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To achieve success in our endeavors we Einstein Success Codemust constantly evaluate and analyze situations to see what we can do better, what we did wrong and what we can change. This cannot be achieved without the willingness of being flexible. If we are unable to try out a new idea, add to our plans or listen to others for advice, things become clouded and restricted. Placing this type of barrier before us makes it difficult to get the successful results that we may desire.

Pride and arrogance can be a useful weapon in achieving success if used in the correct way. If we believe in ourselves proudly that we are capable of anything then this makes our spirits stronger to achieve success. However if we are proud and arrogant to believe that we can walk through anything and anyone because we know best, life often has a way of telling us different. Our arrogance may get us only so far and before long we at a place that needs the help of others. True success is better relished when we do not have to tread on others to achieve it. Humility can be a key weapon in making our dreams come true. It can also be a means by which our true strengths are disguised and come to use only when needed.