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Controls were put into place for varyingCurcu Pure 3 socio-economic status. The rate of substance use disorder for whites came in at 9% and those for African-Americans at 5%. Hispanic substance use disorder clocked in at 7.7% and the lowest of all was Asians and Pacific Islanders at 3.5%. Interestingly, Native Americans were by far the worst with regards to substance use disorder at 15%.

The survey did not come to definitive conclusions about why Native Americans had such an elevated finding of substance use disorder, but alcoholism was included in these results. This group is known to have a high risk for this situation. Another interesting finding was that both prescription narcotic issues along with marijuana abuse occurred with higher frequency in Native Americans as well.

It is well-known that black youths are arrested for drug crimes more than whites at a frequency 10 times higher. But the study showed that when it comes to abusing the substances whites were almost twice as likely to develop issues than young African-Americans. This debunks the stereotypical perception among people that African-Americans tend to abuse drugs at a higher rate than whites. In fact, the reverse was shown to be true in this study.