ed soon afterwards for 51. Holland effectively ran through the tail to finish with 4 for 32, while Tremain ended up with 3 for 26.Vict | Forum

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The past three days have been a whirlwind for Brittany Lang. Fake Jerseys For Sale . Since Sunday, after winning the U.S. Womens Open in Cordevalle Golf Club in California in a playoff, she has done countless interviews, responded to hundreds of congratulatory texts and found herself in Toledo, Ohio, for the next stop on the LPGA Tour.In her 10-year career on the LPGA Tour, she has played steadily and represented the U.S. four times in Solheim Cup. Her best finishes in majors have also come at past U.S. Opens with a second-, fifth- and seventh-place finish. So it should be no surprise that her first major win took place at the U.S. Womens Open.I spoke with Lang and her husband Kevin Spann, who nervously watched her during the final round. The couple famously got engaged at the North Texas Shootout in Dallas when Spann proposed to Lang as she walked off the green after missing the cut. Exactly how did he ask? He said, Can I watch you play golf the rest of our lives?Needless to say, he will continue to watch her in a lot more majors:espnW: I have to start with this: you were the first player to come up to me during my rookie year on the Tour and say, Hey, if you need anything, let me know. Ill show you the ropes. That moment with you in the locker room in Hawaii was actually one of the highlights of my year because I felt so welcomed, like I belonged. I became a forever fan of yours from then on out.Brittany Lang: Well, I knew you were from Oklahoma, so I thought, Im going to like this chick, because I love people from there (Langs husband is from Oklahoma).espnW: Youve been playing well the last few weeks prior to the big win. What was your feeling going into the U.S. Open? Did you have in the back of your mind, I could this win this?Lang: You know, I always thought I would win a U.S. Open. I knew I had the physical ability, so Ive been working hard on my mental ability. Ive gotten mentally stronger, Ive played well all year, and when I played in Arkansas a couple weeks ago I thought, Man, Im playing so good. Im hitting it long. Im putting the best Ive ever putted. Then I played a round back in Texas with my husband right before the Open and I said, I dont say this very often, but I love where my game is right now.Kevin Spann: You know, people were texting me during the tournament when they were watching it on TV and kept saying, She looks so calm and confident and so sure of herself. Ive kept telling her that shes playing good golf and to keep doing what shes doing and that it would eventually pay off. She was really comfortable with all the clubs in her bag, too, which I think played a huge part in her success during the week.espnW: Brittany, why do you think you havent felt that great about your game before?Lang: I know Ive always had so much physical ability, but it has come down to working on my confidence. I did not believe in my ability, which held me back. I committed during the tournament to be in my process no matter what happens. I focused on hitting my targets, not worrying about the crowds or the TV cameras, and specifically on what I was doing in that moment. To know that I went through with it, and committed to my process -- that has given me so much confidence.espnW: When you knew you were going to be in a playoff against Anna Nordqvist, did you feel calm or nervous? She shot the low round of the day at 5 under, so did that come into your mind at all?Lang: I wasnt nervous. Judging by the crowds, it kind of felt like I was winning, and I thought I had gotten it done. Then I heard I had to be in a playoff, I was kind of like, Oh my god. More golf? I also know what a great player Anna is, and I knew it was going to be a tough task, so I knew I had to stay committed to my process. But to be honest with you, I was pretty tired, which I think worked out in my favor because I didnt have the energy to be super nervous.espnW: Kevin, you looked pretty nervous during the playoff. It was like I could feel the tension through the television.Spann: It was so nerve-wracking.espnW: Brittany, I?know Anna is a really good friend of yours. When she was assessed a two-stroke penalty for grounding the club in the sand on your second playoff hole, did that change your strategy?Lang: First of all, Anna is a really great of friend of mine and a great player. It was really sad for it to happen the way it did. As Ive said before, you want to win because you birdie a hole, not because someone gets a penalty. But when I heard she was penalized, I put my lob wedge back in the bag and my brother [and caddie] said, We gotta hit the sand wedge out to the right and avoid all trouble on the left. It was the right thing to do in a situation like that.espnW: What did winning the U.S. Open mean to you?Lang: Number one, Im an American and this is my countrys Open. Ive always had a huge respect for the USGA ever since I played my first Open at Cherry Hills. I love how they set the courses up. They make it tough but fair. Also, its every American girl golfers dream to win the U.S. Open. When we grow up playing we say, This putt is to win the U.S. Open. We never say, This putt is to win the British Open.espnW: Kevin, whats been the best moment for you on the golf course with Brittany? Her accepting your marriage proposal or her winning the U.S. Open?Spann: When I asked her to marry me, I knew she was going to say yes. We had talked about it before and I knew where we were headed, which was exciting. On Sunday, I didnt know that she was going to win the U.S. Open. There was this element of accomplishment because shes always told me, Look, if I could win any tournament on this planet, its a lifelong dream of mine to win the U.S. Open. For her to literally accomplish her lifelong dream, and to realize she actually did it, that was the most exciting moment for me. You know, she called me Tuesday morning and said, Hey babe, Im the U.S. Open champion. And she kept saying it over and over again, and Im like, I know you are. But shes just so excited, and she deserves to be.espnW: During the trophy presentation, the president of the USGA, Diana Murphy, accidentally called you Bethany four times. You looked a little uncertain as to whether you should go up and accept your trophy. Do you think a lot of the girls are going to start calling you Bethany now?Lang: Oh, they already have. I feel so bad for Diana, though, because its so not a big deal to me. But Ill admit, I was confused because I didnt know if I should go up there.espnW: What are your post-celebration plans?Lang: Im so excited to get back to McKinney, Texas, and see everyone who has supported me over the years. I wont get my trophy back for a few weeks, but when I get it, we are definitely going to have some parties and everyone will get to see it. When I won my first tournament on the LPGA at Manulife, so many people came out and said, Weve been following you since you were a little girl, and its like, really? It just amazes me that people care that much and its really cool.espnW: Do you think youre going to use the fact that youre a U.S. Open champion to win arguments with your husband?Lang: I think if I do anything, it will be when were playing golf together. If I tell Kevin, Hey, that breaks right, and he says, No, it breaks left, Ill probably say, Excuse me, but are you a U.S. Open champion?Spann: Actually, I think if shes wanting to get her way with something Ill be more likely to say, Alright, alright. Whatever you want, cause youre the U.S. Open champion. Fake Jerseys Cheap . -- If this was Aaron Gordons final home game at Arizona, and it almost certainly was, then he went out in style. Fake Jerseys . No. 13-seeded John Isner and No. 21 Philipp Kohlschreiber were among six players who dropped out of the tournament on Tuesday, joining No. 12 seed Tommy Haas and two other players who withdrew on Monday. https://www.fakejerseysfromchina.com/ . The showiest items on Calgarys lot were forwards Mike Cammalleri and Lee Stempniak. Both will be unrestricted free agents this summer. Victoria 5 for 153 (Harris 75, Handscomb 60) lead Queensland 137 (Heazlett 51, Holland 4-32, Tremain 3-26) by 16 runsScorecard It took Victoria less than a day to claim a first-innings lead in their Sheffield Shield game against Queensland at the MCG, where Marcus Harris and Peter Handscomb backed up the fine work of their bowlers. The Bulls won the toss and chose to bat but before tea they had been skittled for 137, as first Chris Tremain and Scott Boland, and later Jon Holland, caused problems.Boland bowled axed Test opener Joe Burns for 4 and Tremain picked up three wickets in his first five overs to leave Queensland at 4 for 11. But the young pair of Sam Heazlett and Jack Wildermuth, both inclusions for this match having missed the first game of the season, built a 62-run sttand that provided some sort of fightback. Wholesale Jerseys. The partnership ended when Wildermuth was stumped off Holland for 20, and Heazlett followed soon afterwards for 51. Holland effectively ran through the tail to finish with 4 for 32, while Tremain ended up with 3 for 26.Victoria suffered their own top-order dramas when Travis Dean and Marcus Stoinis fell early to leave the total at 2 for 8, but Harris continued his strong form in his first appearances for Victoria and made 75. Handscomb managed 60, and their 130-run stand was enough to give Victoria the lead. By stumps, the Bushrangers were 5 for 153, with Glenn Maxwell on 6 and Cameron White on 1. ' ' '