work of construction waste, mining waste disposal, engineering construction, mining and so on. It not only solves the outstanding problems of environmental pollution and land occupation caused by construction waste, but also realizes turning the construction waste into wealth, promoting the construction waste disposal to develop towards a sustainable way.

The mobile crusher helps to recycle the construction waste, turning the waste into wealth and benefitting mankind. For example, through crushing, the construction waste such as brick, stone, concrete, etc, can replace the sand to be used for masonry mortar, plastering mortar and playing concrete cushion. Through fine crushing, the waste concrete block material can be fixed with standard sand as a fine aggregate being used for plastering the wall, roofing mortar, masonry mortar, making floor tiles, and so on. At the same time, the mobile crusher can save energy and resources to achieve cleaner production. Owing to the closed circular economy industrial chain, it can protect the living environment of mankind and achieve sustainable development. What’s more, as an emerging industry, the construction waste disposal industry can help enterprises to achieve both economic benefits and social benefits, creating the greatest wealth under the negative economic situation.

At present, China has also implemented a series of management rules to regulate the construction waste disposal market, not only implementing the tax reduction and exemption for construction waste disposal enterprises, but also promoting the use of construction waste recycled products. Thus it can be seen that the construction waste is a great treasure, in the course of future development, the market of construction waste disposal has great potential. The mobile crusher will achieve turning the construction waste into new type building materials to promote the urban development, creating the harmonious and green city.

For compound pendulum Construction Waste Crusher , its design and producing method have been greatly improved. The traditional design principle of jaw crusher cannot meet the developing demand of the mine exploration. From this aspect, the design method of jaw crusher has limited the development of mining field.

jaw crusher is the key equipment in the mining industry. This equipment is featured with stable operation, long services life, simple structure and the low energy consumption. Compare with other equipment, it has the unparalleled advantages. The rod, movable jaw, and other parts of the jaw crusher can generate a large of inertial force. The abrasion of the vital parts will reduce the working efficiency of the jaw crusher.

is a high-tech enterprise that is specializing in the research and produce of the mining machine. The jaw crusher produced by our company also keeps the good marketing advantages. won the domestic and international customer satisfaction because of its strong technological force, advanced producing craft, good manufacturing equipment, high-quality product performance and the first class service.

Steel is the skeleton for national development. The amount of iron ore resource decides the strength of national economy. In steel industry and mineral processing field where iron ore is widely applied, Ultrafine Mill is the most popular topic.

According to the different content and hardness of material, ore processing equipment is chosen. Based on this situation, different kinds of iron ore crushers are designed for different processing.

Material with hardness of less than 7 can be processed with ordinary Raymond mill. If the demand for granularity is higher, superfine mill can be applied to achieve the purpose. The ultra-fine mill is the enhanced version of Raymond mill. Taking account of the factors of yield and fineness requirement, the patent technology holds the domestic leading level. At the same time, Henan ultra-fine mill which is superior in performance and high in efficiency absorbs experience and technology in the grinding field.

Henan Zenith Mining Machinery supplies you with powder grinding mill which can be used in mining, construction, building materials, chemical industry highway, etc.

Since its establishment, Henan Zenith has always been adhering to the scientific concept of development and paying attention to science and technology investment. The first-class technology research and development personnel make Henan Zenith Mining Machinery maintain the leading position in the industry.

In recent years, the export trading volume of large mining equipment, such as crusher, stone crusher and crushing machine, contributes to the great improvement of manufacturing level of China mining machine. A lot of China mining machine brands have gained popularity and recognition of international market. Under the influence of modernized industry development road, building a innovative and technology-based modernized industrial system has become the key of manufacturing industry to entering the international level. Only by uninterrupted product quality improvement and technology innovation can the enterprise occupy an invincible position.

It is well known to all that the 12th Five-Year plan supplies rapid development chances for the Ore Milling Equipment industry. Although it plays impelling role in sales results and market expand, straightforward propulsion means makes crusher industry target in market and sales, which cannot drive the product upgrading and technology content improvement. Due to the support and control of national policy, China crusher enterprise development enter the peak season. Therefore, more and more manufacturers join the crusher industry in order to enjoy the benefits brought by the peak times. Under the influence of world sustainable development and new industrialization, China mining machine industry should transform production mode from the low cost and cheap labor force to technology and innovation.

Henan Zenith, the leading enterprise of crusher, produces various products such as jaw crusher, roll crusher and hammer crusher. Relying on unremitting efforts, Zenith will welcome its brighter tomorrow.

It’s well known that the Ultrafine Mill industry is moving forward in a positive direction and the sand maker has become a new device combing both traditional and modern characteristics.

The sand maker is considered as the most important equipment to crush and grind all kinds of soft and hard stones and minerals. It’s widely used to process minerals, cement, fire proofing, glass materials and construction materials. The high working efficiency of the sand maker has made the equipment very popular among customers.

The sand making station has very strict standard of the productivity and the hardness of the sand starts to catch users’ attention in the construction industry. If there is no available high efficient sand maker for customers, it’s not possible to realize the complete satisfaction of the demand for the construction sand.

For many years, the natural sand lacking problem has forced the sand making industry to take measures to change the current lagging developing situation. In addition, the requirement for a large amount of sand in the national infrastructure construction will also encourage the mining machinery industry to take further steps.

China is famous for the abundant quantity of natural resources like sand and stones which will provide enough raw materials for the sand making production line. The current management mode of the sand making industry is to separate the sand production process from the construction field, which can increase the productivity to certain extent.

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After years’ research and development by our experts, our company has designed and made the new generation of grinding machines, namely the energy saving ball mills.

Our Construction Waste Crusher can not only finish the grinding process in a short time with little power consumption, but also can realize the multiple stage crushing and grinding processes, thus reducing workers’ labor intensity.

Our ball mills can help customers solve many negative problems as follows:

1.Most ball mills consume too much energy and work with low efficiency, which leads to serious energy and material wasting problems.

2.We can’t ignore the issue of ball mills’ high production and operation cost. When the ball mill runs, the grinding device impacts and grinds the materials in the mill which is ground at the same time to certain extent. Abrasion will also happen to the mill’s other components.

3.The domestic market doesn’t have a greater amount of demand for the ball mills, compared with the foreign developed mining machinery industry.

Knowing about the problems listed above that may lead to the companies’ stagnancy, it’s time for us to take measures to change or improve the current developing situation of the ball mills. The most effective we can do is to think of innovative ideas to reduce the energy consumption and production and operation cost of the ball mills.

In the modern times of information development, all mining machinery enterprises are trying to make innovation on their own to increase the competitiveness of their products and services. They all are aware of the significance of the technological innovation.

<p>Environmental protection has always been pursued by people. While environmentally Ultrafine Mill  is also ideal equipment of people. So, whether now or in the future, environmentally friendly equipment is most needed in industrial development, which also conforms to market demand. Environmental protection of mining equipment is important and necessary. In most cases, traditional mining equipment has a certain influence on environment when it is working, so to speak, environmental protection is a development direction as well as another way for mining equipment.</p>

<p>As an important enterprise of environmental protection industry, Zenith Machinery continuously introduces world advanced technology and new crushing concept in constant research and updating processes. Through constant research, Zenith Machinery has launched new type of crusher machine which gets good evaluation in industry. In today's society, economy develops so fast, so does the progress of science and technology, which is a good help for development of mining equipment such as impact crusher. Social development, increase of market demand and upgrading of crushing equipment have brought more opportunities to both crusher machines and crusher enterprises. Progress of impact crusher is an important embodiment of industrial development, which is also the premise for crushing equipment in China to enter international market.</p>

<p>Impact crusher is a promising device in mining machinery industry, which has made huge progress in constant development and progress. Improvement of crushing equipment is the core of industrial progress. The influence of Impact crusher in mining machinery industry is wider, so, progress of impact crusher will bring a big change to crusher market as well as a technical refor

In recent years, with the acceleration of national economic construction, the demand for gravel aggregate is increasingly growing. As natural resources are limited to mine, artificial sand is indispensable for construction. China Construction Waste Crusher industry rapidly develops accordingly. The function of crusher equipment in national economy construction is bigger and bigger.

So far, there are more and more stone plants all over the country. The large sand production area is generally seen around distracts with abundant mines and stone resources. With the growth of stone production line, excessive production and unqualified gravel aggregate phenomena occur in many areas, which seriously hinders the healthy industry development. Consequently, a integration and technology transformation tide is raised in gravel aggregate industry. In a certain extent, it is bound to require crusher industry to supply equipment with high yield, high efficiency and low pollution.

In order to adapt to the market demand, large-sized environment-friendly crusher emerges as the times requires. According to years of crusher R&D and manufacturing experience, Zenith Machinery firstly launched large-sized crushing equipment such as large-sized jaw crusher, single-stage impact crusher. A batch of large-sized equipment once launched gains the great popularity of gravel aggregate manufacturers. Of course, Zenith Machinery wins a wide range of praises.

Responding positively to the requirement for energy conservation and emission reduction, Zenith Machinery has been keeping on constant independent innovation and product structure optimization so as to meet the development tendency of gravel aggregate industry. The biggest advantage of crushing equipment such as PE1200x1500 jaw crusher, PF2024 impact crusher and single-stage fine crusher is improving the output of this series of equipment to the utmost. It greatly remedies the defects like insufficient product output and multifarious production lines shortfall.

After the installation is completed, ball mill needs to have an all-around inspection. After everything is done well, it's time to carry out the test run. Before commissioning, we must have a good preparation and inspection in advance. What problems should we note in the load and no-load test run of Ultrafine Mill ?

In the no-load test run:

1. No-load test run should keep running for 12 to 24 hours. If any problem is found, it should be resolved immediately.

2. After ball mill is conformed qualified, it's time to conduct no-load test run, that is, no balls and no feeding.

3. Inspect the lubrication conditions of all the lubricating parts and make sure there is no oil leakage.

4. The temperature of main bearing should not excess 50 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too high, cooling measures should be taken.

5. Ensure that there is no significant change in energy consumption and running continuously for more than 8 hours without abnormal accidents.

In the load test run:

1. Feed 20-30% of the specified load of balls and materials into the ball mill and keep it running for 8 to 10 hours. After it runs normally, add a proper amount of steel balls.

2. Feed materials according to the discharging condition and avoid unnecessary abrasion and damages to the steel balls and shell liner.

3. Keep ball mill working smoothly, without intensive vibration. If severe shocks occur, check instantly and troubleshoot timely.

4. Inspect each friction part and ensure there is no burning phenomenon.

5. All the seals must be kept in good condition, free from water leakage and oil leakage.

Overview: Ultrafine Mill , also named classifier, is one of mineral processing equipment mainly composed of drive unit, spiral body, trough, lifting body, the lower bearing (bearing) and discharging valve, with characteristics of simple structure, reliable performance, convenient operation and so on. Screw separator is the equipment for mechanical classification in virtue of the principle that solid particle with different proportion has different sinking speed in liquids. Spiral classifier can mainly be divided into four types: single spiral, high weir double spirals, immersed single spiral and immersed double spirals.

Working principle: Spiral separator is in virtue of the principle that solid particles with different proportion have different sinking speed in liquids, therefore, the fine ore grain will be floated and overflowed with the water outflow, while the coarse ore grain will be sank in the tank bottom. The spiral pushes material grinded in grinding machine to the upper part and discharges it.

Application: Spiral separator is widely used in mineral processing plant by forming closed loop with ball mill to diverse sand mine, or used in gravity concentrators to classify ore and fine clay, or used in metal ore dressing process for particle size grading of pulp, as well as desliming and dehydrating operation in ore washing process.

The Ore Milling Equipment is mainly composed of feeding trough, vibration exciter, spring bearing and transmission device. The vibrating source of the feeding trough is the vibration exciter. The vibration exciter is composed of two eccentric shafts (including the active shaft and the passive shaft) and the gear. The motor drives the active shaft Through the V-belt. Then the main gear set on the active shaft puts the passive shaft into gear. The active shaft and the passive shaft will do the reversing rotation at the time, which makes the trough vibrate and the material flow continuously, so as to achieve the goal of transporting materials.

The electromagnetic vibrating feeder is a new type ration feeding equipment can meet the demand of continuing production. Now, the electromagnetic vibrating feeder has been widely used in mining, melting, coal, building, light industry, chemical, electric, and other industries, for transporting the massiveness, granular, and powder material to the material accepted equipment continuously and evenly. Performance characteristics of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder: Small cubage and light weight; Simple structure and easy to operate; Easy to install and convenient to maintain; Low energy consumption and high working efficiency; Low running cost and high benefits.

Nowadays, machinery industry begins to face greater difficulties at the beginning of this year after experiencing the golden period in the first 11 months of 2012s. The production of 40 kinds of products in the 120 kinds of key products have had a year-on-year decline, which is rarely seen in recent years, and it is expected that output growth of mining machinery like electromagnetic vibrating feeder will be 10% -12%, even 12% in 2013.

Ore Milling Equipment has a broad application in iron and steel, aluminum oxide, magnesium metal, calcium carbide, power plant desulfurization and papermaking industry. Active lime is one of the important auxiliary raw materials of steelmaking. Burning active lime with rotary kiln has a number of advantages and a promising development prospect.

1. Rotary kiln is of high yield and very suitable for the large scaled active lime production line. Now there has been 2200 t/d limestone rotary kiln put into production around the world; And many active lime rotary kilns with a daily output of 150 t to 300 t are operating in good condition at home and abroad.

2. Rotary kiln belongs to open-type calcining. The kiln body has a simple structure and the flue gas containing sulfur can be discharged timely, so our rotary kiln fully meets the requirements of steelmaking. Meanwhile, materials in the kiln scroll forward and are heated evenly.

3. the rotary kiln can directly calcine the 10-50 mm of fine grained limestone. Generally, the 0-30 mm fine limestone cannot be processed by other type of kiln. Rotary kiln production line can fully utilize the high-quality limestone resources.

4. Equipping the kiln tail with vertical preheater can make a full use of the high temperature flue gas generated by the calcinations in the kiln, which can not only greatly improve the yield of rotary kiln, but also largely reduce the unit heat consumption.

5. On the kiln head there is equipped with vertical cooling machine, which can make the high temperature lime cool down sharply, promote product activity, and make it easy for transportation and storage.

6. The flue gas emitted through the vertical preheater has a low temperature and low dust content, simplifying the subsequent processing configuration for flue gas.

7. It is the most obvious advantage that the lime calcined by rotary kiln has stable quality.

In ore dressing operations, the demand of Ultrafine Mill

 has reached an unprecedented period. Vibrating screen can be divided into two categories: linear vibrating screen and circular vibrating screen, then which kind of vibration screen has stronger processing ability? Here is the answer:

For the trajectory of linear vibrating screen, there are two basic types: one is the circle type; the other is the straight – line type. When the material is on the sieve surface, it should be consistent with the state of motion in sling and forward movement on the screen surface. The purpose of throwing motion in addition to avoid material slippage, reduce the screening surface wear, mainly to produce certain effect between layers of loose materials. The particle sizes are rearranged differently to increase the sieve through rates. The former motion velocity will directly affect the production capacity of the screen.

The throwing direction of materials on the surface of the mesh is not unilateral, but the multidirectional throw which continuously along the 360 degree circumference direction. The main vector rotational acceleration will continue along the circle direction of 360 degrees of reciprocating movement. Thus, it is favorable of the loose of layered materials, and prevents blocking of the screen. However, the circular vibrating screen also has shortcomings; the power source cannot be prompted to the forward movement of materials. In order to make the material move to the discharging end, the screen must keep tilt installation, thereby increasing the screen pen, its height and the occupied workshop.

Zenith vibrating screen can improve the utilization rate of the mineral with high efficiency. It is widely used in mineral processing and a variety of new industries, which is highly praised by the customers. At present, our vibration screen types and specification are still in continuous improvement. Customers are warmly welcomed to visit us!

<p>The Construction Waste Crusher   is considered as the core equipment to crush and grind all kinds of soft and hard stones and minerals. The high working efficiency mobile crusher has made the equipment very popular among customers.</p>

<p>The current management mode of the stone crushing industry is to separate the sand production process from the construction field, which can increase the productivity to certain extent. All this will need the help of the high efficient mobile crusher.</p>

<p>The mobile crushing station has very strict standard of the productivity and the hardness of the sand starts to catch users&rsquo; attention in the construction industry. If there is no available high efficient mobile crusher for customers, it&rsquo;s not possible to realize the complete satisfaction of the demand for the construction sand.</p>

<p>For many years, the natural sand lacking problem has forced the stone crushing and sand making industry to take measures to change the current lagging developing situation. In addition, the requirement for a large amount of sand in the national infrastructure construction will also encourage the mining machinery industry to take further steps.</p>

<p>China is famous for the abundant quantity of natural resources like sand and stones which will provide enough raw materials for the mobile crushing station.</p>

<p>The mobile crusher is widely used to process minerals, cement, fire proofing, glass materials and construction materials. The current mobile crushing station is transformed to the modernized pattern and we believe that it will prosper quickly in the future.</p>