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princyjohn Feb 14

You must also be very patient. Although Ultra FX 10  we all believe that hair grows really fast, once you have lost your hair, and you need products or surgery to grow the hair again, it can take about three months for products to start working. While surgery is a much faster option, it is also a great deal more expensive, and your health insurance will not cover hair restoration surgeries in most cases.

Again, there is never any guarantee that a hair loss product will work for your specific condition or situation. However, in almost all cases, your doctor will be able to determine the cause of your loss of hair, and then be able to recommend products that have a higher probability of working for you, based on the cause of the hair loss.

If you take the time to talk with your doctor about your loss of hair, you will save yourself a great deal of heartache and frustration, as well as a great deal of money. It is also important to realize that hair loss products that worked for a friend, neighbor, or family member may not work as well for you. This doesn't mean that the product isn't any good - it simply means that it wasn't any good for your situation or condition.