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Rigid automation technology in sand making machine manufacturing technology is a widely used automation technology in mature sand making machine manufacturing countries. In terms of rigid automation technology, the gap between China and mature countries still exists. The main mode of Sand Making Machine manufacturing in China at this stage is the rigid automation mode. The most important feature of rigid automation technology in sand making machine manufacturing technology is that it fully automates production and design in the process of sand making machine manufacturing, and has carried out complete automation improvements in three areas. One aspect is that the design process route in the manufacturing process of sand making machine is fully automated; the second aspect is that the processing tools used in the manufacturing process of sand making machine are fully automated; the third aspect is that the product size setting in the manufacturing process of sand making machine is fully automated.

Many of China's sand making machine manufacturing enterprises use rigid automation technology completely in the process of mass production, and can easily achieve mass production in the manufacturing process without changing the size of the manufacturing production. The most obvious practical embodiment of rigid automation technology is the production line of mechanical manufacturing. The production line has three very practical features. The characteristic is that the production efficiency is very high; the second characteristic is that the entire production process is very short, saving a lot of man-hours; the third characteristic is that the improvement of the degree of automation effectively reduces the intensity of logistics.

Crushing is a common process for barite processing. The equipment used is a crushing device. For the barite mine, Shibang Group recommends that you use jaw crushers, hammer crushers, and cone crushers. There are four types of crushers and mobile crushers, and their respective characteristics in the operation process are as follows: 1.Jaw crusher The jaw Sand Making Machine can fully display the potential of high efficiency for the processing of barite ore. The technological innovation of this equipment is very rapid. Especially in the field of Rutitian mines, the equipment is more widely used. The large-scale production line occupies a pivotal position. As a separate crushing equipment, it is gradually integrated into various fields of the mine. High production efficiency is its greater advantage. The engine performance of this equipment is very powerful and complete. The continuous working time in the production process is getting longer and longer. The production efficiency is widely recognized by customers. Another major advantage is There are no restrictions on the types of materials. The equipment can process any metal ores, non-metal ores, high-impurity ores, and precious metal ores, etc., especially for stone ores with high levels of impurities, which also removes impurities. Function, which has to let more people have an updated understanding and understanding of it. 2.hammer crusher The hammer crusher is developing in the direction of miniaturization and miniaturization in recent years. This design concept just solves a series of problems caused by customers' generally heavy and heavy mining equipment. For example, large-scale equipment, the handling work is very tedious, The installation process is cumbersome and the equipment is unstable. The miniature equipment can solve these problems, and the efficiency of the equipment has also been greatly improved. The compact and novel structure reduces the load bearing capacity during the operation of the equipment. , So that the equipment runs more smoothly. Another advantage of this equipment is that the particle size of the processed material is more uniform. The hammer crusher is easier to meet the higher standards of customers for the processing of barite. Its output particle size is more delicate and uniform. These are all high-tech. The products, the size, appearance and material of the discharge port all meet the high standards, so this equipment is also a relatively good equipment. 3.Cone crusher Cone crusher is a kind of processing equipment with high automation of crushing equipment. This is also the result required by the times and customers expect. The high degree of automation of equipment is an inevitable product of the rapid development of science and technology, and the replacement of manual labor by machines has become a trend. The inevitable requirements required, the high degree of automation of the equipment can not only bring some convenience to humans, but also the equipment's performance in terms of material handling is more efficient and fast. In principle: high-automation equipment can make the machine run more stable, the failure rate of the stable-operation machinery and equipment is lower, and the greater production efficiency can be exerted for the processing and production of barite ore; high-automation equipment is energy-saving Environmental protection is also important, because highly automated equipment can effectively avoid frequent startup or frequent startup and shutdown of the equipment, because the startup and shutdown of the equipment is not only a source of noise production, but also causes great damage to the equipment In particular, the frequent turning on and off of the engine device of the equipment is at risk of being scrapped, so it must be avoided during operation, and the cone crusher fundamentally solves this big problem.
Jaw Crusher South Africa Sale is the primary crushing equipment in sand and gravel yard. The following mainly analyzes the differences between domestic and foreign products from three aspects.
(I) Product specifications
The jaw crusher uses the length and width of the inlet to calibrate the specifications of the machine. Domestic manufacturers basically manufacture about 8 types of coarse crushing products according to industry standards.
At present, what is lacking in our country is the large-size varieties: the boundary of the inlet is above 750mmX1060mm. There are only 3-4 large-size products produced by various manufacturers. Among the 11 types of Nordberg C series, there are 9 types of large specifications, and Cedar also has 9 types. Large specifications and complete varieties make it possible to choose suitable initial breaking equipment in the construction of large sand quarries.
(Two) product performance
Jaw crushers are mainly processing capacity and allowable feed size. Due to the different designs of jaw crushers of the same specification, the allowable feed sizes are also different. In our country, the original Soviet Union standards were adopted. ) Distance is the calculation standard, and many companies in the world calculate the distance between the fixed tooth plate and the movable tooth plate. Therefore, the products with the same specifications are usually smaller than the tooth depth of products of foreign companies. Distance, the tooth depth of the large size crusher is 60-100mm, so the allowable feed size of domestic products is often 50-80mm smaller.