The myth about the instant food


Date & time Jul 14 '21
Las Vegas
Creator Jasper Parker

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Before you went to college, you've probably heard your mother reminding you to only feed on healthy food. Despite being convinced that having healthy meals is beneficial for our health, we still end up having a dinner of a leftover pizza slice, a canned mushroom soup, and a glass of soda.


How do we reconcile healthy living with our student schedule? The best essays on health would probably just give pieces of advice on what and what not to eat. There's drinking on fruit and vegetable juices, having vegetable sticks for snacks, and a whole wheat, carbohydrate-loaded breakfast. However, because we are always on the go, either we are late for class or we just prefer frozen goods over a nicely cooked meal for convenience, we choose to eat food that copes up with the pace of our daily lives. That comes in the form of instant noodles, frozen lasagna meal, and deeply fried fast food chicken.


Unbeknownst to us, the instant gratification we get from these type of food can actually harm us in the long run. Perhaps we have to be reminded then and again that eating too much salty food endangers our kidney. There's nothing like having a well-cooked balanced meal, savoring the flavors, thoughtfully prepared, right after having a long day. Perhaps you would need to start snacking up on better food today.


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Jul 21
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