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MJL456 Jul 12
For Friday nights Cubs game against the Giants, Rich and I werent in 416: Wed scored bleacher seats instead. Hydro Flask Flasche Schweiz . So while other seatmates held down the fort in the upper deck, I headed to Wrigley early to soak up the atmosphere.Four hours before the ridiculously late first pitch (8:15? MLB, youre killing me.), Wrigleyville was pretty calm but different. Outside-the-park action shifts during the postseason.A significantly larger-than-usual police presence led to rumors that President Barack Obama would be visiting the game. One of my security guard pals complained that a seat was being wasted on a White Sox fan. I pointed out that Michelle Obama, our first lady, grew up a South Side Cubs fan, and that gives him some Cubs cred.The ballhawks on Waveland were out, though they predicted little out-of-the-ballpark action, because The Giants got no hitters. The freelance T-shirt salespeople had reduced in number. During the final homestand, the Cubs and Major League Baseball initiated a lawsuit against the T-shirt sellers for copyright infringement and selling pirated goods. So those guys -- with their ubiquitous shouts of Ten-dollah T-shirts! All T-shirts ten dollahs! were few and far between, selling a much-reduced inventory.The parking-spot salespeople were doing brisk, and much more profitable, business. Due to the scarcity of places to leave ones giant suburban SUV in densely populated Wrigleyville, many home and condo owners rent out their garages or parking spots -- and increase the demand by parking their own vehicles on the street in the morning, taking up a spot that might otherwise be free. Prices skyrocket with the postseason: One friend of mine reported that last year during the division series, her usual $45 dollar spot a few blocks from the park went up to $175. One guy on Clark Street was asking $80 for what had been a $40 spot in the regular season.Then there are the scalpers. Theyve been back in force since late last season, but now you cant walk 10 feet without hearing someone ask, Got extra tickets? Got any extras? or Who needs tickets? The irony on Friday: The team itself still had tickets for sale at the box office, presumably returns from tickets held back for the Giants and VIPs (Maybe Obamas unclaimed seat?). After a quick stop at Nisei (to let them know about the tickets, in case some otherwise shut-out regular wanted a last-minute seat), I went into the park early and got the rally towel. Im not sure which franchise started this tradition, but can we punish that team somehow? Take away a few draft picks? Why teams would give people something to wave around blocking other fans view is a mystery to me.Val Capone was not in her usual spot up in 211 but was stationed under the Old Scoreboard, surely the most scenic spot in the park. I conferred with her there and chatted with Hot Doug Sohn, whose gourmet, named-for-Cubs sausages are one of the highlights of the bleachers. I recommend the Dave Rosello.While we were talking, I noticed the Cubs pulling a fast one, another political moment even if the president never showed. The team had offered the mayor, all members of the Chicago City Council and Illinois state reps and senators the chance to buy a pair of tickets to postseason games. Several aldermen, including adamant Sox fans, declined, but most accepted. The citys ethics board ruled that the Cubs would have to put the names of the politicians who accepted on the videoboard, because the value of the tickets exceeded the $50 limit on gifts. This, cynics suggested, would at least give the voters a chance to boo.The Cubs did indeed post their names -- over an hour before the first pitch, when the park was mostly empty and fans werent watching. I may have been the only person booing.Ah, Chicago, City of Clout.As any ESPN reader surely knows by now, the game was a masterpiece, a Johnny vs. Jon pitchers duel for the ages. Cueto and Lester were both sharp -- Cueto arguably sharper except for one mistake pitch to Javy Baez that barely made it into the left-field basket against a moderate wind (had the breeze been fractionally stronger, Baezs home run trot out of the batters box wouldve been just an embarrassingly long single). The Legend of Grandpa Ross just kept growing, as he got two of the first seven Giants outs by catching Gorkys Hernandez stealing and picking?Conor Gillaspie?off first. The last time a catcher had a pickoff and caught-stealing in the same postseason game? Cubs Hall of Famer Gabby Hartnett in the 1935 World Series.In the stands, postseason baseball, unfortunately, brings out the football spectator in many baseball fans. Lots of shouting and heckling. While a unified Cueeeee-tooooo chant may indeed be audible to the player you want to rattle, if youre 10 rows up in the center-field bleachers, Gillaspie will not hear you when you shout Gillaspie! The White Sox think you suck! Everyone in the park stood at the end of the first, second and fifth innings, when Lester had two strikes on the batter, and of course everyone was on their feet for the entire Aroldis Chapman ninth. One backwards-baseball-cap bro in the row in front of us stood pretty much the whole game, except when he was making beer runs, which, thankfully, was every other inning or so.Baseball is a game of routine plays, and Im of the school of thought that believes maintaining a calm, Zen approach is the best way to enjoy the game. But in a ballpark as electric as Wrigley Field was Friday night, its tough to be nonchalant. Things will only get more extreme if the Cubs advance.A nice problem to have for sure. Swell Flasche Kaufen . Francis told several hundred members of the European Olympic Committees that when sport "is considered only in economic terms and consequently for victory at every cost . Swell Trinkflasche . Soukalova missed only one target and completed the 15-kilometre course in 40 minutes, 32.6 seconds for both victories in this seasons individual discipline. Darya Domracheva of Belarus was second, 34. . Fernandez, coached in Toronto by former two-time Olympic silver medallist Brian Orser, scored 267.11 points and is the first champion to successfully defend since Russias Evgeny Plushenko in 2005 and 2006. NEW YORK -- The Liberty they have signed veteran guard Epiphanny Prince to a multiyear contract extensionTerms of the deal, announced Friday, were not disclosed.Prince, in her second season with New York after being from Chicago before the 2015 season, has averaged 13.1 points in 30 career games with the Liberty. 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