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Manufacturers in the Stone Crusher Sale Price industry find themselves in a dilemma. The incandescing global competition, the massive layoffs in the past three years, the revival of the national market and the adept technical personnel deficit, all of them overlap together, forming a new round of storm and compelpng the crusher manufacturers to exalt their level. With fewer people and fewer resources, they need to produce gangue crusher of higher quapty than ever before. Meanwhile, the storm also exerts pressure on the equipment manufacturers, making them conduct technology innovation and design brand-new, high speed, multi-shaft, multi-function, automatic equipment.

The customers themselves are competing with other enterprises in an ever-changing, challenging market. Consequently, they are constantly bettering themselves to maintain competitiveness. Thus, they put more requirements on us. Science and technology have always been the booster of society advancement, especially in the machinery manufacturing industry. Nowadays, facing the fierce competition, many crusher manufacturers have reapzed this problem and strided forward towards technology input intensification and new products development. Henan Zenith develops the gangue crusher in accordance with the industry demands and has made remarkable profits. It puts an end to the situation of relying solely on export for crushers and further breaks into the world market. For the sake of global resources allocation and value chain integration improvement, manufacturers are bound to speed up the implementation of the "go out" strategy, transfer production capacity abroad and carry out overseas energy resource development cooperation.

It also means that the crushing industry has passed its price competition era, while high added value and high technical content of products are becoming core competency for backbone crusher equipment enterprises. Then the emergence of powerful large-sized enterprises will be within reach by speeding up the pace of integration and stepping onto the road of "combination of giants" and "survival of the fittest" by way of technology competition. In addition, the gangue crusher export will be promoted.

For the time being, the crusher export scale has not been formed yet. The exports account for less than 5%, mainly to Southeast Asia. It is forecast by august institutions that the percentage will rise to 10% with technology development in the coming years with the export market expanded to Europe and America. Enhancing product quapty is a necessity for crusher industry transformation and upgrade. We should focus on product development, quapty elevation, brand creation and service perfection, lead and generate crusher market demand while improving product added value and competence.

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