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princyjohn Feb 14

In the next column, you describe Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review the pain at different levels. I use the following: 0 = No pain; 02 = low levels of pain, an Over the Counter (OTC) remedy can get rid of it; 04 = moderate pain, need double the strength of the OTC remedy to dull the pain; 06 = heavy moderate pain, need double the strength of OTC remedy, but the pain isn't dulled, and activities are curtailed (decreased); 08 = heavy pain, need something stronger than an OTC remedy, and one must sit/lie still; and, finally, level 10.

The next column is the most important one, where you describe specifically what the pain feels like, and use many VERY SPECIFIC examples of how this specific level of pain impacts your "normal daily living activities". I cannot stress how important it is to be as specific, and as complete with your examples as you can be. Also, you need to "guesstimate" the % of time a day/week that you "routinely" have this pain.