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Before any Olympic medal can Anabolic Stretchingbe won, world record time set or perfect performance displayed, the desire to achieve these great feats has to be nurtured. After all, only by having goals do we feel the need to take the action necessary to succeed in the first place. However, it is also true to say that in order to have any chance of success, the ambition that you have in your mind must be clearly defined and focused on. This is because a simple whim decided upon one morning without any real thought will be abandoned as quickly and as easily as it appeared.Sports psychologists have now proven that to in order to succeed, a goal has to be clearly identified, measured and broken down into smaller more manageable targets. This process has since been labelled "the three rules of goal setting".

You should know exactly what your goal is so that you can put the correct plan of action in place in order to reach it. Although this might seem obvious, it is also important to know exactly what criteria needs to be met so that you are fully aware of when you have in fact reached your target. Therefore, with your abs training program, do not set your goals as vague as the idea of simply having great abs. Instead, be as concise as you can be and know exactly how muscular, defined and strong the abs need to be in order for your ambition to have been reached