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Construction Waste Crusher, as a hydraulic ore beneficiation machine, is broadly applied in the battlefield, mixing plant and engineering construction. As the construction market puts more and more demands on the sand, sand washer is more and more applied. So, when you would like to buy sand washer, what should you notice especially when you are a green hand? Don’t worry about these questions. Zenith is about to introduce you about each aspect you should notice:

First of all, the broad environment of sand washer. For example, the local resources policy, administration fees and overall relationship. After all, the sand is the national mineral resources, once the government forbids the sand exploitation, we will loss a lot.

Then, objective conditions of sand washer. For example, the resource and sales condition in the native or surrounding places. In addition, these factors such as the site, water and electricity and raw sand should be considered. Above all, the benefit is the most essential factor you should consider.

At last, the mode selection of sand washer. It is advisable for considering various aspects from the scale of plant, production quality controlling, price, after sales service and the feedback from old and new customers.

If you are worried how to choose the proper sand washer manufacturer, please don’t miss this article. The machines such as sand washer, wheel bucket sand washer, sand maker and crusher gain much favors from national and abroad customers.

Compared with common belt conveyor, the Construction Waste Crusher has advantages both in technology and performance. This article mainly deals with the technical features of the tubular belt conveyor.

(1) Driving device

The driving device of this belt conveyor mainly includes variable frequency motor driving and hydraulic motor driving. The former is mainly composed by the motor, reducer, coupler, frequency conversion device and driving roll. The latter provides the needed flow and pressure for the hydraulic motor relying on the power station.

(2) Tension device

The tension device of the tubular belt conveyor adopts hydraulic pressure automatic tension device or heavy hammer tension device. During the normal working process of the belt conveyor, as for the tension fluctuation of the belt caused by the changing of the conveying amount, the hydraulic pressure automatic tension device can be used for automatically adjusting the tension of the belt in order to maintain the stable tension of the belt. The heavy hammer tension device is able to use the space position of the vestibule for convenient arrangement.

(3) Emergency switch

When the belt conveyor breaks down, the workers can turn off the switch on any part of the belt conveyor, and then the machine will automatically lock and ring the alarm bell, and this conveying machine and the upstream equipment will stop working.

<p>Construction Waste Crusher is one kind of mobile crushing plant, which is a liquid stone crushing process can be regarded as a simple stone production line. Mobile construction station is more suitable for processing and crushing of construction waste in accordance with the requirements of the different raw materials, size and finished materials, especially the small crushing site. The mobile crushing station can be used in rough crushing, general crushing and fine crushing. On the standpoint of the customer, we make the solution of eliminating barriers of site and environment as the primary solution. To provide customers with high-efficient and low-cost hardware facility can greatly expand the concept of crushing operations.</p>

<p>1. Widely used in mining, coal, garbage and construction waste recycling, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other site operations.</p>
<p>2. Construction and demolition industry; crushing after the screening; quarrying industry.</p>
<p>3. River pebbles, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite), ore tailings, stone chips and artificial sand.</p>

Introduction: How time flies, and 2012 is going to be the past, and we are gradually stepping into 2013. As for We, the year of 2012 is fruitful and innovative, and in 2013, our company will continue to serve the whole society with the spirit of “enthusiasm, servant and faithfulness”.

How time flies, and 2012 is going to be the past, and we are gradually stepping into 2013. As for We, the year of 2012 is fruitful and innovative, and in 2013, our company will continue to serve the whole society with the spirit of “enthusiasm, servant and faithfulness”.

Faced with the fierce competition in Construction Waste Crusher industry in 2012, We neither holds back nor goes with the stream but unwaveringly develops around the theme of “quality, safety, stability and development”, grasps the development opportunity and expands with innovation and finally goes ahead of this industry with firm steps.

In 2012, several technical patents in mining machinery are granted with our company. God help those who help themselves, and We has set research department in order to provide the most powerful guarantee for the research and development of high-end equipment and new types of equipment.

We can still remember at the Bauma China 2012, We delivered a satisfactory paper for the whole world with glorious gesture and let the whole world see the innovative and pragmatic people, hear the most powerful development sound and feel the perseverance and enthusiasm of people, and even see the power of people in the research and development of high-end and new products.

In 2012, made correct market forecast. With the development of the time and economy, the development momentum of such industries as high-speed railway and highway construction is strong, and especially the construction and development of the Central Economic Zone, sand making equipment becomes more and more popular in the market. With high efficiency, energy conservation, green and environmental protection as the development orientation, We researched and developed new type VSI large sand maker, and with its leading technology and our professional services, it quickly becomes the new favor in the mining market.

The artificial sandstone aggregate becomes one large-scale project with the decreasing and disappearing of the natural sand in recent years, which is the most important raw materials for those projects such as three gorges project. The maximum demand of those infrastructure construction including railway, road, bridge, water conservancy and so on is the excellent sandstone aggregate. The requirement difference of customers on raw materials and discharging size helps to define the third generation Construction Waste Crusher because the construction specification of those sand production equipment is different. The innovation and upgrading of sand making machine on craftsmanship makes the production efficiency become better, perfectly achieving the technological progress, and this machine has the advantages such as stable usage, lower energy consumption, easy to be operate, cost saving, which is the typical energy-saving product. The application of this machine in the building construction is wide, which can make a big difference in the process and can be the first choice of many enterprises. mining machinery has made a great breakthrough in developing the production ability, which can effectively help us to occupy the mining market and to maintain the marketing development. mining machinery enthusiastically hopes to get much more support from our customers, and we insists on believing that the science can invent the brand, and the trust can bring the bright future. Our 3rd sand making machine has reached the international level while creating one brand market for ourselves, which can greatly attract much more customers by its strong function.